40 Things That Are So Weird, So Cool & Surprisingly So Cheap

Prepare to be obsessed.

Written by Veronika Kero
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Unique and innovative products can be on the pricey side due to a lack of competition, but Amazon has some surprisingly good deals on weird and cool items that you’ll soon be obsessed with. From a silky-soft bedsheet set that has a built-in pocket for your phone and lip balm to a chic white marble phone stand that amplifies your music and calls, the 40 strange but useful things on this list start at just $4 but all will make your life a little better.


A Pack Of Absorbent Wristbands That Cost Less Than $3 Per Pair

If you’re sick of wet counters and water running down your arms when you wash your face, this set of four pairs of microfiber wristbands are a must-have. The plush wristbands can also be used as scrunchies. One shopper wrote, “I always use them when washing off a face mask. I would normally end up with my arms, shirt, and sink vanity soaking wet. With these on, they collect all the water that would end up in these places. [...] They also come out well in the washer and dryer.”


This Highly Rated 6-Piece Bedsheet Set That Has A Pocket For Your Phone

This six-piece microfiber bedsheet set features deep pockets that are able to fit over mattresses up to 21 inches thick and the fitted sheet has a side pocket where you can keep small essentials. In addition to the flat and fitted sheets, the set also comes with four pillowcases. Choose from several colors, patterns, and sizes in the listing.


This Gadget That Gets Hair Off Your Brushes

With strong bristles on either end, this dual-sided brush cleaner can get between even the smallest of spaces to remove hair and build-up from a variety of types of hair brushes. “When I was done I thought that the brushes looked brand new again. I used it on round brushes and a flat paddle brush and it worked on both equally well,” wrote one reviewer.


A Chic Marble Phone Stand That Also Amplifies Sound

While this marble phone stand is made of genuine stone, your phone won’t be scratched thanks to the strips of silicone that line the interior. Position your device vertically or horizontally for hands-free viewing and sound amplification. “If the phone is in the holder you can hear your phone ring from another room. Also amplifies the voice conversation when in speaker mode,” wrote one shopper.


This App-Enabled Label Maker That Takes Less Than 5 Minutes To Set Up

Whether you want to organize food storage containers or personalize refillable bottles in the bathroom, this label maker makes DIY projects and organization easier to complete. It wirelessly connects to any Android or iOS phone so you can customize labels with different fonts and images, which are printed on peel-and-stick tape that is waterproof and fade-resistant. “When I tell you I opened the package and printed the labels in less than 5 min I’m not exaggerating. [...] I downloaded the app, turned it on and paired, typed in the name and printed,” wrote one fan.


A Silicone Mat For Hot Tools That Has A Pocket

Thanks to its pouch design, this silicone mat can not only be used to rest your straighteners and curling irons down while at home but to also keep your hot tools protected while traveling. It can withstand up to 460 degrees Fahrenheit and has a textured surface to prevent anything from slipping off. Choose from several colors in the listing.


This Laptop Stand With A 4.8-Star Overall Rating

This laptop stand lifts your device is designed to alleviate neck pain and eye discomfort by lifting it 6 inches, placing it at eye level. The stand’s open design allows it to keep your laptop well ventilated and its rubber padding will keep it in place. It’s available in 10 colors in the listing.


These Best-Selling Nipple Covers That Stay In Place For 12 Hours

No matter how strange nipple covers may look, you’ll find them handy for outfits that just don’t work with bras. They’re made of waterproof silicone and the edges are completely seamless, and they stay in place for up to 12 hours. They’re available in several shades and two sizes in the listing.

  • Available sizes: Small (A — C cups) & Large (D+ cups)
  • Available colors: 14


A Set Of Foot Peel Masks With 49,000+ 5-Star Reviews

Slip these foot peel masks on like a sock and let them work their magic. Within six to 11 days, the blend of fruit acids and extracts that make up each pair will slough away dead skin to reveal crack- and callus-free heels. The set comes with three pairs and other scents are available in the listing.


These Adhesive Drawers That Can Hold 6 Pounds Each

You can easily install these attachable drawers to any desk or table by using the included adhesive strips. Each can hold up to six pounds. A double-layered option is also available in the listing. “I keep my glasses, ear buds, calculator Chapstick and sticky notes in it with a little bit of room to spare. It keeps my desktop clean. Super easy to attach and very sturdy,” wrote one reviewer.


A Stretchy Zipper-Free Running Belt With A Key Hook

As slim as this running belt is, it’s equipped with 360-degree zipper-free storage that can stretch to hold your phone, ID, granola bar, and more. It even has a secure key hook so you don’t have to worry about losing them. The fabric is moisture-wicking and reflective, making it safer to exercise at night. Reviewers report it doesn’t bounce when you run.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors: 12


This Popular Hair Tie Holder That Comes With 3 Bands

This hair tie holder can be attached to your keys or bag and comes with three ties to get you started. “It’s perfect for when you’re out of the house and you forgot a hair tie, or for when you don’t want to wear one on your wrist. I love that you can clip it anything with the key ring,” wrote one fan. It comes in three colors in the listing.


An Electric Lighter That Even Works In The Wind

Not only is this electric lighter safer but it’s also way more convenient to use since it is weatherproof and can work just as well in the wind as it can inside. Plus, it has a battery-indicating light and it automatically turns off after seven seconds for safety. Conveniently charge it with a USB.


These Silicone Cup Lids That You Tap To Seal

Each of these four drink tops are made of stretchy silicone that’s designed to fit a variety of cups up to 4 inches wide, including regular drinking glasses, wine glasses, and mugs. After placing one on your cup, simply press the center to create an airtight seal that keeps out bugs, sand at the beach, and more.


A Charger Organizer That Collapses When Not In Use

Instead of having the entire cord hanging around on your floor or desk, wrap it around this charger organizer so that you only have the length you need. It adheres to most charging bricks and collapses down to just 5 millimeters when not in use so it doesn’t take up nearly any space while traveling.


A Motion-Activated Purse Light That Lasts For More Than 3,000 Hours

This motion sensor-activated purse light will automatically turn on (and stay on for 15 seconds) each time you open your bag. It has a lifespan of over 3,000 hours. “It stays on a few seconds that gives you time to locate a few things that you need. I’m very happy with this product as it makes my life so much easier to find what I’m looking for in my purse,” wrote one shopper.


A Butter Dispenser That Works Right Out Of The Fridge

You’ll never rip another piece of bread again with this butter dispenser. After inserting a stick, it will create deliciously thin ribbons that are easy to spread. One shopper wrote, “It’s amazing, you can use straight out of the fridge or room temperature.”


A Hydrating Hair Mask That Reviewers Call “Magic”

This nourishing hair mask is formulated with coconut, argan, avocado, and castor oil. By deep conditioning every strand, the formula smooths split ends, reduces frizz, and even protects against further damage. And it’s free of parabens and sulfates. “This stuff is honestly magic. [...] Leaves hair looking and feeling so beautiful,” wrote one shopper.


This Bottle Of Rinse-Free Laundry Soap That Lasts For Over 75 Washes

Available in fresh and clean scents like mint and fig, you’ll be happy to know that this laundry soap will last you over 75 washes. The surprising part is that it’s a rinse-free formula that can be used in your washing machine or for hand washing. One fan wrote, “This is by far the best soap to wash sweaters, silk pillow cases, delicates, and hand made quilts. It smells wonderful and gets items very clean. [...] A little goes a LONG way. I have the Yuzu scent and it is slightly citric and so yummy.”


A Pair Of 1-Handed Jar Openers That Even Work On Tiny Lids

At less than an inch thick, this pair of jar openers won’t disrupt your kitchen decor after you’ve screwed them in underneath your cabinets. You’ll need just one hand to quickly take off anything from a small bottle cap to a large pickle jar lid, no matter if they’re vacuum-sealed, childproof, or just stuck. “This even opens tiny lids,” raved one shopper.


This Pancake & Cupcake Dispenser That Holds 4 Cups Of Batter

Thanks to its trigger handle, this 4-cup batter dispenser makes it a breeze to fill up muffin tins or make perfectly circular pancakes. You’ll be able to control just how much you release and it won’t make a mess of your counters because it is leakproof. The tool has earned an impressive 4.5-star overall rating after over 14,000 reviews.


This Space-Saving Strainer That’s Dishwasher Safe

At just half the size of more traditional options, this silicone strainer is easier to stow away between uses. Attach it to any pot or pan using the strong clamps — it’s heat resistant up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit. “I almost always [lose] some pasta while draining it but this time, not a single piece,” wrote one reviewer.


This Topper That Reviewers Say Makes It Easier To Grab Paper Towels

Whether it’s water droplets from your own hands or splashes of sauce, this paper towel topper will keep them clean and dry. It’s completely clear so as not to clash with your kitchen decor. One fan wrote, “Makes ripping off the paper towels MUCH easier, as I can just place a finger on top to keep in place, while pulling the necessary amount of sheets as needed.”


A Fun Garlic Crusher That Also Can Be Used On Nuts & Spices

With a unique Dracula shape, this garlic crusher has sharp blades that press, crush, and mince in seconds. The chamber is large enough to mince multiple cloves at once. It will keep your fingers odor-free and also works with small foods like ginger, hot peppers, and nuts.


This Set Of Bedsheet Straps That Cost Just $7

If you’ve ever struggled with your fitted sheet popping off a corner in the night, try out these adjustable bedsheet straps. They attach to each corner and the padded stainless steel clamps are designed to get a tough hold that is still gentle on fabric.


A Pack Of 24-Karat Gold Eye Masks That Reviewers Call A “Game-Changer”

These 24-karat gold eye masks work to brighten the under-eye area in just 20 minutes. Plus, they’re perfect for travel thanks to their individual packaging. One reviewer wrote, “[It’s] a game-changer when it comes to pampering and rejuvenating the delicate skin around the eyes! [...] The eye masks are incredibly soothing and comfortable to wear. They adhere perfectly to the under-eye area. [...] I love how they cool and depuff my tired eyes.”


Some Silicone Oven Rack Shields That Can Be Cut To Size

Cover each rod in your oven with these oven rack shields to protect your hands and arms from getting burned. Each of the four pieces in this pack is made of heat-resistant silicone that you can trim down to whatever size you need — so you can also use them in your microwave and toaster.


This Wireless Charger With 128,000+ 5-Star Reviews

Whether you have an iPhone, Google Pixel, or Samsung device, all can be brought back to life with this wireless charger. It’s also compatible with AirPods. It even works through most cases under 4 millimeters thick. It comes in several colors (including green, pink, and purple) in the listing to match your decor.


This Knife Sharpener With A Suction Cup Base

Able to handle both smooth and serrated blades, this knife sharpener has a 20-degree angle to restore each side of the tool. The base has a strong suction cup so you can secure it onto your counter and keep your hands safely out of the way. It’s compact for storage, too — it fits in the palm of your hand.


This Cult-Favorite Pumice Stone Cleaner That Comes With A Ventilated Case

If your tiles or porcelain have collected hard water rings, mildew, limescale, or rust, this pumice cleaning stone will buff it all right out without leaving behind scratches. Using it is easy: Just run it under water and it’s ready to scrub. It comes with a ventilated case for hygienic storage.


These Stainless Steel Hot Plate Grippers That Are Just $2 Each

Before you reach for the bowl of oatmeal in your microwave, use these hot plate grippers to keep your hands safe from accidental burns. They can be used on pots, pans, plates, bowls, lids, and more. And since their grippers are made of stainless steel, they won’t rust.


A Microwave-Safe Bento Box That Has Flexible Dividers

Thanks to two flexible dividers and a sealed dip cup (all of which are removable), you can customize this bento box to your meal of the day. The leak-resistant lid snaps on for extra security. The container is safe to put in the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer.


This $12 Device That Attaches Up To 5 Pieces Without Staples

This paper clinch will save you from having to constantly repurchase staples. Instead, it fastens up to five pieces of paper to themselves. Its ergonomic design allows you to do so with just one hand. A desktop version for up to 10 sheets at a time is available in the listing.


A Damage-Free Draft Stopper That Installs In Minutes

With multiple layers of thick silicone, this draft stopper keeps out cold air in the winter, hot air in the summer, as well as dust, noise, pests, and light. It takes just a few minutes to adhere it to your door and when it’s time to take it off, no sticky residue will be left behind. It can even be used on outdoor doors as well.


This Highly Rated Ring Toss Game That Can Be Used Indoors & Out

This highly rated ring toss game has earned a 4.6-star overall rating after over 8,000 reviews. The game can be set up in minutes indoors and out and comes with a 13-inch board, ring, hook, and telescoping rod. One shopper wrote, “We all love this game. Everyone who comes over cannot stop playing Tiki Toss. So simple and so fun. Quality and design of product is fantastic.”


This Silicone Utensil Holder That Doubles As A Steam Releaser

By positioning this adorable little witch on the edge of any pot or pan, the spoon holder will keep your utensil from dripping all over your counter. It can also be used to hold up a lid so that steam can be released. The heat-resistant silicone is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, too.


A Sleek Car Trash Can That Fits In Your Cup Holder

Use this car trash can to tidy up all those receipts and wrappers that end up lost under your seat. The push-top lid is easy to use one-handed and since the entire container can sit in your cup holder, it’ll always be within reach. One reviewer wrote, “It is easy to empty and clean. I really like the "push" factor because it is easy to put trash in it while on the move (I don't have to worry about opening a lid).”


This Extendable Ceiling Fan Duster With A Washable Head

Extend this ceiling fan duster up to 47 inches or use it handheld so you can reach every nook and cranny in your home. The fluffy microfiber fibers adhere and trap dust and the head is machine washable for reuse. The duster has earned an impressive 4.6-star overall rating after over 9,000 reviews.


A Set Of Gentle Scrunchies That Are Made Of 100% Mulberry Silk

These silk scrunchies will glide over your hair to reduce frizz and prevent tugging so that you experience less breakage. Plus, they’ll add some shine to your outfits. Choose from several different colors in the listing to match any outfit.


A Bidet Attachment That You Can Easily Install Yourself

This popular bidet attachment features a spray nozzle (the angle and pressure can be adjusted) so you can experience a thorough cleaning every time. It won’t take up much space on the side of your bowl and can be easily installed without a need for an electrical hookup or additional water line.