The 10 Best Kitchen Sink Soap Dispensers

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Not only can refillable soap dispensers significantly cut down on waste, they can also help pull together the look of your sink area in an aesthetically pleasing, practical way. Available in a range of sizes, the best kitchen sink soap dispensers are made of durable materials designed to last — whether that’s a minimalist ceramic dispenser that doubles as decor or a built-in stainless steel model that frees up space.


Your soap dispenser will come into frequent contact with water, food, and liquid messes, so it’s important to choose a material that is sturdy, corrosion-proof, and rust-proof. Stainless steel, ceramic (or stone), glass, and even durable plastics are great options as they won’t rust when in constant contact with water. That said, ceramic or glass do stand the chance of breaking if they get knocked in the sink.

Capacity & Ease Of Use

As your soap dispenser will be your workhorse day in and day out, you’ll want to choose a product that’s extremely easy to use and sized for your needs. The dispensers on this list have capacities ranging from 8.5 ounces all the way up to 18 ounces. They’re all simple to refill so you can get on with your dishwashing chores without any delay.


Some dispensers offer automatic and touchless features to keep dirty or greasy hands from spreading more mess. Others are built straight into your sink top so that they free up counter space. On this list, you’ll also find a sponge caddy and simple straightforward manual pump models in a variety of materials, textures, and colors that cater to any style.

Check out the list below to find the best soap dispenser for your busy kitchen.


An Affordable Glass Soap Dispenser With A Cult Following

• Capacity: 18 Oz.

• Style: Manual

With over 14,600 reviews on Amazon, this $9 glass soap dispenser has garnered a cult following for its high-quality construction and effortlessly chic look. Made of sturdy glass and including a rust-proof stainless steel pump, each bottle holds a hefty 18 ounces of liquid. The clear glass lets you see how much soap is left and the vertical textured design fits seamlessly into any decor. You’re even provided with a fully customizable blank wooden tag for an extra charming effect. Due to its large capacity, you may not need to refill these bottles very often, but when you do, you can conveniently do so from the top.

Helpful Review: “This is such a nice-looking soap dispenser. It's elegant, it works so much better than the one I had, and it pumps out a good amount of soap. [...] It looks great, the little wooden label is rustic but classy/French-countryside (practice your writing before doing it for real!). Love it!”


A Sleek Stainless Steel Dispenser With Smart Design Touches

• Capacity: 12 Oz.

• Style: Manual

For those looking for a classic manual dispenser with a sleek finish, this stainless steel soap dispenser looks great on almost any countertop, and with over 7,600 high reviews on Amazon, it’s proven to be a fan favorite. On top of being super durable, the stainless steel finish also has a fingerprint-proof finish to keep the surface looking neat and tidy throughout use. Press the pump to dispense soap and a clear window at the base allows you to see when it’s time to refill this 12-ounce dispenser (which you can do easily via its wide-mouthed top).

Helpful Review: “I’m very pleased with this dispenser. The stainless steel always looks good and just wipes off any smudges easily. The clear area at the bottom is nice to show the level of soap. A super great feature is the wide opening which is so easy to refill. With most others, I always waste soap as it overflows during the refill process. The dispensing is easy with one or two hands.”


This Set Of Farmhouse-Chic Soap Dispensers

• Capacity: 16 Oz.

• Style: Manual

This amber glass soap dispenser cultivates a rustic farmhouse aesthetic and boasts an impressive 4.8-star rating and more than 1,200 reviews. Coming in a convenient pack of two, the bottles are made of thick UV-protected glass which can help liquids to last longer. They feature a rust-proof stainless steel pump and they even include four waterproof labels in a charming design so you can clearly label dish soap, hand soap, and lotion. Each dispenser holds 16 ounces and is easily refilled from the top.

Helpful Review: “Love these soap dispensers! Looks uniform and clean. I love the fact that I don’t have to have 2 different mismatched plastic bottles on my kitchen counter. I was worried about the dispenser clogging but I’ve had them for around a month now and have had no issues. The amber glass is a nice touch too. I’m semi-obsessed with keeping everything looking like it could have been here when my house was built (100 years ago). These are timeless and I’m very happy with this purchase, would definitely recommend.”


A Touch-Free Soap Dispenser For Total Convenience

• Capacity: 9 Oz. (also available in 8 Oz. and 32 Oz.)

• Style: Automatic

If you’re looking for a high-tech device that can help keep counters spotless, this touch-free soap dispenser uses a sensor pump to deliver soap directly into your hand or sponge. It’s made from rust-proof stainless steel and you can choose between rechargeable and battery-operated versions. You can even control the amount of soap you’d like dispensed — the farther away you move your hand from the pump the more soap it will deliver, and vice versa. It comes in three different capacities: eight, nine (shown here), and 32 ounces, and you can easily refill it via its funnel opening. Choose from five finishes that suit your decor like brushed or rose gold; it’s easy to see why this pick has amassed more than 17,000 reviews.

Helpful Review: “Perfect! Now I don't need to call for help when I'm elbow deep in raw eggs anymore. I find that pretty freeing in itself. It also reduces the watery mess created when you reach for a soap bottle while in the middle of doing the dishes. [...] Easy to fill. The top lid pops off easily and stays put when replaced. The stainless finish makes it easy to wipe off.”


A Modern Ceramic Dispenser With A Near-Perfect Amazon Rating

• Capacity: 11.6 Oz.

• Style: Manual

This manual ceramic soap dispenser will bring some chic to your sink with its trio of neutral/blush desert-inspired colors and accompanying gold pump. This manual pump dispenser has an 11.6-ounce capacity and refills easily from the top. The dispenser has a near-perfect 4.8-star rating and more than 3,000 reviews. For a whole-house pulled-together look, you can even purchase matching accessories like this toothbrush holder and even a dreamy shower curtain.

Helpful Review: “This soap/lotion dispenser is very attractive and fits very well in tight spaces. It also has a good solid feel and weight. AND it does not leak like cheaper dispensers.”


This Mounted Soap Dispenser That Frees Up Counter Space

• Capacity: 17 Oz.

• Style: Built-in Dispenser

If your sink can accommodate a built-in option, consider this mounted soap dispenser that frees up major counter space. Constructed of stainless steel, the long-lasting, 17-ounce bottle installs right in your sink — and you can easily refill it from the top. It includes a pump and all of the parts you need to install it, which should only take a few minutes, according to many reviewers. And it’s available in nine finishes such as nickel or black matte to match your sink perfectly.

Helpful Review: “Over the past 10 years I think we've gone through 4 sets of soap dispensers. This product is hands down the best we've bought. When I first opened the package they were lightweight and I was worried they would be cheap and flimsy. They were easier to install than any others we've had before, the size of the soap holder is larger than any we've had before, the finish is nice, the spout extension is longer and more adequate than any other, the ease of the pump is terrific, and the amount of soap that gets disbursed is perfect.”


A Retro-Inspired Tinted Glass Set

• Capacity: 12 Oz.

• Style: Manual

Step back several decades every time you go to wash your hands with these manual embossed glass soap dispensers. The pretty vintage design and blue shade add a touch of charm to your sink area and this pick comes in a convenient set of two in case you’d like to extend the look to other areas of your home, or even use one for post-washing hand lotion. With a capacity of 12 ounces, these dispensers are easy to refill from the top and, as a bonus, the high-quality plastic pump extends far enough to not drip any soap onto the glass itself, keeping the container mess-free.

Helpful Review: “I'd gone through a couple different soap dispensers before landing on these. A lot of the ones with glass bottles have metal pumps. While they look nice they all end up rusting, even the ones that say they're rustproof. I ordered one set of these 4 months ago to replace the ones in my bathrooms, and they've been holding up perfectly so I've now ordered a second set to replace my kitchen soap dispenser. The blue glass looks really pretty and you can't tell just by looking that the pump is plastic. It doesn't cheapen the look of them.”


A Practical Soap Dispenser With A Sponge Caddy

• Capacity: 14.5 Oz.

• Style: Manual

If efficiency is the name of the game, this soap dispenser — that includes an integrated sponge caddy — is the perfect practical solution. The durable plastic dispenser sits aside a sponge caddy that, in addition to storing the included sponge, can also hold a scrub brush or an additional sponge. The dispenser has a 14.5-ounce capacity that is easily refilled via the wide opening at the top and can be removed from the tray for cleaning. This pick, which boasts more than 7,000 reviews, also features chrome accents that enhance the look of this slim-profiled dishwashing workhorse.

Helpful Review: “[...] It is so much better than the traditional dispensers that have the pumps. This one takes just a little pressure on the handle to dispense the soap. The soap container is easy to remove from the base, making it a snap to clean so there is no chance of mildew build-up. It has a side slot and a back slot for sponges. Excellent choice!”


This Money-Saving Trio Of Glass Dispensers In Different Colors

• Capacity: 15 Oz.

• Style: Manual

This budget-friendly set of three manual glass dispensers effortlessly adds visual appeal to your home decor. Use them not only to hold dish soap, but also hand lotion, shampoo, or even bubble bath. Each 15-ounce glass bottle features a BPA-free plastic pump and an embossed pebbled design. They come in an assortment of beautiful colors like gray, teal, or taupe and can be refilled from the top.

Helpful Review: “These dispensers are so nice! I really wasn’t expecting great quality for this price, but the base is heavy enough not to slide around your bathroom counter, and the pump is strong enough to hold up to constant use. Love the variety of colors too!”


This Minimalist Ceramic Soap Dispenser

• Capacity: 12 Oz.

• Style: Manual

For those obsessed with a George O'Keeffe aesthetic, this minimalist ceramic soap dispenser has the perfect earthy yet contemporary look that wouldn’t be out of place in the deserts of New Mexico. The manual dispenser features a large manual pump and a large capacity of 12 ounces, with a wide base that many reviewers say keeps it in place on counters. It’s simple to refill from the top and the liquid dispenser can also be purchased as a foam dispenser.

Helpful Review: “I chose this dispenser for several reasons. One was that the spouts on many of the dispensers are just narrow tubes that fall out over time. The lid and spout on this one are a single piece. I'll never have to worry about the spout breaking off. Another reason was that it was large enough to hold enough lotion that I won't have to refill every other week. The last reason was that it is a simple, yet elegant design. [...]”