The 16 Best Dog Toys For Heavy Chewers, According To Reviewers

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Best Dog Toys For Heavy Chewers

If your pup is a chewer then you already know: One minute they’re on their best behavior and the next minute they’ve shredded a poor stuffed animal into pieces. Luckily, you can invest in one of the best dog toys for heavy chewers so that your dog can continue to gnaw, without you having to replace their toys every third day.

While chewing through toys can be taxing on your budget, it actually helps dogs to relieve anxiety, improves their dental hygiene, and helps them hone their natural instincts. So, when looking for a toy that can stand up to repeated wear and (literal) tear, consider the quality and materials.

Keep an eye out for toys with features like thick rubber, high-quality stitching, high-end fabrics, and other markers of a solid product. While these may seem like an investment in the beginning, over time you’ll save tons of money by purchasing toys that will keep your dog busy for a long time, rather than cheap products they’ll burn through one after another.

Be wary of manufacturers who claim their product can’t be chewed through. Instead, take a look through the reviews to see what other dog owners think. They’ll be able to say whether, in practice, a toy actually holds up.

To help you find a good choice, I’ve combed through all kinds of reviews (including some from Bustle editors) to curate a list of the best indestructible dog toys. Start scrolling.


The Most Popular Tough Dog Toy

With more than 32,000 reviews and an overall rating of 4.6 stars, it’s really hard to ignore the KONG Extreme dog toy — especially because it’s a direct recommendation from Bustle editor Wesley Salazar: “I always make sure to keep a variety of KONGs on hand for future foster dogs. [...] The KONG Extreme is made with a harder rubber than the Classic, making it a better fit for super chewers. I love that all KONGs are easy to stuff with food and you can run them through the dishwasher.” This one comes in multiple sizes, all of which bounce and provide a chewy challenge with their natural rubber construction.

Promising Amazon review: “The only toy in the world (thus far) that my dog HAS NOT destroyed! It’s impossible! So if you have a chewer like mine, you should buy this!”


The Cutest Squeaky Toy

  • Also available on Chewy, $7

In place of fluffy cotton or other easily destructible insides, the super-tough squeaky toy is made with a blend of rubber and thick polyurethane foam that allows your pup to chew to its heart’s content without fear of destroying the thing. The eyes and nose are painted on so there are no loose parts tempting them to gnaw off and the squeaky noisemaker adds extra fun to the mix. In addition to the orange owl, this “plush” toy comes in 10 other animal shapes including a pig, porcupine, cow, monkey, dragon, moose, and others, so you can pick the perfect one for your dog.

Promising Amazon review: “My dog is a very serious chewer and hasn’t harmed this at all. It’s well-made and cute and she really likes it. I’ll be getting more toys in this line.”


The Best Ball Toy

  • Also available on Chewy, $11

Built to be extra strong and durable, this bouncy dog ball has a tough and firm outside that won't be too hard on your pup's teeth or gums. It also has a hollow inside and is infused with a tingly mint oil that tastes good and leaves their breath smelling fresh. Best of all, it floats on water so it makes a great toy if your dog like to play fetch at the river or lake. One satified customer wrote, “ "Our German Shepherd mix has never destroyed one of these, but he has ruined MANY other toys within less than 30 minutes that are supposed to withstand tough chewers!" Choose from two different colors that range in small, medium, and large sizes.

Promising Amazon review: “OMG, this toy is the best! My Labrador has been playing and chewing on this ball for two months without a shred of damage to the ball, his mouth or my house. The secret is the hollow core and flexible material so your dog can't easily hold it in place and gnaw it down. My dog even entertains himself with it because it bounces nicely. I am definitely buying another one. I am very, very pleased with this dog toy.”


The Best Flavored Chew Toy

  • Also available on Chewy, $11

Some toys, like this flavored Benebone Wishbone, are designed to break down over time — but a more durable construction ensures that aggressive chewers can take their time with them. “My dog, Elliot, can destroy this thing in half an hour if he's really determined, but we keep repurchasing it because he loves it so much,” wrote Kori Perten, BDG Associate Commerce Editor. “The wishbone-shaped design is easy for him to hold between his paws, and it provides three chewing ends to increase the toy's longevity. Hard plastic toys aren’t ideal for all dogs, but for a heavy chewer like Elliot, this is a crucial way to get his chewing instincts out.” It also comes in multiple sizes and three real flavors: bacon, chicken, and peanut.

Promising Amazon review: “I have two black labs who LOVE to chew (what labs don’t?) These are- by far - the best chew toys around!! Despite the fact that they get chewed every day - they last for months!!! Highly recommend!”


The Best Toy For Dogs Who Like To Chew Sticks

“My dog loves chewing sticks and hard plastic toys alike, so this is an obvious choice for him,” writes Perten. The Petstages dog chew stick is made from a blend of genuine wood and dog-safe synthetic materials, so it won’t splinter as your pet chews. There are plenty of flavor options to choose from that range from chicken, mesquite, liver and more. Plus, you can opt for a variety pack at a slightly higher price for more value.

Promising Amazon review: “Enduring wood bone for the discerning puppy who prefers wood, sticks, logs, wood chips. Very nice. No splinters to worry about.”


A Long-Lasting Antler Bone

This selection of Gnawtlers bone marrow dog treats is protein-rich and naturally durable, offering a safe object for your dog to chew on. The antler pieces offer key minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, manganese, and zinc while delivering tartar control and bolstering dental hygiene. The pre-sanded, vacuum-sealed treats are ethically-sourced from pieces of elk antlers that were shed naturally on the forest floor. They are odor-free and won’t leave residue on the floor after your pup chews on them. There are four different sizes to choose from, including one option for extra large breeds.

Promising Amazon review: “My dog loves this antler and it has become his favorite chew toy. It is very durable and has not fallen apart.”


The Best Tug Toy For Dogs

Virtually indestructible, this super tough tug toy is built with strong rubber that’s thick enough to withstand the hardest chewing while remaining flexible enough to still play with. The interactive toy is versatile and double-sided, allowing two dogs to play tug at once, or you to play with them one-on-one. And because this toy was designed to literally be torn and pulled aggressively on both ends, it’ll be more durable even if you just have a single pup who wants something to gnaw on. Choose from three levels of toughness (tough, tougher, and toughest) and select the size that fits your dog best.

Promising Amazon review: “Fabulous product!! Our German shepherd is having a blast with this toy!! From chewing to tugging, this thing is truly indestructible!!”


Or This Option For Larger Breeds

This Feeko tug toy is also made from natural, tough rubber. That said, because it has an elongated stem between the handles, weighs 2 pounds, and measures 15 inches in total, it’s much better suited for larger breeds. In addition to its durability, it also has a textured exterior to clean your pet’s teeth and a beef scent to keep them engaged. Choose from seven different colors and styles, including two nylon bone alternatives.

Promising Amazon review: “We have a large breed dog that destroys pretty much everything we give her. This is the first toy that she hasn’t been able to shred, and she loves it. She can pull as hard as she wants, but it’s not going to give. Also doesn’t have any puncture wounds from her teeth trying to chip off parts.”


The Best Rope Toy Set

  • Also available on Chewy, $20

Rope toys are hard for aggressive chewers as they often get shredded right away; however, this set of toys is specifically designed for pups who chew. It comes in an 11-pack with assorted ropes of various shapes and sizes, each of which is constructed with heavy-duty, strong woven fibers. On top of providing endless entertainment, these toys are constructed to promote gum health in dogs, and to help naturally floss their teeth clean. And, as a bonus, part of the proceeds go to support a non-profit dog rescue in California, so you can feel great about making this purchase. There’s also an option to purchase a four-pack of extra-large toys for a price that’s slightly cheaper.

Promising Amazon review: “My dogs love their new rope chew toys. They are durable and have held up so far to their constant hard chewing. Quick to ship too!”


The Best Treat-Dispensing Toy For Picky Dogs

Some pets would much rather chew your shoes, pillows, or furniture, so it can be difficult to coax them away from those habits. In that case, a treat-dispensing toy gives them the motivation they need to stay away from your belongings, and this one happens to be made from BPA-free, natural rubber that stands up to aggressive chewers. It also has a hollow interior with flaps for dry treats and a textured exterior that works well alongside wet treats like peanut butter, both of which help to keep toy-picky pets engaged. “This was the first product [my rotti] could not destroy,” one reviewer wrote, while another said, “picky dog loves it.” It also comes in six different fun colors ranging from blue, pink, mint green, and more.

Promising Amazon review: “Only toy my dog hasn’t destroyed and keeps her busy while making treats last longer.”


The Best Floating Toy

  • Also available on Chewy, $5

If your dog loves to play fetch in the pool, lake, or ocean, the JW Pet Company Megalast ball offers the best of both worlds: It’s made from ultra-durable thermoplastic rubber, but it’s still buoyant enough to float in water. It’s also infused with an enticing vanilla scent, comes in three sizes, and is 100% recyclable when your pet is done with it. Finally, its textured, hollow interior makes it easy to add treats into the mix, wet or dry. Choose from sizes small, medium, and large.

Promising Amazon review: “This toy holds up against the most aggressive of chewers! It really smells like Vanilla and the more my dog chews on it, the more it smells like vanilla! Amazing toy and would 100% recommend it to anyone with a strong dog who rips through toys!”


The Best Frisbee For Dogs

  • Also available on Chewy, $7

Constructed from durable fabric, this frisbee toy is designed to be long-lasting. Unlike plastic frisbees which pups often chew to pieces (which poses a threat to their health as well as the toy), this disc is sturdy enough to resist a game of fetch, even if your dog has strong chompers. It floats to the surface when you throw it into a lake or pond, and its soft on your dog’s gums without losing its shape. The fetch-friendly toy is brightly colored and easy for you and your dog to see, and you can also snag it in two sizes.

Promising Amazon review: “Our 9 month old puppy chews a lot on this and it shows no signs of wear. It is soft yet durable. Great play toy for indoor or outdoor use. I recommend as a great value.”


A Toy With A Lifetime Guarantee

This Monster K9 dog ball is made from a safe, nontoxic, bouncy rubber compound that, according to the brand, only 1% of dogs can chew through. As a result, the brand has no problem offering a lifetime guarantee with either a full refund or a one-time replacement. While most reviewers wrote things like, “Finally an indestructible toy that lives up to its name,” buyers whose dogs did destroy the toy wrote that the company honored the guarantee: “She just loved it to pieces, literally. I am sorry this was not the right toy for my dog, but they were very nice about refunding my money.” Bonus features include an interior you can stuff with treats and a bumpy exterior surface that bounces erratically to stimulate your dog’s chasing skills.

Promising Amazon review: “Bounces high, is chewable and is indestructible! She loves it! Thank you for a ball that we both love. I can even hold on to its nubs and throw it when it is SLIMY!”


A Well-Rounded Toy With Squeak & Flavor

Because it features virtually indestructible natural rubber, a squeaking mechanism, and real beef flavoring, this VANFINE chew toy has a little bit of everything. In addition to its 25,000-plus reviews, it’s also another direct recommendation from Perten: “I’ve found that rubber toys are really the only toys my dog likes to chew but can’t successfully rip apart. This VANFINE toy has stood the test of time, lasting months and months despite my pup’s incessant chewing,” Perten wrote. “While this is technically a squeaky toy, it takes a lot of jaw muscle to make it squeak, so it’s not too annoying. And we feel comfortable letting the pup chew it without supervision since it’s so big and difficult to destroy.” Choose from six different styles and sizes for all types of breeds.

Promising Amazon review: “We’ve had this toy for months and my power chewer German Shepherd has not been able to destroy it (he destroys every toy we get him). This is definitely a winner.”


The Best Safety Holder For Bully Sticks

Finally, if your dog chews bully sticks, this recommendation from Perten makes them a whole lot safer: “When my dog was a puppy, I’d often give him a bully stick to keep him busy when I was working, but I always used to worry he’d choke on the end,” Perten wrote. “This Bow Wow Labs bully stick holder gave me enormous peace of mind, since it securely grips the end so your dog can’t choke. It also prevents you from having to throw out a significant part of the bully stick to keep your dog safe, which is great because bully sticks are expensive.” The holder is also BPA-free and made from tough nylon, so it’s suitable for aggressive chewers. Plus, it comes in six different sizes.

Promising Amazon review: “This was a great buy, especially for aggressive chewing on bully sticks. It makes it much safer as they chew it down.”


A Durable Plush Dog Toy

  • Also available on Chewy, $16

Typically, plush toys aren’t a long-lasting investment for dogs who chew. That said, when your dog has no interest in rubber balls or hard bones, the goDog Dragon plush is the way to go. It’s definitely not indestructible, but it has a chew-guard lining, tough, reinforced seams, and minimal stuffing, so it lasts way longer than other plush toys. These dragons come in all different colors and designs, but the brand also makes other animals, like gators and elephants.

Promising Amazon review: “I have two dogs who are really rough on their toys. This dragon has lasted 2 months and isn’t showing much wear. It’s not super fluffy so I think that helps keep them from shredding it. I would recommend it!”

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