50 Things That Make Your Home Look 10x Better For Less Than $35 On Amazon

Make spending time at home so much better.

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From a deep clean to a quick style refresh, there’s likely a detail or two in your space you’ve been meaning to tackle. Luckily, there are plenty of tried-and-true solutions that instantly upgrade your home — all without the need for a massive renovation project or even a big budget. These are the cheap home products Amazon reviewers absolutely love, and while each one will make an impact, they’re all less than $35.

These little touches range from the kitchen to the bedroom, and hundreds of shoppers have already used them to make spending time at home so much better. At these prices, you might just snap up more than one highly rated product.


The Highly Rated Stain Remover That’ll Help Refresh Carpets, Furniture & More

This stain remover — which has been named a #1 Best Seller on Amazon — can help remove various types of stains around the house (including food, drinks, and more). It’s designed to work on fabric, carpets, and even clothing — and the formula is nontoxic. It’s also fast-working, simple to use, and has over 16,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.


The Genius Solution To Rugs That Move Around

Sure, there’s carpet tape, but if you’re looking for a solution to those sliding rugs that’s both easier and less likely to damage your floors, look no further than these rug grippers. Just apply them to the corners (or around the edge of a round carpet) and the super-thin suction grippers will keep your carpet from curling and scooting, even in the face of unruly pets and humans.


The Grippers That Help Keep Your Rugs From Curling Up

Tired of your rug edges curling up? Secure them down with these helpful grippers. They’re slide-proof as well as skid-proof — even if you have rowdy pets or kids. And since they rely on velcro rather than glue to stay fastened down, you can even lift your rugs up to clean underneath without having to worry about losing adhesion.


These Bed Sheets That Are Less Likely To Ride Over Your Mattress

Since these bed sheets have an extra-deep fitted sheet pocket, it’s way less likely that they’ll end up riding up over your mattress while you’re sleeping. They’re also made from soft microfiber, with a silky finish to help keep you comfortable — and many reviewers even wrote about how they’re “wrinkle-free.”


These 4-Tiered Hangers That Create Extra Closet Space For You

You can instantly create more space in your closet by switching over to these four-tiered hangers. Each tier is equipped with adjustable metal clips that have a nonslip rubber on the end. The nonslip rubber serves two purposes — to securely hold onto your clothes and prevent them from damaging the fabrics in any way.


The Best-Selling Shower Curtain That Doesn’t Mildew Or Rust

“I have waited 6 months to write this review and my original liner looks as good as the day I hung it. No mildew or rust,” one Amazon shopper claimed. Many more agree and have made this mildew-resistant, antimicrobial shower curtain a top seller. It comes in the shower stall size shown above as well as a standard and extra-long standard sizes.


A Set Of Organic Cotton Turkish Hand Towels That Dry So Quickly

Soft, absorbent, and a total steal, these two-packs of Turkish hand towels made from 100% organic cotton have earned a 4.7-star overall rating for good reason. You’ll love the style immediately but how quickly they dry will keep you using them for years to come (and also makes them great for the gym or travel). Choose from more than a dozen colors.


These Puck Lights That Are *So* Easy To Install

There’s no complicated wiring when it comes to installing these puck lights, as each one provides up to 40 hours of light using just three AA batteries (which are not included). Mounting them to your walls is as easy as using the double-sided adhesive and screws that come with every order — and at only 1 inch thick, you shouldn’t have any trouble fitting them into tight spaces.


These Furniture Pens & Wax Crayons That Make Scratches Disappear

Instantly give your furniture a refresh with this repair kit. Use the wax sticks to fill in deep crevices and the markers to touch up scratches. Both come in six wood shades so it’s easy to find a perfect match. With more than 10,000 five-star reviews, they’re customer approved.


A Comforter Filled With Soft Alternative Down

Regardless of what season you’re in, there’s just enough alternative down inside of this comforter that it won’t feel too hot, nor will it feel too light. You can use it standalone, or stuff it into a duvet — and one reviewer even wrote that “the fabric is ridiculously soft/smooth/feels like a gentle caress.”


A Big Glass Pitcher For Cider, Lemonade, & Cocktails

Whether you’re having a few friends over or enjoy making big batches of lemonade or sangria, this 68-ounce glass pitcher is a beautiful and durable way to store it. It has a locking lid on top to keep contents fresh, a wide-mouth design that’s easy to dump ice cubes into, and a sturdy handle for smooth pouring.


A Strip Of Lights So Your TV Feels Like A Theater Screen

Want better clarity but don’t want to go out and buy a new television? Just stick these LED lights behind your existing model to improve the contrast and reduce eye strain. Adjust the colors and brightness with the remote so you never have to get off the couch. Choose from two lengths.


This Window Film That Adds Privacy Without Blocking Out The Light

Adding a little privacy couldn’t be easier with this non-adhesive window film, which still lets in the light. And since it works via static cling, it’s a breeze to remove (making it perfect for renters). As an added bonus, it keeps some UV rays out so your room doesn’t get as hot in the summer. Choose from six translucent shades ranging from classic white to stylish frosted Champagne, and a range of sizes.


The Space-Saving Hangers With 90,000+ 5-Star Reviews

These velvet hangers are thin so they take up less space — perfect for maximizing your closet space. The fabric prevents slippage and so do the notches, all of which helps explain the 4.8-star overall rating after more than than 100,000 reviews. They come in packs of 30, 50, and 100, and choose from five colors including black with silver and ivory with rose gold.


These Sturdy Organizers That Fold Down Flat When Not In Use

Stash blankets, out-of-season clothes, and more in these flexible organizer bags. The sturdy handles make them easy to move around, the stainless steel zippers are durable, and their capacity is impressive. “I purchased these to organize a messy linen closet and they have been amazing. I’ve been able to store 2 standard size and 2 king size pillows in one bag! That alone has saved so much space!” one happy customer wrote.


The Stackable Food Storage Containers With Rustic Chalkboard Labels

Complete with rustic chalkboard labels and snap-on lids, these airtight food storage containers will help being your pantry to the next level. They’re even stackable for an organized kitchen aesthetic, and one purchase comes with seven sizes: two mini, two small, two medium, and one large that’s perfect for pasta.


This PVC Shower Door Seal That Can Help Prevent Leaks

If your glass-door shower was installed without a bottom frame, this PVC seal can button it up (and help prevent leaks in the process). The durable slip is made to wrap around the base of 3/8-inch glass doors, and the flexible flap that’s attached is designed to help keep water inside the shower. It can even be trimmed, and installation is a breeze.


A Wall-Mounted Basket That Holds 20 Pounds Without Drilling

With special, extra-strong adhesive, this stainless steel basket can hold up to 20 pounds of toiletries, spices, and more without needing to drill holes in the wall. The caddy comes with four movable hooks that’re great for everything from hanging spatulas in the kitchen to loofahs in the bath. The waterproof and rustproof design comes in black and silver.


The Handy Tool That Makes Cleaning Shower Doors, Mirrors & Windows Better

This handy squeegee is the secret to getting a squeaky-clean finish on shower doors, mirrors, windows, and more. “With this squeegee, those streaks almost never happen. Why? I am not sure, except that it seems to use black rubber instead of silicon. Regardless of the reason for the difference, I'm celebrating a seemingly simple thing, done well,” one customer raved. Choose from three sizes and four colors.


A Window-Washing Kit With An Extendable Pole For Those Hard To Reach Areas

You’ve never had an easier time getting your windows cleaned than now with the help of this window washing kit. The pole extends up to 20 feet, so you will be able to reach the ones that are high off the ground and would normally require you to use a ladder. It has a scrubbing pad combined with a squeegee on the end that brings out its cleaning power.


These Organizers That Can Help Open Up Closet Space

Purse collection taking up a ton of space in your closet? Then you’ll definitely want to take a look at these organizers. Each one features six pockets where you can stash purses, hats, and more. And since they’re designed to hang over any standard-sized door, they won’t take up any extra space inside your closet.


The Best-Selling Path Lights On Amazon

With more than 13,000 reviews and best-selling status, these path and garden lights are well-loved by shoppers. Choose between a warm white, cool white, or multicolor glow to set your ideal ambiance, and since they’re solar-powered, they’re a breeze to keep running. With 12 in a pack, they come to only $2 each.


This Plush, Memory Foam Bath Mat With A Velvet Finish

This super plush memory foam bath mat is going to have your feet singing its praises far and wide. When you step onto the mat, it instantly cradles and contours to your feet for ultimate comfort. It also does a great job absorbing water after stepping out of the shower. The velvet cover adds a beautiful, luxurious touch you’ll love, too.


An Organizer That Makes It Easy To Hide Cables

Sized to fit a power strip and designed with cutouts, this clever cable management box might just be the answer to those unsightly knots of cords. The attractive wooden cover is pretty enough to leave out on a table or floor.


These Organizers That Help Tidy Up Your Sock Drawer

Sock drawer a little too jumbled for your liking? These organizers are a total game-changer, as each one features 24 cells where you can store socks, underwear, belts, and more. They’re also resistant to dust and moisture to help keep your items smelling fresh — and if you ever decide you no longer need them, you can even collapse them down flat for easy storage.


A Dish Rack That Takes Up Hardly Any Space

Unlike that bulky dish rack you’ve probably been using, this one is designed to sit overtop your sink, helping you save space in cramped kitchens. The rungs are made from tough stainless steel that can support heavy cookware — and since they’re also heat-resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, you can even use it as a trivet in a pinch.


These Under-Bed Storage Containers For Extra Clothes & Blankets

Free up some closet space with these fabric storage containers that are compact enough to fit under your bed or in other tight spaces. Each one has a clear top so you can easily see what’s inside, dual zippers for easy opening and closing, and a breathable material on the bottom and sides that keeps dirt and bugs out.


A Cleaning Tool That Shoppers Call “A Miracle Product”

Amazon shoppers love these pumice stones with handles for cleaning toilets, sinks, floors, and other surfaces, which is why they have a 4.7-star rating on the retailer. “These are absolute magic! I feel like I've been missing out all this time. Like I've been doing it all wrong. I had a ring around my toilet bowl that would never go away. No matter what product I used and no matter how hard I scrubbed the stain just wouldn't go away. Then I tried these magical pumice wands. These are a complete game changer. Without even trying these easily erased what nothing else could,” one happy user wrote.


The Unexpected Answer For Pet Hair On Carpet & Hard Floors

“I was very, very skeptical that the solution to my pet hair problem was something as ludicrous as squeegeeing my carpet, but the results are undeniable,” one customer wrote. With more than 40,000 five-star reviews, this genius rubber broom has many more fans, too. It even comes in a few sizes.


A Magnetic Screen Door That Keeps Mosquitoes Out

This mesh screen door features magnetic strips that run down the length of the screen, so it’s easy to walk through but stays closed when not in use. It’s lightweight enough for pets to walk through yet strong enough to keep mosquitoes and other unwanted pests out. The screen also comes with snap closures you can use to keep the screen open.


A Hand-Crafted Paper Towel Holder Made From Marble

Your paper towels are going to be looking as fashionable as ever sitting upon this marble paper towel holder. It has a round base with a 5.5 inch diameter with a singular pole in the middle measuring 12.5 inches high. On the bottom of the base is a felt pad that helps prevent any damage from occurring to your countertops, which is an added bonus.


This Touch-Up Brush Pen That’ll Keep Paint Fresh For Years

For scuffs and scratches on your wall, these paint pens have an airtight design that’ll keep paint fresh for years — so you’ll have it on hand wherever you need it. A twist knob on the bottom of the pens disperses paint up through the bristles, and the set comes with a syringe for easy filling.


A Complete Stove Cleaning Kit That Works When Nothing Else Does

“Magic!! I thought my brand new stove stop was ruined,” one happy shopper who tried six other products to remove a mix of food and burnt-on microfiber wrote. Finally, after ordering the Cerama Bryte cleaning kit, “now my stove looks brand new again.” The powerful cleaner, a sharp scraper, and a scrubbing pad with a handle, removes stuck-on food and much, much more from all smooth stoves including glass, ceramic, and induction.


A Pair Of Elegant Curtain Ties For Instant Glam

A touch of glam doesn’t have to cost a lot. Case in point, these magnetic curtain ties close securely and add serious style, all while costing less than $6. Choose from four colors: gold, silver, aqua, and pink.


This Set Of Motion-Sensing LED Lights You Can Stick Anywhere

Adding light in a closet, under the cabinets, and even along the hall couldn’t be easier, thanks to these stick-on LEDs. Powered by AAA batteries, there are no cords to contend with and hide. Since they are motion-sensing, they only light up when you need them. Choose from a bright white or warm white glow.


This Ceiling Fan Duster With An Extendable Handle

Get rid of those clumps of dust on top of your ceiling fan blades with this duster boasting a handle that extends up to 47 inches long. Its oval dusting head glides easily along all sides of your fan blades at once, and it can be tossed in the washing machine to clean when you’re finished.


These Cleaning Brushes That Attach To Your Drill For A Powered Spin

Blast through dirty grout lines, caked-on messes, and dirty corners with this cleaning brush set that attaches to your drill for a powerful spin. The yellow set includes a drill attachment rod and three cleaning brushes designed specifically for tile and porcelain surfaces, but there are other colors available for cleaning everything from upholstery to kitchen stoves and outdoor items.


A Set Of Extendable Dividers To Organize Your Drawers

Great for organizing utensils or those drawers that just seem to catch everything, these bamboo dividers have an expandable design so they’ll fit snugly in your drawer. Each end boasts a soft and grippy rubber tab so as not to scratch or damage the inside of your drawer, and they can extend between 17.5 and 22 inches long.


This Stainless Steel Container That Saves Bacon Grease For Later

If you like to save bacon grease and other drippings for use later on, consider ditching your old tin can for this stainless steel container that comes complete with a lid and strainer. It can hold up to 5 cups of grease or oil, has a curved handle for comfortable pouring, and is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.


These Shelves That Fit Into The Corner Of Your Shower

Unlike the shower shelves you’ve probably seen, these ones have an L-shaped design that allows them to fit into the corner of your shower, helping you save space as well as minimize clutter. They’re made from sleek stainless steel that’s resistant to rust — and there’s no drilling necessary in order to hang them up, as each order includes waterproof adhesive.


An Organized Wall Mount For Your Brooms, Rakes & More

This stainless steel wall mount with built-in clips and hook can help save tons of floor space and make your cleaning supplies easy to find, because brooms, mops, and more can fit right into the unit. Use it inside or outside, and install it with either the included tape or screws. It’s so sturdy, that it can hold up to 30 pounds on drywall.


The Pet Hair Brush That You Can Use Over & Over

This de-shedding pet hair brush is designed to help reduce the amount of dog or cat hair you have floating around the house. It features hundreds of small bristles that latch onto fur, along with a system that releases the brushed hair from the comb with a click of a button.


This Organizer That Helps Cut Down On Plasticware Clutter

Every kitchen has that one cabinet filled with mismatched plasticware, so why not use this organizer to tidy it up? Five adjustable dividers make it suitable for use with lids of nearly any shape or size, while a channel in the center helps keep round lids from rolling around. Plus, its low profile makes it easy to fit into shallow drawers.


These Storage Bags That Are Perfect For Seasonal Linens

Throw blankets, quilts, towels — these storage bags are perfect for all sorts of seasonal linens. A transparent window on the front makes it easy to see what’s inside without having to unpack everything. And with reinforced handles on both sides, there’s no need to worry about tears when pulling them in and out from underneath your bed.


This Easy-To-Use Pen That’ll Save Darkened Grout

“Recently bought out first house and we have been trying to update on a budget. [...] This was a quick and easy solution to cover up the old and nasty looking grout. It made the tiles look almost new and I think it looks even better in person,” one customer wrote about these inexpensive grout pens. The nontoxic, water-based formula glides on quickly and even prevents future staining.


The Drawer Organizers That Are Shockingly Versatile

Office supplies, silverware, skincare bottles — these drawer organizers are so versatile that you can fill them up with practically anything. Nonslip feet on the bottom help keep them from shifting around whenever you open and close your drawer, and their stackable design makes it easy to stash them away if you ever decide you no longer need them. Choose from three colors: clear, light black, or light brown.


A Set Of V-Shaped Rug Grips That Keep Corners Flat On The Floor

Not only are curled rug corners a tripping hazard, but they can also put a damper on the look of your space. Fortunately, these rug grippers feature a unique V-shaped design and adhere to the back of your rug to keep them flat on the floor. You can use them on all kinds of floors, both inside and out.

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