People Are Going Wild Over These 40 Weird Things That Work So Freaking Well

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There is something to be said about that Christmas morning feeling you get when a new Amazon package comes in. In the spirit of being a noble and honest journalist, I have to confess: I start tracking that thing the minute I get the confirmation email. I also have zero shame, because how can it get better than finding affordable online gems at my literal fingertips and receiving them without ever having to leave the house?

Once again, Amazon proves to home decor aficionados and Internet users alike that adding new finds into our space doesn't have to break the bank. In fact, they really prove it with a whopping 40 items that are equal parts practical and life-changing you'll wonder how you didn't hear of them sooner. From electric salt & pepper grinders (you know, the famous ones in every cooking TikTok ever made) and a mini desktop vacuum to a pretty sensational bag resealer and a rolling alarm clock, the range is impeccable.

To top it off, there's even the most unique of finds like the vitamin C shower head and a de-gunking microwave steam cleaner with a quirky design. Be it a gift for a friend or yourself, this list is genuinely the full package. Happy scrolling, even happier shopping, and thank you for coming to my TED talk.


This Motion-Sensor Toilet Night Light That Illuminates The Throne

For a toilet bowl that's brighter than the average, this motion-activated LED light is a novelty you never knew you needed until now. Whether as a gag gift or just to light up your own bathroom, this eight-color installment is ridiculously simple to attach and even features a convenient cycle mode so your favorite shades will be set to rotate in and out. Honestly? Historic.


An Electric Wine Opener For Instant Access To Your Cabernet

Feeling a quick nightcap minus the struggle of popping open a new bottle? This cordless electric wine opener is an absolute winner. Designed to remove corks in seconds and featuring a specially made foil cutter, this genius device can open up more than 30 bottles with a single charge. Plus, it comes in rose gold and silver finishes so you can make a statement while you're at it.


This Egg Separator For Shell-Free Omelettes

It's an egg separator shaped like an egg and just like that, I've added another item to my cart. This adorbs separator is made to keep your food shell-free while also minimizing cooking mess from cracking eggs. Created to fit on pretty much any and all bowls, just pop onto the rim of a mixing bowl and do your thing. A monumental day for bakers, no?


A Tool Specifically Designed To Fetch Pickles From The Jar

I was today-years-old when I discovered that pickle pinchers existed. Introducing a genuinely life-changing product, this eight-inch plastic pickle pincher is made to, well, pinch pickles from the jar. Rather than having to use a fork or even your hands to get a hold of your Kosher Dill, just use this baby to secure the bag. Oh, and it can be used for anything from grapes to olives and more.


This Retractable Clothesline For Heavy Duty Drying

For the reader with lots of air-dry only clothes, this retractable clothesline is for you. Capable of holding up to 40 pounds and ready to set up within the comfort of your own home, this simple-installation laundry line is the go-to way to ensure your pieces are drying properly without having to make a whole event of taking them outside. Plus, it’s guaranteed to hold up well, to the benefit of your brand new leggings. Easy, boom, done.


A Genius Button Pusher For Hands-Free Home Control

It's like Disney Channel’s Smart House (1999) but in real life. Say hello to the Switchbot button-pusher that can be locked onto any switch and do the rest on its own. Just download the accompanying app, get your timers in check, and turn your lights off without ever having to touch a switch again. Welcome to the future.


This Desktop Vacuum Cleaner For A Tidy AF Workspace

I'm sure all of us can agree that a clear desk usually results in productivity, so any opportunity to polish things up should always be taken advantage of. With this mini cordless vacuum cleaner that lasts up to three hours between charges and has complete rotation power, you can keep your space looking good as new while this miracle device eats up the sticky note scraps and dust. Works like a charm and even comes in two super cute colors.


A Board For Folding Your Tees With Laser Precision

In the spirit of transparency, folding T-shirts can be kind of tricky to get right every single time. Perfectionism aside, efficiency is key and this gadget keeps you working smarter. All you need to do is place your tee (or pants) in the middle of the board and lift up the appropriate panels to square off your shirt in seconds. Is anyone else strangely looking forward to laundry day now? Just a tad?


This Shower Head That Infuses Vitamin C Into Your H20

Hold the actual phone because this Vitamin C-filled shower head is pretty spectacular as a water enhancer. Infusing a high-pressure stream and lemony fresh scent into your shower, this attachment reduces contaminants with ultra beneficial minerals while providing a superior pampering experience. BTW, it's got a universal lock-on fit so virtually everyone can try it for themselves.


A Snazzy Clip-On Pasta Strainer To Make Spaghetti Night A Breeze

Keep your kitchen tools compact and put together with this snap-on pot strainer that's half the size of the norm and does the job twice as fast. Available in four brilliant colors ranging from coral orange to lime green, this strainer is designed to snap onto nearly any pasta pot for quick straining. My spicy vodka pasta cooking game just graduated to Iron Chef rank.


This Innovative Scrubbing Brush For Deep-Cleaning Your Steak Knives

Welcome to the greatest invention since sliced bread. Your knife upkeep just got a whole lot more convenient with this cutlery scrubber designed specifically for those hard-to-reach divots on your kitchen knives. Even if you're just soaping up some forks, this handy tool makes the process highly therapeutic. Simply clamp the wraparound brush onto your utensil of choice and scrub away with zero direct contact and ultra-effective cleaning.


A Flameless S’mores Maker For On-The-Go Mallows

From that first moment I found out what s'mores were, I saw them as a total luxury that could only be had on the fourth of July. As technology would have it, the dream finally exists —an electric s'mores maker for roasting mallows whenever the hell you feel like it. Packed with four trays for holding the goods, two forks for roasting purposes, and a non-open flame heater, this gadget makes the s'more experience seamless with half the tools of the norm. Plus, your guests will be major fans.


This Multipurpose Tool That Keeps Your Socks Together During Laundry Time

Sock owners everywhere can agree on the collective issue that is losing your favorite sock to some obscure pocket in the washing machine only to never be found again. Alas, a tool has come along to save the day — and your socks too. Simply pop your pairs in between the secure-grip sliders and smoothly move from the laundry machines to the closet in one fell swoop. The Sock Dock can also hold up to nine pairs of socks and even works well for masks, delicates, and other light garments you want to keep consolidated. Where has this been all my life??


A Mega-Grip Couch Coaster For Spill-Free Sipping

Sip your La Croix from the comfort of your sofa with this drink holder that clamps effortlessly onto virtually any couch arm that has a flat or slightly curved top. Made of silicone and available in a range of five stunning shades, this wrap coaster keeps your drink of choice within reach, minus the potential for spills. BTW, I'm going to recommend this bad boy for all of Bachelor Nation.


This Bag Sealer To Keep The Goods Fresh & Crisp

The year is 2022 and stale cereal has no place here. For the freshest bagged goods known to man, this compact bag resealer relies on micro-thermal tech for an airtight snack saver. Once it's fully juiced (AKA after a 90-minute charge), your Air Lock is ready to work its magic. Just clamp onto your bag, allow the heat to set within seconds, and press firmly along the opening for crispy lime tortilla chips at all times.


An Electric Can Opener For Some Kitchen Convenience

Can openers are a weirdly interesting kitchen tool because they can work perfectly for months and then one day decide to lose their cutting power for no apparent reason. For a can opener you can truly count on, this battery-operated Kitchen Mama is the handheld tool everyone needs in their kitchen ASAP. With just the touch of a button, this baby slices open your cans without making contact with the goods and makes the whole process a piece of cake. Oh, and there are so many fun colors you’ll actually adore.


This At-Home Jewelry Shining Kit For Extra Sparkle

There's no better feeling than squeaky clean jewelry with a just-bought shine and I firmly believe that. As an avid accessory-wearer, I’ve seen firsthand how well-loved jewelry can dull over time just by being exposed to the elements. On top of proper storage and removal during working out and showering, a decent at-home cleaning kit is the way to go in keeping your pieces looking their best. This Simple Shine kit is a biodegradable dream and even includes a polishing cloth along with the most gentle scrubbing brush of all time. Polish at least once a week for standout results.


A Rolling Alarm Clock That Makes It Impossible To Hit Snooze

They really created an alarm clock wheel and my snooze-inclined self is both terrified and amazed. Made to wake up the heaviest of sleepers, this miracle-meets-monster will sound off, jump to the floor, and run around the room until you've gotten up to turn it off. If you're trying to shape up your sleep schedule and hold yourself accountable this year, Clocky is the tiny but seriously mighty answer. Sending you all the luck!


Some Super Cute Magnetic Key Holders With A Cloud-Inspired Design

Legend has it that magnetic key holders in the shape of a cloud are far more superior to any other form of key storage and I totally agree. Designed to secure your keys with a super-strong magnet, this aesthetically pleasing holder is a breeze to install wherever you see fit and comes in an array of colors from bubblegum pink to lemon yellow (as if it could get any cuter). Compelling, I know.


This All-In-One Veggie Chopper & Container For Consistent Dicing

Tired of shedding tears while chopping the onions? This food chopper container is about to change the way you prep your veggies and keep you from crying all over your dinner. Packaged as a durable, high-capacity container, the lid and unique chopping attachments work to evenly dice your produce into the bin for a mess-free experience. Plus, it's 200% larger than any chopping container in the game so you can get to the actual cooking part faster than the norm.


An In-Shower Foot Rest For Steady Shaving

If your shaving setup makes you even a little bit nervous about slipping, it needs to be replaced with this ultra-durable foot rest that attaches to your shower wall. Make sure your tile is completely dry, then press the adhesive backing down until it's more than 100% secure. To top it off, it has a natural angle to it so you can stay balanced whilst grooming.


These Eco-Friendly Silicone Straws That Are Safe For Hot Or Cold Bevvies

Swap out plastic straws for these reusable silicone drinking straws that make meeting your daily water intake so much more fun. BPA-free and environmentally friendly, these babies work wonders with either hot or cold drinks and look good as new even after being washed in the dishwasher. They're also a gamechanger if you have sensitive teeth and metal straws just aren't cutting it. Plus, are you seeing these gorgeous colors?


A Microfiber Tumbler Brush That Reaches Just About Every Crevice

Cleaning tumblers can definitely be a pain, especially if the neck is narrow. Solve the dilemma of a lifetime with these microfiber cleaning brushes designed to deep-clean all kinds of tumblers, bottles, and straws. Complete with sturdy handles and several sizes to meet all of your container-washing needs, you really can't go wrong with these. P.S., the stainless steel is rust-proof so you're good to go.


This Quirky Steam Cleaner That Makes De-Gunking Your Microwave Effortless

Yes, there is a microwave cleaner named 'Angry Mama' and yes, I'm here for it. When your microwave is crusted in last week's reheated leftovers, the cleaning process can be tough. Luckily, this steam cleaner makes clearing your micro a breeze and looks really cute while doing so. Just fill the figure with water, vinegar, and lemon, then pop it in for seven minutes and allow the steam to loosen up stubborn food bits. Wipe with little resistance and voila. She's also available with several different dress and hair color combos so you can mix and match to your heart's content.


A Handy Dish Soap Dispenser Station For Easy-Access Cleanup

Having a designated soap dispenser set makes washing the dishes a stress-free experience and this four-in-one set is the best of the best. This find comes with a pump soap dispenser, sponge holder, sponge soap dispenser, and a sturdy tray to hold everything together. It's also the ideal mix of compact and large-capacity and is seriously loved by Amazon reviewers.


This Flexible Lighter To Get The Most Use Out Of Your Favorite Candle

If you've always relied on pocket lighters to burn your candles only to miss out on the bottom of the jar, this one's for you. This USB-chargeable lighter with a flexible neck takes the cake and makes burning those hard-to-reach wicks a reality. With its windproof power and easy lock feature, this lighter can also be used anywhere while keeping fire safety in mind. Plus, there are tons of gorgeous metallic shades to choose from. I’ve never seen a prettier lighter, TBH.


A Compact Label Maker That Works On The Go

Label everything in sight with this handheld wireless label maker that makes printing on the go more convenient than ever before. One charge powers this baby for two whole months so all you need to worry about is what items you're labeling. To take things to the next level, this mini printer also comes in a selection of four matte colors ranging from mint green to pastel pink. As a regular user of label makers, I approve.


These Glass Food Storage Containers With An Airtight Seal

Give your food storing process an upgrade with these high-quality glass containers that pack a major punch. Available in sets of four, they're BPA-free and safe to pop into the microwave, dishwasher, oven, and freezer. Basically, they're the food containers of my dreams. The cherry on top is the impressive airtight locking lid that snaps in place to keep your meals as fresh as can be. My wallet supports this decision.


This Rust-Proof Rack For Putting Your Cutting Boards On Display

Put your trusty wooden cutting boards on display with this stainless steel rack that can hold up to three boards or trays at a time. Rather than shuffling through the cabinets before dicing the veggies, simply pull from this countertop rack and you're in business. You can even use this as a drying rack if you're so inclined (extra brownie points for a multi-use product).


A Silicone Dishwasher Bag For Keeping Smaller Items In One Place

Protect your pacifiers, pumps, and smaller lids with this silicone dishwasher bag that folds any way you want it to. Made with secure snap buttons, simply fill the bag, shape to your liking, and pop the buttons in place before resting it on the top rack. Oh, and countless Amazon reviewers quite literally raved about this work of art, with one reviewer claiming that they’re “getting this for all my new mom friends.”


This Electric Black Kettle That Looks Great In Just About Every Kitchen

To acknowledge the obvious, this tea kettle is absolutely stunning. With its matte black finish (although it comes in silver, too) and smooth-pour gooseneck, this kettle boils in as little as five minutes so you can get to your tea time in no time. Plus, it has a leakproof design and is made of food-grade stainless steel so you’re covered on all fronts.


A Dry Food Dispenser For Portioning Out Cereal In Style

Fancy up your Cheerios by pouring them into these dry food dispensers that double as a statement piece in your kitchen. Serving up to one ounce of food per twist of the handle, your goods will be evenly portioned every time while being kept fresh for over a month. ICYMI, this is your sign to recycle those boxes of corn flakes and opt for these instead if you want to feel (and look) like you've upgraded.


This Magnetic Attachment That Redirects Heat & Air In Seconds

Because Amazon has everything and more, of course this magnetic heat and air deflector is an option. All you have to do is attach this transparent plate to your vent and you're all set. Plus, it's easily adjustable so you can extend to up to 14 inches wide if needed. Hello to saving a bit of dough and having more even cooling.


These Electric Salt & Pepper Grinders With An LED Light For Precise Seasoning

TikTok has become obsessed with these electric salt and pepper grinders and I'm actually on board. Made with rust-proof stainless steel to preserve le flavors, these grinders are designed with an LED light to ensure you're seasoning just the right amount that you're in the mood for. Just press a button and your grinder is working its magic before your very eyes.


An Easy-Grip Silicone Body Brush For Gentle Exfoliating

Add some oomph to your self-care routine with this silicone bristle body exfoliating brush. Made to suit all kinds of skin and provide a gentle scrub, this brush is a holy grail find that's 100% worth it. Available in a variety of colors and counts, this brush can also be held easily with its soft-grip handle so your routine is that much more seamless. Shall I continue or?


These Super Slim Miracle Hangers To Instantly Increase Your Closet Space

To maximize your closet by a lot, add these space-saving hangers to your cart ASAP. Available in natural, white, and mahogany finishes, these holders can hang up to six pieces at a time while freeing up room in your wardrobe for all the new goodies. It also has a smooth swivel design so you can rotate your hangers however you like. Is it just me or do we all agree that everyone needs this?


This Mega-Grip Silicone Lanyard That Can Hold Virtually Every Phone

Ideal for beach days and intense hiking, this silicone cell phone lanyard is a must. Compatible with pretty much all smartphones, just secure your device into the strong-gripping web and make the most of a hands-free day while keeping your phone safe. There's even room for storing your ID and cash so your essentials are easier than ever to access, minus the worry of damaging your tech.


Handy Meat Claws For Shredding Your Turkey In No Time

Because everyone deserves a pair of high-quality meat claws. This barbecue essential is a super convenient way to shred up your chicken, brisket, and pork so you can get to eating sooner than later. Besides looking really freaking cool, these non-slip grip claws also keep your actual hands safe while doing their job. Did I mention they'd make a perfect gift for the grill master in your life?


An Aesthetically Pleasing Diffuser With Every Essential Oil You Could Ask For

Infuse calm into your space via aromatherapy and this diffuser that features seven unique light settings. If you haven't hopped on the essential oil diffuser train yet, this is your chance. Complete with 10 curated essential oils, this diffuser bundle is the starter kit of the century and will keep you stocked for a hot minute. Plus, its smooth wood finish and noiseless technology instantly add to the appeal of this already impressive product.


This Olive Oil Dispenser Set For Splatter-Free Cooking

I love good olive oil as much as the next girl, but the splatter is unmatched. Thanks to the Amazon gods listening in, this dispenser and sprayer set virtually eliminates the extra oily mess caused by pouring and it looks incredibly sleek on countertops everywhere. Plus, having the option of a mist or light pour means having more control of your oil-to-chow ratio, so your cooking is about to get a whole lot more precise. I’m sold.

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