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TikTokers Are Using This Sound From 'Barbie' To Heal Their Inner Child

Creators are paying homage to their younger selves.

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TikTokers are using Billie Eilish's 'Barbie' song to heal their inner child.
TikTok/@nobabyteeth; TikTok/@theshykidd

Believe it or not, aging is having a moment on TikTok right now. First, it was the viral aging filter that helped users appreciate the process of getting older and embrace all that the future holds. Now, TikTokers are using the most poignant song from the Barbie soundtrack to pay homage to their younger selves, and the trend will seriously heal your inner child.

It looks like Billie Eilish was speaking for all of us when she sang, “When did it end? All the enjoyment.” The somber tune, called “What Was I Made For?”, explores all the different thoughts, feelings, and emotions that typically come with growing up or going through a major life change. Though the song is sprinkled with clever nods to the beloved toy, like, “Looked so alive, turns out I’m not real / Just something you paid for,” the track is packed with emotional sentiments that everyone can relate to — dolls included. And with lyrics like, “I don’t know how to feel / But I wanna try,” and “Think I forgot how to be happy / Something I’m not, but something I can be,” it’s no wonder why the soundtrack song is making listeners nostalgic for their childhoods.

Many creators are using the song to show how they’ve transformed over the years, just like @harrystylesleftbigtoe, who wanted to cry after seeing how far she’s come.

Meanwhile, @theshykidd is mourning the memories they never got to make with their holiday Barbies, because their parents never let them take them out of the box.

Users are also reminiscing about their childhood imaginations over Eilish’s lush vocals. After hearing the track, @moniespams realized they are about to reach the age “I used to wonder what I would look like at,” while @nobabyteeth was reminded how it “feels to be a little girl dressing her dolls.”

The song isn’t just for reflecting on the past, though. Instead of dwelling on the sadness that comes with getting older, @ohmyfara used the song to honor who she is now, because if you can’t go back, you might as well celebrate the present.

“I love myself,” the TikToker captioned a July 26 video. “She washes my hair for me, she always buys me stuff in my favorite color, she’s always able to pick up all the broken pieces on a bad day, she knows the perfect song for whatever mood I’m in, and she listens to all of my unreasonable thoughts and is there with me for my happiest moments.”

Growing up isn’t always easy, but if there’s anything this TikTok trend has taught us, it’s that our childhood selves are always with us, no matter where we go, what we do, or who we become. We’ll always be kids at heart — even if we no longer play with Barbies.

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