The 50 Most Clever Things For Your Home Under $25 On Amazon

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by Dena Ogden and Christina X. Wood
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Most adults know how much effort and energy and money it takes to fill a home with the necessary tools and supplies we need to, you know, function. Those cupboards and shelves don’t fill themselves sadly. The good news is that there are plenty of products out there that don’t just take up space, but actually simplify things for us. Just when we think we’ve seen it all, something clever like a roll-up dish drying rack, under-bed rolling cart, or a whisk wiper crosses the feed, and we’re reminded how many clever things for your home are really out there. Perhaps the most surprising this is just how many of these genius things for your home cost less than $25 on Amazon at that.

Perhaps it’s because physical stores don’t have space for everything that online stores can offer, but it feels like there are gadgets and gizmos aplenty designed to enhance our homes available online these days. If you’ve never filled a cart (either IRL or online) with things you need for your home instead of want, then today may be the day. So, sit back and make yourself comfortable, because some of your problems are about to be solved. And speaking of solving problems, if anyone needs us, we’ll be trying to whittle down our carts.


A Sink Mat That Makes A Soft Landing For Your Dishes

Coveting a fancy new sink with a dish grid in the bottom? This footed soft mat creates the same soft landing for dishes, protection for the sink, and barrier to stop utensils from falling into the garbage disposal, but it doesn’t have the high price of a new sink or the need for a contractor. The nonslip feet underneath the mat keep it securely in place, as well as raise the mat to promote quick drying and water flow.


This Dictionary that’s Actually A Locked Safe For Valuables

When this dictionary is on your shelves, no one will suspect that it actually contains your cash, passport, or other valuables safely locked inside a heavy duty metal box with a three-number combination lock. Reviewers on Amazon say it looks just like a real book, and over 1,500 shoppers have given this faux-dictionary a five-star rating.


A Clear Desk Pad That Protects And Softens Any Surface

Whether you’re working on a table with a hard or uneven surface, want to protect a pretty dining table from damage, or like to keep photos or reference notes on your work surface, this thick (1.5 mm) desk pad is a great choice. It provides a smooth, even surface for eating or writing, and it comes in every size you could ever possibly need. It stays put, lets you see what’s underneath, and has well over 7,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.


This Shelf Liner That Adds A Touch Of Beauty To Anything

This shelf liner not only looks gorgeous peeking out of a drawer or cupboard, but it also provides an easy-to-clean surface that creates a soft surface in the interior of cabinets, closets, and drawers. There are 17 patterns to choose from, and it’s sold in 12-inch by 10-foot rolls. Once it arrives, all you have to do is cut to size and press it onto your surface.


This Chic Locking Canister That Will Keep Your Coffee Fresh

This easy-to-seal container has a date tracker on the lid, and a one-way vent that lets CO2 out without letting oxygen in, so it keeps your coffee beans perfectly fresh. It comes with a scoop that first into the convenient hanging spot on the side, and it comes in seven colors and two sizes.


This Cute House That Holds Your Tissues

This tissue box cover turns any standard tissue box into a house in the woods with smoke billowing from the chimney. All you do is set it down over a tissue box and pull the first tissue through the chimney to create the effect, tough you could also take inspiration from the many reviewers who have decorated theirs with everything from spray paint to seasonal window clings.


These Filters That Make Produce Last Longer

Stick these filter mounts onto the inside of your crisper drawer to make your produce last much longer. They have enhanced carbon filters absorb ethylene gas, which is naturally emitted by fruits and vegetables and hastens their ripening and subsequent rotting. This two-pack will save you a small fortune, and lots of annoyance.


This Wire Whisk That Comes With A Genius Wiper

End the frustration of trying to get your batter or frosting off your whisk by using this whisk with a wiper every time. When you want to clean the whisk, just slide the whisk wiper up the rods and it removes the batter from every one, so you can eat the food you made instead of struggling to wash it off of your kitchen tools.


A Retractable Clothesline You Can Set Up Anywhere

Install this retractable clothes line anywhere there’s a wall you can mount it to, so you can hang your delicates or swimsuits to dry without cluttering up your house. It can hold up to 22 pounds when properly wall-mounted, and it has a low-profile design that isn’t too noticeable. Mount the clip as much as 9 feet away from the hook you want to use, and pull the steel string out of the base and clip it on to have a clothes line in no time.


A Shower Head Holder You Can Place Where You Want It

If you have tall and short people using the same shower, this suction-powered shower head holder makes an amazing shower experience accessible to everyone in your home. Just attach it to the wall and snap the shower head securely in place. The suction is strong, it’s easy to install, and reviewers give it almost 14,000 five star reviews.


A Cutting Board That Makes Moving Food To The Pan So Easy

This cutting board has raised sides and an elevated handle at one end so that when you are chopping food, moving the scraps to the trash or the food to the pan is a simple matter of lifting up the board and pouring the items into their destination. Nonslip feet hold the board in place while you are working, and the board can be run through the dishwasher when you’re finished using it.


These Soap Catchers That Prevent Laundry Room Messes

Set these clever shelves under your big laundry detergent bottles when they are sitting out, and put a cup under the spout on the shelf. The cup will catch any drips that leak out of the bottle and it will be so easy to fill when you are ready to load the machine. The weight of your laundry soap holds the shelf in place so it doesn’t move around.


These Hooks That Let You Hang More Clothes In Less Space

If you are short on closet space, these clothes hanger connectors amplify the room you do have by letting you hang several items where you could previously only fit one piece of clothing. You don’t even have to replace your hangers — just snap one of these hooks onto a hanger, then hang another hanger from the hook. Two garments hang in that space. You can also daisy chain them to really maximize your space.


This Clever Fruit Bowl With a Banana Hanger

This fruit bowl is beautiful, practical, and gets almost 13,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. Fill the decorative bowl with apples, oranges, avocados, tomatoes or whatever fruits you like to keep on hand. You can hang bananas or grapes from the hook at the top so they ripen evenly, and the open-sided design keeps fruit fresher for longer.


A Simple Garlic Chopper For Fast And Easy Food Prep

Drop your peeled garlic cloves, pieces of onion, or whatever other small foods you want to chop into the bowl of this clever chopper, put the lid on, and pull the string. Inside, the blades spin, reducing your garlic to minced pieces quickly, easily, and with no knife or cutting board to wash.


A Self-Explanatory Trivet For Hot Pans.

If you are a fan of self-referential pop art, this steel cooling rack that reads “Hot” will look amazing in your kitchen. It announces it’s purpose, elevates a hot pan off the counters, and — when appropriate — makes commentary on the weather and your appearance. There are 12 word and symbol options in addition to this one, so you could create an entire art gallery of trivet humor.


These Collapsible Food Storage Containers

When you aren’t using them, these food storage containers collapse almost totally flat, so you can store them easily or carry one in your bag. When you want to fill them, open them up and they will hold your takeout, leftovers, or lunch securely with the lids snap closed. They’re sold in a set of four, with three color options available.


This Butter Dish That Can Hold A Butter Knife

The Butter Hub elevates the lowly butter dish from a simple container to a problem solver’s dream come true. The lid has feet to elevate it and help keep any butter smears off your counters. The dish has skate ramps at the ends that practically deposit the butter onto the knife, and a magnet on top of the lid holds the knife clean and at the ready at all times.


A Two-Tiered Shelf That Will Keep Your Beauty Products Organized

This simple two-tier shelf comes pre-assembled, so there’s no setup required. It can help you maximize counter and cabinet space, and makes it so much easier to find what you’re looking for. Reviewers love it so much they are coming back to buy multiples, and nearly 2,000 Amazon shoppers have given it a five-star rating.


A Small Humidifier For Your Desk Or Bedside Table

This personal humidifier is perfectly sized for keeping the air around where you work or sleep moist enough to help prevent dry eyes and sore throats. It holds 500 milliliters of water, will run continuously for 12 hours or intermittently for 18, comes in six cute colors, and has nearly 11,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.


This Flat Storage Basket That Fits Under The Bed

Transform your under-bed space into convenient storage with this nice wire basket that should fit under most beds or anywhere else you might need it. Reviewers say you can fit up to eight of these baskets under a queen size bed.


A Wooden Soap Dish That’s Both Practical And Pretty

This wooden soap dish looks good next to the sink or in the shower thanks to its classic, simple design. More than just a pretty object, the slats allow air to dry your soap, so it won’t dissolve in a slimy puddle. It comes in four colors, each with a slightly different design and aesthetic.


A Five-Pack Of Push-On Lights

This set of LED lights run on batteries and can stick to most surfaces, so you can use them almost anywhere. Turning them on requires only a tap to the light, which makes them perfect for dark drawers, dim closets, and shelves that need display lighting. They are easy to install — just peel and stick with the adhesive backing— and, since they are low-powered LEDs, you won’t have to replace the batteries too often.


This Storage Pod That Keeps Herbs Fresh For A Long Time

Fresh herbs are expensive and delicious, so don’t waste them! They will last three times longer if you store them in the fridge in this pod that’s designed with their needs in mind. A hatch opens in the front so you can easily access your herbs, a pop-open spout in the back lets you water them quickly, and the whole thing fits into the door of the fridge.


This Set Of Versatile Clear Storage Drawers

Organize your cosmetics, desk supplies, and more with these clear containers that let you see what’s in there while keeping everything clean and dust-free. They stack easily, come in three sizes so you can create your own storage system, and the drawers remove completely so you can reach whatever you’ve stored all the way in the back.


The Remote Control Caddy You Can Mount To The Wall

How much time do you waste looking for the remote control? Put them all on the wall where they won’t fall under the couch or clutter up the coffee table by sticking this slick remote-control holder to the wall next to the TV. It mounts with an included adhesive system, so you don’t have to drill any holes, and it comes in black and white finishes.


A Clever Tool To Help You Fill Plastic Bags

When you need another hand to help you load produce or meat from your big-box purchases into smaller plastic bags, set this clever baggy rack down on the counter and clip a wide-open bag into it’s grippy hands. It will hold the bag open while you fill them up, and it’s also a handy place to dry bags if you wash them.


This Succulent-Inspired Ring Holder That Will Look Adorable On Your Shelf

Is it a decoration? Is it a ring stand? Technically, it’s both. This ceramic succulent ring holder is a perfect catchall for jewelry and other tiny trinkets. You can choose between an aloe plant, or two different types of cactus. The base is just under 5 inches in diameter, and the ceramic is smooth and glazed for a cute, lasting display.


These Spice Holders That Save Space & Keep You Organized

No more searching through cluttered cabinets and overstuffed drawers for the spices you need. These handy spice clip strips adhere to your cupboard or wall, and hold spice jars of varying shapes and sizes. You can trim the strips to best fit your space, and the necessary adhesive is included, too.


An Ironing Mat So You Never Again Have To Wrestle With An Awkward Ironing Board

If only I’d had one of these in my early twenties, I would have ironed my clothes more often. At 18 by 31 inches, this ironing mat takes up less space than an ironing board and is portable, so you can use it wherever is most convenient. Magnets keep it secure against metallic surfaces like washers and dryers when it’s in use.


These Flameless Tea Lights You Can Control With The Press Of A Button

These 12 flameless tea lights are battery-powered and remote control operated, so you can enjoy the vibe of real candles without the risk of flames. Available in white or gold faux wax, they work great in candle holders, as part of a centerpiece, or on shelves.


A Stylish Window Cling That Gives You Some Extra Privacy

This vinyl window cover is colorful when the sun hits it, turning plain glass windows into full-on art while blocking UVA and UVB rays. The sticker uses static cling, so installation is super easy and you can remove and reposition it as you see fit. Seven sizes are available.


This Wine Glass Holder That Saves Space & Looks Amazing

Hanging wine glasses just looks more luxe than standing them upright; I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules. This under cabinet wine glass rack comes in four colors (black, brown, gold, and white), in two sizes, and in packages of one or two. All hardware is included, and according to buyers, installation is easy.


A Luxe Gold Mirror Tray That Can Hold Your Random Stuff

Available in two sizes, this gold mirror tray instantly elevates any space. It’s great for make-up, perfume bottles, jewelry, and other small items. The mirrored surface lays flat and has a transparent edge frames in gold, to keep items secure. Plus, the bottom is lined with felt, so it won’t leave scratches.


This Space-Saving Dish Drying Rack That’s Easy To Store

This brilliant roll-up dish rack creates drying space literally out of thin air. Made from stainless steel and silicone, it fits over your sink so dishes and utensils can drip dry without taking up precious room on your counter. There are four sizes available to fit a range of sinks, and it’s heat-resistant, so it doubles as a trivet, too.


A Clever Coffee Pod Storage Drawer That Fits Under Your Brewer

If your coffee station is a bit unruly, then you may appreciate this coffee pod drawer that can also support coffee makers of various shapes and sizes. It comes in black, red, or white, and holds up to 30 coffee pods, so you can keep an eye on your stash while keeping clutter to a minimum.


This Cute Set Of Bathroom Accessories To Instantly Upgrade Your Countertop

If anyone needs me, I’ll be over here redecorating my home to match this cute set of ceramic bathroom accessories. Available in five colors (the navy is my fav), it comes with a coordinating soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, cup, and soap tray that look great lined up on your counter.


A Shower Organizer That Helps Keep Your Body And Your Shower Clean

This hanging shower caddy comes in white and black, and has eight pockets (three small, three medium, and two large) for products and bottles galore, toys, and sponges. It’s made from mesh, so water easily drains out between uses, and the included hooks are rust-proof, making it perfect to hang in your shower or on a nearby towel rack.


This Set Of Nesting Measuring Cups And Spoons

This 10-piece set of measuring cups and spoons set has all the basics you need to start (or complete) your collection of kitchen tools. They’re made with BPA-free plastic and are dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to deal with hand washing. Everything nests together to make storage easy, too.


A Bamboo Salt Box With Three Swiveling Compartments

This three-tiered salt box has separate compartments for all of your favorite spices. There are built-in magnets that keep the sections aligned, but that still allow for easy opening. The bamboo wood material has a sleek, modern look, so it’s a great addition to your regular tablescape.


This Perfectly-Sized Snack Bin That Takes Pantry Organization To The Next Level

This snack organizer holds and displays your favorite foods so your pantry can stay neat and tidy, and you can easily monitor your supply. It comes in three sizes, with four compartments in the smallest and nine in the largest. If you don’t keep that many snacks on hand, they work great for makeup or desk supplies, too.


These Motion Sensor Lights So You Never Stub Your Toe In The Dark Again

You can set these motion sensor lights to turn on with a switch, or whenever movement is detected within a 15 foot radius. They plug directly into the outlet so there are no cords or wires to deal with, and you can adjust brightness levels, too. Each pack comes with two lights.


A Bedside Caddy With Pockets For All Of Your Essentials

No more fumbling in the dark when everything you need is hanging right from your bed. This bedside organizer comes in black, brown, and grey, and has pockets that are perfectly sized for basics like glasses, phones, medication, books, and more. Placement is super easy, too; it slides right underneath your mattress, or even your couch cushions, for quick and simple storage.


A Set Of Suction Cup Hooks For Custom Hanging In Your Home

These suction cup hooks are waterproof and rustproof, so you can pop them on your shower wall to hold loofahs or washcloths. They suction to any nonporous, smooth surface, and if you need to put them elsewhere, adhesive is included. They come in packs or two and four.


A Paper Towel Holder That You Can Use With 1 Hand

Keep paper towels within easy reach while you are cooking, then move them to the dining table for a casual meal with this stainless steel holder, which applies just the right amount of pressure to the roll so you can tear off a single towel with one hand. It looks attractive, has a weighted bottom so it won’t tip over, and has over 12,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.


This Sliding Basket And Shelf Combo That Transforms The Area Under Your Sink

If you’re tired of reaching into the deep, dark depths of the cabinet under your sink for what you need, then this shelf and sliding basket combo may be your fix. The basket drawer slides all the way out, so you can easily grab exactly what you need. It’s available in bronze or chrome, and if you have more than one, they’re stackable, too.


These Sheet Holder Straps To Help Your Bed Stay Perfectly Made

These bed sheet holders come in packs of four or eight straps. The durable elastic bands and attached clamps secure the corners of your fitted sheets and keep them right where you want them. They work with a range of bedding types, and Amazon reviewers say that they’re durable enough to last for years.


These Twisty Pins That Hold Slip Covers Firmly In Place

Keep your furniture covers in place with these these decorative twisting pins. They screw through the fabric and into the furniture, just like an upholsterer would do, but it’s a much less expensive solution. Once everything is secured, they look like a subtle decorative accent, so you’ll hardly notice them.


This Shower Door Sealer That Saves Your Bathroom Floor From Drips & Puddles

If you have a leaky shower door, then you know how much of a struggle it can be to keep your bathroom floor dry. This shower door sealer slides right onto frameless glass and keeps water from dripping onto the floor. It’s made from clear vinyl, so it’s a subtle and effective addition, and it’s 36 inches long, but can be cut if necessary.


A Set Of Minimalist Planters So Your Houseplants Look Stylish

This set of three planters creates a clean, minimalist style for your houseplants, and they look so much more expensive than they actually are. Each planter has holes for drainage and matching saucers that blend seamlessly with the design so your living creations thrive without looking messy. They come in three colors and four sizes.

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