7 Genius Egg Sandwich Hacks TikTok Swears By

From one-pan breakfast sandwiches to the perfect folded egg.

7 TikTok Egg Sandwich Hacks That'll Level Up Your Breakfast
LauriPatterson/E+/Getty Images

What makes the perfect egg sandwich? Is it in the bread? The cheese? The way you cook your egg? We may have yet to settle on the definitive egg sandwich, but that hasn’t stopped TikTok’s egg sandwich hacks from taking over the internet. If there’s one thing that unites us all, it’s our love of breakfast food. And food hacks. I guess we can agree on two things.

TikTok food hacks are nothing new. We’ve learned how to whip our coffee, level up our soups, and make our frozen meals a little less sad thanks to food TikTok. We’ve even learned how to turn snow into ice cream from videos flooding our For You Page. Now, the platform has come to conquer the epitome of basic breakfast staples, making sandwich snobs out of all of us.

There is, of course, no wrong way to make an egg sandwich. Whether you fry, scramble, or prefer a runny yolk, the secret to a perfect egg sandwich is in its simplicity. It’s in the delicious combination of things you probably already have on hand. It’s in the nostalgia of biting into something that feels reminiscent of diner food — remember eating in restaurants? However, if you’re looking to experiment with your egg sandwich, here are seven hacks courtesy of TikTok.


The OG TikTok Egg Sandwich

If you know any breakfast sandwich has from the social video platform, it's the TikTok egg sandwich hack. Essentially, while your egg is nearly ready to flip, you put two slices of bread in the still-slightly-wet mixture. Then, when you do flip it, you've already encased your sandwich in bread. While it takes some perfecting, it's admittedly one of the most satisfying food hacks out there.


The Folded Tortilla Way

If you've been anywhere near TikTok or Instagram, you've likely seen the folded tortilla trend. As its name implies, you fold over quadrants of ingredients to create a multi-layered panini-quesadilla hybrid. The folded tortilla was a form made for a wrap-style egg sandwich.


The Waffle As Bread

You may be smart, but are you "puts Pillsbury biscuit dough into a waffle maker" smart? This trick is perfect for those who prefer egg sandwiches with a runny yolk since the waffled biscuits provide perfect little yolk-collecting pockets.


The Perfect Folded Egg

If the zodiac signs were breakfast sandwiches, this breakfast sandwich with a perfect folded egg would be a Virgo. It strives for perfection and helps create a sandwich that evenly distributes its egg. The secret is having some patience — admittedly, not Virgo's strong suit — so you flip your egg when it's cooked enough and avoid egg runs.


The Layered Bagel Sandwich

Do you wish your breakfast sandwiches felt breadier without actually being breadier? Then this layered bagel hack is for you. Take a note from @0elc and carefully cut your bagel into three slices to create a stacked egg sandwich.


The Egg Moat

If you want a sandwich that's already assembled and ready to eat once the egg is cooked, try cooking your egg in a bagel. Just scoop out a bit of the bready part of the bagel to make a little moat for your scrambled egg mixture. Add whatever toppings you want — you can't go wrong with cheese — and pop it in the oven until the egg is cooked. Voila! A bagel sandwich you can bite into basically the second you take it out of the oven.


The Better-Than-The-McGriddle

This recipe for a McDonald’s McGriddle copycat has been making the rounds on TikTok for a while now. It uses pancakes with syrup in lieu of biscuits or bread, but the real secret is in the prep. Pour your eggs and pancake mix into individual mason jar lids greased with cooking spray. The result creates a circular sandwich that ensures every bite is a perfect bite.

If all else fails, Trader Joe's has an Egg McMuffin dupe that's too easy to mess up.