The 9 Best Comforters For Hot Sleepers

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The key to a good night's sleep is to stay warm without overheating. This can be tricky, however, if you're someone who tends to overheat at night. The best comforters for hot sleepers combine breathable, moisture-wicking material and a lightweight design to prevent you from waking up in a puddle of sweat. Here’s what to look for when shopping around:

  • Breathable material: The material itself should be breathable with a looser weave to provide some ventilation. Natural fibers like cotton and bamboo are great for this, though polyester can also make for a breathable comforter depending on the construction.
  • Lightweight design: If you tend to get hot when you sleep you obviously don't want a thick, bulky blanket. Thinner designs with less filling will feel better — especially if you're set on going with a down comforter (in which case, look for one with a fill power of around 500 to 600).
  • Moisture-wicking properties: Sweat-management is another factor for hot sleepers. Moisture-wicking fibers such as mica, eucalyptus, lyocell, and polyester can help lift sweat away from your body and move it to the outer layer of the fabric so it can dry more quickly.

Apart from temperature regulation, other factors to consider when buying a comforter include how soft the material is or how easy it is to wash. Also think about the filling — it should be fluffy and aerated with high-quality stitching to keep it from bunching up.

With all of these considerations in mind, scroll through the best comforters for hot sleepers below to find the best fit for your style and budget. (Pro tip: many of them pair well with a cooling duvet cover).


An Extra Thin, Lightweight Cotton Comforter That's Perfect For Hot Nights

What's great about it: This extra thin comforter is made for warmer months, with a super-soft yet lightweight design so you won't overheat. The non-fading, 100% cotton material feels smooth against your skin and the polyester filling resists clumping while providing just the right amount of warmth. This comforter features an attractive wide-stitch design for added durability, and it comes with two matching pillowcases. Best of all, the whole thing can be tossed in the washing machine.

One reviewer wrote: “I'm a very hot sleeper, and have struggled to find a good blanket of any type. I need at least a little weight over me at night, so a sheet is too thin, but thin quilts or comforters have been too warm... until now! This quilt has been great so far, and I haven't had any issues of waking up hot in the middle of the night. It's just the right balance between being extra thin and having enough to weight to it.”

  • Available sizes: twin, queen, king
  • Available colors and styles: 7, including gray, light blue, and navy blue


This Fluffy Eucalyptus Comforter That's Breathable & Moisture-Wicking

What's great about it: Rather than traditional cotton or polyester, this unique cooling comforter is constructed with soft Lyocell (which is made, in part, from wood pulp) and breathable eucalyptus fibers. This combination makes the comforter great at absorbing the moisture on your skin (read: sweat) and transporting it to the outer layer of the fabric to keep you dry and cool. It features a silky, sateen weave and quality stitching to keep the filling in place The only drawback is that it needs to be dry cleaned.

One reviewer wrote: “If you are a hot sleeper... you MUST buy this blanket. It is absolutely been a life saver. After suffering from horrible night sweats for years, and trying multiple bedding options ... this has been the ONLY blanket that can keep me cool.”

  • Available sizes: twin/twin XL, full/queen


A $40 Down-Alternative Pick With Cooling Fibers

What's great about it: If you're looking for a good budget option, this moisture-wicking comforter is a fantastic choice to keep you cool at night. It costs less than $50, yet it's still soft and comfy with excellent temperature-regulating properties. The fabric is a double-brushed microfiber with Nanotex Coolest Comfort technology that lifts moisture from your skin while you sleep, keeping you dry. Plus, it has U-shaped stitching and box-stitching to keep it fluffy. It's machine washable, and you can tumble dry it on low heat, too.

One reviewer wrote: “I am an extremely hot sleeper. I’ve tried “cooling” blankets and comforters that ended up making me sweat even more than normal. This comforter lived up to its description and regulated my body temp so well! My bedding was even in the same spot in the morning because I wasn’t tossing and turning (and kicking the covers off because of overheating). Highly recommend!!”

  • Available sizes: twin, queen, king


This Innovative Comforter With Temperature-Regulating Mesh Panels

What's great about it: With an innovative design that helps regulate your body temperature — whether you're running hot or cold — this comforter ranks among the best bedding for hot sleepers. It's made with 100% hypoallergenic polyester that's light and fluffy, with special mesh panels that wick moisture and keep you cool. What's more, it can be put in the washing machine, even on the hot water cycle.

One reviewer wrote: “This comforter is awesome! Been struggling to find a comforter that didn’t roast me. I like some weight on me when I sleep but my elderly father lives with me and I have to keep the house much warmer than I am used to consequently I’ve been miserable at night. This comforter has a nice weight and thickness to it (fills my duvet cover well) but it breathes so well. Highly recommend for hot sleepers.”

  • Available sizes: full, queen, king, oversize king


A Lightweight Goose Down Comforter With A Ventilated Outer Layer

What's great about it: For folks who love the feeling of real goose down, this lightweight option is one of the best down comforters for hot sleepers. Although pure down comforters tend to get hot, this one is much thinner, meaning it won't make you overheat. The comforter boasts 600 fill power (which is perfect for hot sleepers), with 60% white goose down and 40% real feathers, making it soft and fluffy. The double-needle stitching is durable and the cotton cover feels amazing next to your skin. Like most down comforters, it's recommended that you dry-clean this one.

One reviewer wrote: “I now get the most comfortable sleep ever! It is very high quality and super snuggly. I have had similar comforters in the past and they usually get too hot. this one seems to maintain a very cozy warm feeling throughout the night without feeling HOT. It is also very light weight.”

  • Available sizes: twin, full/queen, king


This Unique Weighted Blanket That’s Both Cozy And Cooling

What’s great about it: If you like the extra-cozy feeling of a weighted blanket, reviewers have raved about this high-quality weighted comforter. Specifically designed with hot sleepers in mind, it’s made with 100% cotton and a super breathable weave. It has a quilted pattern with stitching that holds the glass micro-beads in place so they don’t bunch up, offering a peaceful night’s sleep that’s both cool and snug. It can be machine-washed, too. In addition to a comforter, it’s also available in lighter blanket and throw designs.

One reviewer wrote: “After researching various weighted blankets, decided on the Baloo. It's awesome. Covers the entire bed easily. As someone who sleeps hot, I am amazed at its performance, especially given that we still use our original comforter *on top of* the Baloo blanket.”

  • Available sizes: 15-pound full/queen comforter, 20-pound full/queen comforter, 25-pound king comforter


This High-Tech Cooling Blanket That Absorbs Body Heat While You Sleep

What's great about it: Although this lightweight cooling blanket isn't quite the same as having a fluffy comforter, reviewers have attested it's a real game-changer if you're someone who really struggles with night sweats. It showcases heat-absorbing fibers that work to cool your body down while also wicking moisture. The material is double-sided, with breathable mica nylon-polyethylene on one side (for hotter nights) and 100% cotton on the other side (for more temperate nights). As a bonus, you can even pop it in the washing machine when needed.

One reviewer wrote: "This is an amazing [cooling] blanket! I’m a super hot sleeper and even with lightweight blankets I wake up sweating every single night (even with a fan on in winter) but this blanket is cold to the touch all night long. It’s perfect.”

  • Available sizes: 51 x 67 inches, 59 x 79 inches, 79 x 86 inches


This Luxurious Weighted Blanket With A Loose, Breathable Weave

What’s great about it: Though not a comforter, the Nuzzie is the perfect addition to your bedroom if you want the feel of a weighted blanket without all the heat (or the fussy glass beads). The machine-washable blanket is incredibly cozy and made of 100% recycled polyester (which, according to the brand, saves 20,000 gallons of water compared to the production of a typical cotton weighted blanket). In addition to making this blanket breathable, the open-weave design offers an elegant look, and reviewers have raved about the gorgeous color choices, including a vibrant pink, a soft baby blue, and classic light gray. If that’s not enough, it’s machine-washable too.

One reviewer wrote: “This blanket is absolutely gorgeous! I got the green and it's a bit lighter than in the pictures (less of a forest green and more of a bright emerald) but I love it. It's cooler than the glass-bead-filled blanket I had before this, and it feels very plush. Great for snuggling in and cool enough for sleeping even if your bedroom is on the warm side.”

  • Available sizes: full (15 pounds), queen (20 pounds), king (25 pounds), kids (8 pounds)


An Organic Bamboo Duvet That’s Extra Soft and Comfy

What’s great about it: Made with ultra-breathable bamboo fabric, this super comfortable all-season duvet is another fantastic option for hot sleepers. Constructed with 100% organic bamboo viscose and OEKO-TEX 100 certified (meaning it’s free of harmful chemicals), it’s not only cool to sleep in but soft and hypoallergenic too. It features a moisture-wicking design so if you tend to sweat a lot you won’t wake up drenched. The only downsides are that it’s dry-clean only and it tends to sell out.

One reviewer wrote: “I'm a hot sleeper and have spent many nights constantly sweating. Since changing out my sheets to Cariloha with this Duvet Comforter, I've had one of the coolest nights sleeps I can remember. I absolutely look forward to getting under the sheets more now then ever.”

  • Available sizes: queen, king

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