The 4 Best Bathroom Power Scrubbers

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Cleaning the bathroom isn’t exactly an enjoyable task, but the best bathroom power scrubbers make chore day infinitely easier. These motorized brushes help to buff away grime and mildew, but when looking to keep your bathroom sparkling long-term, it's important to invest in a well-made, highly reviewed unit.

The ideal power scrubber for you will largely depend on the job's size — and therefore the scrubber's size. Narrow down your intended uses ahead of time: Are you planning on using your power scrubber for detail work, like cleaning grout and tackling discoloration around the faucet? If so, a small handheld brush is likely best. For sinks, counters, and shower walls, a medium-size handheld unit will get the job done. And to clean the whole floor and the tub, opt for a mop-style unit with a long handle so you don't have to get down on your hands and knees. Just note that only one pick below is rated for waterproofness, the rest are fine with the occasional splash from cleaning, but should not be submerged or doused with water. Finally, if you plan on doing all of the aforementioned, convertible power scrubbers like the Homitt spin brush make for the most versatile choice.

Once you've pinpointed the best size, take a look at the attachment head options and the power source. Different attachment brushes are designed for different areas and a unit with replaceable batteries or a long cord may expand your cleaning ability. Most buyers find that a wide selection of brush heads and a rechargeable battery source make for the best power scrubbers — but note that these are usually a bit pricier.

With that in mind, here are the four best options for all different jobs (and a smart DIY solution that costs just $10):


The Overall Best Bathroom Power Scrubber For Most Jobs

Because it's powerful, versatile, and rechargeable, the Homitt electric spin scrubber is the best overall choice. When collapsed, it works as a handheld unit for sinks, counters, and grout, but when extended, the long handle makes it easy to scrub your floors and tub without even bending down. It comes with four interchangeable brush heads for all kinds of jobs, and the dual 2150mAH batteries mean you get a full 90 minutes of cleaning time after just a 3.5-hour charging period. While this pick is okay with the occasional splash while cleaning, this option should not be submerged in water.

Power source: Rechargeable batteries

Attachments: Round brush, corner brush, wide flat brush, narrow flat brush

Reviewers say: "Good little device for cleaning the bathroom. I makes cleaning the bathroom so much easier.”


The Best Bathroom Power Scrubber For Details

Looking to clean around faucets, scrub discoloration out of grout, and bring a shine to those bathroom fixtures? The Rubbermaid Reveal power scrubber is an effective and affordable tool to help. This tiny handheld tool has a single head that oscillates 60 times per second to break up grime, stains, and mildew. Thanks to the lightweight frame and ergonomic grip, it's comfortable to use for small jobs and hard-to-reach areas. While not waterproof, this pick can get lightly wet.

Power source: Four AA batteries (included)

Attachments: Cone-shaped brush

Reviewers say: "Holy grail product, it is a must in my cleaning bucket. For those difficult nooks and crannies, you need this. Def worth the price, the brush is also replaceable which I like, unlike the other cheaper ones you have to toss once they're done for."


The Best Handheld Bathroom Power Scrubber That’s Rechargeable

For medium-sized jobs, there's the MECO electric spin scrubber. This unit is handheld, rechargeable, and surprisingly lightweight, so you can cover more ground with less effort. The head rotates for the best angle, and the base is IPX6 waterproof, so you don't have to worry about damaging it while cleaning. Last but not least, this pick comes with multiple heads for all your cleaning needs.

Power source: Rechargeable battery

Attachments: Round brush, flat brush, pointed corner brush

Reviewers say: "I'm so tired of scrubbing tiles and bathrooms. This is wonderful - gentle on grout, but gets it clean. Great on corners and undercounter sink edges. I get the full tiled walls of our bathrooms done in a snap, and the sinks and anything else. Fast, easy, effective. How was I living without this??”


The Best Bathroom Power Scrubber For Tile Floors

Halfway between a mop and a power scrubber, this scrubbing tool from Gladwell is specifically designed to keep floors (tile, hardwood, vinyl, and more) sparkling clean. It includes soft, reusable pads for general messes and scrubbing. Since the unit spins and glides effortlessly under counters and into corners, and sprays water or cleaning formula on demand, this unit is one of the easiest ways to maintain your bathroom floors. This device is powered by a rechargeable battery and 2 hours of charging should last for multiple cleaning sessions.

Power source: Rechargeable battery

Attachments: Soft pads, waxing pads

Reviewers say: "Very easy to use and holds charge well. Cleans tile, ceramic, kids play mats very well. You can also fill the tank with whatever solution you want."


Also Great: Turn Your Handheld Drill Into A Bathroom Power Scrubber

You can save some serious money by turning one of your existing tools into a power scrubber. This HiWare drill brush attachment set comes with three different brushes that you can use for larger areas, detail work, and rounded fixtures. While the set doesn't come with a drill, the attachments are compatible with most standard handheld units — plus you get an extender for even better reach. This set is specifically designed to clean grout, tile floors, tubs, showers, and counters without scratching.

Power source: Electric drill (not included)

Attachments: Round brush, flat brush, detail brush, extender

Reviewers say: "The single greatest useful tool in the history of bathroom tile and shower cleaning and I only learned about it now. Amazing isn’t too far of a stretch and life-saving is only being mild. [...] There was construction dirt areas that had been ground into parts of the master shower floor since house was built... no amount of scrubbing ever even lessened it. Until these came into my life. About 30mins total on entire walk-in shower tile walls and floor and the grout and bottom looked like new install. Cannot praise these enough for ease of use, cleaning ability, and durability. Will never clean shower/tub/tile without these again!!!"