The 7 Best Comforters To Keep You Cool All Night

Whether it's sweltering hot or you're just a sweaty sleeper, cozying up with a comforter may seem counterintuitive. But believe it or not, there are comforters that keep you cool at night. Although some comforters may be super comfortable or ideal for easing allergy symptoms, most blankets are designed to keep you warm. Luckily though, cooling comforters aren't only temperature-regulating, they can be incredibly comfy and hypoallergenic, too. So if you're a hot sleeper, it's time to get better acquainted with comforters that are just right for you.

Similar to how certain bed sheets can keep you cool at night, the material used to make your comforter affects how hot you'll sleep. Breathable bamboo comforters and organic cotton are ideal, but sweaty sleepers needn't stick to these materials. Even a goose down comforter, assuming it's light or medium weight, can provide comfort without too much insulation. If you have a tendency to perspire at night, there are even comforters made with moisture-wicking technology that responds to your body temperature to cool you off.

One of the ways you can sleep more deeply is by investing in a comforter that suits your body temperature. These seven comforters will keep you cooler for longer at night.

1. A Goose Down Comforter With Patented ClimaBalance Technology

According to the company this comforter not only keeps hot sleepers as cool as cumbers, it's also been proven to improve deep sleep phases by 50 percent. This 100 percent hypoallergenic goose down comforter features patented ClimaBalance technology which transports humidity away from your body three times faster than other comforters.

2. A Moisture-Wicking Comforter That Responds Quickly When You Get Too Hot

The second your body temperature increases as you sleep, this breathable 300-count cotton sateen comforter responds by wicking away moisture to keep you cool. When you get cooler, the same technology works by wicking away moisture at a slower pace so that you stay warm. This comforter has a box quilt design with alternative fiberfill that won't shift around as you move. It comes in twin, full/queen, and king sizes.

3. A Lightweight, All-Season Down Comforter With Just Enough Filling To Be Cozy

If you live in a hot or warm climate but can't quit your down comforter habit, this all-season down alternative comforter is the ideal compromise. It's moisture-resistant, 100 percent hypoallergenic, and has a lightweight, 77-ounce filling that's just enough to keep you warm, but never overheated. The microfiber cover is breathable, the box stitch keeps the filling in place, and one reviewer describes this comforter as the "Perfect blend of not to heavy but not too thin."

4. A Brushed Bamboo & Microfiber Comforter That's Cool To The Touch

This goose down-alternative comforter is made with brushed bamboo and microfiber, both of which work together to keep you warm, but cool and dry. This hypoallergenic and wrinkle-resistant blanket is machine washable and the box-stitching that the filling stays in place. It comes in six shades, including white (shown), ivory, sage, navy, chocolate, and gray, and three sizes.

5. A Luxurious Silk Comforter That Regulates Your Body Temperature

If you crave luxury, but never at the expense of feeling cool and comfortable at night, try this all-season silk comforter, which is both made with 100 percent mulberry silk and filled with long strand mulberry silk floss. This comforter wicks away moisture and sweat and helps regulate your body temperate at night so that you'll always feel comfy.

One reviewer confirms that this comforter is well worth the price tag, especially if you are a hot sleeper: "I love this silk comforter. It is lightweight, as I wanted, and very luxurious. I get too hot with normal comforters. It does tend to slide of the bed easily, but I can live with that.It is very expensive, but I looked for a long time before finding one I could sleep comfortably with."

6. A Comforter Made With Body Temperature Regulating Tech Developed For NASA

This 100-percent cotton sateen comforter is constructed with 50 percent polyester fiberfill and 50 percent Outlast technology. The latter material was originally developed for NASA, and it absorbs, stores, and releases heat to regulate your body temperature while you sleep. It also has a tight-knit weave that repels common allergens like dust mites. You can get it in four sizes and four colors.

One reviewer says this is a great comforter for someone who has trouble balancing their body temperature: "I'm one of those blanket on/blanket off, stick out a foot, try anything to stay comfortable people. After years of frustration, this blanket is a real blessing." Another writes, "No more night sweats. It is heavier and I thought it might make me hotter. Totally the opposite. If I am out of bed and get a hot flash, I actually get back into bed and it goes away."

7. A Down Comforter Duvet Filled With Alpaca Wool

Searching for an alternative to bamboo or cotton? This duvet comforter has a cotton outer but the inside is made with 100 percent alpaca wool, which is a natural fiber that is known to help regulate body temperature. Alpaca, from Peru, is a lighter and more durable wool — and it's lanolin free and clinically tested to be hypoallergenic. This is a great option if you suffer from allergies or congestion.

One satisfied reviewer notes: "The alpaca wool is very breathable so while I feel warm, I haven’t felt sweaty as I occasionally have with down. I noticed I haven’t tossed the blanket off during the night, move around less when sleeping, and wake up with less allergies."

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