42 Products That Make Life A Lot Less Stressful


Are you stressed about your messy house or busy schedule? Worry not! Amazon’s got your back with these 43 products that make life a lot less stressful will take some of that pressure off.

Unwind with some fizzy bath balls. Reflect with a guided journal. Get a weeks worth of meal prep in a few hours with an Instant pot. Whether you need a creative outlets that help channel your negative energy or cleaning products that make life easier, I've rounded up a list of brilliant products that can help take the edge off life. Each of these helpful products bring healing to your body and calmness to your mind and order to your life.

So, if you could use a break, a mental reset, or just a something to make life a wee bit easier, this list is for you.

By the way, you’re doing great — you've got this!


A Foot Bath That Retains Heat While You Relax

Take a load off and enjoy a relaxing massage with this heated foot bath. This at-home pedicure foot bath has heat maintenance so it keeps the water at your desired temperature. The bubbles massage your feet while you easily control your pampering with toe-touch controls. And its splash guard ensures that not a drop of water lands on your floor or rug.


An Instant Pot That Gets Dinner On The Table In A Flash

Dinner is ready in one touch of a button with this instant pot. Your new favorite kitchen appliance has seven kitchen gadgets and has 14 one-touch programs from which to choose. You can steam, sauté, slow cook, or warm your food, plus make your own rice or yogurt. The removable inner stainless steel pot is safe to put in the dishwasher.


This Over-The-Door Organizer That Holds 24 Pairs Of Shoes

Keep your shoes in sight without tripping over them with this 24-pocket hanging shoe organizer. It hangs over the door and has clear compartments that make selecting your shoes for the day simple. This multitasking organizer can also be used for office supplies, toys, and accessories like jewelry and scarves. It comes in three colors and keeps your items protected and out of the way.


The Headache Hat That Eliminates Migraines Quickly

Freeze a migraine in its tracks with this headache hat. Unlike other migraine ice packs, this one has light compression and individually-wrapped ice cubes to evenly relieve pain or stress. Wrap it around your head or neck, or any area of pain, to reduce swelling, tension, or stress.


This Wine Vacuum That Keeps Your Favorite Bottle Fresher For Longer

Go ahead, open that next bottle of wine. If you don’t finish it all, you can use this wine pump, which comes with one wine stopper, to keep your wine fresh for up to 10 extra days. Just stick the silicone wine stopper into the bottle and use the vacuum to suck out extra air. You'll never waste wine again.


A Multitasking Handheld Vacuum That Sucks Up Pet Hair

Furry friends are the best, but you could do without all of their fur everywhere, right? This pet hair handheld vacuum suctions up fur and hair and works in a variety of areas — from upholstery and stairs to hard floors, counters, and the inside of your car. It has a rubber nozzle to pull dirt and hair out of the deepest fabric and a 16-foot cord so you can maneuver it anywhere. It collects hair, dirt, and dust in a cup that you can simply empty, wash, and replace.


This Discreet Fidget Toy That Helps You Destress & Focus

These finger ring sensory toys are discreet and quiet, but can be used anywhere to help you de-stress, focus, and relax. Whether you're trying to break a bad habit or need to blow off steam before (or during) a meeting, this pack of 10 fidget toy rings feel great in your hands and are a silent alternative to click toys.


The Muscle Roller That Feels Like Getting A Deep Tissue Massage

Give yourself a deep tissue massage at home with this muscle roller. The unique design includes three deep-kneading massage balls on a portable stick that work to soothe knots, aches, soreness, or pain anywhere on your body. Use it anywhere on your body to recover from a tough workout or a long day at the office.


These Reusable Grocery Bags That Carry Up To 30 Pounds

Help cut down on the amount of plastic you use with this reusable shopping bag. Designed from sturdy, recycled nylon that won't rip, the eco-friendly tote bag carries up to 30 pounds and is machine washable. It folds into a small square pouch when you’re not using it and comes in more than 30 colors and prints like tartan and a zebra print.


A Leakproof Trash Can That Is Perfect For Your Car

This spill-proof car trash can will keep your car cleaner and less smelly. This compact bag holds more than 2 gallons of trash and features a removable liner — so it’s simple to get rid of your trash. The bag itself is waterproof and designed to clip around a headrest or other handle in your car. It even has three storage pockets (two are mesh, one is zippered) so feel free to stash you phone, keys, and other items in it.


This Legendary Spot Remover That Lifts Up Stubborn Stains

Say goodbye to stubborn stains with this spot remover. It’s called Grandma’s Secret for a reason. This formula is as good as your grandmother’s little laundry tricks and removes even the toughest stains — like chocolate, grease, blood, and red wine. It’s nontoxic and safe for the environment.


These Meal Prep Containers That Have Portion Control Sections

Prep your meals for the week with this pack of convenient meal prep containers. They’re made of borosilicate glass, which is BPA-free and safe in your oven, microwave, and freezer. The lids snap on to keep any leaks from happening. Plus, each container is designed with separate compartments, allowing you to portion control your meals.


The Stress Balls That Are Infused With Essential Oils

Combine the effectiveness of hand therapy and aromatherapy with this stress ball bundle. Stress balls have long been known to calm and focus the mind, while also improving hand strength. But these stress balls go an extra step and are infused with different calming fragrances — the trio consists of balls scented with jasmine, rosemary, and lemon essential oils.


A Heated Neck Massager That Turns Your Home Into A Spa

Relieve neck pain with this neck and back massager. The electric device deeply massages your muscles using eight different massage nodes. Each node rotates in different directions to get the best massage possible. You can control the speed and direction of the massage, as well as turn on a heat function. It has an auto shut-off function to keep you safe.


This Bath Fizzy That Reveals A Secret Message

This “f” bomb isn't your ordinary bath bomb. Infused with soothing lavender essential oil, it is designed to eliminate stress, anger, and frustration. Just drop it in the tub and soak away your worries. When it dissolves, a calming message appears in the water.


A Tool That Ensures No Toothpaste Is Left Unused

Use this toothpaste squeezer to get all the toothpaste out of the tube. It’s easy to use and even works for paints, creams, or makeup. Just twist the wringer tool to get the excess toothpaste out and save a ton of money in the long run.


These Insoles That Support Your Arches

Give your feet a break from those uncomfortable shoes and use these arch support orthopedic inserts. They have a deep heel cup that helps to evenly distribute your weight and a high arch to alleviate pain from flat feet. Plus they’re made with antimicrobial fabric that eliminates odor-causing bacteria and keeps blisters away.


This Light That Mimics The Sun To Boost Your Mood

This light therapy lamp brings the sun to you during those dark or rainy days. It gives off UV-free light that mimics real sunshine — so it's safe to use everyday. It boasts an automatic timer, three light modes, and it stands up on its own, making it ideal for your desk or bedside table. Thousands of reviewers say it helps improve their mood and increase their energy levels.


A Massage Gel That Soothes Achy Muscles

Use the power of essential oils and key pain-relieving ingredients like arnica to soothe aches and pains with this sore muscle massage oil. In addition to arnica, it's made with soothing chamomile and lavender. It warms and relaxes tight muscles and sore joints, hydrates your skin, absorbs fast, and might just put you in a sleepy-time mood.


The Bracelet That Doubles As An Essential Oil Diffuser

Keep your essential oils close with this diffuser bracelet. The stainless steel bangle bracelet has an aromatherapy locket that absorbs any essential oil you apply to it so you can enjoy the effects of a therapeutic fragrance all day long. It features a Tree of Life design and comes in 12 colors.


A Pillow That Has One Side That's Cooler Than The Other

This memory foam cooling pillow is your ticket to a good night’s sleep. One side features soft memory foam, ideal for cooler nights; but the other side is designed with cooling gel to keep your temperature regulated on warmer nights. The pillow is excellent for supporting your head and neck and comes in two sizes, with a removable and washable pillowcase.


A Lanyard That Keeps You From Dropping Your Phone

Hang onto your phone — securely — and experience fewer drops with this universal phone lanyard strap. The silicone neck strap is compatible with phones in most sizes. It comes in fun colors and designs and even includes a card slot that provides a stable place to carry cash or cards.


This Purse Organizer That Has A Place For Everything You Need

Stop searching for that lip gloss in your purse and use this purse organizer insert to keep things in their place. The soft felt organizer features 10 interior pockets and three exterior pockets. It comes in six sizes to fit every bag or purse, with 12 color options.


An Organizer For Makeup And Perfume That Puts An End To Clutter

Keep your countertops clear of clutter with this vanity makeup organizer. With four compartments, you can fit nail polish, makeup, lotions, nail files, or anything else you need. The clear design makes it easy to find your favorite product and it's a breeze to wipe clean.


These Sweet Candies With Calming Flower Essences

These pastilles offer homeopathic stress relief in delicious candy-like form. They're made with natural orange or elderflower flavor and five flower essences, and are free of both alcohol and sugar.


A Budget Planner That You Will Actually Stick With

Keep yourself organized with this budget planner, which has enough undated monthly pages to last you one year. It has places for you to track your to-do lists, income, savings, goals, and monthly budget. Stay on top of your goals and never miss a payment again with its calendar and expense tracker pages. It comes in 18 colors and even features a pocket inside to store your bills.


This Soothing Sleep Mask That's Like A Weighted Blanket For Your Eyes

Sleep anywhere with this weighted sleep mask. It blocks out light and is filled with glass beads that won't just relax you and help you sleep, but can alleviate sinus pain and bring relief if you have allergies. It's made from breathable fabric and has an adjustable back strap to fit anyone.


A Seat Cushion That Gives You An Ab Workout While You Sit

Strengthen your core muscles while you’re sitting at your desk with this balance disc. The half-circle cushion forces you to engage your ab and back muscles in order to stay sitting up straight, which also helps improve your posture. Place the disc on any office chair or use it on the floor during your regular workout. It comes in three colors.


This Non-Slip Yoga Mat That Has A Convenient Carrying Strap

This yoga mat is perfect for all kinds of activities. The thick, eco-friendly foam mat feels cushiony, protects your joints and spine, and keeps you from slipping and sliding when you're focusing on a yoga pose. The lightweight mat has a convenient carrying strap and comes in seven shades.


An Oversized Blanket That Is Your New Movie Night Essential

Stay super cozy in this oversized blanket. Lined with sherpa, this giant blanket has sleeves and a pocket to hold snacks or the remote. The blanket, featured on Shark Tank, comes in adult or kid sizes (one size fits all) and 13 colors and print like leopard and plaid.  


These Space-Saving Nesting Containers That Have Color-Coded Lids

Stop searching for lids to your plastic containers and opt instead for these nesting containers. Each storage container in the pack of ten is a different size — and each comes with color-coded lids that provide an airtight seal and are easy to locate in your dishwasher or cabinet. They are safe to put in the freezer, microwave, or dishwasher and can be stored in one neat bundle that takes up barely any space.


An Calming Essential Oil Roller For On-The-Go Relief

Ease your mind with this calming essential oil roll on. It’s made with nine essential oils and has a scent that many reviewers say is delightfully soothing, but not overpowering. It works to release tension in your body and may even help you sleep better. Best of all: it comes in a portable package, so take it anywhere.


This Journal Designed For You To Vent About Your Bad Days

Don’t bottle up your emotions — write them down in this rage page journal. This journal is designed with writing prompts that encourage you to vent about your bad days so that you can then let them go and move on. Each page ends with an uplifting quote to cheer you up.


An Aromatherapy Wrap That Relaxes You With Heat Or Ice

Relax your muscles and soothe your body with this aromatherapy neck and shoulder wrap. It can be heated up in the microwave to help with inflammation or put in the freezer to cool you down. It’s filled with natural herbs like lavender and lemongrass, so it smells great while it works its muscle pain-relieving magic.


These Mop Slippers That Make Cleaning Fun

Mop while you walk with these mop slippers. Just slip them over your feet or shoes and wear them while you clean — or any other time of the day. The strong chenille fiber absorbs liquids and grabs dust and dirt. When they need a clean, toss them in the washing machine and reuse them.


This Ice Cream Maker That Does All The Work For You

Make your favorite frozen treats at home with this automatic ice cream maker. You can whip up 4 quarts of ice cream, custard, sorbet, gelato, and sherbet in this device, which includes a locking lid. You won't even need a spoon for mixing — all you have to do is add ingredients and the machine does the rest.


An Essential Oil Diffuser That Fits In Your Car's Cup Holder

This essential oil diffuser is designed for your car. It plugs into a USB port and fits in any standard cup holder. Choose among seven colorful lights and add your favorite oil to create a serene environment during your commute. It’s small enough to travel with, as well.


A Foot Roller That Makes Sore Feet Feel Better

Roll your way to healthier feet with this foot massager roller. It uses acupressure reflexology to ease pain from plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, or stress. Just roll your feet back and forth over the roller and allow the trigger points to heal your feet. It’s great for massaging your body, as well.


This Tool That Keeps Drinks From Spilling When You're On A Walk

Never spill your drink again with this incredible spill not. The device uses centripetal force to hold your coffee or other drink in place on the base — you can swing the contraption back and forth without spilling a drop. It may look strange at first, but this is the genius gadget that finally lets you hike or walk with that mug of coffee without spilling a drop of it.


These Stick-On LED Light Bars That Add Light Wherever You Need It

Add a little extra light wherever you need it with these stick-on LED light bars. The lights can be mounted with either adhesive tape or nails, which are both included in the pack. They turn on by tapping them. The battery-operated light lasts for about 100 hours and is perfect for illuminating a dark closet, cabinet, or hallway.


This Board That Teaches You The Art Of Letting Go

Write it down and then let it go with this Buddha board. Like a normal paint brush and canvas, you can paint designs or words on the board with water. Then it will slowly fade away. Use it for meditation or to practice letting things go. It’s fun and environmentally friendly.

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