The 5 Best Balance Ball Chairs For The Office

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Working at an office shouldn't leave you with aches and pains in parts of your back and neck where you didn't even know you had muscles. And yet, spending hours in a chair can do that. But there's a solution: the best balance ball chairs for the office provide an unconventional, but healthier way, to sit and work at your desk. They can even make you stronger and give you an excuse to get in a mini workout without having to leave your job and hit the gym.

When you spend hours slouching in a typical office chair, you put unnecessary strain on your back and shoulders — and that's assuming the chair itself isn't a total dud and can actually support your back. But trade that swivel chair in for a stability ball and your core muscles immediately have to work harder to keep you balanced and upright. As a result, your spine will be aligned, your posture can improve, and you'll strengthen your core. Plus, it doesn't hurt that a little bouncing on an exercise ball during that weekly brainstorming session can help inspire creative thoughts.

An exercise ball can transform your body when you use it during pilates, barre, or in conjunction with other gym workouts. But considering how much more time we spend at the office than at barre (like, a whole lot more time), it's really nice to know there are exercises you can do at your desk that require little more than a stability ball and your best balancing efforts.

These five highly rated stability balls for the office come in a wide range of price points, colors, and sizes. Find one that's perfect for you and you won't think twice about your old office chair.


The Overall Best Award-Winning Stability Ball Chair

• PROS: award winner, durable steel legs, adjustable height, lots of great color options

• CONS: can stain, no slipcovers, doesn’t have rollers

This Zenergy exercise ball chair is the winner of the Global Educator Institute Seal of Endorsement. It strengthens core muscles, improves posture and stability, and the consistent bounce and motion it can provide actually helps keep your creativity levels up at work. This chair comes in eight colors and the seat height is 23 inches when fully inflated. It has durable steel legs and comes with an air pump to inflate the ball.

What reviewers say: “After using this for a few weeks there’s a definite improvement in posture and back pain relief. Getting on and off the chair would be tricky for someone who has balance problems. So be cautious as there’s nothing to hold on to. Occasionally it needs to be have air added. Overall, it does a better job than a far more expensive ‘back support’ office chair. And it’s certainly a conversation starter. We like the swivel base, too.”


A Two-In-One Combo For Work And Working Out

• PROS: ball can be removed for separate use, has lockable wheels

• CONS: not adjustable, leg extenders sold separately

This stability ball and chair combo can be used together at the office or you can remove the ball to use it separately for working out at home. Designed for users 5-foot to 5-foot-11, this chair fits most standard desks, but if you need something taller, the company sells leg extenders (separately) that add two inches to the height. Otherwise, this amazing ball desk chair comes with an air pump, an adjustable metal support ball, four easy-glide casters with two back wheels that are lockable, and a desktop exercise guide. Choose among nine colors like blue, wasabi, and fuchsia.

What reviewers say: “This is a great chair! I had one at work, and wanted one for home! Alleviates all the aches and pains that come from sitting in standard chairs. Great for strengthening balance, core, and comes with an exercise guide as well!”


An Office-Friendly Stability Ball That Has A Handle

• PROS: comes in fabric or faux leather options, has a washable, removable cover with a handle

• CONS: this pick doesn’t have legs, is designed with seams that may be itchy

You can snag this sleek balance ball chair in one of nine colors, which include both fabric and faux leather options, so you’re sure to find a version that fits your workspace’s decor. The removable cover features a handle that reviewers have attested makes it easier to move around — the fabric versions of the cover are even machine-washable! Inside the cover is a durable PVC ball that’s designed to support weights up to 400 pounds. It comes in both spherical and ovular shapes, as well as two sizes: The Standard has a sitting height of 22 to 24 inches and the Max has a sitting height of 24 to 26 inches. Plus, if you don’t love it within the first six months, the manufacturer will replace or refund your Luno.

What reviewers say: “I've previously used a balance ball for desk work but was always frustrated by how ugly it was and the fact that I'd have to retrieve it from the other side of the room when I would get up. This thing is beautiful, it stays put, and I'm out of pain. Very happy customer.”


This Affordable Exercise Ball That You Can Use As A Chair

• PROS: affordable option, comes in five sizes, can handle up to 2,000 pounds

• CONS: doesn’t have legs or a stand, can feel “grippy” or “sticky,” according to reviewers

This stability ball can be used in place of an office chair despite not coming with standard chair components, and you don't have to worry about breaking the bank because this is one of the most affordable and versatile exercise ball options around. Plus, it comes in a variety of sizes which allows you to pick the height (from 38 to 85 centimeters) that best suits your body and office environment. This ball is made from BPA-free, slip-resistant material that can withstand up to 2,000 pounds, and comes in seven colors. It includes a pump, plug, remover, and measuring tape. It comes with a two-year warranty.

What fans say: “Ball performers exactly as described, nice form and anti-slip material. I was happy that it also came with a couple of extra plugs for the fill hole and a tool to help remove the plug to inflate/deflate the ball. Very happy with this purchase. Works great as a desk chair to help work my core. I would recommend this product.”


The Best Stability Ball Stool For A Standing Desk

• PROS: compatible with a standing desk, adjustable

• CONS: may be too tall for shorter desks, the seat is described as “too firm” by one reviewer

Stability balls are traditionally not compatible with standing desks, but this wobble stool aims to bring the benefits of having an "active seat" to those with taller tables. The stool features a wobble disc at the base, and adjusts from 33 inches to 323 inches, so you can use it with a regular desk too.

What reviewers say: “I love this stool! For someone who can't sit still all day in a chair, i like having the ability to change my position or posture or simply rock gently back and forth easily. It's helped with lower back pain too. Super easy to maneuver and store as well. [...] Really solid construction and it doesn't break the bank. Dig it.”