6 Powerful Fans That Work So Well, You Won't Believe They Cost Less Than $50

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On days when the warm weather makes it impossible to sit for more than 30 seconds without sticking to your seat, the right fan will make you way less miserable. And a little-known secret — you don't have to break the bank to get a great fan. That's precisely why I’ve put together this list of the best cheap fans under $50.

But first: When selecting a cheap fan, there are a lot of factors and variables to consider, that in essence boil down to three things — noise level, cooling power, and design. While expensive fans will boast both whisper-quiet sound quality and impressive cooling power, there are plenty of affordable options that excel in both, and won't hurt your wallet. And as far as designs go, you'll want to consider your space before choosing a narrow tower fan over a wider floor fan, for instance.

Also, while some people love white noise fans, others prefer a fan that is truly silent. So consider how loud you want your fan to be when it operates. Whichever type of consumer you are, be sure to check to see if your fan complies with your noise preferences.

Shop The Best Cheap Fans Under $50

In a hurry? Shop for six powerful fans you won’t believe cost less than $50.

  1. Best overall: Honeywell Double Blade Pedestal Fan
  2. Best for large spaces: Comfort Zone High-Velocity Floor Fan
  3. Best for saving space: Pelonis Oscillating Tower Fan
  4. Most energy efficient: Genesis Box Fan
  5. Best for personal use: Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Fan
  6. Most portable: Arctic Breeze Mobile Mini USB Fan

Here are the best cheap fans under $50, listed from highest to lowest price, below to help you stay cool.


Best Overall: A Pedestal Fan That Oscillates & Has Its Own Remote Control

— Also available on Kohls, $70

Cool an entire medium to large room with this highly-rated oscillating double-bladed pedestal fan from Honeywell. It can be easily adjusted to any height from 40 to 48 inches off the ground and has three speed/power settings — along with three customizable breeze settings — that can be conveniently controlled with a remote.

With all of its cooling power, you’d be surprised to know that customers still describe this fan as being “extremely quiet.” Reliability and durability are two more things customers often rave about with this fan. One customer even praises its amazing airflow after two continuous years of use.

Oscillating? Yes | Speeds: Three | Available colors: Two

According to one reviewer: “This fan is awesome. It moves more air than any other 16” pedestal fan I’ve ever owned. It’s probably because of the second row of fan blades. They are smaller than the rear blades, that are normal-sized, but the way it all works together it really moves the air. I have it facing me and keep it on low and there is more than enough air movement to keep me comfortable. On high, the fan is a cooling monster.”


Best For Large Spaces: A High-Velocity Floor Fan That Tilts

— Also available on Bed Bath & Beyond, $39

Constructed with heavy-duty metal, this durable high-velocity floor fan has a strong motor with three custom speed settings. Although the fan is designed for workshops and garages, it's nevertheless a great choice for your home or office too, given its strong cooling capacity, convenient carry handle, and neutral color and fit. It has an easy-swivel head that tilts to adjust with a 180-degree vertical angle.

Producing too loud of noise is usually a common complaint with fans of this shape and size, however, according to most reviewers, noise isn’t really an issue with this fan. It’s equipped with rubber feet that help keep it stable and vibration-free. For the money, this fan can really handle large spaces.

Oscillating? No | Speeds: Three | Available colors: One

According to one reviewer: “This is a smaller version of a fan I have. It’s all metal and definitely puts out more air than plastic. My plastic ones are pretty much worthless. I got the 12” and it is a wind tunnel. Works great!! Good quality! Sturdy and quiet.”


Best For Saving Space: A Slim Tower Fan That Has Three Quiet Speeds

Whether you’re looking for a tower fan for your small studio apartment or for your overcrowded space, this tower fan from Pelonis will save you some space while cooling you down. It features three speed settings and has an automatic shut-off timer. This fan oscillates at 60 degrees and can be enough to cool down an entire room. It’s also easy to move from room to room with a convenient carry handle on the back. Amazon customers describe the noise level of this oscillating tower fan as “very low,” although it still provides a subtle enough white noise if that’s something you desire.

Oscillating? Yes | Speeds: Three | Colors Available: Two

According to one reviewer: “The Pelonis Fan is really great. There is no noise and it is easy to assemble. It really does cool any size rooms that you have. Have one for the bedroom and one for the living room. They do not take up any space. These are definitely great if you have a small apartment. I love mine”


Most Energy Efficient: A Box Fan With Over 3,000 Five-Star Ratings

— Also available on Office Depot and Office Max, $30

A classic box fan, such as this one from Genesis, can definitely help save you money on your electric bill. This fan is equipped with three energy-efficient settings and at 53 watts, is one of the most efficient 20-inch box fans on the market. For its value? It’s considered one of the best with over 3,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.

Reviewers note that, unlike some box fans, this one remains sturdy and won’t shake when placed on the hardwood floors thanks to the rubber grips on its base. Keep in mind that there is a lot of white noise provided by this fan, which is actually a strong selling point for many customers.

Oscillating? No | Speeds: Three | Available colors: Two

According to one reviewer: “I love this fan! It's pretty lightweight and can balance in our window. The three settings are great and it's not too noisy. It gives off a more calming noise than anything else.”


Best For Personal Use: A Small Fan With 15,000 Reviews & A $13 Price Tag

— Also available on Walmart, $17

This popular personal fan has over 19,000 reviews on Amazon with many folks expressing amazement at how much cooling power it delivers for being such a small appliance. Available in 11-inch and 15-inch sizes, both versions feature strong, aerodynamic TurboForce designs that blow air forcefully without using a bunch of energy. You can even set it on a table or mount it to the wall so that you can achieve the perfect cooling effect for your space. Some reviewers even claim this fan can blow air out up to 25 feet!

Oscillating? No | Speeds: Three | Available colors: Two

According to one reviewer: My small office is stuffy and warm at times. Ugh! But when I put this on, it feels like a breezy meadow and I can work comfortably while this creates a nice channel of air movement around me. It’s small but mighty. It’s quiet enough to run even during phone/video conference calls with no problems. I highly recommend.”


The Most Portable: A USB Fan That Is Powered By Your Technology

This portable USB fan connects to the end of your phone or sticks to the side of your laptop to deliver a cool breeze on a hot day. The handy gadget is built with a sturdy motor that spins up to 1,700 rotations per minute to help cool you down, whether you're working in a muggy coffee shop or waiting at the bus stop on a sticky day. It's also super quiet and showcases a flexible gooseneck so you can twist it around and direct it exactly where you want it.

Oscillating? No | Speeds: One | Available colors: One

According to one reviewer: “I travel between offices, and sometimes it gets hot. I didn't want to have to worry about a desktop fan. This little fan is perfect! Fits in my laptop bag. Plugs right into my laptop and puts out enough breeze to cool me down. It does have a little bit of noise but nothing too loud.”

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