The 8 Best Travel Cord Organizers To Keep Your Tech Accessories Tidy

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by Emily Estep
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You know the drill: No matter how neatly you fold up your earbuds, their cords somehow transform into a labyrinth-like puzzle by the time you need to retrieve them. This is where the best travel cord organizers come in handy, organizing everything from earbuds to laptop chargers, wherever you might be headed. A good cable organizer will not only keep your cords from becoming an inconvenient jumbled mess but also keep them safe and secure. Many travel cord organizers can even protect your cords from water damage.

When looking for the ultimate cord organizer, the primary thing to consider is your specific travel routine. Do you fly frequently, with various cords in your carry-on bag? A larger organizer, maybe even one with extra pockets for small gadgets, would be helpful. Or, do you just have a few tech accessories — say, a laptop charger and a pair of headphones — getting in your way at work, or that you want to safely store in your commuter backpack? If so, there are simple, clever solutions like travel-friendly cable clips and ties that can make a world of difference on your desk and in your bag.

The best travel organizers will keep all your cords, earbuds, and chargers neatly tucked away yet easy to access when you need them.


A Multi-Functional, Water-Repellant Cable Case With Tons Of Pockets

This durable yet lightweight cord organizer opens up to a single-layer interior with a plethora of elastic bands, mesh pockets, and zippered pockets, giving you space for cords, memory cards, small gadgets, cell phones, earbuds, and whatever else you need to neatly put away. It has a heavy-duty nylon exterior, keeping your electronics safe from spills, leaks, and bad weather.

Promising Amazon review: “Great product. Before I bought this I had cables all over the house and me and my husband were always looking for the cables without being able to easily find them. Now that they are all in this case we can find them easily and stress less. Especially nice if you are traveling. Nice and compact but lots of space for many cables. Highly recommend”


A Durable Travel Cord Organizer That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand

This wallet-sized organizer has a zippered mesh pocket to store earbuds, USB cables, and memory cards, as well as a separate compartment with a large elastic strap, ideal for a power bank or other device. When zippered close, this case was designed to take a beating and keep your electronics safe, thanks to its shock-proof EVA shell. It also protects against water, sweat, and other spills. Choose among 10 colors.

Promising Amazon review: “Perfect size to store a portable charger, a usb cord, air-buds - everything I need in case my phone needs a charge. Also use this for travel (I even keep the charging cube in this case) to keep everything together. It’s a great size, fits in my purse. The zipper is sturdy. I plan to buy more as gifts for my kids who travel.”


A Compact Travel Cord Organizer That’s Surprisingly Roomy

This cable organizer bag is relatively compact in size and weighs just 0.24 pound, but the interior is roomy enough to neatly store all your electronics. It features several elastic loops for cables; two loops for larger devices, like a mouse or phone bank; and both elasticized and zippered mesh compartments. The exterior is made of water-resistant nylon, which is padded to keep your electronics safe from jostling inside your bag.

Promising Amazon review: “I travel quite a bit, and have tried a variety of cable organizers. This one is just right for me, with room for all cables, chargers, and a battery. And it is compact and fits in my backpack.”


A Foldable Charger Cord Holder That Locks Everything In Place

If you’re looking for maximum storage but minimum bulk, look no further than this heavy-duty nylon cable bag. It’s versatile, protective, and reasonably priced. When open, it expands to roughly 9 by 8 inches, with an assortment of elastic bands, mesh pockets, and zippered mesh pockets to keep all your cords, memory cards, and small gadgets in place. Then, it rolls up neatly and fastens shut, allowing you to stash it in your purse or backpack. With a 4.6-star rating on Amazon and more than 2,300 customer ratings and reviews, this is one cord organizer that makes it way easier to travel with your fave tech.

Promising Amazon review: “Bought this to take all needed cords and plugs when we travel. Everything fits in there neatly so nothing gets tangled or mixed up. Folds up so it stores nicely in my backpack or carry on if we are flying.”


These Reusable Cable Ties That Reviewers Swear By

If you’re looking for a simple, no-fuss solution to your tangle-prone cords, consider these cord ties. They feature a hook-and-loop design that makes them super easy to reuse. And with a 4.6-star overall rating amassed through over 13,400 ratings, they’re a fan-favorite. The order comes with 20 multicolored ties in three sizes (varying in both length and width), so you can roll thinner wires, like earphone cables, into tidy, packable packages; as well as get a handle on thicker cords or bundles.

Promising Amazon review: “These are very easy to use and you can’t lose them or break them like rubber bands. Just attach one end to the cord and it is always there when needed. Just took a trip and I have 5 cords that I take for charging my electronics. Used the smallest Tie and it saved time searching for the rubber bands that always somehow get lost. Take up practically no room.”


A Weighted Desktop Organizer That Keeps Cables In Place

This weighted desktop cord organizer is ideal for use on tabletops, desktops, and nightstands to keep your various laptop and other tech cords in check. Its rubber design prevents cords from falling to the floor, which means you’ll never again have to crawl under your home or hotel desk to retrieve a fallen charger. And unlike similar desktop cable organizers, it doesn’t have any adhesive — instead, the weighted bottom keeps it in place. It includes four slots for your smartphone charging cables, USB printer cords, twisted headphone cords, and other wires.

Promising Amazon review: “Completely solved my bed-side cable problems. All cables now stay put neatly and conveniently on my bedside table. I especially like the fact that I don't have to stick it down permanently. This way I can change its location as needed or take it with me when traveling.”


A Strappy Travel Organizer For Cords & Chargers

This electronics organizer measures about 12 by 8 inches, making it the ideal size to slip into a backpack, briefcase, or large tote. Its criss-cross design of rubber elastic bands allows you to safely strap down countless cords, as well as small devices and writing utensils. That means you now have a place to securely store everything from your go-to tube of lipstick to your phone. And since the elastic straps have good grip, your cords and gadgets aren’t going anywhere. It also has a large, zippered pocket on the back for documents, tablets and small notebooks.

Promising Amazon review: “I’m a technician and I travel a lot through the country. I have the tendency of carrying more than what I need, afraid of not being prepared if the worst happens. For a very long time, I've been needing something to organize all the cables, USBs, and other stuff that I carry in my backpack. This organizer has cleared a lot of space and my bag doesn’t feel as heavy as before because it uses space inside my bag evenly. I’m so happy with this product!”


An Oprah-Approved Travel Cord Organizer That Folds Into A Stylish Clutch

This travel cord roll is the perfect blend of style and utility. It holds eight cords, two plugs, and a few more various knick knacks (like earbuds, adapters, and writing utensils) safely with a combination of straps and pockets. The compact storage unit then rolls up into its clutch form that can be tied securely closed with a thin cord. Best of all, it’s made entirely out of vegan leather and comes in multiple colors. Even Oprah is a fan!

Promising Amazon review: “I love this product! Presently traveling and it is making my life much easier! Seems strong and durable so far and is easy to find in my backpack. Love it!”

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