These Dope Things Are Suddenly Shooting Up The Best-Sellers List On Amazon

The sort of items that make you say, “Whoa, I hadn’t thought of that before.”

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Shopping online is convenient — especially when you focus your attention on all the dope things that are suddenly shooting up the best-sellers list on Amazon. That way, you’ll probably wind up with a quality item that tons of shoppers adore.

Take this bathtub tray as an example. Not only has it been steadily rising up the best-sellers list, but it also has more than 2,000 positive four- and five-star ratings. That many people can’t be wrong, can they? And if you aren’t into taking baths, I’ve still made sure to include a little something on this list for everybody — and each item has hundreds of positive reviews so you can rest assured it’s worth your money.


These Magentic Whiteboard Markers That Can Stick To The Fridge

It’s almost too easy to lose track of your whiteboard markers over time — that’s why I’m a big fan of these ones. The caps are magnetic, allowing you to stick them right onto your whiteboard or fridge so that it’s easy to keep track of where they are. They also have minimal odor, as well as a fine tip that’s perfect for writing notes.


The Pet Hair Remover That’s Infinitely Reusable

Unlike lint rollers, this pet hair remover relies on hundreds of tiny bristles that latch onto lint, hair, and more, eliminating the need to buy replacement sticky sheets. The best part? It also features a collection bin that holds onto all that hair until you’re ready to throw it out — and it’s suitable for use on all types of fabrics and upholstery.


A Stamp That You Can Customize With Your Own Text

Bank deposits, return addresses, custom labels — this stamp can be used for all of them and more. You can personalize up to three lines of text, and the ink pad is even double-sided so that once one side dries out, you can flip it over and use the second one without having to purchase a replacement.


This Mounting Tape That Can Hold Up To 38 Pounds

Whether you’re renting or trying to avoid putting holes in your walls, this mounting tape is a solid alternative to nails or push pins. The adhesive bond is so strong that it can hold up to 38 pounds, which many reviewers found helpful for mounting shelves without having to drill. As one person wrote, “It works.”


A Handy Adapter That Adds Bluetooth To Your Car

Don’t have Bluetooth in your car? Plug this adapter into one of your AUX ports. Not only will it let you stream music over your car speakers, but it also lets you make hands-free calls while you’re driving. Plus, the rechargeable battery lasts for up to 16 hours before it needs to be plugged in again.


A Meter That Let You Know When It’s Time To Water Your Plants

Overwatering your plants is just as bad as under-watering them, so why not grab this moisture meter? It’s great for anyone whose thumb is more black than green, as it’ll let you know when the soil is too damp or too dry — and installation is as easy as pressing it down into your planters.


These Glasses That Help Block Blue Light From Your Computer Screen

Staring at a computer screen all day? Try putting on these glasses. They help block the blue light waves that are emitted by electronic screens, which can help prevent eyestrain. Plus, they also help reduce glare so that it’s easier to see what you’re reading.


An Outlet Extender That Adds 3 USB Ports To Your Wall

Instead of searching around for a USB brick the next time you need to charge your phone, just plug it into one of the ports on this outlet extender. It adds three USB ports, three plugs, as well as a USB-C port to any outlet. Plus, the built-in surge protection is designed to help prevent electrical spikes.


The Insect Trap That Doesn’t Rely On Harsh Chemicals

Unlike some bug traps, this one doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals to rid your home of pests. Instead, it relies on a powerful UV light to draw them onto a sticky board. It’s suitable for gnats, fruit flies, and mosquitos, and works best in the dark since that’s when the UV light will appear its brightest.


These Cable Clips That Are Perfect For Disorganized Desktops

If your desktop has devolved into a mess of cables and wires, these clips can help tidy your space up. Each order comes with 16 in varying sizes, making them suitable for thin charging cables as well as thicker computer wires. Plus, the adhesive backing easily adheres to almost any smooth surface.


A Large Patio Umbrella That’s Less Likely To Fade In The Sun

With its sturdy aluminum pole and UV-resistant canopy, it’s no wonder that this patio umbrella has thousands of positive four- and five-star reviews. There’s also an air vent at the top to help keep it from blowing away in strong gusts — and at 9 feet wide, it should give you just enough shade to cover about six chairs.


The Alarm Clock That Lets You Charge Your Phone While You Sleep

Not only does this alarm clock’s extra-large LED display make it easy to see from across the room, but it’s also adjustable so that it won’t keep you up at night. Two USB ports on the back allow you to charge your phone while you’re sleeping, and you can even adjust how loud the alarm is — just in case you’re an extra-heavy sleeper.


A Memory Foam Seat Cushion That Can Help Alleviate Back Pain

If your back is always aching after a long day of sitting at your desk, try adding this cushion to your seat. It can help align your spine so that your tailbone and coccyx are in the proper position — and since it’s filled with soft memory foam, it even contours to the shape of your bottom for extra comfort.


This Compact Bar That Adds Security To Your Doors

If you’re concerned that the lock on your door won’t be enough to keep intruders out, this bar might be just what you’ve been looking for. Simply position it underneath your door knob as shown in the photo — if anyone on the other side of the door tries to open it, the bar should push back so that they’re unable to enter.


An Elevated Pet Bed That’ll Help Keep Your Dog Cool

This elevated bed is made from breathable fabric that quickly dries while helping to keep your pet cool. The powder-coated steel frame can hold up to 50 pounds, making it suitable for smaller breeds — and if it ever gets dirty, simply hose it off for a quick and easy clean.


The Smart Camera That Won’t Break The Bank

Having a home security system professionally installed can cost hundreds of dollars, whereas this smart camera is available for less than $30. Smart motion tracking allows it to follow people and pets as they move around the room, and there’s even a night vision function to help you see in the dark. The best part? Two-way audio lets you talk to your pets while you’re away from home.


These Waterproof, Matte Pasties That Are Reusable

These pasties are made from soft silicone that’s unlikely to chafe against your skin. They’re thin enough to be virtually invisible underneath your clothes, yet thick enough to achieve the coverage you’re looking for. Plus, the waterproof adhesive helps keep them in place if you sweat.


A Microfiber Towel That Dries Really, Really Fast

Unlike the cotton towels that you might have hanging in your bathroom, this microfiber one can absorb more water and dry faster. It’s perfect for heated workouts, lounging on the beach, and everything in between. Plus, it folds up into a small travel pouch so that it’s easy to pack in a bag.


The Sunscreen That Won’t Harm Coral Reefs

Not all sunscreens are the same, and this one has a vegan formula that won’t damage coral reefs while you’re snorkeling on vacation. However, it’ll still provide you with SPF-15 protection — and if your skin always feels dry after a day spent out in the sun, that’s not a problem: The formula is also fortified with nourishing vitamin E.


An Aerosol-Free Spray Bottle For Hair, Plants & More

Whether you’re misting plants or tamping down some frizz, this spray bottle can help you get the job done. It’s easily refillable and will work even when upside-down. Plus, it’s made without any aerosol, so there’s no need to worry about its impact on the environment.


The Laptop Stand Made From Sturdy Aluminum

Sturdy as well as lightweight, this aluminum laptop stand raises your screen up to eye level so that you aren’t stuck craning your neck downwards for hours every day. It’s large enough for laptops up to 17 inches. And with rubber pads on both the bottom and top, it’s highly unlikely that it’ll leave your laptop or desk with scratches.


A Floor Mop That Comes With Reusable Cleaning Pads

Whereas some floor mops use disposable cleaning pads, this one comes with four reusable ones that can be washed up to 100 times. They also do an exceptional job at cleaning, as they’re made from soft microfiber that latches onto all sorts of dirt — and they’re even suitable for cleaning up wet messes. Plus, the telescopic handle makes it easier to reach underneath furniture.


These Packets That Add Fun Colors To Campfires

Simply toss a few of these magic flame packets into the campfire, and the flames will light up in brilliant shades of green, purple, blue, and more. One reviewer even wrote, “The colors are lovely and lasted quite a while for us (30 minutes+).” They’re labeled as best sellers on Amazon and have over 19,000 five-star ratings.


This Spray That Covers Up Root Growth When You Can’t Get To The Salon

If you’re trying to touch up some grown-in roots (but don’t have time for the salon), this spray is an easy way to hide that growth. It’s available in a variety of natural shades, from natural black to dark golden brown. And since it’s made without any ammonia or peroxide, it can be used on various types of hair.


A Camping Chair That Has A Cooler Built Into The Armrest

Not only is this camping chair easy to fold up and take with you, but it also features a small cooler built into one of its armrests. It’s large enough to hold up to four standard-sized cans, and the cushioned seat back is a comfy touch that’ll have people racing to see who gets to relax against it. Plus, there are also side pockets for books, snacks, and more.


The Fitted Mattress Protector That’s Durable, Yet Breathable

Buying a mattress is almost never cheap, which is why grabbing this protective fitted sheet is such a good idea. It prevents sweat, spills, and more from leaking into your mattress, helping extend its life so that you won’t have to purchase a new one anytime soon. And since it’s breathable, hot sleepers won’t have to worry about it leaving them feeling sweaty at night.


These Puzzle Mats That Take Your Home Gym To The Next Level

Lay these puzzle mats down in your home gym, and they’ll give you a comfortable spot to stretch, do yoga, and more. They’re made from dense, textured foam that gives smooth floors a little extra grip, and each piece locks together so that you won’t be stuck constantly adjusting them. One reviewer who put them in their garage wrote, “They don't lift or shift and they're easy to clean, vacuum or use the leaf blower on to blow out stuff that's come in while the overhead door was left up.”


A Neck Fan That Can Help You Stay Cool For Hours & Hours

With its powerful rechargeable battery that can last for up to 16 hours, this neck fan is a must-have for the hot summer months — or even just a heated workout. The speed is adjustable up to three levels, and the half-closed air inlet helps keep sweat from working its way inside. Plus, its lightweight frame shouldn’t leave you feeling sore after extended wear.


This Water Bottle That Comes With 2 Different Styles Of Lids

It’s almost too easy to forget to stay hydrated throughout the day. Luckily, this water bottle has motivational messages printed on the side that remind you to take a few sips every two hours. And since it can hold a full gallon of water, you won’t have to refill it until the next day.


A Puzzle Toy That’ll Keep Your Dog Distracted

Got an important Zoom meeting coming up? Make sure your dog won’t interrupt by giving them this puzzle toy. Simply fill it up with treats, and your pup will have to figure out how to flip, lift, and slide the compartments in order to get them. Plus, the plastic frame is BPA-, PVC-, and phthalate-free.


The Makeup Brush Washer That Gets The Bristles Clean As New

It’s easy for makeup brushes to become filled with foundation and blush. The solution? Give them a thorough clean with this washer. It’s designed to work with brushes of nearly any size, from large kabuki brushes to slim eyeshadow ones. Plus, each order includes a bottle of soap to get you started.


These Velvet-Lined Hangers That Take Up Less Closet Space

Not only do these thin hangers take up less space in your closet than chunky plastic ones, but they’re also coated with soft velvet to help keep tank tops, spaghetti straps, and more from slipping off. The best part? Despite their thinner frame, they’re still able to hold heavier garments, like jeans or sweaters.


An Affordable Wireless Doorbell That Covers Up To 1,000 Feet

If your home doesn’t have a doorbell, don’t worry: This wireless one has a range of up to 1,000 feet, which might cover your entire first floor and then some. It comes loaded with 50 different chimes — one for almost every week of the year — and each order even includes a battery that can last for up to three years.


This Exfoliating Brush That Can Help Prevent Ingrown Hairs

There’s nothing wrong with having ingrown hairs — but if you’d like to keep yours to a minimum, this brush might be able to help treat and prevent them. It’s tough enough to help exfoliate away bumps, yet gentle enough to use along your bikini line. Plus, the handle on the back helps you keep a firm grip in the shower.


A Kitchen Rail That’s Perfect For Pots, Pans & More

Pots, pans, utensils, towels — you name it, this kitchen rail can handle it. Each order comes with 15 S-style hooks that let you hang up all sorts of items. And since the rail is made from tough iron, it can even support up to 22 pounds when mounted properly.


The Storage Cubes That Fold Flat When You Aren’t Using Them

Messy shelves are no match for these storage cubes, as they’re large enough to fit magazines, knick-knacks, and more. And if you ever decide to do a little de-cluttering, you can easily fold them flat so that they’ll take up hardly any space in storage. Plus, available in 10 colors.


An Electric Whisk That Can Froth Up Milk For Homemade Lattes

Whether you’re frothing milk for coffee or beating egg whites into stiff peaks, this electric whisk has got you covered. The tip is made from sleek stainless steel that won’t rust over time, and the handle is coated with soft rubber for a comfortable grip. Plus, the ultra-silent motor won’t bother others while it’s running.


This Umbrella Light That Lets You Dine In The Dark

You don’t have to head inside just because the sun has gone down, as this umbrella light will brighten up your picnic table so that you can dine in the dark. It attaches to any standard-sized umbrella pole without any tools necessary — though you can also adjust the fit to accommodate larger or smaller poles. Plus, the water-resistant exterior helps keep it working from season to season.


A Splatter Screen That Saves You Some Mess

Fried foods may be delicious, but they can also be messy to cook — that’s why I like to have a splatter screen on hand. They allow steam to escape so that your meal still has that deliciously crispy texture, yet protect your countertops from oil pops. And unlike other splatter screens, this one, in particular, is made from premium-grade stainless steel.


The Bath Pillow With Extra Cushioning For Your Back

Unlike some bath pillows, this one features a few extra bonus panels so that your arms, shoulders, and back are supported while you soak in the tub. The 3-D mesh ventilation helps keep mildew from growing as it dries — and with six suction cups on the back, there’s very little chance of it sliding out of place.


A Garden Hose That Won’t Kink

Getting a kink in your garden hose can cause it to burst, leaving you with a wet mess and a broken hose. This 50-foot hose, on the other hand, features a mesh interior to prevent annoying kinks. The rigid sleeve at the pipe prevents bending and its lead-free aluminum couplings are leak- and crush-proof.


These Chalkboard-Label Containers That Help Keep Dry Foods Fresh

Cereal, nuts, flour, pasta — regardless of what you keep inside of these containers, their airtight lids will help keep it fresh. Each order also comes with a set of blank chalkboard labels you can use to help keep your pantry organized. One reviewer even wrote, “I originally purchased these for cereal, but they work great for chips, candy, etc. The containers make my pantry look so organized.”


A Stylish Bathtub Tray With Space For All Your Essentials

If you want your bath to be as relaxing as possible, make sure to take a look at this caddy tray. There’s space for everything you could possibly want while you’re soaking, including wine glasses, candles, flowers, or even your tablet. Plus, the sides can expand to fit tubs of nearly any shape or size.


The Pathway Lights That Are Powered By The Sun

Simply press these pathway lights into the ground, and the solar panels built into the tops will keep them lit for eight or more hours at night. There’s also no need to turn them on or off, as they’ll automatically turn on when night falls, as well as turn off when the sun rises. Choose from three finishes: black, stainless, or bronze.


A Dolly That Extends Out To Fit Larger Pieces Of Furniture

Unlike the dollies you’ve probably used before, this one has a wider base that can be extended out to fit larger pieces of furniture. It also features a lock to keep the wheels from rolling before you’re ready to move, as well as two nonslip foam pads to help keep your pieces safe from scratches.

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