The 6 Best Mildew-Resistant Shower Curtain Liners

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by Lisa Fogarty
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Your shower curtain liner spends a lot of time in direct contact with water, so ideally it should be able to handle a lot of moisture without developing mildew or mold over time. The best mildew-resistant shower curtain liners are water-resistant and designed with materials that are treated to defy mold and mildew and make your shower way more hygienic. Although all fabrics can be treated to be mildew-resistant, each has other pros and cons. Most liners are made of one of three materials: polyester, polyethylene (PE), or polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA).

A polyester liner provides a woven feel and can take the place of your shower curtain in many instances. It's water-repellent, but not entirely waterproof. Although some people find fabric liners more attractive than plastic liners, they need to be machine washed and unlike their plastic counterparts don't stick to the inside of the tub (which helps keep water from spraying out). PE and PEVA, on the other hand, are both types of plastic that are great for shower liners as they're waterproof, easy to wipe clean as needed, and do a better job of keep your bathroom floors dry. Of the two, PE has a thinner, more flexible feel.

All of the shower liners on this list are BPA-free and will help keep your shower looking sparkling clean. Read on to find the one that works for your bathroom and suits your cleaning style.


The Overall Best

This PEVA shower liner has more than 153,000 reviews on Amazon, making it one of the most popular best-selling picks. This standard 72-by-72 liner comes in two additional sizes and clear or frosted styles, and it has weighted magnets at the bottom to help it hang straight. The 12 grommets are rust-free, too.

What fans say: “This product does what it says. I've had another brand of a mildew resistant shower curtain before this one. I kept throwing the old one in the washing machine to find that I've had to wash the curtain every two months due to mildew buildup that caused the area by my shower to smell awful. I finally had enough and looked for mildew resistant curtains on Amazon to find this one. I have had this curtain in my shower for over six months now, and I haven't run into any issues with mildew or mold. The curtain stays clear, due in part to rinsing it after every shower.”


The Best For Extra Storage

This mildew-resistant and anti-bacterial fabric shower liner is made from 100% polyester and features nine mesh pockets where you can store items like soap and shampoo. Thanks to its heavier fabric material, this liner doubles as a curtain and can be used alone if you prefer. Machine-washable and available in 11 different sizes, it features 12 rust-resistant metal grommets for your shower hooks. It comes in six colors.

What fans say: “I have now bought two of these. The older one (4 plus years now) had grown all discolored and I worried it was about to rot out BUT once I put this new one on I put the older one in the was and let it soak with one of those OxiClean White Revive packets in the washer and the thing looks like brand new. I figure now I can rotate these and always have a sparkling white one in the shower. Excellent product, lots of pockets to keep shower 4ssentials handy and they are all a sturdy mesh which allows water to quickly drain. And they also come out of the washer a brilliant white and remain aa sturdy as when new.”


The Best Snap-In Shower Curtain Liner

If you use a snap-on curtain liner that attaches to your shower curtain and doesn’t require separate hooks, this is your best bet. Made to fit curtains that are 71 by 74 inches, the liner itself measures 70 by 54 inches. Made from 100% polyester, this liner snaps in place with "Flex-On" rings, and it’s much easier to remove than traditional liners. This one is also machine washable, so if the cumbersome process of removing traditional liners keeps you from washing them more often, this is a great choice because it’s easier to maintain.

What fans say: "I love the Hookless shower curtains because they look great, they don't mildew like vinyl, and they're easy to hang and clean. It's also great that you're able to replace just the liner rather than the entire curtain. Keep in mind that this product is just the internal, snap-in liner. I've seen some reviews that mention how short it is - that's because it's meant to replace only the inside liner for the sheer, paneled shower curtain."


The Most Budget-Friendly

This shower curtain liner is one of the most affordable you’ll find. It’s available in your choice of 12 different sizes and 14 colors. Measuring 72 by 72 inches long, it was designed with clear stones at the bottom to weigh it down and keep it adhered to your tub. Made from eco-friendly EVA material, it's excellent at resisting mildew and mold.

What fans say: “I am extremely pleased with the thickness of the liner. [...] For the reasonable price of this liner, it is affordable to always have one or two backups. I always shake the water off and open the window for faster drying as to postpone signs of mildew."


The Best For Walk-In Showers

This water repellent liner is made from eco-friendly PEVA and is treated to resist mildew. Coming in the standard 72 by 72 inch size, it is weighted down with magnets in the bottom hem, ensuring it will stay put where you need it, especially important if you have an open walk-in shower set up. With 12 rust-proof grommets, you can choose between 11 different colors and patterns, including fun ones like gold hexagon.

What fans say: “Finally found a shower curtain long enough for our walk in shower. It is easy to clean and a great value!”


The Best For Clawfoot Tubs

If you use your clawfoot tub not only for a relaxing bath but also for showering you’ll require a special wrap around liner to keep that water in place. This waterproof and machine washable liner is made from 100% polyester which gives it that breathable fabric feel. It comes in an extra wide size of 180 inches wide and 70 inches long, enough to wrap around your entire tub but slightly shorter to accommodate its specific shape. The 32 reinforced and rust-free grommets keep this liner long lasting and though this size liner only comes in classic white, it’ll be sure to complement any bathroom’s design.

What fans say: “We were looking for an extra wide curtain to make it more than halfway around the circumference of our clawfoot tub and overlap with a regular width curtain. This curtain does the job perfectly. It’s light and durable with the magnetic weights keeping it hanging straight.”

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