40 Things That Make Your Day MUCH Better For Less Than $30 On Amazon

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Bad days happen (yes, even to your office mate who always seems to have it together). The thing is that we’re all human, navigating relationships, families, and careers — so there’s bound to be a hiccup here and there. And while it’s not always easy to avoid dramatic family members or your boss when tension is high, the only thing you can really do is manage the things you have some degree of control over. And this, my friends, is where retail therapy comes in. This list pulls together some great Amazon products that will make your day much better, and all of them are under $30.

The good thing about retail therapy is that your purchases don’t have to be overly complicated. After a tough day at work, a supportive seat cushion can transform your commute home — or maybe the day’s events are making a wine glass shower caddy seem like a really good idea. From essential oils to footrests, the items on this list can solve a lot of problems and make your life feel a lot less stressful as well.

With that being said, go ahead and check out the following items that’ll make your day so much better. You deserve it.


These Shower Steamers That Are Powered By Aromatherapy

These shower bomb fizzes are infused with essential oils, and each aromatherapy tablet offers a different benefit. They’re meant to be placed near your shower stream — and as they get wet, they melt and release their fragrance for a spa experience at home.


This 6-Pack Of Essential Oils To Suit Any Mood

This gift set includes six 10-milliliter bottles of aromatherapy essential oils including lemongrass, peppermint, orange, lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree. Each essential oil offers a different benefit to the customer. For example, peppermint helps with concentration and clear thinking, and lemongrass promotes calmness and clarity. Th essential oils are well suited for oil diffusers, vaporizers, inhalation, massage, and even cleaning.


A Sleek Essential Oil Diffuser With 7 LED Mood Lights

This diffuser circulates fragrant essential oils while also adding more moisture to the air in any room. Equipped with seven LED mood lights, the brightness of this vaporizer is adjustable — and it makes an excellent night light. It programmable timer settings and an auto-shut off feature to help protect the device when the water level gets too low.


These Stress Relief Balls For Tense Moments At The Office

These squishy toys can help customers reduce stress and improve focus. They can be pulled and tossed, squeezed, smooshed, and immediately return to their original shape. Made with high-quality thermoplastic rubber, they are hypoallergenic and nontoxic — and each pack comes with three balls in red, blue, and yellow.


This Calming Himalayan Salt Lamp That Helps Improve Your Mood

When lit, this Himalayan salt lamp radiates a warm, amber glow creating a calm environment that feels relaxing and peaceful. Per the band, it can even enhance your mood and promote quality sleep — and the built-in dimmer switch makes it perfectly equipped for bedrooms, living rooms, and offices.


These Epsom Salts To Help Relax Sore Muscles

These lavender-scented epsom salt crystals dissolve into your bath, making them the perfect soaking aid for relaxing sore muscles and soothing minor aches sprains. The three-pound bag is resealable, and users have mentioned that they find it to be a great value for the price.


This Candle With That Delivers A Warm, Relaxing Massage

This all-natural coconut- and soy-based candle is a warm and relaxing massage oil that is designed to melt at a low temperature. Infused with apricot oil, aloe vera oil, vitamin E oil, shea butter, and jojoba oil, this candle oil absorbs into the skin without feeling greasy. The convenient pour spout also allows you to easily apply the oil without a huge mess.


This Foot Spa That With Convenient Toe Controls

The massaging water jets and raised nodes in this foot spa help revive and soothe tired, aching feet. An integrated splash guard prevents spills and splashes, and a convenient toe-touch control makes it easy to adjust the jets and temperature without having to bend down.


These Gold-Infused Eye Masks Packed With Collagen

This eye mask has the ability to hydrate the skin and increase blood circulation. Infused with hyaluronic acid, collagen, grape seed extract (and of course 24-karat gold), it helps diminish the appearance of under-eye shadows. Each pack comes with 15 pairs, and users recommend storing these in the fridge for a refreshing, cooling effect.


A Gel Eye Mask That Can Be Used For Both Hot & Cold Therapy

This eye mask can be used for both hot or cold therapy to treat unwanted puffiness, under-eye shadows, headaches, or sinus issues (just to name a few). Flexible gel pearls in the mask are designed to retain its temperature longer. Freeze the eye mask for cold therapy or microwave it for heat therapy. Velcro straps are fully adjustable, and they keep this eye mask in place so that you never have to worry about it slipping off.


These Full-Length Insoles That’ll Make Your Sneakers Much Cozier

With its exceptional shock absorption, these full-length orthotic inserts are ideal for people who are on their feet all day racking up the miles. Superior arch support and deep heel cradles help customers find relief from painful symptoms of plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and tendonitis. With well over 6,500 positive reviews on Amazon, these orthotic inserts clearly have a cult following. One user wrote, “They have really good support, I can walk [a] much longer distance and my feet don't hurt like they used to. I can tell you they absorb better than anything I tried before(...)”


A Facial Steamer That Generates Nano Ionic Steam

This facial steamer uses mineral water to generate nano ionic steam that’s up to 10 times more effective than facial steamers using plain tap water. This facial steamer promotes the absorption of skincare products, helps clear up unwanted breakouts, and provides relief from sinus congestion. The water capacity of this steamer allows for eight minutes of steam time, and the unit shuts off automatically when finished. It also comes with a headband, a blackhead and blemish extractor, and a measuring cup.


This Wine Glass Shower Caddy For When You're Having One Of Those Days

When you’re having one of those days, taking a glass of wine into the shower or bath just seems appropriate. With a powerful suction cup that can hold up to seven pounds, this shower caddy is ideal for glass, mirror, or glazed tile. It holds your glass while you shower, and it's available in six colors.


This Bath Pillow That's Almost Guaranteed To Stay In Place

With more than two inches of padded foam, the two-panel design of this bath cushion provides exceptional support for your head, neck, and shoulders when it’s time for your next bath. Seven powerful suction cups hold this cushion firmly in place to prevent slippage, so all you have to do is relax. This bath cushion is waterproof, it’s available in two-panel and three-panel styles, and it wipes clean when needed.


This Cozy Wearable Blanket With Foot Pockets

This wearable blanket is equipped with built-in arms and feet to keep you warm when reading, watching TV, or relaxing. Meant to be worn backward, this micro-fleece throw has a convenient front pouch so you always have the necessities with you. It’s also machine washable and comes in 14 colors.


The Fully Adjustable Bamboo Bath Caddy

This waterproof bamboo bathtub caddy can be adjusted to fit any standard size tub, and silicone grips keep it securely in place. With a wine glass slot, a soap tray, and a removable waterproof cover for books or tablets, this is the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing bath time experience.


This Smart Light Bulb That Can Be Operated Through Voice Commands

These 5-watt LED smart bulbs work with Alexa and Google Home for hands-free voice control. Turn lights on or off, dim or brighten lights, change the colors, or set any of eight scenes just by issuing a command. And with the downloadable app, you can control the lighting in your home even while you’re away.


A Curtain Light That Glistens In The Window

With warm white lighting and eight different settings, these curtain string lights add a touch of magic to any occasion or room. They can withstand light rain — so they can be used indoors or outdoors — and each curtain light is equipped with 300 LED lights. With over 12,000 reviews, this one looks to be a cult classic on Amazon. Customers have mentioned that they look so beautiful, it’s tempting to leave them up all year.


The Lint Remover That Tackles Fuzz In All Shapes & Sizes

This battery-operated lint remover has a honeycomb cover with three different depth options to tackle all types of lint and fuzz. It’s perfect for sweaters, scarves, or basically any fabric that pills, and a large lint container ensures that you don’t have to stop constantly to empty it.


This Foot Rest That Puts An End To Awkward Maneuvers In The Shower

If you ever tried to shave your legs in a shower stall, you know how difficult that can be. This footrest is designed to fit securely in any 90-degree corner of your shower, allowing you to shave your legs with relative ease and no more awkward bending.


A Footrest That Alleviates Lower Back Pain And Leg Swelling

With adjustable straps that hang from the arms of your tray table, this footrest gives you room to stretch out in comfort on your next flight. Made with high-quality memory foam, it helps prevent lower back pain, stiffness, and leg swelling. It’s also lightweight and compact, so it easily fits into your carry-on luggage, and it’s available in three colors.


The Night Light Projector That's Like Sleeping Under The Stars

This night light projector will make anyone feel like they’re sleeping under a blanket of stars. Four LED lights work in concert to produce eight unique modes of operation — and if you don’t want stars and moonlight projected around the room, simply remove the inner plastic cover. Although this can be powered by USB, users can choose the battery option giving them the flexibility of moving it from room to room.


This 3-D Printed Night Light With 3 Color Options

With this 3-D printed moon lamp night light, users can choose from three beautiful colors: white, yellow, and roseate. A four-foot charging cable allows for complete flexibility in placement, and the unit can be operated using the remote control that’s included.


A Travel Pillow With Internal Supports For Superior Comfort

This travel pillow holds your head in a more ergonomic position, and robust internal support provides exceptional head and neck support. Made with soft fleece for your comfort, this travel pillow was even designed to look like a scarf. This travel pillow is machine washable, and it’s available in four colors. With over 12,000 positive reviews on Amazon, this one is certainly a user favorite.


The Durable Bluetooth Speaker That Lives Up To The Hype

This portable Bluetooth speaker has a unique triangular design and downward-facing bass radiator that produces exceptional sound quality. It plays music at maximum volume with no sound distortion, and it has a whopping 100-foot wireless range. With over 47,000 reviews on Amazon, it looks like this speaker lives up to the hype. Users have written, “Great sound quality, and even has a cool simple design that looks good.”


These Heart-Shaped Ice Cubes To Liven Up Your Beverages

Add some fun to your next get together — or just liven up your beverage — with these mini ice cube trays. The heart-shaped trays are made from flexible silicone, so they release quickly and easily — and they're even bacteria resistant.


This Alarm Clock With Adjustable Brightness & A Wood Finish

Investing in an alarm clock can be a simple way to untether yourself from your phone at night and in the morning — and this clock is so cool-looking, it’s practically decor. It offers a choice of three brightness levels, as well as sound-activated and touch-control settings with auto shutoff for when you don’t want the display lit up at all. The clock also has a thermostat and humidity sensor.


The Automatic Soap Dispenser That Helps Curb The Spread Of Germs

Using infrared technology, this automatic soap dispenser is an excellent way to stop the spread of germs and cross-contamination. Compatible with liquid soap, hand sanitizer, and even lotion, it’s perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and offices.


This Manicure Grooming Set That Adds New Tools To Your Beauty Kit

This 12-piece manicure set includes all the essentials for nice nails, plus a few other beauty tools to add to your makeup kit. With an eyebrow tweezer, a blackhead needle, and loop remover (just name a few), your beauty arsenal will be complete. This set comes beautifully packaged in a rose gold snap case so you can take it with you wherever you go.


This Head & Scalp Massager That Deep-Cleans & Exfoliates

Perfect for all hair types, the soft silicone bristles on this head and scalp brush deep-clean, exfoliate and massage your scalp for a refreshing experience you’ll want to repeat over and over. It’s available in three colors — and with over 9,000 reviews on Amazon, users consistently give it top marks.


This Spot Remover That Tackle Deep, Set-In Stains

This spot remover is made from biodegradable, nontoxic ingredients to tackle even the toughest stains with ease, and it won’t harm your fabrics. One customer indicated that the formula was even powerful enough to remove a 35-year-old stain.


This Wrinkle Releaser That's Way Easier Than Ironing

Hate ironing? Me too. This wrinkle releaser eliminates wrinkles without ironing and leaves behind a fresh and clean scent. It can be used on virtually all fabrics, it removes static cling, and it’s perfect for frequent travelers.


The Dimmable Touch-Lamp That’ll Create A Calm Space

This touch-activated table lamp has a 360-degree touch control panel at the top that allows you to toggle between three brightness levels and 13 colors. The dim setting is ideal for ambient light in any room — and with the brightest setting, it can be used as a reading light. The clean, compact design also makes this lamp a perfect addition to any room. “This lamp is small but works perfectly for reading,” wrote one reviewer, adding “I love the different colors and the brightness/dimmer feature.”


A Veggie Chopper That's Essentially 4 Kitchen Tools In 1

This vegetable chopper makes daily life exponentially easier in the kitchen. With four interchangeable blades, you can spiralize, ribbon-slice, and dice your way to a perfect meal. A built-in storage container holds your chopped veggies until they’re ready for the pot, and the nonskid base ensures stability during use.


This Electric Makeup Brush That Helps Prolong The Lives Of Your Brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes is important for your skin and for your brushes. The powerful motor in this makeup brush cleaner quickly cleans makeup brushes without damaging the bristles, and it comes with eight flexible collars to accommodate different brush sizes. The unit itself comes apart for easy cleaning.


A Handheld Vacuum That Helps Remove Blackheads From Your Complexion

This vacuum pore cleaner helps remove oil, impurities, and blackheads from your skin. With five interchangeable probes and three suction levels, you can give your complexion a deep clean without expensive spa treatments or doctor visits.


The Aromatherapy Wrap That Can Be Frozen Or Heated

Scented with lavender, chamomile, lemongrass, and peppermint this aromatherapy wrap can be frozen or heated to help relieve muscle pain and tension. Users have noted that this wrap retains heat for approximately 30 minutes, and it’s heavy enough that it requires minimal fussing. It’s available in four colors.


This Shower Head That Makes You Feel Like You're Bathing In The Rain

This high-pressure shower head makes you feel like you’re showering in the rain. Equipped with 90 anti-clogging silicone jets that inhibit hard water deposits (such as limescale), it’ll always retain its power. This shower head easily connects to any standard shower arm, and it has a maximum outflow of 2.5 gallons per minute.


The Acupressure Mat & Pillow Set That Helps Relieve Muscle Tension

After a long day, this acupressure mat and pillow set can help you relieve tension without your muscles. The tiny “needles” lining both surfaces apply pressure to certain points of your body that help relax you and increase blood circulation. This set is available in tons of colors, too.


This Car Seat Cushion That Supports Your Lower Back

If driving is causing back discomfort, you might want to try an ergonomic cushion. This car seat cushion has a memory foam design that offers firm support. It also has a an adjustable strap so it won’t move out of place while you're driving. And it’s versatile, too — if you’re not a regular driver, try attaching it to your office chair for more support as you work instead.

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