These Genius Hacks Make You Look So Much Better — & They're Shockingly Easy

Tips and tricks that’ll make you feel like a million bucks.

Written by Claire Epting
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These Genius Hacks Make You Look So Much Better — & They're Shockingly Easy
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Gone are the days when I’d spend hours in front of the mirror working on my hair and makeup. Now, I’d much rather keep my routine to a minimum, relying on genius beauty tips I’ve discovered along the way. This list is packed with clever beauty hacks that cover all the bases: hair, skin care, cosmetics, nails, and more. Let’s get to shopping.


Touching Up Roots At Home With This Easy-Breezy Kit

You can make your latest hair dye job last longer by investing in this hair color touch-up kit. Complete with four pre-measured color capsules, the kit has everything you need to touch up your roots or spots you may have missed last time around. Each application lasts for up to six weeks, blending in with your existing color for seamless results.

  • Available shades: 4


Brightening Your Under-Eye Area With This Dark Circle Corrector

Featuring a powerhouse duo of vitamin C and caffeine, this brightening roller helps reduce the appearance of dark circles under your eyes. The rolling tool deposits just enough of the sheer, tinted gel onto your skin, allowing you to effortlessly blend it in with the ball tip. Speaking of which — that applicator provides micro-stimulation, helping to boost circulation for a wide-awake look.


These Mesh Ballet Flats That Are Comfy & Elegant

With breathable mesh uppers and flexible outsoles, these ballet flats are — first and foremost — comfy. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t totally cute, as well. Designed with subtly elegant pointed toes and a round collars, the versatile shoes pair nicely with just about anything in your wardrobe. Pick from a wide array of neutral tones, bright pops of color, and even a leopard-print option.

  • Available sizes: 5 — 11
  • Available colors and patterns: 21


Stashing Your Stuff In This Faux Leather Tote Bag That Looks Much More Expensive Than It Is

This spacious faux leather tote bag looks so luxurious, you may be surprised to see its wallet-friendly price tag — but you’d better believe it, because it’s not too good to be true. Available in dozens upon dozens of colors and styles, the bag is perfect for carrying your laptop, notebook, water bottle, books, and other essential items with you throughout the day.

  • Available colors and styles: 100+


Wearing A Bra That Creates A Smooth, Seamless Look Beneath Clothes

Want a bra that’s practically undetectable beneath clothes? This bra from Warner’s does the trick, providing wire-free support, smoothing side panels, and lots of comfortable stretch. A hook-and-eye closure and a pair of adjustable straps ensure you get the most secure fit, without sacrificing comfort.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — 3X-Large
  • Available colors: 17


Whitening Your Teeth With These Easy-To-Use Pens

These teeth whitening pens couldn’t be any easier to use — just use the brush applicator tip to apply the gentle formula to each tooth. Made with enamel-safe carbamide peroxide, hydrating glycerin, and fresh mint, the treatment can be used up to two times daily — and one application takes as little as 30 seconds. The compact pens are small enough to be stored inside your purse while on the go.


Steaming Your Clothes Instead Of Hauling Out The Ironing Board

Forget about lugging out your heavy ironing board and iron — this handheld garment steamer gets wrinkles out of your clothes in just a fraction of the time. Providing up to 15 minutes of continuous steam, the gadget effortlessly smooths out a wide variety of fabrics, including silk, chiffon, cotton, and wool. Its compact size means you can easily transport it with you on business trips and vacations.


Applying This Mascara That Makes Lashes Appear 60% Longer

L’Oréal’s Telescopic mascara gives your lashes a serious boost, lengthening them by up to 60%. The flexible wand features precision bristles that separate your lashes for a fluffy look that resists clumping. This gentle formula is hypoallergenic and opthalmologist-tested, so it’s safe for sensitive eyes.

  • Available shade: 4


Using This Fan-Favorite Concealer That Corrects & Contours

It’s clear that Maybelline’s fan-favorite concealer pen is popular — it has over 118,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. Available in more than 15 shades, the creamy, easy-to-blend formula works to even out your complexion, creating a smooth base for the rest of your makeup. Use it under your eyes, over a blemish, or to highlight your brow bone for coverage that lasts up to 12 hours.

  • Available shades: 18


Hydrating Dry Lips With This Island Botanical Treatment

Formulated with moisturizing kukui nut oil, shea butter, and grape seed oil, this Hawaiian botanical lip treatment provides relief to a dry, cracked pout. Packed with vitamins and fatty acids, it provides next-level hydration that lasts for hours. There are both clear and tinted formulas available, with shades such as peach pink, rose, and sand. Apply this before bed and let it sink in overnight.

  • Available shades: 6


Evening Out Your Complexion With A Vitamin C Serum

Skin care can seem complicated at times, but you can’t go wrong by picking products with natural, tried-and-true ingredients. This facial serum is packed with vitamin C and ferulic acid, which can help promote a brighter complexion while lightening uneven pigmentation. Hyaluronic acid works to strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier to keep your skin supple and smooth. A little goes a long way, too — all you need is a couple of drops per application to see results.


Removing Pills & Fuzz From Clothes With This Fabric Shaver

Before you toss that pilling sweater into the donation bin, you should first try fixing it up with this handheld fabric shaver. Designed with a large mesh surface that gently removes fuzz and lint from your clothes, furniture, and socks, the battery-powered gadget can return your items to a like-new appearance. There are three adjustable settings you can switch between, depending on the type of fabric.

  • Available colors: 5


Smoothing Out Dry, Bumpy Skin With This Powerful Exfoliant

If your skin tends to run on the drier, bumpier side, this exfoliating body scrub from First Aid Beauty helps promote a smoother texture. Effective for keratosis pilaris (aka strawberry skin), it combines glycolic acid and lactic acid to decongest pores and loosen dead skin from your arms and legs. Plus, the addition of natural pumice buffing beads ensures any dry skin is whisked away.


Locking In Eyeshadow With This Stay-Put Primer

Want your eyeshadow to stay locked in place all day? Try using a pea-sized amount of this eyelid primer before completing the rest of your look. Infused with real pearl powder, the lightweight formula creates a smooth base for your makeup — no creasing, smudging, or flaking. Not to mention, your shadow’s hue will also appear bolder and more vibrant.


Softening Rough Feet With These Exfoliating Peel Masks

Smooth, baby-soft feet don’t require tons of scrubbing with a pumice stone — just slip on these foot peel masks for one hour. The sock-like masks are infused with a blend of fruit acids and extracts, which help remove dead skin while adding a dose of moisture to your soles. You’ll just need to exercise a little patience — you’ll start seeing skin turnover (and peeling skin) within a few days. In addition to tropical coconut, there are other scents such as soothing lavender, sweet strawberry, and invigorating tea tree.

  • Available scents: 12


Storing Clothes On These Rounded Hangers That Prevent Shoulder Bumps

The unique design of these curved hangers means they won’t stretch out the shoulders of your clothing — so you don’t have to think about any annoying bumps or puckering. They’re also nonslip to keep slippery items securely in place, and a sturdy built-in bar provides a spot for your pants and skirts, as well.


Getting Rid Of Rough, Dry Skin With This Exfoliating Scrub

With gentle yet effective effective ingredients like turmeric root extract, sea salt, and sugar, this exfoliating scrub can remove rough, dry, and dead skin, leaving behind a smooth and soft finish. Also, the citrus and carrot it contains work to brighten the skin overall. It can be used on the body or face, and the formulation is cruelty-free.


Utilizing This Exfoliating Brush Before Shaving To Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Massage this exfoliating brush onto your skin (against the hair’s grain) before shaving to prevent pesky ingrown hairs and razor bumps. It does an excellent job at exfoliating, making your skin smoother and softer. The tool fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, and it can be used on wet or dry skin.


Smoothing Hair Flyaways With This Finishing Stick

The key to getting the slicked-back bun or ponytail of your dreams is to use this hair finishing stick on those wisps and flyaways. Made of plant-derived ingredients, the creamy formula is applied to your hair using a mascara-like wand. Simply glide it over the fine hairs at the base of your neck, near your ears, or along your hairline to create a smooth look.


Applying This Fan-Favorite Hand Cream To Quench Dry, Rough Skin

Whether you work with your hands, wash frequently, or live in a dry climate, your skin can get rough fast. Luckily, it’s nothing that O’Keefe’s hand cream can’t fix. Boasting an impressive 4.7-star overall rating, the brand’s signature formula instantly boosts moisture levels, while also creating a protective layer that keeps your skin supple moving forward. Not to mention, it’s unscented, which is perfect for those who don’t want any lingering fragrance.


Using This Backlit Magnifying Mirror To Apply Makeup & Tweeze Brows

Not only does this LED vanity mirror illuminate your face as you apply your makeup or tweeze your eyebrows, it also features a magnifying panel that gives you a close-up view for more precision. You have the option to power it via USB or batteries, giving you the ability to set it up virtually anywhere. The two side panels fold inwards when not in use, making it ultra-portable.

  • Available colors: 5


Creating Voluminous Waves With These Hot Rollers

Not a fan of the curling iron? These hot rollers are much more time-efficient. Once you’ve given the flocked ceramic rollers a quick two minutes to warm up, just wrap sections of your hair and secure. After about 20 minutes, you’ll have big, voluminous waves that last for hours. This travel-size set can even be packed in your suitcase, so you can take it with you anywhere.


Creating A Dewy Complexion With This Foundation That Comes In 25 Shades

For normal to dry skin types, this liquid foundation is a dream with its hydrated, dewy finish. The oil-free formula won’t clog your pores and it creates a smooth base that stays in place all day. Plus, it offers SPF 18 for protection against the sun. Available in 25 shades, the foundation is buildable and blendable, so you can customize just how much coverage you get.

  • Available shades: 25


Keeping Your Whole Body Moisturized With This Best-Selling Lotion

With a near-perfect 4.7-star overall rating after 103,000-plus reviews on the site, this moisturizing lotion will make your entire body feel smooth and hydrated for 24 hours — and yet not greasy in the slightest. The lightweight formulation absorbs quickly. And it’s suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin (it’s fragrance-free).


Applying This Brow “Glue” That Creates A Full, Feathery Look

Get bold, feathery brows with this brow “glue” from NYX. With a strong hold that lasts up to 16 hours, the non-sticky formula gently shapes your brows and gives them a fuller look that stays in place. The small, precise styling brush allows you to coat each individual hair with product — choose from transparent, brown, black, and taupe shades.

  • Available shades: 5


Strengthening Damaged Hair With This Bond-Repairing Oil

Designed for all hair types, this bonding oil from Olaplex promotes shine, volume, and color vibrancy by restoring hair bonds at the molecular level. Not to mention, it can help reduce frizziness and serves as a heat protectant for your strands. (Is there anything it can’t do?) A little goes a long way — you just need a few drops of this reparative styling oil to reap its many benefits.


Keeping Your Eyebrows In Place For 16 Hours With This Clear Gel

With its 16-hour hold, this brow glue will keep your eyebrows looking flawless from the gym to work — and to dinner and beyond. Just swipe it right on using the small brush and it’ll dry to a nonsticky transparent finish. There are also tinted options in the listing ranging from taupe to black.

  • Available shades: 5


Using These Nail Dry Drops To Keep You From Messing Up Your Manicure

Waiting for your DIY manicure to dry can be so frustrating — not to mention, you risk messing it up with every move you make. With this drying formula from OPI, your nails will be fully set in just 60 seconds. To boot, each drop is infused with moisturizing jojoba oil and antioxidant-rich vitamin E to to nourish cuticles and help prevent nail chipping.


Deep-Conditioning Your Hair With This Strengthening Keratin Mask

There’s a number of reasons your strands can become brittle, whether it be the weather or frequent use of styling tools. This deeply conditioning treatment can get your hair back to feeling like its smooth, shiny self. Made with hydrolyzed keratin and moisturizing vitamin E, the hair mask helps repair split ends while adding a dose of softness and strength to your locks.


Getting Rid Of Tangles & Knots In Your Hair With This Gentle Brush

This hair brush features unique cone-shaped bristles that’ll work gently through your strands, effectively getting rid of knots and tangles by separating the hair sideways instead of down. It’s ideal for all hair types and lengths. And it’s small in size, so you can toss it in your purse or bag for use on the go.

  • Available shades: 17


Swiping On This Lip Oil To Make Your Lips Softer

Not only will this lip oil leave behind a pretty glossiness, but it also features ingredients that’ll moisturize and soften them at the same time — it’s particularly ideal if you have dry skin. Plus, it can help your lips appear fuller. The lip oil features a pointed doe foot applicator for precise application. Check out the listing for tinted options as well.

  • Available shades: 23


Soothing Dry, Itchy Skin With This Natural Balm

Designed for your whole body (including your feet), this remedy balm contains moisturizing ingredients and organic tea tree, eucalyptus, and lavender essential oils to provide soothing relief from itchy, cracked, dry, and inflamed skin. It doesn’t feel greasy when applied and it’ll soak in quickly. This pick is free of synthetic fragrances, alcohol, parabens, sulfates, and gluten.


Creating A Soft Look Over Makeup With This Setting Powder

Beauty Bakerie’s finely milled setting powder has the consistency of flour — it’s lightweight, fluffy, and dries to a subtle matte finish. Since it absorbs excess oil on your skin, it’s perfect for reducing any shininess that may crop up over the course of the day. Apply it with a fluffy brush all over your foundation, blush, and bronzer to lock your makeup look in place.

  • Available shades: 5


Using This Cleansing Bar For A Brighter, More Even Complexion

If you’re interested in improving the appearance of an uneven skin tone or dark spots, this cleansing bar may be able to help — powerhouse ingredients like azelaic acids and niacinamide promote a brighter, more even complexion. This pick can be applied as a daily cleanser (use the included sponge to swipe on the product) or even as a mask when left on for three to five minutes before rinsing.


Adding Volume & Lift To Your Lashes With This Curler

This eyelash curler will deliver major volume and lift to your lashes that’ll last all day long. Unlike other curling tools, it doesn’t tug or pinch the lashes. Choose from three colors in the listing.


Applying This Cuticle Serum For Stronger & More Hydrated Nails

Thanks to ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, and vitamin E, this cuticle cream will make your cuticles and nails instantly shiny and hydrated — and when used in the long term, it makes them stronger as well. Despite this, the product doesn’t feel greasy or oily when applied. It’s organic and not tested on animals.


Deeply Moisturizing Hair With This Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner Set

Hydrating argan oil and soothing aloe are the star ingredients in this shampoo and conditioner set, which nourishes dry, damaged strands of all types. Free of parabens and sulfates, the gentle formula also helps strengthen your hair over time — giving you silky, soft results that actually last. The addition of shea butter and jojoba oil amp up your hair’s moisture levels even more.


Using This Moisturizing Cream For A Hydrated & Brighter Complexion

This moisturizing cream features a high concentration of K-beauty ingredient snail mucin filtrate (as well as others like shea butter and aloe) for brighter, smoother, and more hydrated skin. The product has absolutely exploded on Amazon, boasting thousands of positive reviews. It’s non-comedogenic to not clog your pores, and it’s ideal for all skin types. No snails were harmed in the making of this pick.


Sticking On These Falsies For More Volumized Lashes

Ardell is synonymous with gorgeous false lashes, and these demi wispies falsies from the brand are no different. Made from 100% faux mink hair, the criss-cross falsies look natural when applied and they add the perfect amount of volume and fullness. Six pairs are included.


Rolling This Pet Hair Remover On Your Clothes To Get Rid Of Shed Fur

If your furry friend sheds, you’ll want to keep this pet hair remover on hand to get rid of stray fur from your clothes before heading out the door — it can also be used on furniture, flooring, and practically any other surface. It’s extraordinarily effective (just roll it back and forth to trap hair in the chamber) and since it doesn’t utilize sticky tape or adhesive, it can be reused endlessly.

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