8 Tips For Throwing Your First-Ever Holiday Party On Zoom

You can still get into the festive spirit.

by Lauren Grant
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year again and things are a little different in 2020. While the coronavirus pandemic has halted many traditions and activities this year, it doesn’t have to put a full stop to throwing a safe and festive holiday party. While the Center for Disease Control recommends not traveling, many of us are already inside with roommates or loved ones. Throwing a small shindig within your household is the perfect way to lift the spirits.

The panic and excitement of throwing your first holiday party is one we all are familiar with. Luckily, there’s multiple ways to throw down with your loved ones from the comfort of your own home. Setting up a Christmas karaoke station, watching a movie like Miracle On 34th Street, or chilling out with a festive cocktail are all merry ways to put you and the entire household in the festive spirit. Worry not if you’re braving the season alone. Zoom has got you and your friends’ backs and throwing a virtual holiday party is also an option (and the safest and smartest one).

Grab your notebook and start planning! Here are eight tips for throwing your first ever holiday party.

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1. Pick A Theme

There are loads of themes and colors besides red and green to tie into your holiday party. Creating a theme based off your favorite holiday movie like A Charlie Brown Christmas. For your first bash, go with what's easy, comfortable, and fits you.

2. Send Festive Invitations

After picking your theme, send a virtual invitation that will wow your guests. Websites like Evite and Paperless Post offer some unique and customizable looks that will make your invitees instantly reply "yes"!

3. Prep Early

No one wants to be worried about setting anything up or cooking a huge dinner the day of the party. Save yourself stress and time and decide what can be made and decorated a day or two beforehand.

4. Stick To What You Know

Who doesn't want less stress? You want to show off, but sometimes sticking to the oldies but goodies is the best move. Don't be afraid to go with that old family recipe that you've been making for years.

5. Go With Pre-made

Some will cringe, others will rejoice. Pre-made foods are a godsend. Trader Joe's always has some amazing pre-made dishes that will knock your socks off. Try something warm and hearty like their Hatch Chile macaroni and cheese or chicken fried rice. You don't have to get all the food pre-made, but a dish or two will help you unwind and focus on more important tasks like... creating a playlist.

6. Create A Holiday Playlist

Picking the music is one of the most chill tasks of setting up your holiday party. Spirited tunes will always help lift the mood and there's a ton of holiday themed music out there. Don't forget to throw in some fun holiday songs like "Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer." Too much on your hands to create your own playlist? Spotify and iTunes got you covered.

7. Ask For Help... & Accept It

One of the hardest things to do when we have a vision is to ask for help but trust me, you're going to want to. Whether it be your roommate, family member or this article, there's nothing wrong with getting an extra hand (or two) to help make your dream holiday party happen.

8. Relax & Enjoy!

You've done it! Now it's time to enjoy all of your hard work. Set up a holiday activity like a gift exchange, trivia, or a merry movie and have fun with your loved ones.