These 4 Tarot Cards Might Mean A Breakup Is Coming

Take them as a sign to be introspective.

Tarot cards that could mean a breakup is near
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Do you know those scenes in movies that depict a tarot card reader hovering over a card and after a few moments of dreaded silence they utter words nobody wants to hear? Well, IRL, tarot cards seldom ever cushion the truth. Despite bleak messages, people turn to tarot cards for answers in challenging times, especially during a relationship crisis. Given its introspective element, it makes sense that you’d want your tarot cards to weigh in on your love life if you suspect a breakup is coming.

Originally created as playing cards, the tarot has since become a staple in many mystical and spiritual practices. The deck is cut into two subcategories: the major and minor arcana, each individual card holding a significant meaning. The major arcana reflects pivotal moments like a big career shift, while the minor arcana shows day-to-day situations like momentary stubbornness at work. This practice gives us insight into situations and unveils under-the-surface things about oneself— especially when it comes to sacred relationships.

“Tarot readings give space to be honest and reflective,” Mariah Oller, tarot reader and creator of the Tarot of Life deck tells Bustle. “While these cards don't always mean a breakup is on the horizon, there are a few cards that regularly show up when spirit is pushing us to leave a relationship.”

Interpretations of these cards can also vary depending on factors like the full spread that is pulled (aka the placement of your cards), the question you are looking to answer, and how you pull them (reversed or upright). Still, be cautious if you see these tarot cards, it might mean a breakup is coming.

The Hermit

As the name suggests, the Hermit is a signal for solitude. Regardless if it’s a breakup or a brief hiatus, this card reminds us of the importance of being alone and might indicate a much-needed time away from your partner for the sake of the relationship. “If The Hermit is coming up in a reading, it is a good idea to take time to yourself,” says Oller. “If you live with your partner, consider taking a solo trip.”

The Devil

The Devil card could discern that your partner has been a negative influence or vice versa. But generally, it means that the relationship has gone awry in a massive way and is past the point of no return. “The Devil is a card we see often for people in codependent or entangled relationships,” Oller explains. “When this card comes up, often people need extra support in leaving that relationship.”

Reversed Five of Swords

When cards are pulled upside down, or in reverse, it usually asserts attention to a deep, underlying message. According to Oller, a reversed Five of Swords means the relationship is riddled with strife and conflict. “In the upright position, couples therapy can be supportive, but reverse often indicates a separation will be best,” explains Oller.

The Queen of Swords

If she weren’t the Queen of Swords, she’d be the queen of boundaries. Self-sufficient and powerful, this card encourages you to gather the strength to walk away when a relationship doesn’t serve you. “This card comes up often when a divorce or messy separation is on the horizon,” says Oller. “In tarot lore, the Queen of Swords is the only Queen without a husband.”

While tarot can give you clarity and insight into a situation, it’s a tool to elevate the internal knowledge you already have. It’s all about the intention of moving forward with your best interest at heart. Ultimately, only you know what’s best for you.


Mariah Oller, tarot card reader and creator of Tarot of Life