The 6 Best Chew-Proof Dog Leashes You Can Get On Amazon

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If your dog is a heavy or aggressive chewer, you know that any object has the potential to become a toy, including a leash. This can cause a lot of worry, since chewing through a leash is not only a frustrating and expensive problem but a safety concern as well. Fortunately, the best chew-proof dog leashes can withstand some chomping and help keep your pup safe on walks.

But why do dogs chew leashes? Linda Keehn, CDBC, CPDT-KA certified dog trainer and founder of Positive Canine Training and Services in New York, explains in an email to Bustle that it can depend on the dog. When it comes to puppies, she says many simply “love to chew,” and they “are just not used to having a leash attached.” Adult dogs often chew due to overarousal, according to Keehn. She describes, “They are excited and chewing gives them something to do and someplace to put all that excitement.”

As you shop, you’ll find that leashes can be made with many different materials. The only truly chew-proof leashes are ones that are made of metal. That's because a dog who is determined enough can bite through most other types of materials — plus, for some dogs, metal can be less exciting to chew on. But if you don’t care for the look or feel of a metal chain leash, you might try a durable leather or nylon leash that can withstand occasional chewing. Ultimately, when it comes to shopping for leashes, Keehn notes that “material is often [a] personal preference.”

Leashes also vary in length. Go-to leashes for everyday use tend to be between 4 and 6 feet long. Keehn personally enjoys using “a 6-foot leash that feels good in your hand.” However, a longer leash can give your pup extra range to sniff their surroundings or enjoy decompression walks.

If you have a leash-biter at home, Keehn’s advice is to stay calm and avoid making a walk into a game of tug by pulling back on the leash. She suggests finding a calmer area to walk them and/or “see[ing] if you can help your dog get interested in something else like sniffing.” And Keehn also recommends taking treats with you to “reward the behavior you want.” If your dog can’t be redirected from leash chewing or exhibits other unwanted behaviors on walks (think: jumping, nipping, and/or pulling), Keehn advises that you contact a certified dog trainer or behavior consultant for extra help.

To get you started, below you’ll find a round-up of some of the best chew-resistant leashes you can find on Amazon.


A Dog Leash Made With Durable Leather

Keehn considers high-quality leather to generally be a “great material” for leashes, noting, “​​I have [had] a well-worn and soft leather leash for over 10 years and it just feels better and softer in my hand with each passing year.”

While leather is less chew-resistant than metal, a leash like this Fairwin braided one will likely be more durable than nylon. Not only is it designed to be strong, but the leather softens to the shape of your hand and can grow more comfortable to hold over time. It can also carry up to 500 pounds of pull force, should your dog suddenly lunge while out on a walk. Best of all, it comes with a two-year warranty, in case your pup manages to bite through it, and comes in one standard length. Choose the thickness that best suits your dog’s size.

  • Available lengths: 5.6 feet
  • Available colors: 2

One reviewer wrote: “I took my german shepherd puppy out this weekend for the first time on leash and he did great. I am satisfied that he will not chew through this leash with those sharp baby teeth”


The Fan-Favorite Rope Leash That’s Easy To Handle

When it comes to leash design, Keehn explains, “I like a round leash with a soft feel” that can move “easily through your hands.” Reviewers have noted that this particular round leash is comfortable to hold, and it comes with extra padding on the handle for added grip. It’s a fan-favorite on Amazon with over 55,000 reviews, and it’s durable to boot. The leash is made with the same kind of nylon materials used for rock climbing ropes and is reinforced with double stitching. Other bonuses include reflective threading for night walks and a money-back guarantee from the manufacturer.

  • Available lengths: 2 feet — 6 feet
  • Available colors: 9

One reviewer wrote: “We have a young puppy who is currently in progress with her leash training. She likes to turn around and bite the leash, and we have gone through plenty of them. Then we found this leash from BAAPET, and it still has not frayed or been damaged in anyway. I would definitely recommend it.”


This Metal Leash For Extreme Chewers

If you are looking for an indestructible and chew-proof dog leash, this heavy duty chain leash from Berry Pet is one of the best options out there. It offers a great amount of value for its affordable price tag: It has sturdy and rust-proof chrome-plating and comes with a padded handle. It's also available in three different widths and two different lengths. This is especially practical, because for smaller dogs, lighter, thinner leashes are better, as the thickness of a metal leash will determine how heavy it is (and lighter leashes are preferred for small dogs).

  • Available lengths: 4 feet — 6 feet
  • Available colors: 3

One reviewer wrote: “Got this because my pup kept chewing on our leash when we were walking. Not anymore! sturdy. Great quality.”


A Vinyl Coated Steel Leash That’s Virtually Indestructible

As the name implies, this vinyl-coated steel dog leash is constructed to withstand heavy chewing. It’s designed to handle a pull force of up to 900 pounds, is rust-resistant, and won’t easily tangle or knot up. One reviewer wrote that it “doesn’t get caught between the dog’s legs” when walking, while many others praised it for its long-lasting durability. It comes with a detachable nylon handle and carabiner clip.

  • Available lengths: 4 feet — 5.6 feet
  • Available colors: 5

One reviewer wrote: “I love it! My lab tried one time to bite it and realized he wasn't doing anything and has completley quit chewing at the leash. Not only was this a great purchase but it helped break a bad habit. It was worth the price!”


An Extra-Long Leash That Gives Dogs Room To Explore

Want to give your pup more freedom to roam but still keep them safely tethered to you? A long line can be a convenient complement to your everyday leash and this heavy-duty long-line leash comes in lengths ranging from 10 feet to 50 feet. Reviewers have confirmed that it’s a great option for encouraging more sniffing and exploring. Plus, it’s even water-resistant, making it great for days spent at the beach.

The leash is lightweight for small breeds and puppies to enjoy yet thick enough to suit large breeds. One reviewer wrote, “[It] allows my Great Pyrnees/Border Collie mix to run free in the park and I still have control.” Bonus features include a double-layer woven handle for a sturdy grip and a variety of different colors to match your dog’s personality.

  • Available lengths: 10 feet — 50 feet
  • Available colors: 5

One reviewer wrote: “My husky is a chewer. We use this leash for training and for recreational time. It is light yet sturdy. I highly recommend.”


A Nylon Leash That’ll Take Your Dog A While To Chew Through

Three times more durable than your average nylon leash, this leash from Pets Lover Club is a fantastic buy for chewers. While nylon is not exactly an indestructible material, this leash is thicker than typical nylon options and should last longer, too. It features a padded handle for extra comfort, and some styles even have reflective stripes for added safety during nighttime walks.

Many reviewers even note that it's surprisingly resilient to chewing, which may explain why this product has a near perfect Amazon rating. Still, if your dog is a heavy chewer, they will probably chew through this leash eventually. That being said, you are able to return this item within 60 days of purchase if you find that it's not a fit for your dog. Choose from a double-layer option for large dogs or a single-layer version that’s lighter for puppies and small dogs — both are the same length.

  • Available lengths: 6 feet
  • Available colors: 5

One reviewer wrote: “My dog was a rescue dog that would chew threw all his leashes. He hasn't been able to chew this one and I love the padded handle. Great leash!”


Linda Keehn, CDBC, CPDT-KA certified dog trainer and founder of Positive Canine Training and Services in New York

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