The 4 Best SodaStream Alternatives You Can Get On Amazon

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Best SodaStream Alternatives In 2022

Whether you’re in camp “pop” or “soda,” sometimes bubbly drinks are just what hits the spot. While SodaStream is the biggest name in the at-home fizz market, there are plenty of other brands to choose from, and many of the best SodaStream alternatives offer features SodaStream doesn’t, like being able to carbonate just about any drink (including juices, cocktails, and flat beer) or a gadget that doesn't require those large CO2 canisters. One even comes in gorgeous minimalist chrome so you can feel like you're sitting at a fancy café while at home. When you're shopping, think about which of these bonus features matter most to you:

What To Look For In A SodaStream Alternative

While SodaStream only works with water (though you can add flavors later), many of Sodastream's competitors differentiate themselves by working with any type of beverage, including juices and wine And while most SodaStream alternatives use the same kind of large CO2 canisters, you can also get a smaller soda siphon, which uses carbon chargers that are smaller.

Finally, you’ll want to think about your budget. Some carbonated drink makers are quite spendy, running upwards of $200 (though you get a lovely aesthetic in return). And beyond your initial investment, consider cost per liter. Now that you have a better idea of what to keep in mind when purchasing a soda maker, keep scrolling for four great soda makers.

Shop The Best SodaStream Alternatives:

In a hurry? Here are the top picks for SodaStream alternatives.

1. The Overall Best: DrinkMate Sparkling Water and Soda Maker

2. The Most Compact: iSi Classic MeshSodamaker

3. An Option With 5 Preset Bubble Levels: Spärkel Beverage System

4. The Most Stylish: Aarke Carbonator III Premium Sparkling Water Maker

Also Great: A Variety Pack Of Flavor Enhancers

1. The Overall Best: DrinkMate Sparkling Water and Soda Maker

  • Pros: wallet-friendly, works with any beverage, fuss-free design
  • Cons: can’t add fruit before carbonating

With an affordable price tag under $100, DrinkMate is a great alternative to SodaStream because of one important feature: It can be used with any type of beverage, including juices, wine, and even flat beer. It’s a wonderful solution to help perk up a soda that’s gone flat. It’s also worth knowing that the DrinkMate is compatible with plenty of different CO2 cartridges in both 10- and 60-liter sizes. It also comes with a Fizz Infuser, which is a special cap that ensures your newly carbonated beverage doesn’t wind up spraying your ceiling.

This set does come with a bottle, but requires you to purchase your CO2 separately. Have no fear — for a few dollars more, you can also order a DrinkMate set that comes with a 10-liter carbonator so you can get down to business right away. Choose from three colors: black, white, and red.

Helpful review: “It does the same thing as the SodaStream, only better (I returned my SodaStream once I found this). It carbonates the water with 1/2 to 1/3 the CO2 required by the other maker using the same (easy to find) bottles, because the cap fits on the bottle before pressurization.”

2. The Most Compact: iSi Classic MeshSodamaker

  • Pros: vintage aesthetic, space-saving, works with any beverage
  • Cons: can’t add fruit before carbonating, some reviewers surprised bottle is made of plastic

For a more compact solution, a soda siphon like this one from iSi is a great option, and it has a classic cocktail aesthetic that’ll look great on any bar cart or kitchen counter. Made with stainless steel and shatter-resistant plastic with a 1-quart capacity, you can make plenty of seltzer in this soda maker. That said, it’s still compact enough to fit on your refrigerator door. Simply attach a CO2 charger (not included, but this budget-friendly pack of 40 is popular with users) to the top of the siphon and you are good to go. Best yet, this design works to fizz up a variety of beverages besides water, like juice, wine, sodas, and cocktails. If you’ve ever wanted to try an at-home white wine spritzer, this would be a great choice.

Helpful review: "I have a Prosecco cart and use it for my bizz, it looks stunning and so many people comment on it, it really is beautiful - I love it ! Thank you. Worth every penny!”

3. An Option With 5 Preset Bubble Levels: Spärkel Beverage System

  • Pros: 5 preset carbonation levels, works with most beverages, can add fruit before carbonating
  • Cons: access to a power outlet required

If you want customization options when it comes to just how bubbly your water is, the Spärkel Beverage System is your best bet. This pick has five preset carbonation levels, the lowest of which is great when you just want a little zip, and the highest of which will add serious fizz to cocktails and wine spritzers.

So, what sets this version apart from the rest? Unlike some of the other soda machines on the list, this one doesn’t require a CO2 tank. Instead, you pour the contents of a carbonation packet directly into the vessel before fizzing. You can even add fresh, cut fruit before carbonating your water — a unique feature no other option on this list can claim. Choose from eight colors like classic black or silver, or have a little fun with shades like metallic blue or pink.

Helpful review: “My boyfriend and I love our sparkel. It’s easy to use and does everything we need. I also like that I can infuse the water with fruits or veggies overnight before carbonating, since this machine allows flavorings and other additions in the bottle when adding the fizz. We have been using it multiple times a day since late October and haven’t had any issues.”

4. The Most Stylish: Aarke Carbonator III Premium Sparkling Water Maker

  • Pros: upscale design, high-quality materials
  • Cons: can only carbonate water, heftier price tag

The sleek and elegant design of the Aarke sparkling water maker makes this machine look like a piece of artwork on your countertop. And there’s no doubt that the design factors into the hefty price tag. Coming in at just over $200, it's made of stainless steel and features a tall cylinder, a head attachment, and a removable drip tray. This carbonator is lever-activated and works with CO2 canisters (the manufacturer recommends the SodaStream ones) which are not included in the set.

But, it’s important to note that this machine isn’t quite as versatile as some of the others. The Aarke carbonator only works with water, and the manufacturer recommends that any addition of flavors should be done in a separate carafe, not the Aarke carbonating bottle. But if you're looking for a sleek alternative to the SodaStream that looks right out of an upscale café, this might be a great model for your home. Choose from six finishes, like stainless steel, matte black, and brass.

Helpful review: “I have been a SodaStream user since the beginning - perhaps 15 years. At the onset the company had a great concept and manufactured excellent products. Throughout the years the quality of SodaStream carbonators has continually gone in one direction - DOWN. [...] Thank god for Aarke. Yes it is expensive however in the long run it is built to last and performs infinitely better than any of the SodaStream carbonators. This product is EXCELLENT!”

Also Great: A Variety Pack Of Flavor Enhancers

Sparkling water is great on its own, but adding flavors can be a real gamechanger. With five flavors in a set and 100% of your daily recommended vitamin C per serving, these flavor enhancers are an excellent addition to your at-home soda maker. Unlike some other flavor enhancers, Stur's liquid drink mix is made with real, all-natural fruit extracts and sweetened with stevia. They’re a good add-on that you can feel good about, and a great way to help children (or, adults) increase their water intake.

Helpful review: “Perfect choice for us. Regular fruit juices have my kids bouncing off the walls. We have a soda maker and have used our Stur flavors .....impresses everyone that has tried it. Will be ordering more flavors to add to our collection.”

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