Bringing Your Dog To The Beach? Here Are 9 Things Owners Need To Know


When summer comes, it’s totally natural to want to run to somewhere warm and sandy with your best friend, your confidant, your snuggle buddy. And, obviously, I’m talking about your dog. Is there anyone more important in your life? Any better beach companion? I think not. Taking your dog to the beach can be an amazing way for both you and your furry friend to have a bit of a frolic and maybe even a swim. It can be a great way to pass a summer day, but — as a responsible pup parent — it’s important that you stay informed and put your pup’s safety first.

Although taking your dog to the beach sounds like it’s all fun and games — and in many ways, it can be — there are also some safety precautions you may need to take and some dog-related beach musts to be aware of. A lot can happen at the beach, especially if it’s a busy day when the weather is particularly hot. From overheating to being overwhelmed from interacting with strangers to knowing whether or not your dog is actually safe in the water, make sure to do your research. And if you’re not sure where to start, here are nine things you need to know before you bring your dog to the beach, because you want it to be a fun day out for both of you.