35 Things You're Forgetting To Do That Make Your Home Look Sh*tty

Banish those eyesores with these budget-friendly items that make a big impact.

Written by Veronika Kero
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You know them by sight. Those tiny things that are small but take up outsize mental space whenever you see them. Luckily, making a few small changes can have a huge impact on your home’s appearance and feel for the better. From the overflowing condiments in your fridge to that pile of messy cords you’ve been meaning to deal with, these budget-friendly but highly loved products have thousands of Amazon reviewers raving about them because they just plain work. Not only will they improve the overall appearance of your kitchen, bedroom, and more, but they’ll make you feel more relaxed in a less messy, clutter-free environment. Keep scrolling to see the 35 items that offer instant results — most of which cost less than $35.


Hide Clutter In Lidded Containers

These plastic storage bins let you declutter but keep everything within reach. The stackable containers can be used to organize underneath the kitchen sink, the play section in the kids’ room, your bathroom toiletries, and more. Their matching lids snap on to keep everything concealed and the built-in handles make it easy to move them from room to room. Plus, they come with eight customizable labels and a marker.


Tidy Up Your Plants With This 2-Pack Of Trellises

To keep your plants from trailing onto the floor or growing in a direction that will end up being in your way, train them with this two-pack of 12-inch wire trellises. With a base that is just over three inches deep, they will fit in nearly any planter. Plus, they have an adorable leafy design.


Store Your Coffee Pods Out Of Sight With This Pull-Down Shelf

You won’t need any tools to put together this sleek coffee pod shelf that cleverly makes use of the wasted space underneath your upper cabinets by mounting with the included double-sided mounting tape. The holder has space for 12 pods and can easily be pulled down to see all your options. To accommodate the size of your cabinets, the tool comes with spacers and two different handle lengths.


Keep Your Stovetop Clean With This Fun Silicone Utensil Rest

This adorable BPA-free silicone crab utensil rest will keep your stovetop and counter free of drips and stains. Rather than resting a dirty utensil on the counter, just attach the silicone claws to any pot or pan and rest your utensil on top. It can also be used to release steam by creating an opening between a pot and its lid. It is dishwasher-safe.


Stash Your Caps With This Space-Saving Organizer

Instead of stacking your hats on top of one another or letting them end up cluttering surfaces around the house, use this cap organizer to hang them all from any hanger you already own. The cloth folds over any rod and features a secure Velcro closure and has 10 rust-resistant clips that offer a secure grip that won’t cause marks or creases.


Keep Appliance Cords Neat With Adhesive Cord Organizers

To keep small appliances looking neat, use these cord organizers to tuck their wires away. Each compact piece has an adhesive backing that is easy to stick onto any mixer or toaster so that its cord can be wrapped around the hooks and concealed. They come in larger packs within the listing.


Organize Your Fridge With This 6-Pack Of Durable Bins

A messy fridge makes it harder to find what you need and is an eyesore you forget about until you have to open it with guests nearby. Keep everything neatly grouped (including eggs, cans of soda or beer, jars, and produce) with this highly rated six-pack of organizer bins that comes with four different sizes included. Each is made of shatterproof plastic and is easy to wipe clean.


Tidy Up Your Cosmetics & Toiletries With This Adjustable, Rotating Rack

This rotating makeup organizer lets you clear your vanity or bathroom counter of makeup, perfume, and toiletries. It has seven levels with varying heights that can be adjusted so that containers of almost any shape and size will fit. A non-slip bottom on each level keeps your products in place. It’s available in six colors within the listing.


Cover Stained Grout With A Paint Marker

Improve the look of your floors or backsplashes without a major home improvement project. Grab this budget-friendly grout pen to cover up discoloration and buildup between your tiles for a bright and clean appearance. A single tube has enough long-lasting paint to cover up to 150 feet of grout. It’s available with a wider tip within the listing.


Replace Your Mismatched & Worn Sheets With This Wrinkle-Free Set

Replace your worn and stained bedsheets with this quality bed sheet set to completely transform the look and feel of your bedroom. Its breathable, moisture-resistant microfiber material is perfect for year-round use. The pillowcases, flat sheet, and fitted sheet (which can fit a 16-inch mattress) are all fade- and wrinkle-resistant. It’s available in seven neutrals and six sizes within the listing.


Treat Strains With This Treatment That Has 27,000+ 5-Star Reviews

To reverse the damage of everything from mud to juice right before your very eyes, pick up this stain remover spray. Made without perfumes, dyes, sulfates, peroxide, and more, its formula is safe to use around pets and children, and strong enough to lift stains from nearly any fabric. Reviewers report using it on everything from carpeting to fabric chairs and couches — one fan even used it successfully on a suede chair.


Clear Your Countertop With A Magnetic Paper Towel Holder

Attach this magnetic paper towel holder to the side of your fridge to declutter your countertop. The heavy-duty steel is kept in place with three magnets that are coated in rubber so as not to scratch your appliance. You can attach it to the grill or washing machine to avoid clutter in those areas as well.


Improve The Look Of Your Wall-Mounted Devices With Cord Covers

As sleek as a mounted TV may look, wires hanging down ruin it instantly. Use this easy-to-install cord cover to conceal up to six wires. Just attach it to the wall using the included adhesive tape and position it as you desire; no drilling is necessary.


Streamline Your Closet With Matching Velvet Hangers

Create an organized and uniform look in your closets simply by swapping in this pack of 50 velvet hangers. Their non-slip coating covers a sturdy frame that can handle up to 10 pounds. Plus, the top hook swivels 360 degrees so you can get a full view of every piece. They're available in eight colors within the listing.


Keep Your Scrunchies Organized With This Sleek Holder

If you’re prone to throwing your scrunchies and hair ties all over the house when you take them off, you need this scrunchie holder. The transparent tube won’t disrupt your decor and is hollow in the center, offering even more storage space.


Enjoy A Streak-Free View With A Reviewer-Fave Glass Cleaner

Paying close attention to details like the shine of your windows and mirrors is what will really make your home stand out. This glass cleaner ensures a streak-free finish every time without the use of ammonia. The formula is safe to use on device screens and works fast, cleaning in just 11 strokes compared to the 17 to 70 that many others require.


Remove Pet Hair With This Wildly Popular Lint Roller

This reusable lint roller easily removes fuzz and pet hair from any surface; use it on your upholstery, curtains, or even rugs. It helps you trap even the tiniest pieces of lint — without dealing with annoying sticky sheets. To empty, simply press the button in the back and shake the debris right into the garbage.


Condition Your Wood Cutting Board & Utensils To Make Them Last Longer

This food-grade mineral oil is colorless and odorless, making it completely safe to use on items that come in contact with your ingredients. Apply a small amount to your wood cutting boards and utensils to restore them and prevent cracking. It also leaves a nice shine on marble surfaces and stainless steel knives.


Avoid Sticky Counters (& Use Every Drop) With This Detergent Holder

Not only will this detergent holder prevent drips and spills from collecting around your washing machine but it will also make doing laundry a lot easier. Instead of struggling to lift the bottle, you can just press to release the liquid into the included cup. Rubber feet keep the tool in place, while the included strap will keep any size detergent bottle in place.


Upgrade Your Towels With This Set Available In 15 Colors

Replace stained, worn towels for an instant update to your bathroom by adding this set of four 100% Turkish cotton towels to your cart. Their soft material is lightweight enough to dry quickly while also being durable enough to withstand constant washing and use. They come in 15 colors to match any bathroom decor.


Keep Your Walls & Counters Clean With This Splatter Screen

Keep your walls, counters, and backsplash free of oil stains and sauce spills. This splatter screen is made of fine stainless steel mesh that catches every drop of flying oil or bubbling sauce. It has small feet on one side so you can put it down without dirtying counters and it can also be used as a strainer or cooling rack.


Streamline Your Cords With A Compact Wall Adapter

Free up floor space and reduce wire clutter by using this outlet extender to plug in up to nine devices at a time. The adapter has five three-prong outlets, three USB ports, and one USB-C port. It’s also made with surge protection to minimize energy absorption and keep everything safe from over-current exposure. It also has overheating protection and is fire-resistant.


Hide Extra Toilet Paper In This Sleek Canister

Keep extra toilet paper readily available but concealed with this sleek toilet paper organizer. It’s tall enough to hold three rolls and comes with a secure lid. It’s also only six inches wide, making it easy to keep in a corner or behind the toilet bowl. Its durable, shatter-resistant plastic can withstand humidity and is easy to wipe clean.


Declutter Your Entryway With This Stylish Organizer

Instead of ruining the look of your entryway throwing your mail and keys on the closest surface, add this wall organizer to your cart. It has five hooks hanging below a sleek tray that is made of coated steel and laminated with a wood finish. And because it has a magnetic backing, it can easily be hung from any metal surface or mounted with the included screws.


Keep Your Messy Sponge Off The Counter With This Caddy

This brushed stainless steel sink caddy offers a sleek spot to store your sponge — preventing it from leaving a pool of water on your countertop. Its ventilation holes also promote quicker drying and minimize bacteria growth. Simply slip it over the divider in your sink; there’s no worrying about suction cups detaching.


Streamline The Look Of Your Bath With This Chic Glass Jar

Instead of keeping your cotton swabs, cotton rounds, or even bath bombs in their original (clunky) packaging, give them a new, chic home in this shatter-resistant plastic apothecary jar. The chic container comes with a shiny lid that’s available in gold and chrome in the listing. And because it’s just 5.5 inches wide, it won’t take up much room on your counter.


Organize Plastic Bags With An In-Cabinet Dispenser

This grocery bag dispenser with a 4.8-star overall rating holds up to 30 bags to minimize the mess of trying to store plastic bags for reuse. It comes with screws and adhesive tape to mount it on any wall or even inside a cabinet. Simply insert bags through the top and pull them out through the wide slot on the front.


Keep Your Entryway Dry By Placing This Rubber Mat Near The Door

This rubber mat will prevent water and mud from pooling under shoes — you can place it outside your door as well. The raised edge prevents any dirt from finding its way off the mat. One reviewer wrote: “They are good quality and hold water and dirt well. Can fit 3 pairs of adult shoes or boots good.”


Conceal Your Toilet Tools With This Covered Set

This toilet brush and plunger set keeps the tools you need handy and concealed. The brush is made with sturdy bristles and has a tapered handle that is easy to hold as you maneuver it around the bowl. Meanwhile, the plunger has a long and narrow profile to work with modern toilets. Both have secure resting places that keep drips off the floor.


Update Your Bathroom With A Fresh Memory Foam Mat

Replace your bath mat that has seen better days with this memory foam mat that comes in 22 colors and six sizes. This cushy mat is popular with Amazon reviewers; it has over 43,000 five-star reviews. This highly absorbent mat is almost an inch thick, and the bottom is covered in non-slip PVC dots.


Organize Your Desk & Coffee Table With This Divided Caddy

Whether you need a place to store your nail polish collection, your writing utensils, or all the remotes on your coffee table, this organizer caddy will keep it all organized. The plastic box has two sections that are separated by a bamboo divider, giving the piece a clean and sleek look.


Save Space By Stashing Your Create Hair Tools On The Cabinet Door

This hair tool organizer declutters your counters by hanging from the inside of your cabinet door to create a designated area for your dryer to cool down and store your hairbrushes. The holder is made of durable alloy steel but the top hooks are coated in EVA foam to prevent scratches. It also comes with screws to mount it on the wall.


Keep Dirty Clothes Concealed In This Lidded Laundry Basket

You don’t need to hide your dirty clothes in your closet when guests are over — this laundry basket with a lid can keep everything concealed. The 100-liter container is made of a durable fabric and is equipped with a removable mesh bag inside to make transporting clothing to the laundry room a breeze. It has a bamboo rim that elevates its look and built-in side handles that make it easy to move.


Cover Eyesores In Your Yard With This Hollow Rock

Whether it’s an unused sprinkler valve or pipe, this hollow landscape rock can cover up any eyesores in your yard. Although it has a natural and textured appearance, the rock is lightweight and easy to move around and it has anchors to keep it in place. It comes in a ton of different sizes, shapes, and colors within the listing.


Tuck Shoes Away In An Under-Bed Organizer

Clear your entryway or even closet floor of piles of heels and sneakers by hiding them all out of sight in this under-bed shoe storage box. It’s available in a two-pack and comes with one organizer that has 16 separate spaces for regular shoes and another with four larger spaces for boots. The thick fabric is durable enough to handle constant pulling and it has a clear vinyl top, making it easy to locate a specific pair.