Angel Number 1234 Wants You To Get Rid Of What’s No Longer Serving You

It’s time to clear your schedule and clean up the clutter.

by Kristine Fellizar
What does the angel number 1234 mean?
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Any time you see the number 1234 repeatedly out in the world, whether that be an address, your lunch order, the time on the clock, or a Sesame Street ad at the bus stop, it can make you wonder if the universe is trying to tell you something. Like 1111, 1234 is one of those special numbers that catches your attention right away. If you keep seeing 1234, you’re receiving a message from your spirit guides in the form of an angel number. According to Licia Morelli, a clairvoyant psychic and angel numbers expert, there is a significant spiritual meaning behind the angel number 1234.

More often than not, angel numbers will catch your eye when you’ve got something on your mind. For instance, you may be wondering about a relationship that isn’t going anywhere or a career move that’s been on the back burner for some time. The message you’re meant to receive can be applied to whatever it is you were thinking about at the time you see the angel number.

“Numbers are the easiest way for our guides and angels to communicate with us here on Earth,” Morelli says. “These numbers get your attention and have clear messages. This is true for any number and especially the number 1234.”

So here’s what it means if you keep seeing the angel number 1234, and how you can apply its messages to your everyday life, career, and love life.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of 1234 In Numerology?

Unlike angel numbers with a sequence of repetitive numbers like 333, 1111, or even 1144 that bring a greater emphasis to the base number like “3”, “1”, or “4,” 1234 combines four consecutive numbers that should be looked at as a whole. Because of this, the spiritual meaning of 1234 has a lot to do with luck and momentum.

“It's a number that tells you to simplify and to amplify,” Morelli says. “Get rid of the clutter in your home, make space on your schedule, and watch as a new opportunity comes your way. It's a number that wants you to prepare yourself for a new and busy time that's filled with abundance, confidence, and clarity.”

Since it starts with the number “1”, you may have to start at the bottom of the ladder. But if you keep pushing forward, you’ll achieve what you set out to do.

Angel Number 1234 Meaning In Work & Career

When it comes to career and work, 1234 is an empowering sign to receive. According to Morelli, it’s telling you to release any doubts you may have about your qualifications and empower yourself to take charge at the next meeting. “Your expertise is going to land positively and you might just stand out in the meeting room with your knowledge,” she says.

If you have an idea for a project you’ve been hesitant to send out, 1234 is your sign to put it out there. According to Morelli, there’s a good chance you’ll see success.

Angel Number 1234 Meaning In Love

The angel number 1234 will appear in your life when your relationship is about to head off in a new direction. For instance, you may decide to move in together or get married. If you’re newly dating, 1234 is a sign you’re about to take things to the next level and make it official.

When you see 1234 and you’re single, Morelli says you’re about to meet someone new. However, it does come with a piece of advice. “The more space you make for a relationship to find you, the better,” she says. So clear out anything in your life that may be hindering you from having the love you deserve, and get ready to welcome the new.

What To Do If You See 1234 Repeatedly

Since the angel number 1234 is all about forward movement, action may need to be taken on your part. If 1234 keeps popping up in your life, make sure you've cleared up your calendar, your desk, your home, or your communication with your partner. “Get rid of anything that's hanging out that you no longer need around,” Morelli says. “If it's communication that needs to be cleaned up, start with a feelings statement. Name it to tame it and release the energy you've been holding onto.”

Once you have everything cleared out and organized, make a to-do list of things you can do to help you achieve your goals. For instance, if you have an important meeting coming up and you want to impress the higher-ups, make a list of talking points and prepare yourself. If you want to be the lead on a big project, take initiative and do things that will make you stand above the competition.

“Seeing 1234 is a signal that your guides want what's best for you and they're telling you to clean up, clear out, and communicate your wants and desires,” Morelli says. “When you do, success will follow. Have faith!”


Licia Morelli, clairvoyant psychic and angel numbers expert