The 4 Best Mops For Tile Floors

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Tile floors are great in kitchens, bathrooms, and other high traffic areas of your home. They're durable and, for the most part, easy to clean. But the care they require is different from hardwood or linoleum — and the best mops for tile floors address those needs, ensuring yours remain sparkling and clean. From simple manual mops to convenient electric models, they're all easy to use and equipped to reach the nooks and grannies of tile and grout for a deep clean.

If there's one thing that sets tile apart (in a way that drives some of us up a wall) it's grout and the care it requires. The area between tiles can accumulate dirt and debris fast, and it's also susceptible to mold and mildew, especially if you have tile floors in your bathroom. Since brown or greenish grout is never a good look, it's important to not only know which cleaning agents work best on tile, but to choose mops that clean this area well without scratching and scraping your tile.

Depending on your budget and whether you prefer basic mops or those with more features, an electric spin mop with a built-in spray cleaner that gently-but-effectively scrubs grout and tile may be the solution you need. If you'd rather have an ultra gentle mop, a steam mop that disinfects and cleans tile could be for you. And don't worry, budgeters: There are some incredible basic options on this list that won't break the bank. Keep reading to shop the best wet mops for tile floors.


A Heavy-Duty Spinning Mop

Best for: Areas that experience a lot of foot traffic or that are located in easily-stained rooms like kitchens and bathrooms.

Why it's great: Instead of having to push down hard on your mop to dig up dirt from tile and grout, this spinning mop has rotating, washable mop pads that provide enough pressure and friction to loosen caked-on spills or trapped dirt without scratching floors. It has a built-in tank and spray controls, is cordless with a 20-minute battery, and is safe for other floor types including hardwood. It comes with two types of reusable pads: soft and scrubby.

One reviewer wrote: "The Bissell [Spinwave] solves so many problems. It is incredibly effective at getting tough spots with ease. It is lightweight and easy on your back. The power brushes leave my tile floor perfect and shiny."


A Traditional Mop & Bucket Combo That'll Get The Job Done

Best for: Traditionalists who still favor a mop and bucket duo over ones with built-in tanks.

Why it's great: Unlike its fancier counterparts, this affordable mop won't limit you in terms of the types of floor cleaner you use. Its simple design is also incredibly easy to use — but with a bit of modern flair. Its bucket features a foot pedal that you step on to automatically wring out the mop and control just how much moisture you apply on your floors. What's more, its microfiber mop head itself is an upgrade from traditional mop head fibers. It's made from washable microfiber that deep cleans tile floors without scratching them. The head is triangular and fits perfectly into kitchen and bathroom corners, where dirt and debris tend to accumulate.

One reviewer wrote: "This mop is great for tile. Easy to use! Durable. I have had mine for 1 year and no issues. Great product. This is my favorite mop to use."


A Highly Rated Steam Mop

Best for: Fragile tiles and anyone who tries to avoid harsh cleaners.

Why it's great: Shark's steam mop sanitizes floors and breaks up dirt without scrubbing, which can often result in scratches, or cleaning solution — distilled water alone does the trick. This is one of the most affordable and highly-rated steam mops on Amazon for a reason. It heats up water in 30 seconds, has a pivoting head and washable pads that can get under furniture and into corners, and kills nearly 100 percent of bacteria and germs with just steam. Every time you push the mop forward, steam is released, so similar to the spin mop, there's no need for a bucket or other accessories. Weighing just 5 pounds and boasting an extra large, time-saving water tank, it can handle just about any job ... anywhere.

One reviewer wrote: "This thing does the job and then some! Perfect for my bathrooms and entire downstairs that is all tile. With a Husky and 2 cats I need to keep the floor clean. This thing works quickly to clean and santize my floor. Love that the floor pads are thick and absorbent."


A Basic Tile Scrubber With An Ergonomic Handle

Best for: Tile floors, obviously — but also tile walls, ceilings, and tubs (aka bathrooms).

Why it's great: This is more of a tile scrubber than a mop, but Amazon reviewers have attested that it's a powerhouse for cleaning bathrooms. The mop measures just under 5 feet tall and its handle features an aluminum core. The swiveling head and the handle's ergonomic bend are designed so you can easily reach corners and ceilings without effort. It comes with one cleaning pad, which you can reuse and wash until it wears out — plus, you can snag more reusable mop heads whenever you need a replacement.

One reviewer wrote: "Ok, so yesterday I gave this scrubber a workout in the bathroom. I mean tub, tile, and floor. All I can, is this scrubber rocks. It is the right size. Non-collapsible, ( which I think is a plus, The collapsible ones always break.) and the curvature is comfortable. Pretty sad to be singing the praises of a scrubber, but after buying all the junky ones over the years, I am happy to get one that really works. Bought an extra package of pads, should last a good long while."

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