The 43 Most-Upvoted Products On Reddit You Can Get On Amazon Prime

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I'm not the type of person to ask advice before making a decision — but when it comes to Reddit, it's a whole different ballgame. I consult that magical compilation of information constantly before clicking "add to cart," and Reddit's most upvoted products of all time have informed many a genius purchase — and many an article topic, at that. In fact, it's gotten to the point where Amazon reviews simply aren't enough for me; unless I have input, feedback, and sarcastic puns from the Reddit community, I simply don't feel whole.

Among the quirky but brilliant items and the cult-favorite beauty products that Reddit users swear by, you'll find loads of things that are eligible for Amazon Prime. Consequently, these hidden gems qualify for two-day Prime shipping, which is a lifesaver when it comes to last-minute gifts and treat-yourself products you just can't wait for (like a giant bag comprised solely of cereal marshmallows, for example).

That being said, Reddit is a vast, endless place, and it's constantly expanding. You can easily get lost in the countless subreddits and nonstop posts, so I've done the heavy lifting for you and found some of the most upvoted products of all time. Yeah, some of them are a little rough around the edges (then again, it is Reddit), but they've made the front page for a reason.


These Flat Headphones So You Can Comfortably Listen To Music While You Sleep

Reddit user Greenysmac posted this genius invention to r/Shutupandtakemymoney: "a headband that has flat speakers (and a long cable), making it possible to sleep on your side and listen to music." It's made of a super soft fabric that's breathable, hypoallergenic, and stretchy, and it comes in multiple sizes and colors.


This Brilliant Shelf That Holds Your Phone While You're On The Toilet

User Redditexter calls this "One of the greatest inventions of the 21st century," and thousands of other people agree. The Bosszi toilet paper holder mounts to your wall and creates a convenient shelf directly next to your toilet. It's made from stainless steel, it's resistant to fingerprints, and it works for cellphones as well as wet wipes.


This Comfortable Travel Pillow That's Compact And Versatile

This travel pillow is small and compact and has more than 12,000 reviews. It can be adjusted three ways, comes in three sizes and eight colors, and one reviewer said, “It goes with me everywhere! Not only do I sleep well when I sit for long hours during travel, my chin is in place, I'm not hurting my neck, it's a perfect replacement for my own pillow while I'm away [...]”


This Bubble Mask That's All Over The AsianBeauty Subreddit

User Whiskeypebbler posted this hilarious picture of the Elizavecca Milky Piggy clay mask in action, and it became the third most-upvoted post of all time on r/AsianBeauty. The mask itself is a K-beauty cult-favorite that bubbles with carbonated foam to cleanse deep into pores using ingredients like kaolin clay and charcoal powder.


This Toothpaste Wringer To Get Every Last Drop Out Of Your Tube

The second-most upvoted post on r/Frugal says, "I think you'll like the gift I got from my frugal Aunt," and contains a picture of this toothpaste wringer. Thanks to its durable aluminum alloy construction, it effectively squeezes every last bit of toothpaste (or cream, hair color, and foundation) out of the tube. This one even comes with a free plastic leaf squeezer for smaller containers.


An Efficient Way To Wash, Drain, And Chop Your Salad Using A Single Bowl

Another top post on subreddit /ProductPorn: the original EZ salad-cutting bowl. Since the slits double as a colander and guides for your knife blade, this brilliant kitchen gadget allows you to rinse, drain, and chop all your ingredients in one container. It's also BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.


This Cult-Favorite That Makes "The Best Cup Of Coffee" Ever

People are obsessed with the AeroPress coffee and espresso maker — so much so that it's the top post of all time in r/GoodValue. Redditors say they use it multiple times a day because it makes "the best cup of coffee [they've] ever had, period," and it's "relatively inexpensive," too. The secret is the immersion brewing technique, which creates tons of flavor without any bitterness.


This Cult-Classic Blush Because It Compliments Any Skin Tone

In one user's holy grail product master list, the most upvoted blush was NARS in Orgasm. According to reviewers, it has "great color and texture" and it "compliments [sic] any skin tone." It's also significantly more pigmented than other brands, so a little goes a very long way.


A Adjustable Modern Lamp With Tons Of Personality

This adjustable, person-like lamp is one of the most upvoted posts of all time in r/ProductPorn. Its base bends in two places so it can sit in various positions and even hold your books, phone, or sticky notes. The fabric shade and genuine wood base have a modern, neutral look that suit virtually any type of decor.


This Super Lightweight "Miracle" Product For Damaged Hair

"Can someone explain why this product is a freaking miracle?" user RandomActsOfParanoia asks the r/HaircareScience community. "It's this crazy, thin, viscous consistency that you squirt onto your hair and let it set for about 10 seconds before rinsing. It smells divine and my hair has never been softer/less frizzy/more healthy looking." Other reviewers call it "magic" and "really a miracle."


This Clip-On Tie That's Actually A Hidden Flask

Reddit users say that this pick is "excellent for college football games" and "really is the perfect Father's Day gift." The FlaskTie conceals 8 ounces of liquor inside of a real clip-on tie. Not only is the microfiber material surprisingly high-quality, but they offer 12 stylish colors and designs to choose from.


This Extremely Durable Thermos That One Redditor Used Every Day For 48 Years

With over 15,000 upvotes, this post on r/BuyItForLife is one of the most popular of all time because it shows a Stanley classic thermos that was used every day for over 40 years. "Don't know how I lived so long without one," one user replies, since it's easy to pack, doesn't leak, keeps liquids hot or cold for more than 24 hours, and is made from rust-proof and BPA-free stainless steel.


This J-Beauty Cleanser That Users Call A "Holy Grail" Product For Dry Skin

In their extremely popular review "I tried 9 different cleansers so you don't have to," user Juicyfizz calls Hada Labo's Rohto Gokujyn Cleansing Foam "an unexpected love." This user writes, "It foams like any other foaming cleanser but it only does so because of the pump. It's incredibly hydrating without leaving a film behind... Over time, this has become my HG hydrating cleanser." It comes from one of Japan's most popular beauty brands, and since it's made with hydrating hyaluronic acid, it's especially beneficial for dry skin.


This Clear Shower Curtain With Pockets For Your Devices

Yes, this exists, and it has over 20,000 upvotes on a post in r/OfCourseThatsAThing. This clear shower curtain liner has external pockets that fit your phone and tablet, so you can see and use the screen while you're in the shower. According to reviewers, it's a brilliant way to listen to music, watch movies, or respond to texts without damaging your electronics.


These Raincoats For Your Feet, So You Can Protect Any Pair Of Shoes

These rain shoe covers got over 23,000 upvotes when posted to r/OfCourseThatsAThing earlier this year. They're made from waterproof PVC and have a non-slip durable sole, so you can slip them over any pair of shoes to protect them from snow and rain. Once you're there, take them off and store them in the included waterproof bag. They even come in several sizes and colors.


These Comfy Wool Socks That Are Totally Waterproof

Thousands of Redditors realized that they never again had to deal with wet feet when these waterproof socks were posted to r/ProductPorn. On the outside, a wear-resistant membrane keeps all moisture from getting in, but the interior is made from sweat-wicking wool so they're surprisingly breathable and soft. Get them in four different sizes.


This Modern Rice Cooker That Makes Cooking Dinner A Snap

Another top r/BuyItForLife post? This rice cooker that has been in OP's family "for over two decades." Other users say, "I have a more modern Zojirushi, I love it to pieces. It's amazing!" A few of the best features include a single-switch control, handles that stay cool, and a nonstick inner lining that cooks rice to perfection with minimal effort on your part.


A Multi-Tool That Makes Your Lighter Infinitely More Useful

Know someone who carries a lighter? Make it even more useful with the LighterBro. This multi-tool fits any standard lighter and works as a fold-out knife, screwdriver, bottle opener, pair of scissors, and key ring attachment. It's also available in several color and decal options.


These Pimple Pads That Purge Pores And Calm Inflammation While You Wear Them

In a popular review for r/SkincareAddiction, user Ginguh writes, "Nexcare acne pads are absolutely worth $7." These translucent circles gently but effectively soak all the gross stuff out of a pimple, so it can heal faster without germs or irritation. They come in multiple sizes, and even those with sensitive skin say these are "better than any of the products [they've] been prescribed."


This Mind-Blowing Japanese Mascara That Beauty Junkies Swear By

In r/MakeupAddiction, user Prettyimportantstuff posted a picture of their "holy grail mascara" in action, and it received thousands of upvotes. Heroine Make Long And Curl Mascara moisturizes and smooths with chamomile extract, but it also defines, lengthens, and emphasizes with built-in fibers and jet black pigmentation. No wonder reviewers are saying they've "had [their] mind blown."


These Highlighters With Transparent Tips So You Can See The Text As You Go

"I'm using one of these as we'd be surprised how helpful [it] actually is," user Masterpass said in this post about these Clear View highlighters. They have a unique transparent tip so you can see exactly what words you're highlighting — and when to stop. This pack also comes with four different colors for neat, color-coded notes that'd make any teacher, student, or organizational freak proud.


A Soft Jersey Pregnancy Pillow That Conforms To Your Body

This meme about pregnancy pillows got well over a thousand upvotes and had users commenting things like, "Just get one. You are worth it." The PharMeDoc pregnancy pillow is one of the most popular options because it's C-shaped to conform to your entire body and has a cozy jersey cover that you can wash. It's also super supportive and available in multiple colors.


The Perfect Eyeshadow Palette For Makeup Beginners And Experts Alike

This product is the second-most upvoted post ever on r/PanPorn — a subreddit dedicated to makeup that's so good, you can't help but use every last bit. The Tartelette palette in Bloom has deeply pigmented neutral colors that are easy to blend, and they lasted this user a full year with daily use. They're also made with real clay, which is good for skin and stays put all day.


These High-Quality Bluetooth Earbuds That Only Cost $20

These wireless earbuds have more than 22,000 reviews and provides 20 hours of playtime with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The earbuds have smart touch controls, come with a charging case, and are available in five colors. One reviewer wrote, “The sound is high quality and they fit in my ear comfortably.”


A Three-In-One Kitchen Tool That Cuts, Lifts, And Serves Your Dessert

It's been called the "perfect cake server" because it cuts, lifts, and serves evenly-sectioned slices of cake, pie, and other desserts. It also looks sleek AF. Created by Magisso, this modern kitchen gadget is made from stainless steel and has reviewers saying, " I don't think I can ever serve cake with another [tool] ever again."


These Star Wars Themed Silicone Ice Molds

For the Star Wars fan, there's these DeathStar ice molds. They got super popular because of this post on r/ProductPorn, and now you can find them on Amazon Prime. They're made of silicone, so they're free from harmful chemicals and easy to clean, and because of the large surface area, they melt more slowly than traditional cubes, which keeps your drink colder for longer. (They can also be used for chocolate and jello.)


This Sulfur Cream That Banishes Cystic Blemishes Overnight

"To whoever recommended sulfur cream, freaking thank you," TheQuinnBee says in a post that earned over 1,000 upvotes. After using it, painful cystic pimples "vanished like immediately." Their preferred brand is De La Cruz sulfur ointment, which doesn't have any fragrances, dyes, artificial colors, or preservatives. It's also super affordable.


A Book That Teaches You How To Effectively Adult

This one is the second-most upvoted post in the subreddit, r/Shutupandtakemymoney. According to Nagidac, Grow the F*uck Up is a book that "teaches teens and adults how to create a resume and cover letter, change a car tire, apply for college loans, [and] shut off the power to your home," plus 40 other tasks that parents, high school, and college should've taught you but didn't. The book itself has a 4.4-star rating, and reviewers call it "practical," "helpful," and "full of great advice."


This Cool Moon Lamp That's Rechargeable, Color-Changing, And Touch-Controlled

User Panda_911 shared this touch-control 3-D moon lamp with the community, and users responded that it makes for a "really great gift if you don't know what to get someone." It's totally rechargeable, has a remote control with 16 LED color settings, and even comes with a sleek wooden stand.


This Color-Correcting Cream That Immediately Neutralizes Red Undertones

If your face is prone to redness and you're looking to even out your skin tone, you'll love this green-tinted miracle cream. Kats_addiction applied DR. JART+ Cicapair color-correcting treatment to one side of their face for an immediate before and after comparison, and the results were astounding. One user wrote, "That really looks like you have a filter on half," because the green-to-beige formula immediately neutralizes your complexion and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.


This Marshall Amp Key Holder For The Musician In Your Life

"This is honestly really neat," one user said when this Marshall key holder was posted to r/OfCourseThatsAThing, and 15,000 other people agreed. Just attach the guitar plug key rings to your essentials and mount the amp to your wall with the included kit; that way, you can securely plug in up to four sets of keys, and you always know where they are.


This Luminous Bag That "Turns Rainbow When Light Shines On It"

This DIOMO Lingge backpack was one of the highest-rated posts on r/StrangestProducts, but users found themselves saying, "Now that is cool" instead. It's made from a unique PU leather material that looks matte black in the dark, but when it catches the light, it becomes a shimmery rainbow of colors. It has two interior pockets and a small zipper pouch, and it's available in three geometric designs.


This K-Beauty Concealer That Makeup Lovers Are Obsessing Over

"The Saem is a South Korean brand," says Skincarriedaway in their popular review of this Cover Perfection tip concealer. This one is their "favorite concealer of all time" because it provides "thick coverage that lasts all day," as well as "extra SPF" and a non-drying consistency that "doesn’t crackle or settle into fine lines." It's even available in nine different shades.


This USB Fan That Displays The Time In Magical Floating Lights

Someone posted this one to r/ProductPorn, and it now has over 3,000 upvotes. Just plug this little gadget into any USB port, and it'll give you the time and a breeze simultaneously. It even glows and has a flexible gooseneck so you can direct it any which way — no wonder Reddit users call it, "Fan-tastic."


These Wooden Coasters That Say What You're Really Thinking

"Tell them what you mean without having to actually say it," says Reddit user BeerCapTrap. These Don't F*ck Up The Table coasters suit someone with a great sense of humor, but they're undeniably practical, too. They're gently-stained and made from the finest wood to give you a classy look alongside a curt message.


This Drill Attachment That Adjusts To Virtually Any Fastener In Seconds

In r/ProductPorn, user Nightinggirlse raves about "This universal socket wrench that can grip onto basically any shape." Thanks to its unique self-adjusting prongs, this universal attachment conforms to virtually any sized hook, bolt, nut, or fastener. Just attach it to your drill, and forget about having to switch your tools.


A Brass Scraper That Effortlessly Tackles Ice Without Scratching Your Windshield

According to user Will6566, an ice scraper with a brass blade is the best thing you can buy under $20 because "brass is softer than glass, so it won't scratch. Makes Wisconsin mornings before work 10x more tolerable." This one has a longer handle so you can reach all corners of your windshield, but it still fits in the average-sized glove compartment. Reviewers are asking, "Where has this been all my life?"


This One-Pound Bag Of Marshmallows (Without The Boring Oat Cereal)

Apparently, Amazon Prime sells a one-pound bag of Lucky-Charms-like marshmallows (yes, just the marshmallows), and Reddit was unbelievably psyched about it. They're brightly-colored, satisfyingly crunchy, easy to add to any cereal, and have users saying things like, "I'm just going to [pour] milk right into the bag."


This Best-Selling Cookbook Inspired By An Awesome Cartoon

When user Themanimal posted The Bob's Burgers cookbook on Reddit, users lost it, saying things like, "I am so happy this is real" and "[How can I get it] in my apartment by tomorrow?" In fact, it's a New York Times best seller because it takes cartoon creations from the show and turns them into real recipes that you and fellow fans can enjoy.


A Weighted Blanket That Redditors Say Change The Way They Sleep

A best-seller on Amazon, this weighted blanket from YnM is also beloved by Reddit users. Not only does this blanket purport to solve sleep problems, reviewers say it eliminates anxiety and stress they feel when going to bed. One redditor says, "Got one as a Christmas gift from my mother in law. She tried it right when we opened it and immediately bought one for herself. It's like getting a hug all over when you're trying to sleep or relax." And, if you're unsure what size is right for you, here's how to decide which size weighted blanket is bestalso for you.


This Unique Organizational Piece For "Organizational Peace"

This interlocking wall shelf is easy to install, has tons of nooks, crannies, and shelves for everything from sheet masks to creams, and comes in various arrangements and color options. It features four cubes, comes in five colors, and has earned more than 4,000 reviews.


This Classic Lip Balm That's Intensely Nourishing — And All-Natural

Reddit user Pr0bl3mChild might have a "slight addiction" to Burt's Bees lip balm, as exemplified by the dozens of empty tins in this r/PanPorn post. According to other reviewers, the addiction is warranted, as this stuff "lasts longer and moisturizes so much more than other lip balms." It's also recyclable and 100 percent natural.


This "Skillfully Crafted" Pocket Knife That'll Last A Lifetime

According to S2igi, this Buck pocket knife was a gift from their father and has lasted since 1970. Earlier this year, the tip broke off, and the company replaced the blade for nothing because it held sentimental value. Reviewers love the compact folding design, the safety lock, the gorgeous rosewood handle, and the corrosion-resistant blade that's "skillfully crafted" and makes for a great gift.

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