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These Are Taurus' Erogenous Zones, According To Astrologers
by Kristine Fellizar
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The stubborn, practical, and always composed Taurus may seem hard to get through. But one light touch in the right place will bring the bull’s wild side out to play. If you’re wanting to seduce this sensual Earth sign, knowing Taurus' erogenous zones will be super handy. According to astrologers, there are three sensitive spots on a Taurus' body that you should definitely know about.

First, it's important to know that each part of the human body is ruled by one of the 12 zodiac signs. It starts at the top of the head with Aries, the first sign in the zodiac, and ends at the feet, which is ruled by Pisces, the last sign in the zodiac. As the second sign in the zodiac, Taurus rules the neck.

"If you think about it, the neck is absolutely critical to our sensory awareness," Kristina Semos, astrologer and owner of AstroOils, tells Bustle. "The neck’s range of motion allows our heads to move, which then allows our eyes, nose, and ears to hone in on sights, smells and sounds that give our brains critical information about our surroundings. Because of the neck's involvement with our senses, it makes perfect sense that Taurus, the ruler of the neck, gets very turned on by all the five senses and is considered to be one of the most sensual signs of the whole zodiac."

According to Semos, Venus-ruled Taurus tends to respond to anything "classy" or luxe that triggers their five senses. For instance, scented candles, high-end perfumes or colognes, five-star meals, smooth wine, sultry music, and exquisite decor can get a Taurus excited. But if you want to thrill them in a simpler way, these are the erogenous zones you should focus on.


Traditionally, Taurus rules the neck, shoulders, thyroid gland, and vocal tract. As astrologer Clarisse Monahan tells Bustle, the body part that your sign rules can be both your erogenous zone and most vulnerable area. In Taurus' case, they tend to be more susceptible to neck pains and sore throats than any other ailments. Because of this, "any kind of massage to the neck, especially after a long day at the office can be catnip to them," Monahan says. Neck kisses, licks, and nibbles are also guaranteed to put them in the mood.


Since Taurus rules over the vocal chords, they tend to have nice or distinctive voices. It tends to be one of their most attractive and notable traits. For Taurus, a sultry voice whispering in their ear can be really enticing. According to Semos, "Taurus will respond to the sound of a sexy human voice, whether that voice is whispering, humming, or singing sweet nothings." It goes back to them getting turned on through their senses. Taurus is also very responsive to physical touch, so slow kisses and light sucking on their earlobe while whispering in their ear will also turn them on.


As the ruler of the shoulders, a Taurus' stress and tension tend to build up in that area more than other parts in their body. For them, a nice shoulder rub is always welcome. "Steady Taurus likes slow, sensual, massages and touches that they can savor and that can help them relax," Semos says. Taurus values security, and needs to feel safe and comfortable with the person they're with before they can get in the mood. Once they're relaxed and in that safe space, they'll be a lot more open and responsive to any moves you make.


Kristina Semos, astrologer and owner of AstroOils

Clarisse Monahan, astrologer