The 6 Best Lumbar Support Cushions For Office Chairs, According To A Chiropractor & Physical Therapist

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Long hours spent at your desk can add up to some serious back and shoulder discomfort, but the best lumbar support cushions for office chairs can help take the edge off. Made from dense foam, supportive memory foam, or framed mesh, these curved cushions support the natural S-shape of your spine to promote good posture and prevent aching, so you can work without strain.

According to Allen Conrad, Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) and owner of Montgomery County Chiropractic Center in North Wales, Pennsylvania, “Prolonged sitting can lead to pressure on your spinal nerves, including the sciatic nerve which runs down your legs,” but adding some lower back support for office chairs can help encourage good posture and prevent soreness. Likewise, Karena Wu, a board-certified physical therapist and owner of Active Care Physical Therapy in New York City, says “Adding a lumbar support will add and/or remind the person not to slouch back into the seat back.” She adds, “The lumbar support nestles in the low back region to add support as well as remind the user to sit up with good upright posture.” Dr. Wu also offers advice for sitting in the most body-friendly way possible at your desk: “Hips and knees bent equal to or more than 90 degrees with feet flat on the floor. Pelvis should be located in a neutral position, not tilted forward or backward and weight resting on top of the 'sits' bones. Head, torso, and low back should be in a vertical position where all components are balanced and comfortable yet active.”

So what materials are best? Dr. Conrad is a fan of memory foam, which offers soft support that molds to your body, while Dr. Wu recommends high-density foam, which will maintain its shape in order to “remind the user to sit up.” Keep in mind that memory foam is by far the most commonly used material for lumbar support cushions, but some people find that the material gets warm quickly, so if you tend to run a little hot, you may want to opt for standard foam or a gel-infused memory foam lumbar cushion to keep you cool. And if you're looking for the ultimate in breathability (and a more budget-friendly pick), you may want to forego foam altogether in favor of lightweight mesh.

Regardless of which material you choose, the best lumbar support for office chairs will offer your spine the comfort it needs, so you can concentrate on the work at hand, instead of an aching lower back.


A Supportive Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion

This lumbar support cushion is made with extra-durable, high-density memory foam that contours to your vertebrae to align your spine and improve your posture. It's covered in soft and cozy velour, and the two built-in straps are adjustable to keep it securely in place on chairs of most sizes. And while the memory foam can heat up a bit, the 3-D ventilated center panel cools things down just enough to keep most buyers from getting too hot.

According to a fan: "I work sitting in a computer type chair in an office for about 10 hours total during my 12 hour shift. I would toss and turn in bed from lower back discomfort, twisting and stretching to relieve myself. This pillow has changed my work day and how I sleep at night. [...] The pillow forces you to take a good back posture which is what makes it work.”


The Physical Therapist’s Pick

Dr. Wu likes high-density foam, as it maintains its shape and won’t conform to your body, thereby reminding the user sit up straight. She recommends The Original McKenzie lumbar roll, which is available in a standard-density option that provides average support — good for most people — as well as a a firm-density option which has a little less give and offers extra support. The adjustable buckle strap attaches to your chair, and the moisture-wicking polyester cover is removable and washable.

According to a fan: “I could actually feel the muscles in my back stretching after my first use. I didn’t know how bad my sitting posture was; I just wish I had purchased this sooner. I occasionally use it for neck support while sleeping. It’s the right level of firmness, they managed to get the ‘Goldilocks’ level.”


The Chiropractor’s Pick

Dr. Conrad says, “The Niceeday lumbar support is ideal for those looking for additional lumbar support for prolonged office work. Its contoured design mimics the normal anatomical spinal alignment of your back, which can help prevent back spasm from prolonged sitting and avoid sciatica.” Made from memory foam, this cushion also the most coverage on the list — reaching all the way to the upper back. Two adjustable straps keep it securely attached to your chair, and a pocket on the side is great for stashing your phone. The mesh cover offers some breathability (although memory can run warm), and it’s removable and washable.

According to a fan: “Great value. Have tried many but since this is a full support one, my office chair is much better now. Have changed so many chairs and pillows but this one is by far THE best! It’s soft yet provides adequate support for my back.”


A 2-Pack Of Breathable Supports That Are Arch-Adjustable

A wallet-friendly pick, this two-pack of mesh lumbar supports keeps the air circulating, making it the most breathable option on this list so you don't have to worry about back sweat. And while they’re not cushiony, per se, they still place your spine in an optimal position to relieve and prevent pain. They also has this interesting feature: adjustable straps that can be tightened to accentuate the arch of the frame for more lumbar support. The adjustable horizontal straps make them a breeze to attach, and since you get two in a set, you can keep one at your desk and the other in your car.

According to a fan: "I use this on my office chair where I spend several hours a day sitting while I do computer work. It's helped provide support for lower back and overall has helped me feel physically 'fresher' after sitting for long periods.”


A Cooling Seat & Lumbar Support Cushion Combo

If you want to stay cool while typing away at your desk, this gel-infused memory foam cushion set is just the ticket. The temperature-regulating cushion also features strategically placed holes to enhance breathability, so there's even less chance of overheating. It's on the pricier side, but comes with a bonus ergonomic seat cushion that's contoured to further align your hips and take the pressure off your tailbone. It's also easy to strap onto your chair and adjust the height.

According to a fan: “Like so many working remotely, I spend an inordinate amount of time sitting in front of my computer. [...] This cushion set is comfortable, ergonomic and stays cool. The back cushion helps provide good support for my lower back and it's positional is easily adjustable.”


A Lumbar Support Cushion Available In A Range Of Colors

Style counts for something — even at the office — which is why this lumbar support pillow for office chairs that comes in an array of bright and neutral colors. The cover is made with breathable, washable mesh, and like the first pick, the cushion is made from supportive memory foam and features adjustable straps that let you attach it to the chair. With more than 15,000 reviews, it's a popular choice.

According to a fan: “I just started at a new office and the chairs offered no support. I went home that day and layed on the floor. My back was in awful pain. My husband let me borrow his lumbar support cushion until this one arrived. His helped, but this one is amazing! No more back pain from the chairs. It straps into place so I never have to adjust it.”