A Not-Scary Guide To Using Moldavite Crystals

The out-of-this-world stone is known for ushering in necessary changes.

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For those who’ve dipped their toes in mysticism, using crystals to tap into the energy of the universe is almost de rigeur. Every crystal’s meaning is different and each holds powerful energy and is thought to have a special use for all of our human needs. And if you’re looking for a direct line to the cosmos, look no further than the elusive and celestial moldavite crystal. Also known as “the space glass,” this lime-green gemstone looks like evidence left behind from a UFO — and it’s believed to be the perfect crystal to keep us tapped into all things extraterrestrial.

If TikTok’s algorithm has led you to its supernatural neck of the woods, you might have heard about moldavite and its life-changing properties. Users have claimed to have had their lives flip-turned upside down after buying the so-called cursed crystal. Although warnings of breakups and undergoing uncomfortable changes have given the gemstone a gutsy reputation, its main purpose is to transform your life to better serve you — which means releasing people and things, whether you’re ready to or not.

What Is A Moldavite Crystal?

Moldavite crystals are out of this world, literally. Lime-green in hue, these chartreuse-colored gems were once mistaken for emeralds. Urban legends began bubbling that moldavite had supernatural abilities. There are many myths and legends surrounding the origins of this unusual crystal, but basically, this gemstone is a product of cosmic shifts.

“Moldavite is actually a green tektite that was formed by a meteorite hitting Earth 14.7 million years ago in where is now southern Germany,” Mariah K. Lyons, a crystal expert and author of Crystal Healing for Women, tells Bustle. “It is an extremely high vibrational crystal and has the ability to support one in aligning with their highest path.”

What Are The Benefits Of Moldavite Crystals?

As far as metaphysical benefits go, moldavite crystals usher in transformative shifts and provide an entryway into your past. It’s often used to connect to your higher self. If you’re struggling with forgiving and forgetting the past, or feel disconnected from your soul’s purpose, a moldavite can help you realign.

“Moldavite can deepen your relationship to your higher self and the energies of the stars. It is often associated with time travel and can strengthen your connection to your past lives,” Ellen Bowles, a spiritual doula and author of Astrology SOS, tells Bustle. “If you are working through releasing deep-seated emotions from past experiences, moldavite can support you in releasing those emotional and energetic cycles.”

This green gem is used to get to the nitty-gritty of your psyche, which can feel overwhelming. Because this crystal is pretty intense compared to crystals like amethyst or rose quartz, it should be used intentionally. “Moldavite is not for the faint of heart, but when worked with intentionally and specifically, it can help support great change and transformation in one’s life,” explains Lyons. “It is also a wonderful stone to support channeling, deepening one’s meditation practice, connection with the cosmos and your ancestors.”

How To Use A Moldavite Crystal

You can use this crystal to manifest as well as add it as part of your mindfulness routine. “Meditation, manifestation practices and wearing on-body. Start by meditating with a moldavite for five to 10 minutes a day, visualizing your creations and manifestations. Make sure to come from a heart-centered space of gratitude,” explains Lyons.

Using moldavite is especially useful to tap into the present moment if you want to take meditation even further. “To deepen states of meditation, hold a piece of moldavite in your left hand to receive its energy or wear it as a piece of jewelry,” Bowles says, adding that the stone can be used to channel messages through dream work. “Place it in your pillowcase before going to bed in order to explore the astral realms more thoroughly.” Similar to rose quartz and selenite crystals, moldavite can help you open your heart and cleanse your space and energy.

How To Cleanse & Charge Your Moldavite Crystal

Most of the time when you’re working with crystals, you need to keep them cleansed and charged like you would your phone. But according to Lyons, moldavite crystals work a little differently. “As it originates from a space — literally not of this world — the elements here don’t have the same effect on the crystal,” Lyons explains. “Moldavite does not need to be cleansed or charged, but rather it can actually help to cleanse and charge your other crystals!”

Moldavite crystals are powerful, and they don’t mess around. Not only does its extraterrestrial vibe make it aesthetically pleasing to look at, but its diverse metaphysical properties can be used to keep you plugged into the universe and aligned with your higher self. Whether you need an extra boost in your meditation routine or want to make peace with your past, moldavite crystals can be your doorway to a new world and a new you.

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