The 43 Most Helpful Things You Can Buy On Amazon

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Shopping can be fun, therapeutic, and frivolously fun. But it can also serve as a way to stock up on tools, gadgets, and products that will make life easier by cutting down on the time it takes you to accomplish tasks. These most helpful things you can buy on Amazon run the gamut from beauty tools to cooking devices, but they share that one all-important feature in common: they are beyond useful.

The best innovative products on Amazon to save you money, space, and give you back some of your precious time are usually items that make you think: I have to have that. They may be simple in their design — like a magnetic key holder that sticks to your wall with 3M adhesive tape — but the outcome you can expect (like never misplacing your keys again and turning your living room upside down at six in the morning) makes it a genius invention worth purchasing.

Whether you're shopping for brilliant beauty products like a spinning makeup brush cleaner that cleans and dries brushes so you can re-use them in seconds, or kitchen gadgets that save you major counter and drawer space, you'll find some of the most helpful items every invented for everyday use on this list.

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