The 7 Best Travel Seat Cushions

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Though sitting usually sounds ideal, sitting for hours can cause a lot of discomfort. When you're on a bus, a plane, or a train, the word "comfortable" usually isn't the first thing that comes to mind. But if you'd like to make your trip a little more enjoyable, the best travel seat cushions might just be able to ease your pain.

What To Look For In A Travel Seat Cushion

If you ever feel like your tailbone is getting mashed into your seat, a U-shaped coccyx pillow might be a good solution. Yes, the word coccyx is funny (it just is), but having a good pillow to take the weight off of your tailbone can really help your overall posture. According to a study published in 2014, these cushions help relieve pressure on the coccyx so that it isn't pushed down into the seat, which may prevent pain at the bottom of the spine.

If you just need a little extra cushion and you don't want to lug around any bulky travel products, try an inflatable seat cushion. It provides support and folds up small enough to fit into your bag. Some pillows even self-inflate, so you can feel like you’re living in the future.

Shop The Best Travel Seat Cushions

In a hurry? These are the best travel seat cushions on Amazon:

1. A Self-Inflating Travel Cushion With A Lifetime Warranty: TETON Sports Camping Seat Cushion

2. A Memory Foam Seat Cushion That’s Incredibly Adjustable: Sojoy iGelComfort Foldable Seat Cushion

3. A Seat Cushion That Amazon Reviewers Love: Aylio Coccyx Seat Cushion

4. A Travel Cushion That’s Incredibly Light: EverRelief Inflatable Seat Cushion

5. A Breathable Seat Cushion That’s A Wedge Of Support: TravelMate Medium-Firm Seat Cushion

6. A Gel-Core Cushion That Keeps You Cool: TravelMate Coccyx Gel-Enhanced Cushion

7. A Gel Honeycomb Travel Pillow With A Removable Shell: Helishy Gel Seat Cushion

Scroll on to give your butt a break and try some of the best travel seat cushions. You'll be so comfortable, you won't want to get off the plane.


A Travel Cushion That Inflates On Its Own & Includes A Lifetime Warranty

Don't worry about blowing anything up or bringing along an air pump because this self-inflating seat cushion does the work on its own. Just open the rapid-inflation valve, watch it swell up, and twist the valve closed. A foam core runs through the center of the cushion for extra support, and the microfiber exterior is soft and comfortable. Though this cushion is extremely long-lasting, the company offers a lifetime warranty to make sure your seat stays happy.

An enthusiastic reviewer: “It has been a great addition to the car as we go different places and find hard benches or chairs at restaurants or bars. It's small and compact so easy to store in the car and carry with us. It's been so great, I've purchased a second one for the other car...because I hate forgetting it when we need it. Also have used it in our kayak where it has gotten wet with no issues at all. Holds its air no problem...even after 5 years.”

Dimensions: 17 x 12 x 1.5 inches


A Memory Foam Seat Cushion That's Incredibly Adjustable

Get two cushions for one with this foldable travel pillow. The breathable gel memory foam adjusts to fit your body while giving you ergonomic support to promote blood flow and decrease pressure. Then, you can use it as a double cushion, separate it into two smaller cushions, or customize the space between the cushions for optimal support. The nonslip bottom keeps it in place, and when you’re done, just fold it up and use the built-in handles to carry it away.

An enthusiastic reviewer: “The other seat cushion I bought was too thick, too hard, and still hurt my tailbone. I have bought three of these so far. I use them with both pillows and like that with the velcro you can adjust the width between the two cushions. I also separate the pieces and use just one as a back cushion. Love them.”

Dimensions: 18 x 15 x 2 inches


A Seat Cushion That Amazon Reviewers Love

More than 9,000 Amazon shoppers have given this seat cushion a perfect five-star rating. The cutout design gets all the weight off of your tailbone, helping to prevent soreness during long hours of sitting. The whole pillow weighs only 1 pound, so it's easy to carry on all your travels. Then, unzip the velvety cover, throw it in the wash, and you've got a perfectly clean pillow whenever you want.

An enthusiastic reviewer: “I sit at my desk for hours. I used to have horrible leg pain and it wasn't relieved by foot support blocks, or frequent short walking intervals. I bought this cushion and leg pain is gone! I pull the cushion right to the edge of my desk chair so my legs are supported by the cushion. It has changed my life. Comfortable and easy to adjust to perfect sitting position. I love this product. It's been 6 months since I bought it and still have 100% pain relief.”

Dimensions: 13.75 x 17.75 x 2.75 inches


A Travel Cushion That's Incredibly Light

This lightweight travel cushion adds a little extra support wherever you need it. Easy to inflate with a hand pump (included with purchase), the durable, leakproof design won't let any air out. You'll stay cool with the waffle-like design, which allows air to flow freely. Plus, the vinyl covering is easy to clean, and even when inflated, it'll fold up to fit in your bag.

An enthusiastic reviewer: “I have lower back issues and reduced muscle strength and need serious support when I'm sitting. This product is totally easy to use and the air pressure can be adjusted for my needs and is durable. I've used it on the dining chair, in the driver's seat and on my work chair. I like that it will flex and support me as I adjust myself. It is compactible and convenient to take where and when I want extra support, however I just may have to order more than one so I can leave one at the office and one at home. I can't wait to take it camping and I'm going on a long road trip this fall and I know this will be a life saver!”

Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 1 inches


A Breathable Seat Cushion That's A Wedge of Support

From its combination of foams to its wedge design, this medium-firm seat cushion is all about support. Made with a furniture-grade foam base and memory foam topper, you get durability and comfort. The breathable mesh cover lets air circulate to keep you cool, and the nonslip fabric on the bottom keeps the cushion right where it should be. With a built-in handle, you can carry this cushion anywhere with ease.

An enthusiastic reviewer: “I an very happy that I tried this wedge. I have bulging disks in the lower lumbar portion of my back and can't possibly sit in bucket seats or non-power seats of rental cars. This wedge is advertised as, "firm" and I am NOT disappointed. I can initially feel the softness of the memory foam but quickly thereafter is "the firm". I can tell you it's a solid comfortable seat. The top fabric smooth, waffle-like, breathable. The bottom has nonskid, nubbie like fabric what holds fast to whatever you place it on. The handle on the side will make traveling with it a breeze.”

Dimensions: 17 x 13 x 3 inches


A Gel-Core Cushion That Keeps You Cool

Never get a sweaty bum with this gel/foam hybrid seat cushion. The memory foam base provides customized support while the gel lining keeps everything cool. The cushion is designed to keep weight off your hips and tailbone, so it's great for people suffering from sciatica, coccyx injuries, or if you just want a comfier travel experience. Carry it away with the built-in handle and zip off the nonslip cover to wash it whenever you like.

An enthusiastic reviewer: “I drive a vehicle for work, 8-12 hours a day, and really needed a high quality product. I'd shopped at local stores and couldn't find anything that I considered sturdy enough for heavy use. This cushion is amazing! I have used it for a week, and it has held its shape and firmness. The thickness of this cushion is great as I am short and it really holds all day and I feel taller! The cocyx cutout feel amazing after sitting all day. I have noticed a significant difference in how my tailbone feels after a long day, and as a surprise bonus my knees seem to like it as well, as they are not nearly as sore at the end of the day. The quality of this cushion is better than any I have seen, it is not losing shape, and the fabric is holding up fabulously.”

Dimensions: 18 x 14 x 3 inches


A Gel Honeycomb Travel Pillow With A Removable Shell

This spongy gel seat cushion boasts a honeycomb design that’s not only supremely comfortable but also cooling and breathable. At just 1.65 inches thick, it’s both lightweight and easy to carry yet provides cushiony support wherever you need it. The gel cushion is covered with a removable nonslip cover that can be machine washed when needed, and it comes in five cool gel colors to choose from, including orange and red. Plus, there’s even an option for an extra-large cushion in the listing.

An enthusiastic reviewer: “I have used a ton of memory foam cushions and pillows because I have a job where I need to sit all day. This is the first cushion I've had that has genuinely relieved my pain. I don't have to get up every half hour now because things hurt (so awkward during Zoom meetings). I can get steady work done now. Love this cushion and would definitely buy again.”

Dimensions: 16 x 14 x 1.65 inches

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