The Best Summer Dog Products You Can Get At Walmart

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by Abbie Holman
Courtesy of Walmart

It’s no secret that having a dog makes life way more enjoyable, and summer is a prime example. As the weather warms up, you and your four-legged friend can look forward to beach trips, patio hangs, and camping adventures, but before you hit the great outdoors you’ll need to stock up on the best summer dog products that keep your pooch hydrated, entertained, and safe from the heat.

Finding the right summer essentials for your pet isn’t just a fun excuse to go shopping — it’s actually a matter of their health. Whether it’s a smartly designed portable water bottle to help prevent your pet from becoming dehydrated, or an essential dog sunscreen that keeps them safe from summer rays (yes, this is a thing), there are a few clever purchases that dog parents should consider making.

As a pet parent myself, one trick I’ve learned for finding the best summer dog products is that a Walmart+ membership is a must-have. For only $12.95 per month or $98 per year (a savings of $57.40!), you’ll receive free shipping from with no order minimum required (excludes freight and Marketplace items). So whether your hound loves to swim or is more of a poolside lounger, is keen to hike the outdoors or is more happy curled up on the couch, enjoys neighborhood strolls or is ready for a road trip — these essentials from will help make summer 2021 one for the books.

Just like us humans, dogs can suffer from sunburn and can even develop skin cancer as they age, but sharing your own SPF with Fido is a no-go; the American Kennel Club says that human sunscreen can be toxic for dogs if ingested, so you’ll need a sunblock that’s specially formulated for their skin, like this pet-safe Warren London option. Dogs with lighter color fur, hairless breeds, or who have pink noses may be more prone to sunburn than other dogs, so if your pooch falls into one of those categories (or if you’re taking your dog to the beach), keep their skin safe by simply spraying this sunscreen onto their coat and rubbing it on your dog’s nose or snout to keep from burning.

Beach trip not in the books? Make the backyard an oasis for your pup to chill out on warm days with a paddling pool they can splash around in. Unlike an inflatable kiddie pool, this hard-sided one from is collapsible and has a drain on the side, making it easy to store when not in use. Since the sides are only 12 inches high, medium and large dogs can get in and out of the water easily on their own.

This banana chew toy is made using antimicrobial technology that prevents the growth and survival of microbes like bacteria, mold, and fungi (meaning no more smelly dog toy laying around after they’ve slobbered on it). Not only is the banana shape a cute summer touch, but the toy is even banana scented and is made of material that will float atop wading pools and lakes alike.

This dog-friendly baseball cap is adorable, no questions there, but the visor does more than just offer a great photo op for your pup. The bill of the cap is actually designed to keep the sun out of your dog’s eyes, while the top has holes that allow their ears to come through the cap and help keep it from slipping and obstructing their view. Sun protection and a precious snap for your socials? I’ll be ordering one in every color.

Doggo need a little extra shade to stay cool? This raised mesh pet bed with a removable shade canopy ensures your pup always has a place to snooze no matter where your adventures take you. It even comes with a carrying bag so you can easily tote it to the park or on camping trips. Reviewers say it’s one of the best dog beds for summer, with one reviewer writing that she purchased the larger size so a few of her smaller pups could lay on it together in the shade. “I had no idea how much my dog would like it! She just lays on it while watching the squirrels go by the fence.”

This water bottle for dogs is a must-have for road trips or long hikes. The cap is designed not to leak, and the attached container makes it easy for your pup to get a slurp while the two of you are on the go. I use mine to keep my two rescue dogs hydrated on long car rides and adventures away from home, and love that it’s easy to fill and doesn’t leak when not in use. Just don’t forget to bring along a portable food bowl when you’re away from home, too!

When my pups are playing in the backyard, it takes more than a water bottle to quench their thirst. This freezable water bowl holds 16 ounces of water and is filled with freezable non-toxic gel that’s designed to keep water cold for eight hours.

Some dogs are naturally inclined to be strong swimmers, but for pups who need a little extra buoyancy, a doggie life jacket is a great way to keep them safe around water. Aside from keeping your pet safe while swimming, this life vest for dogs even sports a shark fin at the top — guaranteeing they’ll be the cutest little swimmer at the lake.

It’s gross to think about, but canine parasites like fleas and ticks get worse in warmer weather. Not only do bug bites make your pup itchy and uncomfortable, they can transmit disease. Don’t let these pesky critters ruin your fun — talk to your veterinarian to find a monthly preventative that can help keep your pooch safe from parasites, like Frontline Plus for Dogs Flea and Tick Treatment. Your vet can help determine which product is right for your dog, since active ingredients and amounts needed will vary based on your dog’s size, age, and health. Reviewers on like how easy the Frontline product is to apply, and say it gets the job done. One even says they watched fleas jump off their dog immediately after they’d been near a swampy area, writing “One happy pup, one happy pup mom.”

When temperatures rise, keep your pup cool on hot summer days with a cooling gel mat. This one sold at is sized to fit in a kennel or dog crate, and is made from puncture-resistant material and filled with a non-toxic gel that will help your pet regulate their body temp (no filling required).

Older dogs or breeds who may have a tendency to overheat can still enjoy summer walks with a pet stroller that allows them to ride along once they’re ready to rest. One happy reviewer says this puppy buggy is the perfect size for her corgi who has arthritis, writing that “she loves to go on our ‘walks’ — I walk, she rides!”

When a bath is just not possible, I use these wet wipes infused with aloe, vitamin E, and organic oat extract on my dogs to remove dirt, dust, and that just-rolled-in-something-gross smell. The coconut scent is light and refreshing, and helps tide my dog over until I can manage a proper bath. I keep one package in the car and one by the door to clean off muddy paws after walks and romps at the dog park, and they’re an essential item on camping trips when rinsing off is not possible. Just throw a few in a resealable plastic bag if you don’t want to carry the whole pack with you.