The Mile High Club May Have Some Serious Sex Benefits
People inside of a airplane
Frazao Studio Latino/E+/Getty Images

Joining the Mile High Club is on a lot of people's sex bucket lists— while others just want to scream, "WHY!?! THE GERMS!!! Have you SEEN an airplane bathroom!?". But whether you've thought about it before or not, there are signs that having sex in an airplane may actually have a lot of benefits.

Maybe it's no surprise then that, according to one Skyscanner survey, 20 percent of fliers have joined the club. And if the mechanics of have sex in a tiny, enclosed space hurtling through the air don't boggle your mind, next time you're on a flight just look around. Look around and remember that 20 percent of the people on board may have gotten nasty— or be getting ready to do it on your very flight.

So what's so good about sex in the air? Well, for one thing, there's the naughtiness factor. You know that you're doing something taboo and illicit— and for some people that's all the reason they need. Going against the grain is a massive turn-on for some. But more than that, there are some science-y reasons why getting down when you're up may make the sex better and even lead to more intense orgasms. Here's what the British paper The Sun found about out what sex in the air has to offer.

Why It's Better

It's all about the oxygen baby.

“One of the great things about sex in the air is that it can safely affect the balance of oxygen to your brain — which can heighten sensation and make for a strong orgasm," Susan Quilliam, sex and relationship agony aunt for Fabulous magazine, told The Sun. "Flying can sometimes lower the amount of oxygen in your blood stream and your brain — when safely achieved, this can make you feel even more aroused. The novelty and the excitement of sex in the air can also make for more excitement and an even better climax.”

That sounds pretty damn kinky. I guess if you think about how popular breath play can be, it makes sense that people would like the natural oxygen deficiency of flying.

The other interesting aspect of being on an airplane that The Sun found might make a difference? Vibrations. Now, on the one hand we're talking turbulence— when things can get really shaky and cause some interesting sensations. But also the general, low-intensity vibrations that you get on an airplane anyway. It might just get the blood flowing — to all the right places.

In fact, in-flight shenanigans are so popular that companies like Love Cloud and Flamingo Air give people the opportunity to rent private flight for the sole purpose of joining The Mile High Club. Whatever happened to spontaneity, people? Also, I feel like that's a lot of pressure and would lead to some pretty awkward exchanges with your flight attendants. Maybe that's just me.

But if you want to try it out, you may have some pretty hot sex coming your way. Just make sure you know the consequences for getting caught, because those tiny bathroom are not soundproof.