19 Texts For The Group Chat To Keep The Convo Going

“This meme is literally us in a picture.”

Texts To Send When The Group Conversation Dies Down
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Your group chat has been going off for the past few days, and then all of a sudden... nothing. No funny pictures, no juicy drama, and absolutely nothing to entertain you during your lunch break. So, it’s time you take it upon yourself to get it going again — and having a few texts to send when the group conversation dies down in your arsenal is sure to bring it back up to its regular speed.

Though the world is closer than ever to opening back up again post-pandemic as more people continue to get vaccinated, you may still feel disconnected from your friends due to this past years’ social distancing guidelines. So, understandably, the pressure may be on to connect with people now more than ever — which can be an issue when all of a sudden no one is interacting in the group chat. And if you’re stressed about trying to start a conversation, don’t be afraid to get a little candid. Did a cutie from the dating app the other night ghost you? Go with that.

Your search for that perfect text ends here, because here are the best texts to send when the group conversation dies down. And, trust me, these are sure to get you a reaction.

1. *Insert meme*

“This is literally us in a picture.”

2. “Just wanted to check in with you guys! How was your day?”

A sincere “how are you?” is means enough for anybody to respond.

3. “Should I post this?”

If you’re anything like me, it probably took you about a hundred shots to snag that perfect selfie. After all that work, you're definitely going to need your friends’ opinions.

4. “What’s the outfit vibe for XYZ?”

It’s a tale as old as time: You have somewhere to go and after trying on all of the clothes in your closet, you conclude that you have absolutely nothing to wear. It’s time to consult the group chat.

5. “How on earth do I respond?” *insert screenshot of text*

Your crush sent you an iffy message? Not to worry — send it in the group chat. Your friends will know exactly how to respond and will have fun brainstorming while they’re at it!

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6. “What do they mean by this?” *insert response to previous text*

Keep the conversation rolling — nothing gets a group chat going like trying to decode a vague text sent by a crush. Send it to your friends and see what their take is on the iffy text that reminds you more of Morse code.

7. *Insert funny selfie*

There is nothing quite like taking a photo accidentally with the front-facing camera. It may not be your best angle, but sending it over in the chat is sure to lighten up the mood.

8. “You’ll never believe who I just saw at XYZ.”

Whether it’s your ex, your BFF’s ex, or the person you just matched with on Tinder, you have to tell the group chat about the awkward encounter.

9. “Who is up to grab a bite to eat and a few drinks?”

As the world begins to open up, this is a good chance you and your friends can support your favorite bar. Shoot a text to the group and see who takes you up on it.

10. “Can you guys give me advice on XYZ?”

Your friends are there to support you, and they also probably give some really good advice. I mean, what are friends for?

11. *Insert emoji or bitmoji that you most relate to*

Have a little fun with the emojis. Feeling cute? Send the adorable little monkey. Feeling happy? A classic smiley face will do it. Your group chat may even jump in on it.

12. “Look at all these old pics I just found...”

There’s nothing quite like sending a bunch of funny throwback photos to reminisce on with your friends.

13. “How hilarious is this joke...”

Be as corny as you like; there ain’t no shame.

14. “Does anyone have any good movie suggestions?”

If you’ve been searching for what feels like forever for a movie, hit up your group chat.

15. “Who’s in for a wine night?”

Me! Me! Me!

16. “I need to relax. Anyone in for a self-care night?”

You bring the facemasks, I’ll bring the wine.

17. “What should I eat for dinner tonight? I can’t decide.”

Maybe your friend will even offer to cook (if only).

18. *Make a funny joke about a friend in said group chat*

Roast sessions between friends are a common occurrence in group chats, but remember this one is not for the faint of heart.

19. *Insert cup pong iPhone game*

When in doubt, challenge your friends to cup pong through GamePigeon on your iPhone. Trust me, it’s addicting.