The 43 Most Helpful Things You Can Buy On Amazon

Shopping can be fun, therapeutic, and frivolously fun. But it can also serve as a way to stock up on tools, gadgets, and products that will make life easier by cutting down on the time it takes you to accomplish tasks. These most helpful things you can buy on Amazon run the gamut from beauty tools to cooking devices, but they share that one all-important feature in common: they are beyond useful.

The best innovative products on Amazon to save you money, space, and give you back some of your precious time are usually items that make you think: I have to have that. They may be simple in their design — like a magnetic key holder that sticks to your wall with 3M adhesive tape — but the outcome you can expect (like never misplacing your keys again and turning your living room upside down at six in the morning) makes it a genius invention worth purchasing.

Whether you're shopping for brilliant beauty products like a spinning makeup brush cleaner that cleans and dries brushes so you can re-use them in seconds, or kitchen gadgets that save you major counter and drawer space, you'll find some of the most helpful items every invented for everyday use on this list.

1. A Magnetic Key Holder So You Never Lose Keys Again

Tescat Magnetic Key Holder, $10, Amazon

This wall mounted magnetic key holder attracts and holds keys and other magnetic devices — and can hang on to up to 3 pounds. It doesn't require tools or drilling that can damage walls, either. The 3M adhesive tape secures the piece to your wall and it comes with six magnetic key holders. Your mornings will be so much less hectic when you aren't running around searching for your keys.


2. An Eco-Friendly Laundry Spot Remover

Grandma's Secret Laundry Spray, $7 (2 Pack), Amazon

Even the toughest stains – looking at you, red wine, chocolate, and grease — don't stand a chance against this stain removing spray, which you can apply directly to your most stubborn stains prior to washing the clothing or fabric. This non-toxic spray is also safe for the environment and free of chlorine and phosphates. Always spot test on the underside of fabric before using it, but hundreds of reviewers can't get over how well it works on the worst stains.


3. A Reusable Lint Roller That You Can Wash

Wowgo Lint Roller, $10, Amazon

Lint rollers are always there for you, ready at a moment's notice to make your clothes look better. But removing a traditional roller's sticky tape and then remembering to refill it is an annoying task — one you'll never have to do again when you switch to this reusable and washable lint roller. This portable lint roller captures pet hair and debris without snagging clothing, fits right in your purse, and can then be simply washed with warm or cold water and used over and over again.


4. These Lid Covers For Cans To Keep Drinks Fizzy

Soda Pop Tops, $10 (12 Pack), Amazon

Keep the fizz in your soda or seltzer — even if you don't plan on finishing an entire can in one sitting — with these soda can lids. The lids come in assorted colors, fit perfectly over cans, and keep bugs out, all while maintaining the freshness of your beverage. One reviewer writes: "They worked great to keep bees and sand out and I think this may have been my first time finishing a drink on the beach instead of pouring it out 1/2 full! They fit on tight and will even keep a can of soda from going flat overnight!"


5. An Electronic Foot File Made With Diamond Crystals

Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File, $20, Amazon

You'll never have to scrub your feet again when you use this electronic foot file, which gently buffs away dead skin and calluses using a 360-degree spinning roller head made with diamond crystals. This battery-operated file does all of the work for you. Roller refills are available and they come in different textures, from soft to extra-coarse, so you can personalize your home pedicure treatment and get rid of some of the toughest dry skin patches. This product has over 9,000 thousand reviews for a reason: reviewers absolutely swear by it.


6. A Handbag Organizer To Keep Your Belongings Neat

IN Multi-Pocket Travel Handbag Organizer, $10, Amazon

When was the last time you dug into the depths of your purse or bag and were unable to find your phone, keys, or lipstick? This travel handbag organizer fits right inside of your tote bag and features pockets of various sizes where you can easily stash your laptop, notebooks, phone, beauty must-have items, and other accessories. This bag comes in black, khaki, and rose-red, and is made from a waterproof material that keeps your belongings safe.


7. A Foot Scrubber That Removes Dead Skin And Feels Amazing

Shower Foot Scrubber By Vive, $17, Amazon

Make shower time even more therapeutic by using this foot scrubber (which suctions to your tub) every time you take a bath or shower. The scrubber features thick, stiff bristles that remove dead skin cells and calluses every time you move your foot along them. The scrubber also stimulates circulation and gives your feet a major massage. Don't worry about it accumulating mold or mildew — it was designed with a convenient hanger hole so you can hang it up and let it dry in between uses.


8. An Eco-Friendly Cleaning Towel That Will Save You Money

Life Miracle Nano Towels, $23, Amazon

You'll never have to stock up on paper towels again — this eco-friendly nano cleaning towel is made from tech-advanced nanolon fibers that act like a magnet to capture dirt, dust, and pet hair. All you have to do is wet the towel to activate it and it can be used to clean anything, without a single chemical cleaner needed. They won't leave streaks on glass and come in small dishrag and large bath towels sizes, too.


9. A Spinning Makeup Brush Cleaner That Washes And Dries Brushes

Lammcou Makeup Brush Cleaner, $20, Amazon

Wash your makeup brushes in seconds — and then use them immediately without having to wait for them to dry. This makeup brush cleaner works by attaching to your brush and spinning it in water at a high speed, which loosens all embedded makeup, dirt, and oil. You then spin the brush outside of the bowl to dry it and, bam, you have a clean brush ready for you to use again. This kit comes with eight brush collars to fit a variety of brushes, a bowl, and a spinner.


10. A Two-In-One Foot Soap And Pumice Stone That Kills Fungus

Athlete's Foot Scrubber Pumice Stone, $14, Amazon

It's never been easier to treat and prevent athlete's foot and other foot conditions. This two-in-one anti-fungal foot scrubber has a soap on one side that's made from soothing tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender oil — all of which help to quell foot odors and naturally kill bacteria and fungi that cause psoriasis and toenail fungus. On the flip side, you'll find a soft pumice stone that gently sloughs away dead skin cells and leaves feet smoother and softer.


11. A Tool That Lets You Grab High Objects And Change Lightbulbs

Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber, $16, Amazon

This smart suction cup reacher adds 32 inches to your reach so that you can grab objects on high shelves or even change a lightbulb without needing a ladder. It has a trigger handle that acts like a third hand, and can hold and maintain objects of many different sizes that weigh up to 5 pounds.


12. A Small Organizer For Your Phone And Gadgets

Cocoon Organizer, $20, Amazon

This small organizer for gadgets is just the right fit for your phone, iPad, charging cabs, and other accessories that you don't want to get lost in your bag or suitcase. You can reconfigure it to suit your needs and it comes in eight colors, including pink, yellow, and purple. It's also great for your necessities like makeup products, mints, and other things you take with you every day.


13. A Pain Relief Cream That Works Fast On Muscles And Joints

Penetrex Pain Relief Therapy, $19, Amazon

If you're experiencing muscle and joint aches and pains from exercise, carpal tunnel, arthritis, fibromyalgia, or other conditions, apply this pain relief cream to those areas and get fast relief. The cream is made with anti-inflammatory arnica, vitamin B6, and MSM. It's not greasy, won't stain your clothing, and more than 20,000 reviewers say it really, truly helps alleviate both chronic pain and temporary discomfort.


14. A Self-Massage Tool That Targets Your Body's Trigger Points

Body Back Trigger Point Self Massage Tool, $30, Amazon

This self-massage tool has 11 strategically placed therapy knobs that press down on your body's trigger points to relieve you of pain from muscle injury, spasms, and even headaches. The tool can be used anywhere — from your neck and upper back to your lower back and legs. It's sturdy, comfortable to hold, and (most importantly) effective, according to more than 4,000 reviewers.


15. An Egg Pan To Make Perfect Eggs Every Time

Amore Kitchenware Flamekiss Ceramic Coated Egg Cooker Pan, $36, Amazon

You can make eggs in any old pan, if you're okay with those eggs spreading and melting into each other and making a mess. This ceramic-coated egg pan is designed specifically for eggs (though it also makes cooking pancakes a dream). It has three circular cups that you can simply crack your egg right into and is made from non-stick ceramic. When you're ready to clean this pan, simply drop it in the dishwasher or give it a quick clean with a sponge — egg bits will come right up.


16. A Surge Protector Power Strips With Individually Controlled Outlets

Tripp Lite 7 Outlet, $21, Amazon

Never experience another outage again when you use this surge protector outlet, which has six individually controlled outlets and one outlet control. The outlets have a 6-foot cord and keyhole slots at the bottom that let you mount it to a wall or desk to keep it in place.


17. A Cork That Keeps Your Beer Cold

Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller, $20 (2 Pack), Amazon

Don't just put a cork in your beer bottle — insert this chiller cork in it (after you've stored it in the freezer for a few hours) and it will keep your beer cold and delicious. The best thing about this tool is that, in addition to keeping beer fresh and chilled, you can drink with the cork still in your bottle. Reviewers love that it works on soda bottles as well.


18. These Brilliant Washable Oven Liners That Catch Any Spills

Kitchen & Home Oven Liner, $13 (Set of 2), Amazon

This non-stick Teflon oven liner keeps oven cleaner (and prevents spilled food from burning) by catching any drips or spills that may occur. The liner is heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and can be removed and washed by hand or in the dishwasher. You'll spend less time cleaning your oven and scrubbing oven racks by simply owning this handy liner.


19. The Smart Plugs That Are Controlled By Your Phone Or Voice Commands

Etekcity Voltson Wi-Fi Smart Plug, $20 (2 Pack), Amazon

This smart plug can be controlled via voice by Amazon Alexa and Google assistant or by different devices like your smartphone so that you have total control over when appliances and electronics run. The Wifi plug can save you a ton of money and cut down on the amount of energy you use each day — not to mention it's totally convenient to be able to turn on your coffee maker from the comfort of your bed in the morning.


20. The Egg Cooker Cups That Cook Eggs In The Microwave

Tomons Microwave Egg Cooker, $15 (6 Pack), Amazon

Maker faster eggs in your microwave with these silicone egg cooker cups. Each cup is designed to hold one egg — break your egg into the cup (or scramble it first) — and after a few seconds in the microwave, you have a delicious and neatly contained meal. Both the cup and lid are made from 100 percent food-safe silicone, and these can easily be repurposed to cook cupcakes, pudding, and other foods.


21. A Sock Slider So You Won't Have To Bend Down

Allstar Innovations Sock Slider, $13, Amazon

Anyone who has limited mobility from an injury or pregnancy knows that bending down to put on socks can be a literal pain in the neck (and back and legs). This sock slider works with all socks, regardless of their thickness, and can place socks on your feet without the need to crouch down. Simply slide a sock onto the cradle, lower the cradle to the floor, and slip your foot inside of the sock.


22. A Handy Silicone Utensil Rest For Less Mess On You Countertops

Tomorrow's Kitchen Silicone Utensil Rest, $7, Amazon

This silicone utensil rest keeps utensils off counters and frees up space in your drawers. Thanks to its silicone construction, it can also handle high temperatures and it perfect to use both while cooking and for storing dry utensils. It has four slots, including one for spring tongs, comes in green or grey, and has raised edges to keep utensils that you are using from dripping sauce and soup onto your counters.


23. A Wearable Massager That You Can Use Anywhere

InvoSpa Shiatsu Back Neck And Shoulder Massager With Heat, $50, Amazon

This wearable massager targets muscles in your upper back, shoulders, and neck and can also be repositioned to provide relief to aching calves, legs, feet, and arms. The heated massager features four big nodes and four small nodes, has three speed strength levels, and two massage directions. It even comes with its own travel bag, a wall adapter, and a car charger so you give your body a soothing massage anywhere.


24. The Pimple Healing Patches That You Wear Overnight

Avarelle Acne Care Pimple Spot Patch, $12 (40 Count), Amazon

The next time you spot a red zit on your cheek, don't pop it — apply one of these pimple spot patches directly over your pimple and let its effective ingredients work their magic overnight. Each patch is infused with healing and drying tea tree and calendula oil that helps soak up excess sebum so that your pimple shrinks naturally. Each pack comes with 36 round patches and four square patches to suit every pimple that may pop up.


25. A Dishwasher Magnet To Identify Dirty And Clean Dishes

Loftware Clean Dirty Dishwasher Magnet, $10, Amazon

If you or your housemates always have trouble remembering when the dishes in your dishwasher are clean or dirty, attach this dishwasher magnet to your appliance and use the sliding mechanism to indicate whether it's filled with clean or dirty pots, pans, and dishes. The magnet sticks with 3M adhesive tabs and won't destroy your appliances.


26. A Tool That Let You Freeze And Store Excess Spices

Chef'n Herbcicle Frozen Herb Keeper, $13, Amazon

Buying spices at the grocery store usually means purchasing them in bulk and then not knowing what to do with all of that leftover parsley. This frozen herb keeper allows you to store excess herbs in your freezer so that they don't spoil. When you're ready to use them again, you can either grate them into a bowl or cut them with a knife. The tool itself is dishwasher-friendly, and the handle can be labeled so that you can tell your basil from your dill.


27. A Spatula That Lets You Scoop Out Every Last Drop Of Lotion

Every Drop Beauty Spatula, $6, Amazon

It's pretty frustrating to spend money on a great moisturizer or foundation, and then you find out you'll never be able to use a quarter of product that gets trapped at the bottom of a jar. This beauty spatula is designed to get deep into bottles and containers and removes every last drop of product. It doubles as an applicator and pigment-mixer, and can be washed and reused over and over again.


28. A Flashlight With An LED Light that Last 33,000 Hours

Streamlight Stylus Pro Reach Pen Light, $30, Amazon

This battery-powered LED pen light is perfect for times when you need to make a quick fix in dim lighting or read your novel long after everyone else has gone to sleep. Think of this as a more modern, improved version of your basic flashlight — and it's one that operates for up to 30,0000 hours and has three operation modes: low, medium, and strobe. It's also waterproof up to 30 minutes or one meter and super durable — drop it, and it won't break.


29. A Pet Bathing Tool That Takes The Stress Out Of Cleaning Your Dog Or Cat

Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool, $25, Amazon

Bathe your cat or dog with little to no fuss with this pet bathing tool, which straps securely to your hand and attaches to your garden hose or shower. You can hold your pooch or kitten with one hand and use the tool's scrubber to thoroughly clean fur before rinsing off soap. With one squeeze of your hand, the tool releases water, then turns off with a second squeeze.


30. A Stretching Strap For Flexibility

The Original Stretch Out Strap, $16, Amazon

This classic stretching strap, which comes with an exercise book, is made from durable nylon and has 10 individual loops where you can position your hands and feet to get the deepest stretch possible. Whether you use it during yoga or pilates or after and before exercise to warm up muscles and increase flexibility, you'll get a ton of use out of this versatile strap.


31. A Space-Saving Clip-On Strainer For Pots And Pans

Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain Strainer, $16, Amazon

Clip this silicone colander to just about any pot or pan, and you instantly turn your cookware into a convenient strainer to remove excess water without needing an extra bulky cooking tool. The strainer is BPA-free, dishwasher-friendly, and is designed to fit nearly all round pots, pans, and bowls.


32. A Flexible, Rotating Bracket To Rest Your Phone

Kingdow Lazy Bracket, $6, Amazon

Rest your phone in a safe place — like on this lazy bracket, which is made from sturdy aluminum-magnesium alloy and breathable foam. This phone holder has 360-degree rotation, so you can view your phone at any angle, and you can place it around your neck, on your table, or hanging from a chair. It's so useful for anyone who likes to watch lots of videos on their phone.


33. A Microwave Plate Cover To Prevent Splatters

TFM Clear Magnetic Microwave Plate Cover, $10, Amazon

Keep food from splattering all over your microwave with this magnetic microwave plate cover, which is made with a durable, flexible material that fits over a variety of plates and bowls. The cover has a steam vent, is dishwasher-safe, and you can even keep it stored inside of your microwave for when you need it.


34. An Ingenious Waterproof Note Pad For All The Great Shower Thinkers

Aqua Notes Waterproof Notepad, $9, Amazon

If you're always getting your best ideas in the shower — and then promptly forgetting them — attach this waterproof notepad to your shower tile and jot them down as soon as they come to mind. The pad comes with 40 perforated sheets of paper that you can detach and take with you.


35. A Glasses Wax To Keep Eyeglasses From Slipping

Nerdwax Stop Slipping, $11, Amazon

Keep your eyeglasses or sunglasses from slipping off your face — even in the most humid weather conditions — with this glasses wax. Featured on Shark Tank, this wax is made from natural ingredients like beeswax, and works when you apply it directly to your glasses before putting them on. One application keeps your glasses upright for about four to six hours, and an entire tube can last about six to eight months.


36. A Clip That Keeps Plastic Baggies Upright

Jokari Baggy Rack, $8 (2 Pack), Amazon

If you've ever tried transferring just about any food into a plastic bag, only to watch that bag collapse and the food pour out, stock up on these baggy racks pronto. These clips have a non-slip plastic base and keep bags upright so you can pour and mix without fear of making a mess. They double as a place to store plastic bags, as well.


37. The Freezer Labels To Keep Up On Your Food's Freshness

Labeleze Freezer Labels, $7 (Set of 100), Amazon

Never again wonder how long you've been keeping that soup in your freezer. These freezer labels have space for the date and item description and peel and stick with an adhesive backing to any food container or baggie. They come in a convenient roll dispenser box that includes 100 labels so you'll be set for a long time.


38. A Hair Removal Remedy That Prevents Ingrown Hairs

Tend Skin Solution, $21, Amazon

Use this liquid skin solution on your legs, underarms, and bikini area after shaving or waxing and it prevents razor bumps and ingrown hairs — all while keeping your skin moisturized and healthy. The hair removal product can also be used in the morning and at night, prior to moisturizer, to reduce the appearance of ingrown hair and keep your skin as healthy as possible. One reviewer writes: "I absolutely love this product. I use it right after and between my Brazilian wax to avoid any ingrown hairs. It literally takes care of them overnight, even used on a pimple on my face and disappeared the next day.


39. The Washable And Reusable Blotting Pads For Shiny Faces

beautyblender Reusable Blotting Pads, $20, Amazon

If you love blotting papers, which soak up excess oil on your face without the need to apply makeup, but aren't a fan of how quickly you go through them — you're about to become a major fan of these reusable blotting pads. The pads work similarly to papers and reduce shine on your face pronto, but they're also washable, reusable, and have a shape that was designed to work with the contours of your face. They even come in a portable mirrored compact that you can slip in your purse or bag.


40. The Container That Basically Keeps Berries Fresh Forever

Prepworks by Progressive Berry Keeper, $10, Amazon

It's an undeniable reality when you purchase berries: they're bound to spoil really fast. Most traditional strawberry or blueberry containers sold at grocery stores aren't designed to retain the freshness of berries. But this berry keeper steps up to the plate and provides an adjustable vent, stackable tray inserts to keep your blackberries separated from your raspberries, and a water reservoir that captures excess moisture at the base to prevent fruit from spoiling. This is a must-have item for anyone who loves berries.


41. The Silicone Beer Caps That Keep Beer Fresh

Beer Savers, $10 (6 Pack), Amazon

Keep beer fresh and fizzy with these silicone beer caps, which fit right over standard beer bottles and, just in case you can't finish it, will save your beverage for later. Each packet comes with multi-colored caps made from food grade safe silicone that you can wash in the dishwasher and reuse.


42. The Flexible Silicone Lids To Keep Food Fresh

six-qu Silicone Stretch Lids, $10 (6 Lids), Amazon

No matter what the size of your container, these silicone stretch lids are flexible enough to fit over anything — even a fruit — to help maintain its freshness. These lids are safe to use in the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher and each six-pack comes with lids in different sizes to accommodate all of your food storage needs.


43. A Cooling Towel For Instant Relief

Your Choice Cooling Towel, $7, Amazon

This cooling towel is simple to use and will instantly bring your body temperature down to provide relief on a hot day or after an intense workout. Wet the polyester towel and wring it, then snap it — its cooling powers are released and you can wear it around your neck, across your forehead, or even as a bandana.

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