Angel Number 1144 Wants You To Look Forward To New Beginnings

Think of it as your own spiritual cheerleader.

by Kristine Fellizar
The spiritual meaning of the angel number 1144
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If you’re looking for guidance in your life, the answers you’re looking for may be right in front of you. When it comes to the universe, nothing is a coincidence, so you have to pay attention to the messages around you. If a certain number catches your attention because you’re seeing it everywhere, from the time on the clock to your order number at Starbucks, it’s definitely worth paying attention to. This recurrence means you’re seeing an angel number, so there’s a message the universe wants you to receive. If the angel number 1144 keeps popping up in your life, you may have a new journey ahead.

Unlike repeating numbers like 333, 444, or of course, 1111, angel number 1144 isn’t one that will capture your attention immediately. However, its meaning is pretty significant, especially if you’re seeing it constantly. As Larissa Martincic, intuitive numerologist and angel oracle expert, tells Bustle, the number represents hope, faith, peace, and abundance.

“It’s asking you to bring what’s out of alignment into balance,” Martincic says. “A new beginning is fast approaching and it’s one that’s leading you towards the manifestation you desire. It’s a new journey that will allow your soul to fall in love with life all over again. Be open, be ready, and be willing to go forward even if it means going alone. If you stand up for your dreams and become dedicated to your vision, you won’t be alone for long.”

With angel number 1144, your spirit guides are pointing you in the direction of “vibrational alignment and harmony” in the major aspects of your life like health, wealth, love, and career. But since spirit guides are meant to provide guidance and insight, you may have to do some work in order to achieve the harmony you’re looking for.

“Sometimes these angel numbers are the sign that you’ve been waiting for to confirm your inner knowing,” Martincic says. “The answers you seek always come from within, so remember it’s super important to stop and pay attention to your life. Ask yourself what’s going on, what is bringing you happiness, or what is making you feel anxious. When the number pattern appears, most likely it’s confirming your inner knowing.”

With that, here’s everything you need to know about angel number 1144 and what it may mean for your life.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of 1144 In Numerology?

The spiritual meaning of angel number 1144 is “rooted” in synchronicity and serendipity, says Licia Morelli, clairvoyant psychic and angel numbers expert. It’s a positive number that comes into your life whenever you’re feeling worn down or stuck. If you’re at a point in your life where you’re ready to make a major change, 1144 may be just the push you need to move forward with confidence.

In numerology, the number one means new beginnings, while four is the number of stability. “When you double them up into 1144 you can rest assured that your prayers for positive new starts that are long-lasting will be answered,” Morelli says. “No more fits and starts. This is the time of longevity and stability.”

Angel Number 1144 Meaning In Everyday Life

When you see the number 1144 show up in your everyday life, there’s a chance you may be struggling with a life decision. For instance, you may be presented with an amazing job opportunity but it’s in another country. You may decide you want to be more active and exercise more, or you might take up a hobby that is way out of your comfort zone but you’ve always wanted to try. If there’s something you want to do but you’re scared of what might go wrong, the angel number 1144 is here to tell you to have faith in yourself.

“You’re about to start a new phase of happiness and self-assurance,” Morelli says. “You'll release any doubts or insecurities you've been holding onto and will begin to find yourself and your purpose. You'll feel more aligned with your decisions and will find new ease in what opportunities come your way.”

It’s the number to look for whenever you’re having any doubts. Think of it as your own spiritual cheerleader urging you to say “yes” and keep pushing forward.

Angel Number 1144 Meaning In Work & Career

Angel numbers tend to appear when you’re seeking guidance in certain areas of your life. If work has been frustrating or you’re looking to change what you’re doing altogether, 1144 brings the message that a new beginning is upon you.

“If 1144 finds you at work it means the new position you applied for or the raise you asked for is about to happen,” Morelli says. “ You can trust that an influx of new energy is taking shape and it won't be a flash in the pan! Instead, it's the start of a firm foundation for career advancement and it’s an experience that will play a part in your work for a long time to come.”

Angel Number 1144 Meaning In Love

If you’re single and the number 1144 pops up when you’re thinking about your love life, it’s a sign that a new relationship is right around the corner. Rest assured it’s not a short or casual relationship either. According to Morelli, it’s a partnership that’s “fated,” and has a healthy foundation that can lead to a long-lasting marriage.

When you see the angel number 1144 and you’re already in a relationship, you may be on the verge of taking that next big step. That means the proposal you’ve been waiting for is on the way, or you may decide to move in with your partner. You might also decide it’s finally the right time to start a family. Regardless of what that next step is, there’s no need to worry. Again, the number 1144 is a positive sign, so stay optimistic.

What To Do If You See 1144 Repeatedly

As is true with any angel number, you'll want to pay close attention to the questions on your mind when you see the number 1144 pop up. For instance, are you thinking about a new relationship that feels unlike any other relationship before it? If so, 1144 may be your sign to look inward, get honest about your feelings, and be open to receiving the love this new person is willing to offer you. According to Morelli, they could very well be “The One.”

If you’ve got a new job opportunity lined up but you’re having doubts, take some time to reflect on your situation and figure out where the hesitation is coming from. “Angel number 1144 is telling you this is a time to have confidence in your abilities and release any insecurities you might experience as you apply or interview,” Morelli says.

If you’re feeling a shift in your life in general, pay attention to any synchronicity that keeps showing up. For instance, maybe you have zero intention of ever moving but you keep seeing things related to New York everywhere. It could be a sign that something or someone in New York is meant for you to discover.

As Morelli says, “The angel number 1144 tells you to follow the path that opens up with surprise opportunities and trust that you're headed in the right direction.”


Licia Morelli, clairvoyant psychic and angel numbers expert

Larissa Martincic, intuitive numerologist and angel oracle expert