46 Things For Your Home Under $35 On Amazon Prime That Are Legitimately Awesome

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I’ve been adulting for a number of years now — and yet, I’m constantly discovering how much I still have to learn (specifically when it comes to upgrading my house). Thankfully, this list of amazing Amazon products for your home is helping. There are tons of things here that’ve opened my eyes to new ideas for home decor, kitchens, home improvement, and more. And since they’re all under $35, they aren’t putting a huge dent into my savings.

First things first: Did you know that there are gadgets out there — already in existence — that you can buy so that your herbs don’t die three days after you bring them home from the grocery story? Or shelves that can be attached to your electrical outlets so your countertops aren’t cluttered by charging phones? Or even a lamp that looks exactly like the moon when you turn it on, so you can have zen, astronomically-inspired moments literally anywhere? Because there are, and I’ve included them in this roundup.

If you need a moment to absorb these truths, I understand. To make shopping easier, I compiled these amazing ideas into a list you can browse at your leisure. (Speaking of leisure, let me know if you end up with any extra strings of patio lights. I’ll be over here, swooning over them.)


A Clear, Light-Up Dry Erase Board For Your Desk

This desk-friendly dry erase board, which comes with its own chalk marker, is super versatile. The wood base plugs into a USB and has an LED that illuminates the message of your choosing, and the acrylic surface can be removed so that you can write horizontally or vertically.


This Fold-Up Sink Tray That’s Also Heat-Resistant

Where was this sink topper when I lived in shared college housing? This slip-resistant mat holds up to 7 pounds of weight, and is made of heat-resistant rubber (up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit), so hair tools can sit right alongside brushes and bottles. It can also be used as a washing and drying mat, with drips falling right into the sink.


These Versatile Drawer Organizers That Will Separate Your Smallest Items

Slip these organizers into your drawers to maximize space and save time searching. The hexagonal compartments snap together for a beehive-inspired design, or you can create your own DIY configurations with the straight pieces. Plus, they’re removable and adjustable, so you can adapt and update your spaces as needed.


A Handheld Electrical Peeler With A USB-Rechargeable Battery

If your hands have ever gotten tired from prepping potatoes, this electric peeler just might be the solution. It has a simple one-button start and stop function, and comes with three stainless steel blades for different peeling effects. When you’re all done, the blades can be easily removed for hand-washing while the motor charges by USB.


This Cute & Functional Kitchen Towel Covered In Plant Artwork

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, this illustrated kitchen towel will bring garden vibes into your home. It’s square-shaped, and can serve either as décor or as a traditional hand towel. Each one is screen-printed by hand using nontoxic ink, and comes with care instructions so you can make it last as long as possible.


A Bamboo Cheeseboard That Holds Matching Utensils

Whether you regularly host parties or like to enjoy your own charcuterie boards on a random Tuesday (same), this cheese board and knife set will come in handy. The bamboo tray has a flat center for cutting and serving, along with a concave outer frame to display and hold food items. Plus, there’s a slide-out drawer for the four included serving utensils.


A Sleek Wine Opener That Pops Corks With One Button

For those of us who’ve never mastered a traditional corkscrew, here’s an electric wine opener that’ll do the trick. This cordless gadget comes in three colors — black, red, silver — and holds a stand-up position, in case you want to keep it on display. It also comes with an adapter, and can open up to 40 bottles between charges.


The Bath Tray With Space For Everything You Need While Soaking

As if we needed an excuse to stay in the tub longer, this expandable bamboo bath tray has various spots and holders for cups, glasses, candles, soaps, and a phone or tablet. Note that the manufacturer calls this tray “water resistant,” which is not the same thing as waterproof — so take care of it to ensure it lasts.


An Efficient Carpet Cleaner That’s Nontoxic & Gentle On Skin

This carpet cleaner has a 4.5-star average from over 35,000 ratings, and some of the most enthusiastic reviews imaginable for a cleaning product. Plus, you don’t have to vacuum the stain after applying the product; whether it’s red wine, coffee, or grease, this solution will remove it.


This Coffee Pod Holder That Feels Like A Hotel Amenity

Keep tabs on your caffeine supply with a countertop coffee organizer that allows you to display dozens of single-serve cups. If brewing that morning cup of coffee wasn’t already satisfying enough, this spinning rack will help you feel certain that you’ve chosen the exact flavor that your heart desires, and help you see when you’re running low.


An Easy-to-Install Bedside Tray For Your Phone & Coffee

If a traditional nightstand isn’t your thing, then this attachable bedside tray might be your next favorite purchase. Touted as “an instant work space, bookshelf, food tray and nightstand all in one,” the bamboo shelf can hold up to 33 pounds of weight on its roughly 10-by-14-inch surface. Not only that, there are slots for cords and cables, too.


These Environmentally-Friendly Scrubbers That Work Like Sponges

These reusable kitchen scrubbers can be compared to sponges that are washable instead of disposable. With various colors and patterns available, they’re practical in that they can be used on a number of different kitchen surfaces (and beyond), and then simply added to the dishwasher — yes, the dishwasher — for washing.


This Tool That Keeps Herbs Fresh For Weeks

I always thought I was doing something wrong when basil I bought the grocery store didn’t keep, but this gadget that keeps herbs fresh proves I’m not alone. Designed to “maximize the life” of herbs when kept in the fridge and given clean water every few days.


A Cute & Functional Way To Store Bathroom Essentials

If your bathroom counter is like mine — never quite as clean as you’d like it to be — then this adorable dispenser may deserve your attention. The durable, acrylic walls of the container can be wiped clean and allow you to see how stocked you are, while the bamboo lid protects contents from splashes or spills. A practical container that also doubles as décor? Yes, please.


These Paper-Like Towels That You Can Wash & Reuse

Made of 100% cotton, these economical and eco-friendly kitchen cloths take over where disposable paper towels leave off. They have a slightly textured waffle-weave, and many reviewers praise how many purposes they can serve in the kitchen. One even endorsed them by writing, “I would recommend these to anyone wanting to make even small changes to help our planet.”


A Super-Slim Charger With 2 USB Outputs

This sleek USB wall charger is designed to fit into small spaces. Many reviewers love how there are two available ports, allowing for two devices to charge at the same time. They were also especially enthusiastic about how snugly and securely it fits when plugged in, too. There are three colors to chose from: black, white, and red.


This 2-Pack Of Shower Shelves That Fit Into Corners

These shower caddies come with adhesive hooks, so they shouldn’t damage walls and can be installed without tools. And once they’re up, they’ll hold a combined 20 pounds of weight. There are hooks for storage underneath, too, so bulky loofahs and scrubbers can have their own spots.


A Handheld Steamer That Fits Into Your Suitcase

If you’re someone who needs a portable steamer — or prefers a compact one — then you’re probably going to appreciate this handheld option. Reviewers praise how efficiently it works, with one summarizing it as “effortless, lightweight, easy to use and affordable.” Plus, the 9-foot cord means you’ll have plenty of room to work as you use it.


A Cute, Decorative Vase Option For Bird Lovers

This may be the tabletop plant holder for you if you’ve been after something that has a bit more detail than most. The iron stand, roughly 10 inches tall, has a small bird perched on it and holds a delicate bulb container. Many reviewers were happy to share photos and show how the small size works well for herbs and individual blooms.


A Memory Foam Foot Rest That’s Adjustable

Unlike ergonomic pillows that come in one unchanging size, this foam foot rest has two adjoining sections that be separated and used in different ways (like at a desk, with a couch, or in the passenger seat of a car). Plus, the cover is removable for easy washing.


The Compact Umbrella Stand That Will Look Chic Next To Your Front Door

This contemporary umbrella stand is only eleven 11 tall and can stand up on its own, so you don’t have to give up to wall space or go through a full installation. It can hold up to four umbrellas or canes, and it’s made of water-resistant resin (so don’t worry if your umbrella still has some rainwater on it).


This Glistening Table Lamp That Also Charges Your Phone

If you’ve been on the hunt for a stylish lamp and charging station, look no further. The golden trim and crystal accents give this one flair, while the on-and-off switch options and easy-access USB port make it practical, too. It’s just over 12 inches tall and under 2 pounds, so you can try it out all over your home.


An Outlet Shelf That Can Hold Speakers, Phones & More

In addition to holding up to 10 pounds a weight, there’s a hidden compartment in this small outlet shelf that can hold cords and wires. Installation takes just a few minutes (and requires you to replace your current outlet cover), but lends itself to a more sturdy shelf, according to both the manufacturer and reviewers.


A Cute Wall Organizer With Space For Everything

With four two-prong hooks, shelf space, and a separate bin, this wall organizer can hold mail, keys, phones, wallets, and then some. Please take it from someone who once made the mistake of purchasing a mail holder that doesn’t fit magazines: The storage options here are practical and useful — and it looks nice, too.


This Moldable Glue That Bonds To All Kinds Of Household Surfaces

This moldable glue starts out feeling like dough, and then hardens into rubber. It’s versatile, with the ability to handle quick repairs, fixes, and creative hacks you might come up with. While the vast majority of reviews are positive, note that some cautioned against trying to save the glue for a long time, saying it can dry out after the package has been opened.


A Freezer Tray That Can Save Soup In Portions

Freezer space is often at a premium in my house, so I get the need for a soup freezing tray that creates easily storable portions of food like this one. The trays themselves are dishwasher- and oven-safe (up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit), and the four compartments have measurements marked on the side.


These Coordinating Kitchen Bowls With Multiple Functions

Streamline your kitchen and cooking efforts with this strainer and bowl set. The two containers fit together, and the colander swings out for easy draining. Reviewers praised the simple and handy concept, and some noted how useful the two-handled design is when it comes to washing and drying fruits and veggies.


This Light-Up Moon You Can Hold In Your Hands

You can turn on this glowing moon lamp with a touch of the hand or use the included remote. It’s also rechargeable with a USB. If there is a budding astronomer in your life — or if you’re one yourself — you might think this it’s out of this world. It glows in three shades of cool and warm light.


A Pair Of Shoe Dryers To Get Your Boots Warm & Dry

Vertical and horizontal air holes in this shoe dryer work together to dry and sanitize wet shoes and boots. Plus, the compact size means it can be easily stored at home or packed for travel. Many reviewers noted its usefulness for everything from work shoes to ski boots.


These Stick On LED Lights With Motion Sensors

These LED bar lights have automatic sensors that turn on when you’re within 10 feet (and off after 20 seconds without movement). They’re useful in spaces like hallways, cabinets, and closets — and they can be attached to flat surfaces with included adhesive. Note that they don’t come with batteries, so be sure to have some on hand when you order.


These Color-Changing Light Bulbs That You Can Control With Your Voice

Right now, I’m saying: “Alexa, show me a color-changing smart bulb with a bunch of extra features.” There are a number options are available with the downloadable app for these bulbs, including dimming, brightening, and color changing features, as well as regular on-and-off capabilities. Plus, you can control them via the app from anywhere, and set timers, too.


A Lotion Applicator That Extends Your Reach By More Than A Foot

This lotion applicator helps you reach any and all of your body — and it has a soft, but nonporous sponge tip so your products can be smoothly rubbed in and not wasted. When not in use, there’s a looped cord for easy hanging and a clear cover for protection so it stays clean.


This Multitasking Essential Oil Diffuser With An Intricate Design

Part night light, part aromatherapy, this essential oil diffuser can serve multiple purposes. With different designs to choose from, it offers four timer settings and seven different light colors. Many reviewers were especially enthusiastic about the decorative ceramic cover and how easy it is to use.


A Heat-Blocking Window Cover That Shines A Rainbow Into Your Home

This adhesive window decoration offers a layer of privacy and temperature control, and gives a prismatic effect when sunlight shines through. One reviewer gushed that it’s “the perfect way to let lots of light in but not be completely transparent.” Application and removal are both easy, too.


These Organic Air Deodorizers That Are Made Of Charcoal

These small bamboo charcoal bags naturally absorb odors for up to 100 square feet. They come in four colors and a non-assuming beanbag shape so you can easily find places for them throughout your home. Be warned, though: One reviewer said, “I’ve made about 3 other people buy these.”


This Hair Styling Tool Holder That Fits On Your Bathroom Counter

If you’ve fumbled around your bathroom while looking for a spot to set a hot iron or warm dryer, look no further than this hair-styling tool storage rack. It’s made of steel and comes in ten different colors, and it even offers two separate compartments along with a basket meant to keep cords at bay.


A Roomy Rope Basket With Two Handles

If you ask me, one can always use more storage space — and this large cotton basket definitely offers that. It’s available in two neutral tones, and in short or tall size options. If, for some reason you don’t want to keep it out all the time, you can fold and steam it to regain its shape (or you could always let me borrow it).


The Versatile Lid That Goes With Multiple Pots

Made of glass with a stainless steel handle and rim, this universal pot lid can fit pots and pans that have 7-to 12-inch diameters. With over 6,000 ratings — more than 90% of which are four- or five-star — this practical lid has a common kitchen problem covered. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe.


A Hanging Rope Shelf You Can Style In Multiple Ways

The rustic rope cord allows you to customize these hanging wall shelves however you see fit. They hold up to 8 pounds of weight and are large enough at 16 by 5 inches to hold photos, frames, books and trinkets. And, each set comes with two (just so you have options).


These String Light’s That’ll Make Your Patio So Cozy

A classic string of outdoor lights is almost always a good idea. This one comes in 25-, 50-, or 100-foot lengths, all with 1.5-inch Edison bulbs (and two spares) spaced 12 inches apart. Reviewers were overwhelmingly happy with their choice. One summarized them with, “love, love, love these lights.”


A Bamboo Knife Organizer That Fits In Most Drawers

Up to fifteen knives can be stored in this sturdy bamboo knife block. The slots accommodate sizes ranging from steak knives to bread knives, and hide the blades while handles remain visible and within reach. At seventeen inches long, it’s meant for drawers but can work on countertops, too.


This Water-Resistant Speaker So You Can Sing In The Shower

If you’ve been looking for a way to level up your shower situation, this water-resistant speaker may be for you. Available in multiple colors, it comes with a detachable suction cup so you can pop it right on your favorite flat surface or wall. Not only that, you can expect it to play for six hours after fully charged.


A Vanity Organizer With Nine Separate Compartments

Two of this countertop organizer’s nine compartments are drawers, so you can stash a few things out of sight. Taller bottles will stay upright in the higher-walled sections, and notches in the plastic allow for easy cleaning. And unlike the many acrylic organizers out there, this plastic one is not transparent.


These Pastel Drain Covers To Keep Your Bathroom Clean & Pretty

In addition to showers, these functional drain covers also work in sinks with domed, flat, or completely open drains. Reviewers found them to be easy to clean, simple to use, and practical for keeping hair and fuzz from going down the drain. A few found additional uses for them, too — like resting bowls in the kitchen sink while washing.


A Motion-Sensor Bathroom Light With 16 Color Options

Where was this idea when I was a kid at summer camp? Part practical and part novelty, this colorful toilet light turns on when it detects motion within five feet. The 16 color options and five brightness settings provide what the manufacturer aptly describes as “a mini midnight party.”


Cherry-Shaped Toilet Brush That Help You Forget That You’re Scrubbing A Toilet

If you’re going to clean your bathroom, you may as well do it with a product that’s as adorable as this one. This cherry-shaped toilet brush fits snugly into the holder and resembles a cherry and stem (thankfully, one with a nonporous base that won’t leak). BRB, going to go search for more fruit-themed cleaning products right now.

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