6 Tarot Cards That May Mean A New Relationship Is On The Horizon

It may come when you least expect it.

by Kristine Fellizar
Tarot cards that mean a new relationship is coming
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If you have questions about your career, your life purpose, potential move, a stressful situation, or your love life, a tarot reading can offer some helpful insight, advice, or the reassurance you need. While tarot can’t always predict the future exactly, despite what some tend to believe, it can tell you the energies surrounding your life and what’s possible from the time of your reading. If you’re doing a reading on yourself and wondering whether a new relationship is on the horizon, there are a few tarot cards and combinations you’ll want to look out for.

In a basic tarot card deck, there are 78 cards split into the major and minor arcana. The major arcana deals with the bigger life changing type of energies, while the minor arcana deals with the day-to-day. While every card can be applied to any situation you’re asking about, certain major and minor arcana cards are themed to love, marriage, sex, dating, and relationships.

"There are a number of tarot cards that indicate a new relationship on the way, like the Lovers,” tarot reader Fallon Chase tells Bustle. “Although it can be a huge indication of things to come in your love life, I've found in my own readings that there are other cards to determine when something new and fresh is on the horizon. The beautiful thing about reading and interpreting tarot is that it's truly a unique experience. When you connect to yourself and your intuition, messages and symbols will be revealed to you to paint a clear image of what's to come.”

With that, here are the tarot cards and combinations that represent a new relationship, according to tarot readers.

The Lovers

In the traditional Rider–Waite tarot deck, the Lovers card shows two people standing before an angel who’s blessing their union. If you pull this card in a love reading, RaDonna Reed, tarot reader and teacher, tells Bustle, it can represent a feeling of divine unity or alignment. “The Lovers, as a major arcana, would signify that the opportunity to make meaningful connections is present and available,” Reed says.

The Emperor & The Empress

On their own, the Emperor and the Empress may not be the most romantic major arcana cards. However, pulling them together in a reading can be a really good sign. As Chase says, “They are a powerful combination that represent contrasting energies, but also a relationship that points to balance and duality like yin and yang.”

Ace Of Cups

One of the “surest and most classic” indicators of a new relationship is the Ace of Cups. According to tarot reader Katherine Emily, Aces in tarot represent new beginnings and opportunities worth celebrating, while Cups relate to our emotions and romantic situations. “Having any of the Ace cards appear in a relationship reading can indicate a positive new beginning or an offer of some sort, so the Ace of Cups indicates a deeper emotional bond,” she says. The energy for a new relationship coming in is stronger if you pull the Ace of Cups with the Two of Cups or the Lovers.

Two Of Cups

The Two of Cups is a card that indicates partnership, working together, and being on the same wavelength as someone. “If you're single or casually dating it can point to upcoming connection, harmony, and commitment coming into your life,” Chase says.

Knight Of Cups

The Knight of Cups is a card that points to an “emotionally charged message” coming in. According to Chase, the Knight tarot cards are the messengers, while Cups deal with emotions. “Maybe your crush will slide into your DM's, or someone will reach out to let you know how they feel about you — super exciting stuff!” she says. “Look to the cards surrounding the Knight of Cups for more clarity.” Pulling any of the cards above like the Lovers or the Ace of Cups can be strong indicators that a message of love is on its way.

Four Of Wands

The Four of Wands is a great card to pull in a love reading whether you’re committed or looking because it represents a celebration. According to Chase, this card shows the potential for marriage, commitment, bliss, and stability. It could also point to a reunion with someone from your past, especially if you pull this with the nostalgic Six of Cups.


Fallon Chase, tarot reader

Katherine Emily, tarot reader

RaDonna Reed, tarot reader and teacher