These Clever Things Under $20 Are So Damn Helpful, You'll Use Them At Least Twice A Day

Major ROI.

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You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to find products that are so helpful, you’re likely to use them twice a day. Right off the bat, you’ll see this dry-erase weekly calendar that magnetizes to your refrigerator. It comes with a selection of markers, so you can color code your schedule by family member or type of activity.

Another thing that’s so helpful is this rolling storage cart with a slim profile that fits into the smallest of spaces, giving you a place to stash miscellaneous items. You’ll find so many other helpful things on this list that you’ll want to add to your cart, and at these prices, you’ll be able to.


The Weekly Planner That Lets You Color Code Your Schedule

With a rainbow’s worth of fine-tip dry-erase markers that let you color code your schedule by category or participant, this weekly calendar set will make it easy for you to get organized. The calendar and all the accessories adhere to your fridge or any magnetic surface for easy access, and the large eraser removes the ink fully, so you can start over at the end of each week.


A Warmer To Keep Your Hot Beverages At Just The Right Temperature

Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or a tea lover, you’re sure to wonder what you ever did before you got this mug warmer that keeps hot beverages at just the right temperature for drinking (i.e., no more lukewarm sipping or microwaving). It takes up minimal space on a kitchen counter or desk, and — pro tip— it’s great for hot soup, too.


This Magnifier That Enlarges Your Phone Screen

Have you ever been stuck trying to watch a program on your phone, only to realize how frustrating it is to stare at that tiny screen? With this screen magnifier, you can make that screen instantly the size of a tablet or larger, so you can actually enjoy the show. Lightweight and portable, it’s great for travel and works just like a mini projector screen.

  • Available sizes: 3


The Silicone Utensil That Keeps Your Counter Drip-Free

Crafted from BPA-free, heat-resistant silicone, this utensil rest gives you a place to store your cooking tools without dirtying your counter or stove. With space for four spoons or spatulas, it features notches that hold the utensils on their sides, and the lip around the edge keeps runoff at bay. When it needs cleaning, just throw it in your dishwasher.

  • Available colors: 26


A Garlic Press That Makes Mincing Easy

With its ergonomic handle and stainless steel blade, this garlic press set makes mincing garlic as easy as rocking it back and forth on your cutting board — in just a matter of seconds. The press comes with a garlic peeling device (no more trying to peel with your fingers) and a scraper and brush to help you work off those last bits of garlic before storing everything in a drawer.


The Dishwasher Magnet That Eliminates That Age-Old Kitchen Question

Put an end to the oldest of kitchen questions — “are the dishes dirty or clean?” —with this magnet that adheres to your dishwasher. A simple slide mechanism allows you to change the status from dirty to clean, and the bold text and bright colors are easy to read.

  • Available colors: 5


This Motion-Activated Light For Your Toilet

If you don’t want to turn on those blinding overhead lights at night, but still need a little help finding your way in the bathroom, this motion-activated toilet night light is the way to go. Engineered to sense movement within 5 feet, it lights up in your choice of 16 colors, or — for a disco show — you can cycle through the whole lot of them. It has an auto-off function that engages when you leave, and installs easily on the side of any toilet.


An Electric Wine Opener That’s So Much Easier Than A Corkscrew

If you’re tired of struggling with your manual corkscrew, now is definitely the time to upgrade to this electric bottle opener. Just a press a button and watch as the corkscrew automatically inserts itself into the cork and removes it, with no tricky effort on your part. This set also comes with a foil cutter, an aerator, and two stoppers, for a complete wine-opening experience.


This Scrubber Set For Full-Body & Face Exfoliation

For head-to-toe exfoliation, this scrubbing set includes two facial exfoliators to brighten up your complexion as well as a larger scrubbing brush for your body, which is great for softening skin and preventing razor bumps and ingrown hairs. All three are made from skin-friendly silicone and feature ergonomic handles that keep them comfortably in your hand.


These Wine Bottle Stoppers That Are Cute & Functional

Topped with stainless steel hearts, these bottle stoppers are unmissable on your bar cart, but they’re more than just cute: Their food-grade silicone gaskets really do the job in keeping leftover wine fresh longer. They’re a must-have for anyone who enjoys a glass of vino at the end of a long day, and they make a great gift for everyone from your BFF to work friends.


These Cable Clips That’ll Tame Your Desk Or Entertainment Center

Wherever you have a bunch of electronics, whether it’s in your work area or by your entertainment center, there’s bound to be a mess of cords. This three-pack of cable holder clips is what you need to tame them and keep them organized so that you can always tell what goes where (while also minimizing any eyesores). Made from durable silicone, they adhere to any surface with durable double-sided adhesive.

  • Available colors: 5


A Smartphone Stand With A Cult Following

Made from a durable but lightweight aluminum alloy, this cell phone stand is the perfect device for making FaceTime or Zoom calls from your smartphone. Available in five colors, it’s compact enough to take on the road with you, and it’s even designed so that you can loop your charging cord through the back to power up your device while it’s on the stand. Best of all — it’s earned an ultra-high 4.7-star overall rating after 80,000 Amazon reviews.

  • Available colors: 5


This Notepad That Will Help You Prioritize Tasks

If you’re so overloaded with tasks that you have a hard time knowing where to start, this to-do list notepad will help you prioritize. You can sort tasks into three categories: “Super Important,” “Then Do This,” and “Chill, This Can Wait.” You’ll see that having your tasks organized and committed to paper — instead of floating around in your brain — takes some of the pressure off and clears your head, so you can focus on what you need to get started on first.


A Petite Vacuum Cleaner That’s Great For Desktops & Tabletops

Keep your desktop spic and span with this vacuum cleaner that clears away dust, crumbs, and other debris. Battery-powered, its small size and cordless design means it can easily get into get into tight corners. Plus, you can use it in the kitchen, too, to clear off crumbs and remnants from your counter or table.

  • Available colors: 5


The Organizer That Will Whip Your Desk Right Into Shape

Crafted from metal mesh, this desk organizer is designed to wrangle all of your office necessities together into one convenient location, making your workspace neat and tidy in a flash. Six compartments offer plenty of storage space for pens and pencils, sticky notes, paperclips, and more, and you can use the small drawer for change or other items that might be extra important. The little shelf on top is perfect for a small framed item, your coffee mug, or a cute succulent.

  • Available colors: 2


A Protective Desk Pad That Comes In A Rainbow Of Colors

Add some color to your workday with this desk pad protector that’s made from water-resistant faux leather and available in a veritable rainbow of hues. With light padding and a nonslip cork backing, it’s designed to protect your desk from scratches, stains, water marks, and more — all the damage that frequently occurs in the course of everyday use.

  • Available colors: 15


This Spray Bottle That Makes It Easy To Dispense Olive Oil

With a misting mechanism made from high-quality stainless steel, this oil spray bottle lets you closely control the amount of oil you’re adding to your food. Ideal for dressing salad greens, working at the grill, and adding a final touch of flavor to all your dishes, it features a large spray button that’s easy to press. The bottle comes with a funnel so that it’s easy to fill, too.


This LED Lamp That Adds Space-Age Decor To Any Room

This optical illusion lamp is part decor, part conversation piece. With a space-inspired 3-D design, it tricks they eye in the most fun way, and you can toggle through multiple color settings. Place it on a side table in the living room, or use it on your nightstand as a night light.


A Laptop Stand That Helps Prevent Neck Strain

Stave off workplace maladies like neck and shoulder discomfort with this laptop stand that elevates your computer so that you can view the screen by looking straight ahead. Compatible with laptops ranging from 10 to 17 inches, it’s height- and angle-adjustable, and features a built-in stand for your smartphone. When you’re not using it, it folds up flat for space-saving storage.


This Essential Oil Diffuser That Scents Your Space With Aromatherapy

With a small footprint that takes up minimal space on your nightstand or desk, this diffuser sets the mood by infusing the room with your favorite essential oil. It features two misting modes and a dimmable LED light that can be illuminated in your choice of eight colors. When the reservoir runs dry, the diffuser automatically shuts off.


The Modern Lamp With A Wireless Charging Pad

Whenever I come across a multifunctional item, I’m on board, and this lamp fulfills that criteria. Not only does it light up your workspace or nightstand, but it also has a USB port and a wireless charging pad to power up all of your devices. With five color temperatures and 10 brightness levels, you have the ultimate in customizable lighting right at your fingertips — and it doesn’t hurt that the sleek, modern lines look right at home anywhere.


This Elephant Pen Holder That Doubles As A Phone Stand

Why store your writing utensils in a basic pencil cup when you can put them in this pen and pencil holder that’s shaped like an elephant? Besides being a place to stash pens, the elephant’s trunk cradles your phone, so you can use it hands free. Crafted from lightweight, durable resin, this holder also comes in other styles, like a dinosaur, dolphin, and lion.

  • Available styles: 6


A Trimmer To Easily Remove Facial Hair

This facial hair trimmer features stainless steel blades that make it easy to shape your eyebrows and remove facial, ear, and nose hair — all with the press of a button. The device is rechargeable (so you never have to worry about batteries), and the cordless operation allows for ease of movement, so it can take on all the contours of your face.


The Body Brush That Massages & Exfoliates

Whether you use it wet or dry, this body brush works to exfoliate skin, promote lymphatic drainage, and stimulate circulation to promote even, glowing skin. It’s made with a combination of boar bristles and rubber massage nodes, so it’s totally relaxing to use. The base is made from real wood and has a sturdy canvas strap for ease of use.


A System To Keep Your Makeup Brushes Clean & Germ-Free

Keep your expensive makeup brushes hygienic and in top shape with this automatic makeup brush cleaning system. First, match your brush handle to one of the eight collars included in the set, then, fill the shatterproof bowl with warm water and your favorite mild cleanser. Insert the spinner fitted with your brush into the bowl and switch the spinner on for a deep clean. Then raise the brush out of the water and let it spin inside the bowl to dry.


This Organizer That Keeps Your Purses In Good Shape

Get a bunch of extra storage space for your favorite handbags when you choose this purse organizer that’s designed to go right over your door. It features six clear compartments: two that are wallet- or clutch-sized and four that are extra deep for larger handbags. Also great for rolled-up towels, this organizer has two chrome hooks that are suitable for use on any standard sized door or closet rod.


The Stopper That Will Fit Any Kitchen Sink

Need to fill your kitchen sink to wash your dishes or your dog, but can’t find your stopper? Here’s a replacement you don’t have to worry over: This stopper will fit any kitchen sink, regardless of whether you have a disposal or not. It’s made with a rubber gasket to ensure a tight seal, and it comes in three finishes: brushed nickel, polished chrome, and oiled bronze.

  • Available styles: 3


These Ice Pack Bricks That Are Great For Coolers & Lunch Boxes

Next time you’re packing a cooler, instead of using bags of ice, try use these reusable ice pack bricks instead — not only are they less mess, but they’re more compact, too. Filled with gel, these thin bricks freeze solid, but take a long time to defrost, keeping your food chilled for hours on end.


A Frother To Help You Get Barista-Style Coffee At Home

Skip the trip to the cafe and make your own barista-style coffee drinks right in your own kitchen when you get this milk frother that gives you the perfect foam for your cappuccino or macchiato. It’s also great for making whipped cream for your hot chocolate (or anything else!) and even for making milkshakes and fancy adult beverages.


The Garbage Can That Cracks Down On Mess In The Car

Get a handle on the mess in your car with this garbage can that can hang from the back of one of your seats or off the side of the center console using the convenient anchor strap. This leakproof container comes with 20 garbage you can fill up and then simply discard — just like the trash at home. Plus, there are mesh pockets on the side that are perfect for tissues and other small essentials.


This Shoe Organizer That Wrangles All Your Kicks

Place this shoe organizer in your entryway to wrangle everyone’s shoes, and you’ll never have to worry about dirt and mud being tracked in again. Made with fabric stretched over a sturdy steel frame, the organizer has six separate cubbies. This organizer is also great for use inside your closet or as a way to straighten up the kids’ playroom.


The Cocktail Shaker Set That Every Bar Cart Needs

There’s just something about a well-appointed bar cart that feels so grown up, and this seven-piece cocktail shaker set is exactly what you need to serve the most exquisite mixed drinks. Crafted from stainless steel with a unique brushed finish, this set is fingerprint- and smudge-proof, and includes a shaker, muddler, pourers, bottle opener, and jigger.


These Chalkboard Labels That Give You An Enviable Pantry

Lately I’ve been swooning over those pantries on Instagram that are so neat and tidy they look like meditation in dry goods form. The closest I’ve gotten to that is these chalkboard labels. Not only do they help me organize everything, but items are easier to identify. These labels come in a variety of sizes, and are accompanied by white and hot pink chalk pens.


An Eyeglass Holder Shaped Like A Giraffe

This hand-carved giraffe is unique as a decor piece, but it also doubles as a totally fun eyeglasses holder. Crafted from real wood, it has notches that keep your glasses secure right on top of the head. With this piece, you’ll certainly never fumble around trying to remember where you put your glasses again.


A Handy Case To Display & Store Your Makeup

Instead of scattered lipsticks in makeup bags and eyeshadows crowding the bathroom drawer, streamline and tidy everything by storing it in this handy makeup case. Not only does it make a neat display where you can actually see the stuff you have — and use it! — it’s also stackable and reconfigurable so you can add more drawers, keep the top portion elsewhere, or arrange it however works best for your setup. And, this has an impressive 4.7-star rating overall.

  • Available styles: 3
  • Available colors: 1


These Floating Shelves That Stick Right Onto The Wall

Every room has that one weirdly placed outlet that’s in the middle of nowhere, far-removed from any conceivable floor layout, and these stick-on wall shelves help make the most of that outlet by setting up a charging station just above it. Of course, you can also use the shelves in other areas, like the bathroom where you can use it to to hold some tissue and air freshener. There’s no involved installation required — the two shelves mount to the wall with ultra-strong double-sided 3M adhesive.


A Slim Storage Cart For The Most Narrow Of Spaces

When you need to make every inch of unused space count, this slim storage cart is a genius choice. Perfect for just about any room in the house, it’s designed to slide into tight spaces, like between your washer and dryer. It features three shelves, and the casters make it easy to roll smoothly in and out of its hiding spot.

  • Available colors: 3


The Vanity Mirror Lights That Upgrade Your Bathroom

Your bathroom mirror will be ready for its close-up when you add these vanity mirror lights. Not only do they upgrade your bathroom, but they also give you a better view as you’re doing hair and makeup. The 60 waterproof LED lights secure to edges of your mirror with adhesive, and you can control the brightness with the dimmer.


This Wall-Mounted Toothbrush Holder That Clears Up Counter Clutter

With room to store up to four toothbrushes, this wall-mounted toothbrush holder is an easy way to clear up counter clutter around the sink. The holder also has a built-in toothpaste dispenser that doles out just the right amount of toothpaste every time. The whole assembly has an easy-open dust cover to protect all the pieces from contamination.


These Silicone Bowl Lids That Make Food Storage Simple

More cost-effective than plastic wrap, these bowl lids fit a large variety of pots, pans, and bowls, making storage of leftover foods quick and easy. Made from silicone that’s heat-resistant to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, the lids create an airtight seal with your container to keep foods fresh longer. They’re refrigerator-, freezer, and microwave-safe.

  • Available colors: 4


The Suction Hooks For Organizing Your Kitchen Or Bath

With a weight capacity of 7 pounds, these suction hooks have nearly limitless uses; they can hold cooking utensils in the kitchen or your loofah, bath towels, and more in the bathroom. The clear design means they fit in with any decor scheme, and they lock onto any smooth surface and can be removed easily by simply unlocking.


This Portable Manicure Set In A Pretty Rose Gold Tone

This manicure set has everything you need to keep your nails looking in top shape both at home and on the road. The set includes everything from toenail clippers to cuticle pushers to nail files. The tools are made from surgical-grade stainless steel with rose gold accents, and all 12 pieces can be neatly stored in the zip-up case.


A Facial Steamer That Gives You A Salon-Like Treatment At Home

Inhale deeply and just say, “ahhhh,” knowing your pores are getting a deep clean with this facial steamer. With three power settings, the steamer is also designed to hydrate skin and open pores, so your skin can better absorb skin-care products. The steamer comes with a set of extraction tools if you’re looking to remove blackheads.


A Heat-Resistant Mat For Your Styling Tools

Made of heat-resistant silicone, this styling tool mat is designed to protect your bathroom countertop from being damaged by your hot hair tools. This material can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and the grippy surface ensures your curling iron or flat iron won’t budge and fall to the ground.


This Sleek-Looking Carafe For Delicious Pour-Over Coffee

Made from durable, heat-resistant glass and fitted with a laser-cut stainless steel mesh filter, this pour-over coffee maker has such graceful lines, it’s almost sculptural in nature. Don’t let its artistic look fool you, though; it brews a mean pot of coffee (3-4 cups at a time) and has a cool-touch handle so you can pour yourself a piping hot cup.

  • Available colors: 2
  • Available sizes: 3

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