The 8 Best Champagne Glasses, According To A Sommelier

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Whether it’s a full-on celebration or a romantic night for two, getting the most out of your champagne — or any sparkling wine — will depend on the glass you drink it from. The best champagne glasses are available in tulip, flute, and coupe shapes, and each one has its advantages, whether that’s aromatics, bubble retention, or simply a festive drinking experience.

For some expert insight, we turned to Katie Putterlik, a Los Angeles-based wine consultant and sommelier who offered a rundown on the different types of champagne glasses. Putterlik says the benefit of a traditional flute-shaped glass is “all in the shape.” She continues, “The narrow bowl and height of the glass allows the champagne or sparkling wine to hold onto their bubbles for longer. The tradeoff for keeping those bubbles longer is you can’t really get any aromatics out of the glass, which a wider glass allows for.” To get both a delightful experience for your nose and a decent amount of bubbles, Putterlik recommends a tulip glass, “which combines the classic flute shape with a vessel that gives the wine a little more surface area exposure for enjoying aromatics.” Essentially a mash-up of a champagne flute and white wine glass, Putterlik says tulips are particularly popular with sommeliers and wine aficionados as they give you the best of both worlds. As for coupes, Putterlik says, they are as “fun as they are impractical.” She continues, “These glasses are a vibe, à la Marie Antoinette and the Roaring Twenties. You will spill as much as you sip, so skip the pricey bubbles in these glasses.”

To make your evening (or brunch!) totally stress-free, we’ve rounded up the best champagne glasses in a range of styles and price points. A few have been hand-picked by Putterlik — so you can sip under a wine expert’s guidance, sans the high price tag of a five-star restaurant.


The Best Tulips, Overall

Riedel is a brand you’ll find time and again in high-end restaurants, and this set of two champagne glasses checks all the boxes. Elegantly designed, they’re wide enough to put aromatics on display, but narrow enough to keep sparkling wine bubbly — in fact, each bowl has a “sparkling point” to enhance carbonation. They’re made from beautiful, dishwasher-safe crystal.

If you’d like your tulip glasses to have a slightly different shape, you could also opt for these champagne glasses from the Putterlik-recommended brand Shott Zwiesel.

According to a champagne drinker: “Beautifully shaped, transparent crystal glass. Performance lineup-signature wavy pattern is also enjoyable. Thin stem is pleasant to hold in hand. Tulip glass can give more flavor than flute glass”


The Best Budget-Friendly Tulips

This set of four champagne glasses just might be the best of all worlds. The tulip-shaped bowls are wide enough to allow aromatics to shine, while the relatively narrow design still preserves carbonation, all of which adds up to a full sensory experience while you sip. Just as important — the set comes at a friendly price point (which means you can use the rest of your money for that bottle of blanc de noirs you’ve been eyeing). They’re made from chip-resistant crystal, so they’re durable and dishwasher-safe.

According to a champagne drinker: “Perfect Champagne flute, great weight and shape”


The Best Flutes, Overall

Riedel’s Vinum Cuvée Prestige is Putterlik’s pick for the best champagne flute. The long stem makes it easy to grip and carry, and the narrow bowl retains bubbles no matter how slowly you sip — but you may not get as many aromatics as you would with a wider option. The traditional design is sophisticated, efficient, and classic, and since the glasses are dishwasher-safe, they’re great for everyday use. The set includes two Riedel champagne glasses, so if you’re planning dinner for more than two, you’ll have to invest in multiple sets.

According to a champagne drinker: “We love our glasses! They are beautiful and well made. We actually found these when we were served prosecco out of them at a bar in Warsaw. I was able to track them down, and I'm so glad. Perfect set of flutes!”


The Best Budget-Friendly Flutes

Spiegelau is another brand Putterlik recommends, and this set of four crystal champagne flutes comes at a wallet-friendly price. The narrow design of the bowls means superior bubble retention, but you may lose some of the aromatics because of that attribute. They’re made from lead-free crystal, which means they’re durable but not too thick, so you can sip comfortably without fear of damage. Plus, the flute glasses are dishwasher-safe, so you won’t have to go to the trouble of hand-washing after enjoying your blanc de blancs.

According to a champagne drinker: “Love the look of these glasses, very elegant and a great price. They are sturdy and dishwasher safe. We broke one but it was a very hard fall, so I would blame that on us, not the product. I plan to order another set of these so we have more.”


The Best Coupes, Overall

These vintage-inspired coupes look like they came straight out of a Prohibition-era speakeasy. Perfect for anyone who loves a timeless feel, the crystal glasses are thin but durable, and they feature a ribbed design. However, since the bowl is wide and shallow, the bubbles will dissolve more quickly, making for a little less sparkle and sharpness on the tongue, and you may be more likely to spill as you sip. That being said, these dishwasher-safe coupe glasses can do double-duty as vessels for cocktails like Manhattans, martinis, and gimlets, making them a versatile, classic choice.

According to a champagne drinker: “These glasses are absolutely beautiful and so classic! I feel like I’m in the Great Gatsby. It came in the most beautiful packaging so a perfect gift idea for anyone who enjoys champagne or a great cocktail!”


The Best Budget-Friendly Coupes

Putterlik says coupe glasses are great for a Roaring 20s-style party vibe, and she likes this set of four that comes at a budget-friendly price. They’re made from lead-free crystal, which is considered dishwasher-safe, making them convenient for post-party cleanup, and the sturdy construction is more resistant to breaking than more delicate options. The shallow bowls won’t retain bubbles as much as a flute or a tulip, but like the other coupe option on the list, you can use these as cocktail glasses too, making them a versatile buy that’ll save you space in your kitchen cupboards.

According to a champagne drinker: “Extremely well made & gorgeous. I always look forward to drinking champagne out these”


The Best Stemless Champagne Glasses

If you’re concerned about breakage, it’s worth considering these stemless champagne flutes that are less likely to topple over — and which have earned a stellar 4.8-star overall rating after more than 1,000 ratings. The dishwasher-safe glasses boast a classic flute design that helps lock in bubbles, but keep in mind that they won’t show off aromatics as much as a tulip will, and that holding the glass by the bowl will warm the champagne faster than if you were holding it by a stem. Depending on your priorities, though, the wallet-friendly price point and low likelihood of breaking may be worth the tradeoff.

According to a champagne drinker: “The flutes are lovely. Easy to hold, do not tip and look great with bubbling champagne in them. This purchase was a win! I’m very pleased!”


The Best Flutes With A Modern Aesthetic

For a spin on the classic flute, these champagne glasses feature bowls that are squared off at the bases, resulting in a modern aesthetic. The clean lines will look great on any dining table or bar, and the narrow design of each bowl will help preserve carbonation, but won’t show off aromatics as much as a tulip. These unique champagne flutes are made from lead-free crystal, which means they’re both delicate and durable, and they’re dishwasher-safe for convenience.

According to a champagne drinker: “Very elegant, weightless and beautiful. They all made it safely to my house. I will definitely order another set, great great value for the money! I used these to serve champagne on thanksgiving and received a lot of compliments”

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