TikTokers Are Revealing The Truth About "Life-Changing" Moldavite Crystals

“I haven’t had a single relaxing thought.”

If you were on #AstrologyTok approximately two to three years ago, chances are your FYP was filled with content about a crystal called moldavite. At the time, moldavite was praised for having a number of life-changing properties, like its ability to connect you to your higher self. But years later, users of the celestial crystal are giving an update on their experiences with moldavite, but don’t let the results scare you away.

In case you need a refresher, moldavite crystals are chartreuse-colored gems that, according to The Crystal Council, are thought to have been brought to this planet via a meteorite that crashed into Earth upwards of 15 million years ago. Nicknamed the “Stone of Transformation,” moldavite has a reputation for turning users’ lives upside-down. It’s so powerful, in fact, that according to The Crystal Council, it’s common practice to have a “grounding stone nearby when you first start working with it to help avoid moldavite being too strong.” So, yeah, that’s what we’re working with here, folks. As Mariah K. Lyons, a crystal expert and author of Crystal Healing for Women, previously told Bustle, moldavite is an “extremely high vibrational crystal and has the ability to support one in aligning with their highest path.”

Though transformative shifts can be a good (and sometimes necessary) thing, if you’re not ready to face the challenges it may present, you might want to steer clear of the crystal. Take it from TikTok user @symbioticsage, who posted a video warning others not to invest in the crystal back in 2021.

“If you were thinking about getting moldavite, don’t do it. Unless you want to find out some sh*t that you didn’t want to know about yourself.” Mind you, the creator posted the teary PSA after owning the crystal for only two days.

With all that in mind, it’s no wonder why TikTok user @aquariusxmars sent out a request for “all the people that got moldavite in 2020” to give an update on how the crystal has impacted their lives on April 18.

“I want to know what your life looks like two years, three years down the road. I remember everyone posting about it saying it had the power to literally change the whole trajectory of your life...I want to know where the people that followed through with that rock are, and if they regret it,” says the creator.

Many moldavite users answered the call, including @mxkanteven, who shares their life “went to sh*t,” then got “really good” after purchasing four pieces of the stone.

After calling their life a “chaotic mess” for the past two years, the creator notes their first year with moldavite was great, as they were able to put aside some savings and clear all their debt. The next year their health took a turn for the worse, but after an emergency outpatient procedure, the moldavite user shares their career took off almost overnight.

Healer @lunasolamor_’s experience with moldavite also came with a happy ending, but not before the creator lost their home, job, and all of their belongings in the span of a day while on the other side of the world. No, seriously.

Though some people feel as though the crystal improved their lives for the better, don’t let the positive reviews influence you just yet. Instead of explaining the turmoil the gem has put them through, TikToker @gokeegango let their totaled car speak for itself. The creator also wrote, “I [haven’t] had a single relaxing thought” in the caption, in case the damaged vehicle wasn’t proof enough.

Entrepreneur @rebekkablue also shared a traumatic moldavite story, admitting that they had to empty their savings and sell all their belongings in order to keep their business alive after purchasing the crystal. That being said, the moldavite user said in a follow-up video that while they wouldn’t buy it again, they are “so grateful” for the lessons that the stone brought into their life.

As you can see, experiences with moldavite can range from really good to really, really bad. If you think you’re up for the challenge, the transformative shift that the crystal is sure to bring will be nothing short of a blessing. If you’re happy with the way things are, though, I wouldn’t touch the stuff if I were you.