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How to find your Spotify Wrapped 2022

Since the Spotify Wrapped feature first launched in 2017, the arrival of December has become something of a personality judgment day for Spotify users. This year, though, users can access their listening stats a bit earlier than in the past. Starting on Nov. 30, 2022, you can find all of the songs, albums, and artists that defined your year. Looking at you, Renaissance.

Perhaps you’ve been on your best behavior these past few months like a kid before the holidays, attempting to de-cringe your listening activity by switching your stream to pop hits — lest you end up on the cheugy list with all the other Hamilton listeners. But, much like the big man in red arriving soon, the Spotify algorithm sees you when you’re sleeping (and listening to ambient white noise), knows when your heart breaks, and knows that you’ve already listened to “Bad Habit” by Steve Lacy for almost 10,000 minutes. If you’re finally ready to face the reality of your listening data, you might be wondering how to find your 2022 Spotify Wrapped.

In years past, Spotify has offered a dedicated website to peruse your top songs of the year, but in 2022, your Spotify Wrapped is available exclusively on the app just like it was in 2021. Over the years, Spotify Wrapped has added new features, like in 2020 when they added a “Missed Hits” section of songs you’d probably like.

In 2022, along with your top artists and songs, Spotify is breaking down your listening preferences by giving you adjectives for the music you play in the morning, afternoon, and night as well as a “listening personality.” By analyzing your listening in four different ways — Familiarity vs. Exploration, Loyalty vs. Variety, Timelessness vs. Newness, and Commonality vs. Uniqueness — you’ll be given the title of Replayer, Specialist, Adventurer, Early Adopter, Devotee, Connoisseur, Top Charter, Enthusiast, Time Traveler, Musicologist, Nomad, Voyer, Jukeboxer, Maverick, or Fanclubber.


In recent years, Spotify has typically rolled out yearly Spotify Wrapped summaries of users’ listening habits between November and December — and they typically prompt you to click on your “Top Songs” playlist when it’s available upon opening the app. However, that hasn’t stopped most of us from frantically googling to double-check when our tailor-made year-in-review will arrive.

How to Find Your 2022 Spotify Wrapped

As of Nov. 30, 2022, your Spotify Wrapped playlist containing your top songs of the year is available when you open the app. Once you go through your Wrapped, your account will have a section titled “Your 2022 in review” that will include your top songs of the year, missed hits, and different genre mixes based on your favorites.

Spotify Wrapped is exclusively shared on the app rather than desktop. So, if you’re ready to flip through Spotify’s quirky slideshow about your listening activity, you’ll want to open the app on a mobile device. Brace yourself. You might be the main character in the eyes of Spotify Wrapped, but your story could be a hero’s journey or a dorky coming of age due to that one podcast phase.

How To Share Your Spotify Wrapped

Once you open Wrapped on the Spotify app, it will tell you all kinds of interesting facts about your listening in 2022 — not just your top artists, songs, and genres, but things as specific as what the mood of your music listening habits is. This year’s slideshow has 12 slides for you to peruse, so you can also take your pick at which ones to share — and which are best left covered up.

At the end of each slide will be a button for you to share the panel on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Messages. Directly share your summary panel on the platform of your choosing, or download the image for your future music-listening scrapbooks.

Once you’ve worked up the coverage to wear your heart on your sleeve — aka, posting your Spotify Wrapped on main — brace yourself for the annual cynical naysayers who shame those who post their Spotify Wrapped. They’re probably Apple Music listeners anyways.

Additional reporting by Alexis Morillo.

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