The 7 Best Cashmere Blankets

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If you are in the market for one of the best cashmere blankets, you're doing something right. Cashmere is widely considered to be one of the softest and most luxurious fabrics in the world. It's also lighter than most wool fabrics, and yet can be up to eight times warmer than sheep's wool. But, because cashmere fibers are woven from the soft undercoat of goats usually raised in the high plateaus of Asia, it also tends to be pretty pricey to source and manufacture. So, if you're going to invest in a cashmere blanket it's helpful to keep a few things in mind.

When looking for a cashmere blanket online, you won't be able to feel the texture or weight of the blanket for yourself. But, the very best cashmere blankets are made of high-quality fibers and have plenty of fans who write reviews letting you know the feel and weight of a blanket. That's a great place to start if you're unsure of what you want. (I've got you covered here.)

While you may think a 100% cashmere blanket is the way to go, first decide how you want the blanket to feel. A blanket woven with a cashmere and Merino wool blend will be a little heavier and still feel just as soft. Also consider if you want a throw blanket for your couch or a full-sized blanket for your bed. (Pro-tip: Here's a great guide to what size blanket is right for you.)

Without further ado, here are the best cashmere blankets you can buy.


The Best Cashmere Blanket: State Cashmere 100% Pure Cashmere Fringe Throw Blanket

  • Dimensions: 50 inches by 60 inches

Made from 100% Mongolian cashmere, this luxe blanket is soft, comfortable, and a great middle-of-the-road price when it comes to cashmere. The fabric is woven with long-staple fibers, which makes it a bit more durable and less prone to pilling. It comes in two colors, burgundy and white, and has won over a bunch of fans who have given it a glowing, 4.6-star rating on Amazon.

According to one reviewer: "I have owned this for about 4 months. It has been used as a lap robe at my desk and to date is very satisfactory. The fabric is lovely to feel and very warm for the weight. It is a good sized for covering legs and lap but too short for use as a throw for a nap."


The Best Extra-Long Blanket: Handicraft Mart Himalayan Cashmere Throw

  • Dimensions: 54 inches by 108 inches

This cashmere blanket is the longest overall blanket on this list, making it great for anyone tall, or if you're looking for a bed-sized blanket as opposed to a throw. Designed in a herringbone pattern, this blanket comes in eight colors, from black (pictured above) to maroon to blue to pink. That means you'll be able to pick one that matches your decor flawlessly. It also has a beautiful and delicate fringe along the edge. It's handmade in Nepal, and reviewers say you can tell the care and effort that went into constructing this blanket.

According to one reviewer: "What a great blanket! This is a large, very soft cashmere throw with an interesting grey and natural/white herringbone weave that would look great in all kinds of interiors from mid century and industrial, to farmhouse or western. I wouldn't call it "thick" exactly, especially compared to some of my more rustic pendleton pieces, though I wouldn't call it thin either, and given the size of the piece you can fold it over several times to achieve the thickness you desire. It drapes beautifully."


The Splurge: Cashmere Boutique 100% Pure Cashmere Queen Blanket

  • Dimensions: 90 inches by 90 inches

Okay, I know. Spending $600 on a blanket seems like... a lot. But, this 100% cashmere blanket is worth the money. Made with a four-ply cashmere yarn that's thicker and gives it a little bit of weight, this blanket is even double sided. It's also designed with a silk trim that is soft and slippery to the touch. Like the pick above, it's also handmade in Nepal. Even better, it's a generous 90 inches by 90 inches — the perfect size for a Queen bed. But, if you're still wondering how a blanket could possibly be worth this price tag, rest assured that some reviewers love this blanket so much that they have even bought multiples. You can get it in one of three neutral colors.

According to one reviewer: "Bottom line, this is a beautifully made blanket requiring just a night or two to adjust from old to new. I have no reservation in recommending this blanket for current cashmere sleepers and if you have not experienced sleeping in cashmere, you have no clue what you are missing."


More Color Options: Cashmere Boutique 100% Pure Cashmere Throw Blanket

  • Dimensions: 52 inches by 72 inches

If you're looking for different color options, this 100% cashmere blanket comes in five different neutral and bright colors. It's also made with grade-A cashmere fibers, a grade only given to the thinnest and longest fibers. (For background, longer fibers make the weave more durable, and thinner fibers make the blanket feel softer.) The blanket measures 72 inches in length with a 4-inch fringe on either end. And, like others on this list, its four-ply cashmere fibers will give this blanket the perfect amount of weight so that you feel wrapped in warmth and luxury.

According to one reviewer: "Great quality, soft and buttery feel. Love it!"


The Best Cashmere Blend: CUDDLE DREAMS Premium Cashmere Throw Blanket

  • Dimensions: 50 inches by 72 inches

While this blanket isn't technically 100% cashmere, that's part of what makes it so great. Made from a blend of 75% cashmere and 25% Merino wool, it's a bit heavier-weight than others on this list and weighs 470 grams. The fringe is 4 inches long, and this blanket comes in 9 different colors, ranging from brighter tones to cooler neutrals. But what reviewers especially love is the customer service they've received from this brand. That's just one reason this blanket has earned an impressive, 4.4-star rating on Amazon.

According to one reviewer: "While I would have preferred a throw that was 100% cashmere I could not find one large enough. This is the perfect compromise. It is ample size to cuddle in and relatively soft. The small percent of merino wool gives it a feeling of slightly more body but still nice and soft. The best part of this purchase was the customer service."


The Best Travel Wrap: Love Cashmere Luxurious 100% Cashmere Travel Wrap Blanket

  • Dimensions: 35 inches by 65 inches

A cashmere travel wrap is a great option if you want to be able to transition from wearing it as a scarf to using it as a blanket. This one is handmade in Scotland using 100%, long-staple cashmere fibers. In fact, they only use grade-A cashmere fibers, so you can be sure you're getting the very best quality blanket when you order. This brand has also been in business making blankets for over 25 years, and Amazon reviewers are quick to say that you feel the care that goes into making these cashmere wraps.

According to one reviewer: "This wrap/blanket is divine. It’s so light & warm. Perfect for travel or sitting in a restaurant. I love it, it couldn’t be better."


The Best Baby Blanket: State Cashmere 100% Cashmere Unisex Baby Blanket

  • Dimensions: 30 inches by 40 inches

This smaller cashmere blanket is the perfect size for babies or pets. (Hey, your dependents deserve the best as well!) Made from 100% Mongolian cashmere, this baby blanket is soft and super durable. It's constructed from densely-woven fibers that give it a finer weave and make it feel even softer to the touch. This blanket also has a rippled edge for a unique look whether it's in a crib or styled on your couch.

According to one reviewer: "Beautiful! I gave this as a gift and the receiver is very happy! Said the blanket is very soft! Was beautifully presented!"