The 9 Best Cat Trees For Large Cats

It’s the climb.

by Shayna Murphy and Danielle Calma
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If you have a large cat, it is possible to find a sturdy cat tree for them to exercise and perch on — if you’re looking for the right ones. The best cat trees for large cats are equipped to support the weight of heavier felines climbing on and off, without toppling over or collapsing. Whether your cat likes to scratch, climb, or nap, these cat trees have all been put to the test by Amazon reviewers with large cats weighing upwards of 15 pounds (and one is even made to hold over 40 pounds).

Shopping for ultra-sturdy cat trees isn’t always easy. Not all cat trees — even some popular ones — are ideal for cats that weigh over 15 pounds. Some manufacturers list weight capacities for their cat trees, which can be a quick way to identify if a particular product is appropriate for your cat. If a max capacity isn’t listed, digging through the user reviews on Amazon is another great way to get a sense of how strong the cat tree is.

Amazon is a great source for all things shopping related, but this is especially true when it comes to kitty toys and supplies. After all, you don’t want to waste your money on a tree that can’t support the weight of the big cat in your life. Below, you can find everything from massive cat trees designed for multiple pets to compact perches that don’t take up a ton of space yet can still hold a large cat.


Best Overall: This Tiered Tree That Gives Large Cats Room To Move

Equipped with various tiers that can help larger kitties leap for joy in more ways than one, this multi-level cat tree is the all-around best pick for larger cats, especially if you’re looking for an investment that’ll really last. Reviewers have reported that this tree supports cats as large as 18 pounds.

Because it’s made with ultra-soft faux fur and a stylish print, pets can’t help but want to snuggle down in it, especially inside of the cubby retreat featured on the lowest level. It also comes with a high-rise perch that’s amazing for bird-watching and lounging, plus dangling ball toys and resting branches with sisal-wrapped supports that offer a tough and resilient scratching area.

One reviewer wrote: “Beautiful product, very sturdy for my two 16 pound cats. They love it. I would order this product again if needed.”

  • Available colors: 2


Best Budget: A Cat Tree For Playing & Scratching

This incredibly affordable cat tree is worth a look if you’re shopping on a budget but still want to give larger cats a space of their own to climb and play. Beige-colored and easy to blend into any casual setting, the tree is just under 32 inches tall and can fit into corners or tight spaces in a room pretty seamlessly. The raised round platform is an irresistible perch for cats — plus, it includes an additional tier for pouncing and lounging and three jute-covered posts for scratching.

Reviewers have noted that the bed is on the smaller side, so one tradeoff for the price is that it’s likely not the ideal option for big cats to stretch out and relax on — but if you’re looking for a place for them to play and scratch, it’s a solid choice. One reviewer summarized: “Cat loves it, a little small for sleeping, he’s 22 lbs, but he loves it!” The carpet lining this tree, which is made out of MDF, also gives it an added softness that cats are sure to appreciate. If you’re looking for something a bit taller, check out the three-tiered version of this cat tree instead.

One reviewer wrote: “22 lb cat LOVES this thing [...] BIG cat loves this for clawing, climbing and napping. Super sturdy.”

  • Available colors: 1


Most Luxurious: This Plush Perch That Can Hold Up To 44 Pounds

  • Also available on Chewy, $70

Like a playground — but for cats — this large cat condo was designed to hold multiple feline friends, or up to 44 pounds at a time. Plush and oh-so-cozy, this luxurious pick is made with wood and comes with an anchor strap to keep it from wobbling or falling over. At 54 inches in height, this isn’t the tallest tree featured on this list, but it’s still one of the most expansive. There are plenty of soft platforms for your cat to perch on, along with two enclosures and interactive toys to keep your cat entertained. It also comes with one sisal-coiled scratching post that’s almost as long as the tree itself.

One reviewer wrote: “I have two grown cats and this works just fine for them! The larger one is 14 pounds and can easily fit inside the cubby holes. I have no complaints! It was easy to put together and I would buy this brand again!”

  • Available colors: 6


Tallest: A 76-Inch Cat Tree That Mounts To The Wall

Measuring over 6 feet tall, the PetFusion Ultimate Cat Climbing Tower has three platforms made of MDF along with removable cushions and sisal-wrapped posts for your cat to scale. It mounts to the wall to keep it from toppling over, and according to some reviewers, it can hold cats weighing more than 20 pounds. One shopper attested, “It was easy to assemble, solidly built, and even firmly supports our 24-pound cat launching himself at it and off of it!” The cat tree comes with drywall anchors that you can install with just two simple tools: a hammer and screwdriver.

One reviewer wrote: “Fantastic. My cats love it and I don’t have to worry about them pulling it down off the wall. It is so sturdy. I have a Maine Coon and two other large cats. It’s wonderful for them to stretch while they scratch. They also like to use it to hop up on the ledge of my two-story window.”

  • Available colors: 1


Most Compact: This Sturdy, Low Cat Perch With A Bed

If you’re tight on space or don’t like the look of taller cat trees, consider one you can tuck into a corner of a room. At under 20 inches tall, this cat bed/tree hybrid is shorter than some options, but it’s still situated on a large, sturdy base and features a wide scratching post. It’s designed to hold up to 25 pounds, and several reviewers have confirmed its sturdiness even with large cats. One Maine Coon owner wrote: “When he jumps on and off this, the floor shakes, but the cat bed does not.” Plus, the bed is lined with a plush material to make it extra cozy for your pet.

One reviewer wrote: “Finally found a bed big enough to fit all 24 lbs. of cat. Really appreciate that the cover is removable and washable. I added a faux fur rug to make it more cushioned and comfy.”

  • Available colors: 1


Most Secure Cat Tree: A Short Tower With Extra Support

To provide maximum stability, this cat tree features two thick, supportive (and sisal-wrapped) posts instead of one for its perch, plus the base is reinforced with battens. And thanks to the included anti-toppling anchor, you can even secure the cat tree to an adjacent wall for extra security. With one perch and two cat caves — all covered in a soft, gray fabric — the cat tree provides multiple locations for your cat to rest. The perch is spacious enough for cats to stretch out comfortably, even cats weighing upwards of 15 pounds. If they prefer more privacy, the caves offer roomy enclosures for them to hide in.

One reviewer wrote: “I have two twenty pound cats and an eight pound dog. All three of them sleep on different tiers. Easy to assemble, seems cushy enough.”

  • Available colors: 3


Most Stylish: This Cat Tree With A Mid-Century Modern Vibe

  • Also available on Chewy, $148

Unlike models covered from top to bottom in faux fleece or carpet, this ultra-modern cat tree is primarily made from MDF with a black finish. Described by one reviewer as “sturdy, sleek, easy to clean,” it makes for a charming fixture in common spaces. It comes with a variety of levels and scratching posts, perfect for climbing, scratching, and playing. This tree includes removable memory foam pads on each perch and a cubby hole with a hiding space, which reviewers have attested is spacious enough to fit their large cats. While the cost of this cat tree is higher than some other options, it’s a small price to pay for a cat tree that’s about as far from an eyesore as you can get. Plus, it comes in four different sizes.

One reviewer wrote: “Both of my cats loved this so much I ended up buying another one for my front window. Tall enough to fit in front of a window or back door and wide enough for my large cat to lay on top and in the middle box.”

  • Available colors: 3


Most Accessible: This Cat Perch That Doubles As Stairs

Some cat trees can be difficult for senior or overweight cats to maneuver, but this cat tree is a great answer to mobility issues. Made from wood — which provides a heavier and sturdier platform for larger cats — this four-level tower can make lounging safer for cats. It safely holds up to 70 pounds, and one cat reported that “elderly and large cats are able to use with ease.” Several reviewers have commented that this cat tree effectively doubles as stairs and that it’s particularly great for helping older cats safely climb up to perches and look out windows.

One reviewer wrote: “Very well made, solid pet stairs. Fits perfectly where needed, so my cat, Harvey, can easily get up & down from my raised bed. I’ve tried three others that were donated; smaller, flimsier, and didn’t inspire confidence as they were too wobbly & narrow. This one is perfect, being the right size for a pretty large animal, very solid & well made; easy to assemble, and compact enough not to be intrusive.”

  • Available colors: 3


Most Beds: A Cat Tower With 5 Perches

If your cat loves to lounge, this 71-inch-tall cat tower offers not one but multiple options for a nap. It has five carpeted perches, offering plenty of room for a big cat to curl up in. The manufacturer doesn’t indicate how many pounds (or cats) this cat tree can handle, though many reviewers have mentioned it holds multiple cats at time, and one fan wrote, “My chunky girl doesn’t have a problem climbing to the top or laying on any of the levels. It’s hard to find trees that she can fit on, but this one is perfect.”

It also comes with two sisal-wrapped scratching posts to sink their claws into between long bouts of relaxation. Underneath all that fuzzy carpet, you’ll find that the cat tree is made out of solid wood, which makes it both sturdy and long-lasting.

One reviewer wrote: “I have 2 big cats. This is a very sturdy tree and the platform has sides which allow my cats to sleep securely inside without risk of falling out. They can play and jump on it too without worrying about it tipping over because it’s so sturdy. They love it.”

  • Available colors: 1

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