This Pirate Ship Airbnb Floats On An Actual River & Comes With An Actual Pirate

by Lia Beck

You might think of Airbnb just as an option to save money and feel more like a local when traveling, but there are a lot of listings on the site and not all of them are conventional. For instance, there is an entire pirate ship on Airbnb that can be booked for parties or simply a nice, quiet night away... on a pirate ship.

As reported by Travel + Leisure, the 65-foot long and 14-foot wide ship is located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, floats on the Mississippi River, and is just minutes away from the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport. The actual Airbnb listing shows that it has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as a kitchen, lounge areas, and a large upper deck. The pirate ship also has a TV with a DVD player, air conditioning, a refrigerator, a microwave, and wi-fi — this all really adds to the authenticity, you know?

Since the boat is in a marina, there are also kayaks, paddle boards, and a recreation area. According to the description "the ship mainly stays dock-side." (If you book the Airbnb, you might want to get some details on that "mainly" part.)

You better believe it has pirate-themed amenities, too. The ship is decorated to look like pirate ship with faux barrels of rum, statues of pirates, flags, a skeleton, and "theme lighting." There are also some pirate props, like hats and fake swords, on board for all your photo needs.

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There are some restrictions, though, that mean this pirate ship, unfortunately, won't work for everyone. The host's Airbnb description explains that "the Ship requires some agility to move about with some narrow walkways and steps that go straight up like a ladder" and that it's "not remotely handicap accessible."

If the ship does sound like a good fit for you, the price is $300/night for one to five guests. (The image of just one guest staying on here is hilarious, but you do you!) If you'd like to have a party on the ship, there is an additional $300 fee and up to 20 guests can attend.

Additionally, a "pirate" or "wench" (emphasis on the scare quotes here!) can be hired for $200 to "grill food, help set up small parties, take kids out on kayaks." Basically, it's the owner and a friend. According to one of the reviews, "Captain Dan, along with his wench were fantastic at making sure we were transported into the adventure we were looking for."


Ninety-five percent of recent guests gave the Airbnb five stars. Another review reads, "This was a great, one of a kind experience. Our 3-year-old son absolutely loved it. He had so much fun looking for treasure and other pirates." One reviewer wrote, "I threw a themed birthday party for myself (turning 24) with about 15 people on this ship and it was SO COOL!! Everyone had such a great time!! The details of the ship are so incredible and the ship is a LOT bigger then the pictures make it look." And then, there's this one: "Dan's boat is great! Comfy beds and cold AC. If you're looking to stay on a pirate ship in MSP, Dan's your guy."

I imagine there aren't that many pirate ships to stay on in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area, so Dan might be your only guy. If you'd like to find out for yourself, more info and availability can be seen here.