47 Things That Make Your Home Look 10x Better For Less Than $35 On Amazon

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From a deep clean to a style refresh, there’s likely a detail or two in your space you’ve been meaning to tackle. Luckily, there are plenty of tried-and-true solutions that instantly upgrade your home — all without the need for a massive renovation project or even a big budget. These are the cheap home products Amazon reviewers absolutely love, and while every one will make a big impact, they’re all less than $35.

Make outdoor time comfier with water-resistant throw pillows you don’t have to bring inside every time there’s a cloud in the sky, and add a pop of ambiance with solar-powered string lights featuring elegant Edison bulbs. Fix up your wood furniture with a set of pens and wax crayons that color match and couldn’t be easier to use. Hide that jumble of cables on the floor, and don’t sleep on the $13 rubber broom that’s the unexpected answer to pet hair — even the tough stuff trapped in the carpet. There’s even a breathable, pinch-pleated duvet that’ll give your bedroom the look of a boutique hotel.

These little touches range from the kitchen to the bedroom, and hundreds of shoppers have already used them to make spending time at home so much better. At these prices, you might just snap up more than one highly rated product.


A Set Of Organic Cotton Turkish Hand Towels That Dry So Quickly

Soft, absorbent, and a total steal, these two-packs of Turkish hand towels made from 100% organic cotton have earned a 4.7-star overall rating for good reason. You’ll love the style immediately but how quickly they dry will keep you using them for years to come (and also makes them great for the gym or travel). Choose from more than a dozen colors.


These Risers That Work With Wheeled Furniture Legs

Unlike some furniture risers, these ones can be used with legs that have wheels on them, as the deep, rounded design allows wheels to fit without letting them roll. They’re also compatible with nearly any piece of furniture — from beds to office chairs — and each one is so sturdy that it can support over 5,000 pounds.


The Best-Selling Shower Curtain That Doesn’t Mildew Or Rust

“I have waited 6 months to write this review and my original liner looks as good as the day I hung it. No mildew or rust,” one Amazon shopper claimed. Many more agree and have made this mildew-resistant, antimicrobial shower curtain a top seller. It comes in the shower stall size shown above as well as a standard and extra-long standard sizes.


The Genius Solution To Rugs That Move Around

Sure, there’s carpet tape, but if you’re looking for a solution to those sliding rugs that’s both easier and less likely to damage your floors, look no further than these rug grippers. Just apply them to the corners (or around the edge of a round carpet) and the super-thin suction grippers will keep your carpet from curling and scooting, even in the face of unruly pets and humans.


These Bed Sheets That Are Less Likely To Ride Over Your Mattress

Since these bed sheets have an extra-deep fitted sheet pocket, it’s way less likely that they’ll end up riding up over your mattress while you’re sleeping. They’re also made from soft microfiber, with a silky finish to help keep you comfortable — and many reviewers even wrote about how they’re “wrinkle-free.”


The Grippers That Help Keep Your Rugs From Curling Up

Tired of your rug edges curling up? Secure them down with these helpful grippers. They’re slide-proof as well as skid-proof — even if you have rowdy pets or kids. And since they rely on velcro rather than glue to stay fastened down, you can even lift your rugs up to clean underneath without having to worry about losing adhesion.


A Strip Of Lights So Your TV Feels Like A Theater Screen

Want better clarity but don’t want to go out and buy a new television? Just stick these LED lights behind your existing model to improve the contrast and reduce eye strain. Adjust the colors and brightness with the remote so you never have to get off the couch. Choose from two lengths.


This Window Film That Adds Privacy Without Blocking Out The Light

Adding a little privacy couldn’t be easier with this non-adhesive window film, which still lets in the light. And since it works via static cling, it’s a breeze to remove (making it perfect for renters). As an added bonus, it keeps some UV rays out so your room doesn’t get as hot in the summer. Choose from six translucent shades ranging from classic white to stylish frosted Champagne, and a range of sizes.


The Space-Saving Hangers With 90,000+ 5-Star Reviews

These velvet hangers are thin so they take up less space — perfect for maximizing your closet space. The fabric prevents slippage and so do the notches, all of which helps explain the 4.8-star overall rating after more than than 100,000 reviews. They come in packs of 30, 50, and 100, and choose from five colors including black with silver and ivory with rose gold.


These Sturdy Organizers That Fold Down Flat When Not In Use

Stash blankets, out-of-season clothes, and more in these flexible organizer bags. The sturdy handles make them easy to move around, the stainless steel zippers are durable, and their capacity is impressive. “I purchased these to organize a messy linen closet and they have been amazing. I’ve been able to store 2 standard size and 2 king size pillows in one bag! That alone has saved so much space!” one happy customer wrote.


The Stackable Food Storage Containers With Rustic Chalkboard Labels

Complete with rustic chalkboard labels and snap-on lids, these airtight food storage containers will help being your pantry to the next level. They’re even stackable for an organized kitchen aesthetic, and one purchase comes with seven sizes: two mini, two small, two medium, and one large that’s perfect for pasta.


This PVC Shower Door Seal That Can Help Prevent Leaks

If your glass-door shower was installed without a bottom frame, this PVC seal can button it up (and help prevent leaks in the process). The durable slip is made to wrap around the base of 3/8-inch glass doors, and the flexible flap that’s attached is designed to help keep water inside the shower. It can even be trimmed, and installation is a breeze.


A Bed Skirt That’s Resistant To Wrinkles

Not only is this bed skirt resistant to wrinkles, but it’ll also keep all that stuff you have stashed underneath your bed hidden from sight. The bamboo-microfiber blend is also less likely to fade over time — and many reviewers appreciated how it’s a “great value” at less than $20.


A Wall-Mounted Basket That Holds 20 Pounds Without Drilling

With special, extra-strong adhesive, this stainless steel basket can hold up to 20 pounds of toiletries, spices, and more without needing to drill holes in the wall. The caddy comes with four movable hooks that’re great for everything from hanging spatulas in the kitchen to loofahs in the bath. The waterproof and rustproof design comes in black and silver.


The Handy Tool That Makes Cleaning Shower Doors, Mirrors & Windows Better

This handy squeegee is the secret to getting a squeaky-clean finish on shower doors, mirrors, windows, and more. “With this squeegee, those streaks almost never happen. Why? I am not sure, except that it seems to use black rubber instead of silicon. Regardless of the reason for the difference, I'm celebrating a seemingly simple thing, done well,” one customer raved. Choose from three sizes and four colors.


A Gorgeous Way To Organize Your Bathroom Or Vanity

Contain odds and ends like cotton swabs and bobby pins in these beautiful clear apothecary-style jars. Each pack of two is made of sturdy plastic and even comes with labels. Use it in the bath, on your vanity, or even to hold salt and pepper in the kitchen.


These Covers That Keep Food From Falling Through The Cracks

The food that falls in between the counters and stove can be near-impossible to clean up. That’s why there are these counter gap covers to keep it from becoming an issue. Cut them to size and just set down the silicone strips. They’re easy to clean and don’t stain. Choose from black or white.


These Furniture Pens & Wax Crayons That Make Scratches Disappear

Instantly give your furniture a refresh with this repair kit. Use the wax sticks to fill in deep crevices and the markers to touch up scratches. Both come in six wood shades so it’s easy to find a perfect match. With more than 10,000 five-star reviews, they’re customer approved.


The Highly Rated Stain Remover That’ll Help Refresh Carpets, Furniture & More

This stain remover — which has been named a #1 Best Seller on Amazon — can help remove various types of stains around the house (including food, drinks, and more). It’s designed to work on fabric, carpets, and even clothing — and the formula is nontoxic. It’s also fast-working, simple to use, and has over 16,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.


These Rustic Wall Sconces With Light-Filled Mason Jars & Faux Flowers

Adding a subtle glow here and there is simple now, thanks to these rustic wall sconces. Each one is made with a wooden board that holds a mason jar filled with light strands and faux flowers. They’re both easy to display, too, thanks to the attached ropes. Each one needs two AA batteries to work (which aren’t included).


The Best-Selling Path Lights On Amazon

With more than 13,000 reviews and best-selling status, these path and garden lights are well-loved by shoppers. Choose between a warm white, cool white, or multicolor glow to set your ideal ambiance, and since they’re solar-powered, they’re a breeze to keep running. With 12 in a pack, they come to only $2 each.


A Gorgeous Rug That’s Surprisingly Easy To Clean

“This rug is replacing one that cost hundreds more...... and I couldn’t be happier. [...] I actually appreciate this new rug for more than just it’s pretty face. Durability, spot clean, and use of my robotic vacuum are all bonuses,” one customer wrote. And with a 4.6-star overall rating, this rug has won over plenty of others, too. Choose from 14 colors and an impressive array of rectangular and round sizes.


An Organizer That Makes It Easy To Hide Cables

Sized to fit a power strip and designed with cutouts, this clever cable management box might just be the answer to those unsightly knots of cords. The attractive wooden cover is pretty enough to leave out on a table or floor.


These Long Cable Sleeves You Can Cut To Fit

These cable sleeves are made of thick, durable neoprene and can be cut to suit your needs. It closes easily thanks to the Velcro strips, and the design is even reversible so you can choose between white or black. Pet parents also love it for protecting against chewing.


The Cable Clips With 22,000+ Perfect Ratings

Attach these handy cable clips using the included 3M tape, and “the single slot clips are big enough to fit a standard cord or a light duty indoor extension cord, but it's still small enough that I was able to put my USB-C cable for my phone in it without it just falling out,” according to one reviewer. The set of cable clips also comes with multi-slot clips so you can customize it to your needs. With 4.5 stars overall after more than 30,000 ratings, these have shoppers raving “best office supply invention ever!”


These Floating Shelves With Metal Wire Designs & Wooden Bases

These floating shelves can easily bring more rustic vibes into your home. They’re made with metal wires that create stylish, geometric backing designs, along with paulownia wooden bases that help secure the items that you’re displaying. They’re even available in many additional shapes, ranging from diamonds to gems.


A Cleaning Tool That Shoppers Call “A Miracle Product”

Amazon shoppers love these pumice stones with handles for cleaning toilets, sinks, floors, and other surfaces, which is why they have a 4.7-star rating on the retailer. “These are absolute magic! I feel like I've been missing out all this time. Like I've been doing it all wrong. I had a ring around my toilet bowl that would never go away. No matter what product I used and no matter how hard I scrubbed the stain just wouldn't go away. Then I tried these magical pumice wands. These are a complete game changer. Without even trying these easily erased what nothing else could,” one happy user wrote.


The Unexpected Answer For Pet Hair On Carpet & Hard Floors

“I was very, very skeptical that the solution to my pet hair problem was something as ludicrous as squeegeeing my carpet, but the results are undeniable,” one customer wrote. With more than 40,000 five-star reviews, this genius rubber broom has many more fans, too. It even comes in a few sizes.


A Magnetic Screen Door That Keeps Mosquitoes Out

This mesh screen door features magnetic strips that run down the length of the screen, so it’s easy to walk through but stays closed when not in use. It’s lightweight enough for pets to walk through yet strong enough to keep mosquitoes and other unwanted pests out. The screen also comes with snap closures you can use to keep the screen open.


These Floating Shelves With Thousands Of Positive Reviews

Got a blank wall in your home that you don’t know what to do with? Try using these floating shelves to make a gorgeous accent wall. Multiple compartments give you ample space for picture frames, knick-knacks, and more. “Super easy to assemble, good-looking finish, and simple to hang,” wrote one reviewer.


The Cleaning Paste That’s So Good, It’s Gone Viral

Glass, rust, ceramic, grills, pans — you name it, this cult-favorite cleaning paste can probably make it sparkle like new again. The thick texture means it stays where you want it, and if the TikTok videos and Facebook raves are any indication, it really, really works. One Amazon fan wrote: “I have seen this product on TikTok and the results were incredible so I decided to take a chance on this product to clean the basket of my air fryer. It’s nothing short of a miracle!!!!! It has a light citrus smell, and cuts through grease like butter. It’s a new favorite product of mine! It really works like it says it does!”


A Complete Stove Cleaning Kit That Works When Nothing Else Does

“Magic!! I thought my brand new stove stop was ruined,” one happy shopper who tried six other products to remove a mix of food and burnt-on microfiber wrote. Finally, after ordering the Cerama Bryte cleaning kit, “now my stove looks brand new again.” The powerful cleaner, a sharp scraper, and a scrubbing pad with a handle, removes stuck-on food and much, much more from all smooth stoves including glass, ceramic, and induction.


A Pair Of Elegant Curtain Ties For Instant Glam

A touch of glam doesn’t have to cost a lot. Case in point, these magnetic curtain ties close securely and add serious style, all while costing less than $6. Choose from four colors: gold, silver, aqua, and pink.


This Set Of Motion-Sensing LED Lights You Can Stick Anywhere

Adding light in a closet, under the cabinets, and even along the hall couldn’t be easier, thanks to these stick-on LEDs. Powered by AAA batteries, there are no cords to contend with and hide. Since they are motion-sensing, they only light up when you need them. Choose from a bright white or warm white glow.


A Comforter Filled With Soft Alternative Down

Regardless of what season you’re in, there’s just enough alternative down inside of this comforter that it won’t feel too hot, nor will it feel too light. You can use it standalone, or stuff it into a duvet — and one reviewer even wrote that “the fabric is ridiculously soft/smooth/feels like a gentle caress.”


The Wireless Doorbell That Comes Loaded With 52 Chimes

Not only does this doorbell have a wireless range over 1,000 feet, but it also comes pre-loaded with 52 chimes — or enough that you could change it every week of the year without repeating. And since each order comes with batteries included, you can get it up and running right out of the box.


This Plastic Container That’ll Help Keep Your Soda Cans Together

You can even make your fridge look better, thanks to this can organizer. The BPA-free plastic container is designed to hold nine 12-ounce cans horizontally, which can help keep them tidy and easy to reach whenever you’re thirsty. It even has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon, and so many customers wrote that it’s a “space saver.”


This Milk Pitcher With A Gorgeous Copper Finish

Not only is this milk pitcher made from rust-resistant stainless steel, but its copper finish is pretty much guaranteed to look good just about anywhere you place it. And while it’s marketed as a milk pitcher, you can use it for so much more — use it to hold a small bouquet of flowers, or even create a stunning table centerpiece.


An Airtight Canister That Helps Keep Coffee Grounds Fresh

If your coffee doesn’t taste as strong as it normally does, the problem might be the container you’re using to store your grounds or beans. Luckily, this canister has an airtight lid that helps seal in freshness, as well as a date tracker so that you know how old your grounds are. Plus, each order even includes a small scoop.


This Adjustable Organizer That Doubles Your Under-Sink Space

This sturdy under-sink organizer adjusts in width, height, and depth so it’s easy to fit into your space. “The garbage disposal takes up so much space. This fits around it and I can now store twice as much under the sink,” one customer raved.


An Organized Wall Mount For Your Brooms, Rakes & More

This stainless steel wall mount with built-in clips and hook can help save tons of floor space and make your cleaning supplies easy to find, because brooms, mops, and more can fit right into the unit. Use it inside or outside, and install it with either the included tape or screws. It’s so sturdy, that it can hold up to 30 pounds on drywall.


The Pet Hair Brush That You Can Use Over & Over

This de-shedding pet hair brush is designed to help reduce the amount of dog or cat hair you have floating around the house. It features hundreds of small bristles that latch onto fur, along with a system that releases the brushed hair from the comb with a click of a button.


This Lamp Made With Salt From The Himalayan Mountains

Not only does this lamp emit a warm, relaxing glow, but it’s also made with genuine pink salt mined from the Himalayan mountains. It’s small enough for cramped nightstands or desks, and even includes a dimmer switch so that you can easily adjust its brightness.


A Hanging Organizer That Adds 5 Extra Shelves To Your Space

The inside of your closet will look tidier than ever, thanks to this hanging organizer. The fabric unit will offer five shelves for clothing items and accessories, and the six additional mesh pockets along the sides provide even more storage. It can be hung up with the included metal hooks.


This Easy-To-Use Pen That’ll Save Darkened Grout

“Recently bought out first house and we have been trying to update on a budget. [...] This was a quick and easy solution to cover up the old and nasty looking grout. It made the tiles look almost new and I think it looks even better in person,” one customer wrote about these inexpensive grout pens. The nontoxic, water-based formula glides on quickly and even prevents future staining.


The Marble Tray That Adds A Classy Touch To Any Countertop

Consider this tray a classy addition to any vanity or countertop. It’s perfect for holding small items, like salt and pepper shakers, Bobby pins, or even skincare bottles. And since it’s made from genuine white marble, it even has a little heft to it that helps keep it from sliding around.


A Pair Of Decorative Throw Pillowcases With Fun Trim

Between the ribbed corduroy fabric and the fun pom-pom accents, these are way more than your average throw pillows. With seven sizes (including both lumbar and square) and nearly 20 colors to choose from, these pillow covers will fit into any space. You can even chuck them into the washing machine when they’re in need of a refresh.

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