A Wine Advent Calendar Is Coming To Walmart For The Holidays

Yes, there is rosé.

by Mia Mercado
Walmart is selling Tasty 12 days of wine calendars for the holiday season.

If you’re looking for a proper send-off for this hellscape of a year, look no further than this 12 Days of Wine holiday calendar. It’s wine! It’s holiday-themed! It’s a festive excuse to sip away your 2020 sorrows if only for a few moments.

Starting Nov. 1, you can pick up Tasty’s 12 Days of Wine holiday calendar at Walmart. As its name suggests, it’s got a dozen single servings of different wines, each numbered for the last 12 days of the year. Or the first 12 days of December. Or a random assortment of days between now and 2021. To each their own holiday calendar. The box includes a range of wines sure to suit any palette. There’s rosé. There’s pinot noir. There’s a red blend, a sauvignon blanc, and a blood orange wine, just to name a few.

At $69.98, the calendar isn’t necessarily the most cost-effective way to enjoy some vino. (It comes out to a little under $6 per serving or, if you measure your money in Trader Joe’s wine, about two bottles of Chuck.) However, it is among the most fun ways to imbibe. You open a tiny numbered door and get a surprise wine? C’mon! There are few things that aren’t more enjoyable when presented behind a series of small doors.


If alcohol-centric calendars are at the top of your list, you won’t be lack for choice. The internet is full of boozy advent calendars that feature a dozen little bottles of everything from wine to beer to whiskey. There’s even a pink gin holiday calendar. Did you know pink gin is a thing? Well, now you do and you also know you can get 12-days worth of it for the holidays.

Want to make it a whole 12-days of wine tastings? Vinebox’s annual 12 Nights of Wine box is already available for the holiday season as is Aldi’s holiday wine calendar. Nothing is stopping you from buying all three and doing a DIY socially-distancing wine tasting. Well, nothing except maybe your bank account.

If fun and festive ways to pair your wine calendar are what you seek, Walmart and Tasty have you covered. In addition to the 12 Days of Wine calendar, Tasty is also selling 12 Days of Cheese and 12 Days of Chocolate calendars at Walmart. Plus, for under $100 total, the three work perfectly as a bundle. Pair your rosé with a ruby cocoa heart and some mozzarella-cheddar. Sip on your sauv blanc with a milk chocolate English toffee and a piece of cheddar. Tipsily open all 12 doors of chocolate on day one. There is truly no wrong way to wine calendar.