How To Use The Blend Feature On Spotify With Your Friends

Dare I say Blends are the new mixtape?

Young woman enjoying music on Spotify.
LeoPatrizi/E+/Getty Images

When you think of Spotify, you might often think of your time spent alone using the music platform. Maybe it’s your shower karaoke companion, your hot girl walk hype man, or your sad girl soundtrack provider. However, Spotify isn’t just for solo performances. Just as music is often the great unifier, Spotify is an innately social app. Take, for instance, its Friends Activity bar, which often strikes up conversations — and call-outs — when you see a friend listening to their guilty pleasure playlist. Plus, who could forget the almighty Spotify Wrapped day each year, when users receive their personality assessments in a shareable results card? And, now, Spotify has found another way to bring users together with its new and improved Blend feature.

Blend first debuted in August 2021 as a way for Spotify users to make joint playlist with their friends. Curating a playlist from each users’ Spotify library, Blend provides a mix of users’ shared songs, along with a few individual favorites from each user to show how their music tastes align. Since Blend’s recent update on March 30, Spotify now allows users to create Blend playlists with up to 10 friends at a time. Users are also able to access a Blend playlist that curates songs they have in common with some of their favorite artists.

So, whether you’re ready to team up with your favorite group chat to make a joint soundtrack for your next outing, or are eager to show off how much you have in common with Hottie-in-Chief Megan thee Stallion, here’s everything you need to know about using Spotify’s Blend feature.

How To Use Spotify Blend With Spotify Users

If you’ve used Spotify Blend before, then trying out its new group feature should be pretty familiar to you. To create a Blend playlist with a loved one or multiple friends, all you have to do is search “Blend” in your Spotify search bar. The option of “Blend” as a genre should show up. Once you’ve opened the Blend window, click on the first “Create a Blend” option. Its icon looks like a plus (+) sign. Then, tap the “Invite” button, and choose from the different sharing options.

If you’d like to start a Blend playlist with an individual person, then just message the link directly to them. If you’d like to make the playlist with a group, then send your preferred Blend crew the same link by sending it to all of them in a group chat. You can send the link to up to 10 people at a time.

Once your friend or group of friends has accepted your invitation, you’ll be able to see your collective Blend playlist which will show each friend’s icon next to songs they’ve liked. You’ll also receive a custom share card, similar to a Wrapped story card that displays your percentage match in music taste and a shared favorite song with your friends, so you can show off the fact that you and your BFFs really are musical soulmates on social media.

How To Use Spotify Blend With Artists

So far, Spotify only allows users to create a custom Blend with a select group of artists. This exclusive list includes BTS, Charli XCX, Kacey Musgraves, Lauv, Megan Thee Stallion, Mimi Webb, Tai Verdes, Xamã, and more. To create a custom playlist with one of these artists, you can click on these links or if you’re curious whether you’re able to make one with an artist, you can head to their Spotify page and scroll down to their “Artist pick” section, where you’ll see an option to Blend with them if it’s available.

Simply open this playlist, and you can see how much your taste matches your favorite stars. You can also flex your true fan status by clicking the three horizontal dots at the top of the playlist, then tapping “View Blend story.” Here, you’ll receive custom share cards showing your percentage match in music taste with the artist with the option to add the card to your Instagram story by clicking “Share this story” at the bottom of the screen.