6 Durable Dog Toys Your Pup Won't Be Able To Chew Through (Even Though They'll Try)

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If your pup is a chewer then you already know: One minute they're on their best behavior and the next minute they’ve shredded a poor stuffed animal into pieces. Luckily, you can invest in one of the best dog toys for heavy chewers so that your dog can continue to gnaw, without you having to replace their toys every third day.

While chewing through toys can be taxing on your budget, it actually helps dogs to relieve anxiety, improves their dental hygiene, and helps them hone their natural instincts. So, when looking for a toy that can stand up to repeated wear and (literal) tear, consider the quality and materials.

Keep an eye out for toys with features like thick rubber, high-quality stitching, high-end fabrics, and other markers of a solid product. While these types of toys may seem like an investment in the beginning, over time you’ll save tons of money by purchasing something that will last rather than going through one cheap product after another.

Be wary of manufacturers who claim their product can't be chewed through. Instead, take a look through the reviews to see what other dog owners think. They'll be able to say whether, in practice, a toy actually holds up.

To help you find a good choice, I’ve combed through all kinds of reviews to curate a list of the best indestructible dog toys for heavy chewers. Start scrolling.


The Best Squeaky Toy

In place of fluffy cotton or other easily destructible insides, the super tough squeaky toy is made with a blend of rubber and thick polyurethane foam that allows your pup to chew to its heart's content without fear of destroying the thing. The eyes and nose are painted on so there are no loose parts tempting them to gnaw off and the squeaky noisemaker adds extra fun to the mix. In addition to the orange owl, this "plush" toy comes in 10 other animal shapes including a pig, porcupine, cow, monkey, dragon, moose, and others, so you can pick the perfect one for your dog.


The Best Ball Toy

Built to be extra strong and durable, this bouncy dog ball has a tough and firm outside that won't be too hard on your pup's teeth or gums. It also has a hollow inside and is infused with a tingly mint oil that tastes good and leaves their breath smelling fresh. Best of all, it floats on water so it makes a great toy if your dog like to play fetch at the river or lake. One fan says, "Our German Shepherd mix has never destroyed one of these, but he has ruined MANY other toys within less than 30 minutes that are supposed to withstand tough chewers!"


The Best Bone

This selection of Gnawtlers bone marrow dog treats is protein-rich and naturally durable, offering a safe object for your dog to chew on. The antler pieces offer key minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, manganese, and zinc while delivering tartar control and bolstering dental hygiene. The pre-sanded, vacuum-sealed treats are ethically-sourced from pieces of elk antlers that were shed naturally on the forest floor. They are odor-free and won't leave residue on the floor after your pup chews on them. One happy dog owner says, "I have a Pitbull that can chew and destroy anything you give him. I was skeptical about spending money on something else for him but am so glad I did. He LOVES this thing... (and) wore it down some but no pieces are coming off and it does not make a mess at all."


The Best Tug-O-War Toy

Virtually indestructible, this super tough tug-o-war toy is built with strong rubber that's thick enough to withstand the hardest chewing while remaining flexible enough to still play with. The interactive toy is versatile and double-sided, allowing two dogs to play tug-o-war at once, or you to play with them one-on-one. And because this toy was designed to literally be torn and pulled aggressively on both ends, it'll be more durable even if you just have a single pup who wants something to gnaw on.

One fan of the toy writes: "This toy is a lifesaver. I have a voracious chewer (pit mix) who shreds everything [...] My dog carries it over to people constantly for tug of war matches and when everyone is busy he'll gnaw on it solo. Seriously, hardly a scratch! [...] If you have a mega-chewer who likes tug games... get it."


The Best Rope Toy Set

Rope toys are hard for aggressive chewers as they often get shredded right away; however, this set of toys is specifically designed for pups who chew. It comes in an 11-pack with assorted ropes of various shapes and sizes, each of which is constructed with heavy-duty, strong woven fibers. On top of providing endless entertainment, these toys are constructed to promote gum health in dogs, and to help naturally floss their teeth clean. And, as a bonus, part of the proceeds go to support a non-profit dog rescue in California, so you can feel great about making this purchase. One Amazon reviewer says, "For years we have gone through COUNTLESS chew toys and ropes. ... These toys have ALL been played with and chewed on and have held up like no other."


The Best Frisbee Toy

Constructed from durable fabric, this frisbee toy is designed to be long-lasting. Unlike plastic frisbees which pups often chew to pieces (which poses a threat to their health as well as the toy), this disc is sturdy enough to resist a game of fetch, even if your dog has strong chompers. It floats to the surface when you throw it into a lake or pond, and its soft on your dog's gums without losing its shape. "They are easy to throw as a Frisbee, softer on the dogs mouth than plastic disks and last longer," said one pleased Amazon reviewer. "I have a black lab and a mixed great dane and they also tug a war with them."

The fetch-friendly toy is brightly colored and easy for you and your dog to see, and you can also snag it in a glow-in-the-dark version. It's available in two sizes and in packs of two, three, or five frisbees.