How To Make A 10-Person Blend On Spotify

Being in charge of the AUX just got easier.

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How to make a Spotify Blend with 10 people

The addition of Spotify Blends was arguably one of the best (and most useful) app updates of recent years. Blends allow Spotify users to make playlists with their friends and loved ones by “blending” each user’s individual music taste into one roundup of songs. When creating the Blend you’ll get a short clip to watch that outlines where your music tastes intersect or differ, similar to the overview you get during your annual Spotify Wrapped.

Blends have been around since August 2021 and in March 2022 Spotify made some upgrades including the ability to blend with some of your favorite artists or characters (like Megan Thee Stallion and Yoda — yes, really) as well as blending with up to 10 people. Blends with just one other friend are super popular, but some users may not be aware of the existing feature that invites even more people to blend up their listening habits.

The ability to add more accounts to a blended playlist makes it easy to avoid any of the unnecessary pressure that may otherwise come from being tasked with running the AUX cord. It also makes it easy to please everyone at a gathering with the music instead of hearing your mom, little cousin, and great uncle twice removed ask to add something to the queue in the middle of Christmas dinner. Here’s everything you need to know about making a blend with up to 10 people.

How To Make A 10-Person Spotify Blend

To make a Spotify Blend with up to 10 people, you’ll do it the same way you would if you were blending with just one other person. First, type “Blend” into the search bar on Spotify then tap the plus sign icon that says “Create a Blend” underneath it. From there, you’ll be taken to a screen that allows you to add friends by pressing the “Invite” button. Once you press “Invite” you can add friends by sending the Blend link to your group chat or friends via text message or Airdrop.

Once others have joined the group, Spotify will show you how closely your music taste matches your friends’ taste and will curate a playlist using all of the participants’ favorite songs. Next to each song, you can see which songs were added for which friends by the small profile photos next to the song name. Consider this your ultimate hack for all of the pregames and family gatherings to come. Never sweat having to make a playlist that pleases everyone again.

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