The 9 Best Night Lights For Adults

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There’s a lot to be said for a solid bedtime routine that helps you catch more Z’s so you wake up feeling rested and ready for whatever your day has in store. In that department, a night light is one easy way to improve your space. Ranging from plug-in options to flickering battery-operated candles, the best night lights for adults feature a wide range of designs and convenient features — the trick is to find just the right night light to match your style and meet your lighting needs.

With so many options out there, it can be tough to figure out exactly what you need in a night light, so think about your own personal preferences. Basic plug-in or battery-operated night lights can be great solutions for lighting dim spaces around your home, especially if you’re on a budget — and many wallet-friendly options even offer helpful features like dusk-to-dawn sensors (which means they can automatically shut off during the day) and motion-detection. Models with warm-colored light might make you feel extra relaxed while you’re curled up in bed with a book before you drift off to sleep, and some night lights can even run on a timer to wake you up in the morning. You might even try using flameless candles to add a touch of ambience to your room or a night light with a built-in white noise machine to drown out distracting sounds.

As you shop, also consider where you’ll be placing the night lights and what your preferred power source is. Some plug directly into the wall outlet, some run on replaceable batteries, and others have built-in batteries that can be recharged.

Whether you’re looking for a motion-activated light or an enchanting moon-shaped orb, here’s a list of the best night lights for adults.


A Fan-Favorite, Budget-Friendly Pack Of Plug-In Lights

Boasting over 40,000 ratings on Amazon, this pack of six plug-in night lights is perfect if you are looking for a good deal on a no-nonsense night light that’s small and gets the job done. Each one has a light-detecting sensor that prompts it to turn off in the daytime to conserve energy. The night lights emit a cool white light and have a sleek, nonintrusive design.

One reviewer wrote: “These little lights were just what I needed. I can see in my hallways and bathroom, without turning on any light at night. Love [them].”


These Battery-Powered, Motion-Sensor Night Lights

When you need extra light in a space without an outlet, battery-powered night lights are your best bet. With over 8,000 positive ratings on Amazon, these cordless night lights are tried-and-true performers that will light up your space. And you won’t have to constantly change their batteries like other battery-powered lights, because they conserve power through their motion and light sensors. They automatically turn on when someone walks within 10 feet of them, and turn off after 15 if they don’t detect movement. They also won’t turn on if they detect there’s enough light in the room, which is another battery-life saving advantage. With no hard wiring, these are also super simple to install. Just pop in three AAA batteries, and use the double-sided adhesive or built-in magnet to stick to any surface with ease. Snag the lights in warm- and cool-hued options.

One reviewer wrote: “I love these and don’t know why I waited so long to get them. Perfect for a dark stairwell/hallway. Sensors pick up movement but also don’t turn on if there is light (daytime). They stay on just the [right] amount of time to get to the light switch.”


A Set Of Editor-Recommended Flameless Candles

These flameless LED candles look like the real thing, complete with a convincing flicker effect and glass holders. The candles are made with actual wax, run on AA batteries (sold separately), and cast a warm light, which you can adjust from dim to bright using the included remote control. You can also toggle between various flicker settings and set a time for them to turn off after anywhere from two to eight hours. It’s also worth mentioning that this three-pack of flameless candles has earned a 4.7-star overall rating after over 2,000 customer reviewers, as well as the approval of Bustle Editor Amy Biggart.

Editor praise: Amy Biggart, editor at Bustle, says, “I sleep with these battery-operated flameless candles every night. They add fun ambiance to my room and really make my bedroom feel cozy, without any of the risk of actual candles. They’re designed so you can adjust the brightness to your liking, and can even flicker for a more realistic look. They also have a timer you can set via the included remote depending on how long you want them to run (I like to have them on to fall asleep to, so set them for two hours each night).”


This Plug-In Motion-Detecting Night Light

This plug-in motion sensor night light is a fantastic way to light up the path to the bathroom or your refrigerator. With a motion sensor specifically designed only to activate when your room is dark, this is the best high-quality plug-in night light on this roundup. Its sensor is sensitive enough to pick up on motion from up to 25 feet away. And it will stay on for about 90 seconds after you walk out of range of the sensor, helping you get back into your bed safely. The night light emits a subtle amount of light — 20 lumens, to be exact. If you’re looking for more illumination, check out this 40-lumen GE night light.

One reviewer wrote: “Lights up a dark hall at night when we go upstairs. Has wide range of motion detection and bright light. It stays off during daylight unless placed in a dark place. Great for bathroom, hall, in children’s or senior bedroom for nighttime safety.”


A Pair Of Amber-Hued Himalayan Salt Night Lights

These Himalayan salt lamps are a great way to illuminate your space with beautiful golden light. Each night light comes in its own unique shape based on the salt crystals it was made from and emits a soft amber light for a relaxing effect. One shopper described, “These nightlights are so pretty! They just have a nice, soft pinkish glow that isn’t too bright for a bathroom or hall light, but just bright enough where you don’t have to turn the lights on during nighttime wanderings.” They come with a standard plug so they can be inserted into any wall outlet.

One reviewer wrote: “The glow these night lights give off is beautiful--warm, orange. They’re not too bright that they wake us up, but they illuminate the house beautifully so that walking around at night we’re not bumping into furniture or stepping on kids’ toys.”


This Moon-Shaped Night Light With A Remote Control

This moon lamp is an example of a night light that doesn’t scream “night light.” It’s a sophisticated upgrade on the childhood staple as it is created with advanced 3D-printing technology. It has a similar texture that mimics that of the actual moon and is removable from its wooden base, and it offers a variety of lighting modes and 16 different light colors that you can select with the remote control. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 12 hours so you can bring this moonlight with you from room to room, as needed. Its functional and cool design is available in six different sizes ranging from 4.8 to 9.6 inches in diameter, making this night light perfect in just about any room.

One reviewer wrote: “Really beautiful moon lamp! I love the different color choices. It is very simple and easy to use. Works perfect as a night light.”


These Editor-Approved Night Lights That Clip To The Toilet

Those who’ve ever lost their way to the bathroom at night will appreciate these unique toilet night lights. They have flexible arms that hook over most toilet bowls, and their motion-detecting lights automatically power on when you walk in the room. Plus, you have five brightness settings and 16 color-changing modes to choose from. While the lights are designed for the toilet, you can put them wherever they fit, such as a shower rod or the ledge of a bathtub. If you’re still on the fence about whether these night lights are a worthwhile purchase, take it from Bustle Editor Cassandra Seale, who is a fan of them.

Editor praise: Cassandra Seale, editor at Bustle, explains, “This toilet bowl light was a gift from a friend, and it has sort of changed my life. When sleepily trudging to the bathroom overnight, there’s no more being jolted awake by glaring overheads. These have great motion detection, and when I round the corner the pleasant colors kick on and illuminate things just the right amount. They are flexible enough to be used in all sorts of places, in addition to the traditional toilet bowl. I have a big vintage bathtub, so I sling the night light over the edge and the whole tub glows.”


A Night Light & Noise Machine Hybrid

If sounds tend to disrupt your sleep at night, this noise machine could be a great fit. It combines the soft glow of a night light with 24 soothing sounds, including white noise, nature sounds, and lullabies. This night light also features seven colored light settings and an auto-off timer so that you don’t have to worry about the light waking you up in the middle of the night after you’ve fallen asleep. It also comes with a USB charging port on the back that provides up to 20 hours of light between charges.

One reviewer wrote: “This white noise machine is everything you need for a nursery and even as an adult. It works well and sound quality is good. The controls are easy to find in the dark and there are a lot of light and sound options.”


This Smart Night Light You Can Control With Your Phone

This smart light is a tech lover’s dream with its free downloadable app (for both iOS and Android) and completely wireless controls. All from the app, you can turn the night light on and off, and adjust the brightness, color effects, and timer configuration without ever actually setting a finger on the light itself. You can even change the colors of your lights to one of 16 million RGB colors (you read that correctly) by simply shaking your phone, or set a certain color to fall asleep or wake up to. This light also comes with four effects, pulsing, flashing, fading, and rainbow, for a completely customizable look. You can also enable the motion sensor within the app so that you can simply tap the ball to change its colors. With a built-in battery, you can charge the night light in about three hours using the wireless charger that comes with it.

One reviewer wrote: “The app is great. Does everything as advertised. Great colors. Nice to be able to dim it to whatever level you like.”

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